Maid to order


      Being almost broke, and being told by her landlord to pay up fast, or lose her apartment, Susan Chambers was desperate for a job. In the classifieds, she found an ad, and decided to at least apply, it sounded like it wouldn't be that tough a job.

     "Wanted, a young, attractive female for maid service. Apply to Lady Elizabeth  Wentworth, 19 Hudson street. Please apply in person only, no mail in resumes or telephone calls. "

    She imagined what a maid would do, dusting, cleaning, serving tea, shouldn't be too hard a job. Susan soon found herself at the appointed address, 19 Hudson street turned out to be a mansion, and she soon found herself in sitting room, and Lady Wentworth was giving her an interview.

     She noticed Lady Wentworth eyeing her closely, Susan was certainly attractive enough, being all of 22, with short blonde hair, full rosebud lips, nicely shaped grapefruit sized breasts, and a nice curvy waist with a little extra flare to her hips. Oh yes, Susan would do very nicely.

     Susan was about to find out that all of the personal maids Lady Wentworth hired, were also required to service her in her sexual needs. In the initial interview, she would make it very clear that she wanted her sexual needs serviced, which she proceeded to do.

     "So, Susan my dear, let me make it perfectly clear. You main duties will be to service my sexual needs. I am a very horny lady, and I want you to be ready to service me whenever I want. Do you think you can handle that?"

     Susan was surprised, her prospective employer was 45, but Lady Wentworth was certainly attractive enough herself, with a thick head of long brown hair, pale blue eyes, and a figure that many ladies half her age will kill for. The idea of sexually servicing her intrigued her, and with Susan agreeing to that, Lady Wentworth rose, and took Susan by the hand.

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     "Come with me Susan, it's now time for a more intimate, horizontal interview. "

     With her prospective maid agreeing, Lady Wentworth took Susan to bed, to give Susan her intimate, horizontal interview. She stripped her prospective maid down, then asked Susan to do the same to her. Once both of them were totally naked, Liz drew Susan into a hot, wet, tongue swirling kiss of drawn out passion, both of them could feel the growing heat within. Lady Wentworth took Susan to her bed, she lay back, and told Susan what to do.

     "To service my horny sexual needs, my maids must be able to lick my cunt, whenever, and wherever I want. Get your mouth down there my pretty Susan, show me your skill at licking my horny pink walls. "

     Lady Wentworth would make her prospective maids lick her horny cunt all night, if need be, to teach them how to be a good cunt lapper. That would not be necessary with Susan, she was a born pussy licker, as Lady Wentworth had discovered, as Susan went down on her the first time during her intimate interview. Susan's mouth made contact, her tongue darting out to lick and suck at Lady Wentworth's steamy heat. Liz could feel the delightful lust, Susan's face nestled securely between her thighs. Her tongue, lips and mouth were giving her the licking she craved. Oh yes, just the kind of maid she needed, Susan sure knew what she was doing, as Liz felt herself rising towards orgasm. Lady Wentworth always liked to reach climax while she was sitting sit on her pretty maid's face, she was a squinter, so she could cum all over that pretty face.

     "Now lie back Susan, I'm going to sit on your face, then lick me, bring me off, make me cum all over your sweet face" Lady Wentworth crooned.

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     Susan eagerly did so, watching as Lady Wentworth positioned herself, her pussy lips were shaved bare, a neatly trimmed tuft of dark brown pubic hair just above her lips, hovering just above her. Susan was so excited she grasped her hips, and pulled Lady Wentworth's hot, wet center tight against her mouth.

     Lady Wentworth was impressed, Susan was so eager, she pulled me against her, and Susan's tongue eagerly returned to licking at her sizzling core, taking her up to that wonderful pinnacle.

