Making it Friends II


I pulled back and pushed my boner forward again, watching his hole stretching around my thick length.
"Oh, jeez!" Dave groaned, tilting his head back.
Putting my hands on his smooth bare hips, I began to slide my hard penis in and out of his tight anal sheath with a steady rhythm, thinking how good it felt to be fucking him. To be fucking him as a friend and as another boy. While I did this, Dave started to masturbate his huge boner. It was all so easy and natural to do. Again and again I slid in and out, doing so effortlessly. In the back of my mind I was still afraid of being caught, and my desire to come in Dave, made me rush more than I would have liked.

"Oh, jeez. . . this feels so good!" I exclaimed.
Dave was panting, his hand working his stiff erection hard and fast.
I could feel my urge building with each inward insertion.
I just wanted to fuck Dave so bad. I could hardly believe that we were being so gay together or how wonderful and free it felt to be having this sexual expression of friendship.

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Seeing Dave naked turned me on. Seeing his legs, his feet. Seeing my boner going back and forth through his cherry-brown opening turned me on. It was all so incredible!
I could feel myself reaching the point of no return.
I drew in a deep breath and tensed as I slid my boner all the way in and kept it there. In the next instant I was ejaculating. There was a huge first pulse, then another and another as my semen filled Dave's anal quarters, doing so with an excited overabundance. I heard Dave gasp and knew that he was ejaculating, too. His own creamy liquid shot out, going three feet across the floor in repeated long streams.
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! I thought.
When we finished, we could only moan and sigh, our bare shoulders slumping.
I eased my still thick, but no longer hard penis from his opening, tensing with how sensitive it was. Dave grunted a tiny bit with my with drawl.
"Man. .

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  . that felt good," I breathed.
"You're telling me," Dave agreed whole heartedly, turning to smile at me. I smiled back.
"If anybody ever found out that we did this. . . " I said, my senses returning, and thinking of the consequences.
"No ones going to know," Dave assured confidently. "Two friends having a gay moment. . . it's just between them. "
"Yeah. I guess it is," I said and liked that.

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Here we were, just two good friends who had decided to enjoy a fuck because they felt like it.
Already I knew that Dave and I would be doing this some more. A whole lot more!
Dave and I shared a small and pleasant gay kiss. .



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