     "Yes, oh yes, keep licking me Susan, there, oh my god yes, right there. "

     Susan licked her mistress's cunt wildly, Lady Wentworth started to grunt and rotate her hips, pushing her hot, wet cleft against Susan's lips, eager to maximize the contact. She could feel the locking up, that squeezing urge, she lifted up just slightly, so that the tip of Susan's tongue tickled at her stiff, erect clit, she could feel the release rushing at her, and she let fly. She let out a howl of pleasure, and her cunt started to squirt, Lady Wentworth squealed and grunted with pleasure as she sprayed her cum,  Susan could feel the rush of girl cum, splattering against her lips, her nose, all over her face, Susan enjoyed the squirting facial she was getting.

     Susan was burning up, Liz was not going to leave her maid unsatisfied, and cuddling next to her, her fingers reached down. Susan could feel practiced fingers stroking at her slick lips, fingertips roaming around and around, tickling lightly at her hard, stiff clit, being on the brink, she quickly felt the rush, and she clung to Lady Wentworth, letting out a howl of joy as she crested to a shaking, shuddering climax.

     Susan was so eager, and performed her sexual duties so well that she easily got the job as Lady Wentworth's personal maid. As an added bonus, Susan was moved into the mansion, and got her own room, and a healthy salary, without having to pay any rent. Lady Wentworth wanted Susan to be there all the time, she was crazy for her new maid's sexual proficiency.

     On her first day, Susan was given the details. Most of her daily routine would be servicing her employer's healthy sexual desires. Susan was instructed to never wear panties, and to always wear very short skirts, so the lady of the manor could feel her up as she desired.

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   Her employer loved to feel her up often, and with the Lady's soft hands spiraling around her ass cheeks, gently caressing the apex of her sex, whispering in her maid's ear to come to her bedroom and service her, Susan was always horny and ready.

     After the first few days, Lady Wentworth felt that Susan was ready for more, and she took Susan to her special playroom. Susan saw all the instruments of pleasure, as Lady Wentworth led her over to what looked like a soccer goal frame. Attached to the top of the frame were handcuff style chains with padded wrist restraints. Susan was ordered to strip naked, and put on a pair of 6 inch stiletto heels, then raise her arms over her head. Lady Wentworth smiled as Susan quickly did as she was told, lifting her arms above her head. The restraints were secured around her wrists, and the tautness was adjusted, so that her arms were held straight up. Lady Wentworth went over to a rack of toys, and selected a long, oak blackboard pointer. She had bought a few things from a school auction, old schools had such interesting things, she wondered how many of the long, hard wooden objects like the pointer, and yardsticks she had also bought, had been used by stern teachers on the tight, sexy asses of misbehaving students. The high heels made Susan's sexy ass jut out, and that was the idea. It was time to introduce her personal maid to the next level of service. Lady Wentworth smiled, stroking her hand over Susan's sexy ass cheeks, then she took position, aimed at that inviting target, and swung hard.

     Susan's ass lit up, as she felt the pain of the first stroke blaze through her. She let out a shriek, before she could even brace herself for the next stroke, the stinging pain was administered over and over, her shrieks of pain accompanying the whipping sound of the pointer finding its mark again and again, 18 hard strokes tanning her white ass to a bright crimson glow of pain.

      At first it had been wildly painful, but after the pain of the first five strokes, she discovered her pussy was soaked with heat, she felt her cunt start pulsing as the pain of her ass whipping started a fire going, the pain mixed with a growing bolt of lust, her shrieks were now part pain, part pleasure, she was now incredibly horny.

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   After Lady Wentworth had whipped her ass, she smiled, tossed the pointer aside. She slid her fingers up Susan, grinning as she felt the heat of her cunt, the wet gush of her juices, and she stripped off her clothes.

     "Now my dear, we must do something about that very horny pussy of yours" Lady Wentworth cooed.

     Liz smiled as she strapped on a 18 inch dildo, and got behind her horny maid. Nudging the dildo against her lips, she grasped her hips tightly, and buried it in one big thrust. Susan howled with a mix of pain and pleasure, as her mistress' hips smacked tightly against her freshly paddled ass, and the dildo slammed into her, spreading her walls apart. Lady Wentworth loved to fuck her maids, and she reamed out Susan, power-fucking her until Susan saw stars, Susan's shrieks of orgasmic pleasure filling the play room. Listening to Susan's howls of climax made Lady Wentworth's cunt into a roiling caldron of lust, she needed her maid's expert cunt lapping ability, and she needed it NOW.

     She unshackled her maid, and led her over to a bed, urging Susan to lie back. Susan did so, and watched her employer's steamy cunt hover just above her face. Susan eagerly grasped her hips, Lady Wentworth settled down on her pretty maid's face, letting out a sigh of pleasure as she felt her maid's talented tongue slide into her burning pinkness. Susan slid her tongue deep, then curled her tongue around her mistress's clit, pulling and tugging on that throbbing bud, over and over. Lady Wentworth could feel that squeezing urge, and as the burning tide of orgasm engulfed her, grunting and moaning with release, her cunt squirted wildly as she washed Susan's face with a load of her juices, as Susan's tongue brought her employer to a huge climax.

     Not a day went by without Susan licking her employer's cunt to a gushing, juicy release, and being fucked by Lady Wentworth. Once or twice a week, she would be taken to the playroom, where she would be restrained and would get a hard paddling, her cunt gushing as the whipping of her ass made her cunt a fiery, wet center of lust.

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   Fortunately, Lady Wentworth had been a very fit 45 years old, who always kept herself clean and well groomed, and she was VERY horny, and Susan had looked forward to servicing her sexual needs.

     Lady Wentworth's friend, Lady Maria Astor, was having lunch at the mansion one day. Lady Astor caught enough glimpses of Susan performing her non-sexual maid duties, that she could plainly tell that she was not wearing panties of any kind. Lady Wentworth had been happy to inform Lady Astor about how Susan was her sexual maid, and all the fun and games she played, and how eager Susan was to service her every sexual need.

     "Would you like to borrow Susan, and play with her in my playroom? I am sure she'll give you the kind of service you'd love. "

     Lady Astor was 50, had been widowed for 18 years and was just as horny as Lady Wentworth. Masturbation, while it provided some short term relief, just amplified the horny ache between her thighs, she needed more that her fingers or toys. Liz told her how much Susan loved to get her ass spanked, and how hot and horny it made her. She also commented on Susan's natural born skill at licking pussy, Lady Astor was more than intrigued, it had been too long since she'd had her cunt get a good licking, she was eager to try her out.

     Susan was called for, and Lady Wentworth said, "Susan, I want you to give Lady Astor what you give me. She will take you to the playroom, and you will service her as well as you service me, is that understood?"

     Susan replied, "Yes, Mistress, I will make sure that Lady Astor gets as much pleasure as she desires. "

     Lady Wentworth led the way, and in the playroom, Lady Astor took control. Lady Wentworth left, she thought that Maria would enjoy Susan's charms and assets in private, and the playroom was soundproof.

     From a drawer of clothing, Lady Astor choose various items, and handed them to the maid. Very soon, Susan was dressed in an old style black bullet bra, and her lower body was clad in a tight black girdle.

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   Long black nylons stretched up her legs, and were fastened to the girdle garters. The girdle was crotch-less, leaving her asshole and pussy bare.

     Lady Astor could feel the ache between her legs, the sight was making her juices churn. Lady Astor liked to role play, and the role had Susan as a clumsy maid that was always dropping or spilling things. She explained it to Susan, and then berated her for being so clumsy. She pulled Susan over to a table, and ordered her to lie face down across the table, with her legs on the floor. Susan complied, and Lady Astor took a pair of handcuffs. She ordered Susan to stretch her arms up. Susan complied, and she cuffed Susan's wrists together, and secured the chain around a post set in the table. Her ankles were secured with clamps, and clamped to the table legs. Lady Astor smiled as she watched the maid restrained and helpless. She could see the stretch of her legs exposing her pretty maid's sexy pussy, her pussy lips just slightly open, and glistening.

     Lady Astor said, "Really Susan, you were so highly recommended by Lady Wentworth. Of course, knowing Liz, she was probably more interested in this", she said, as she dropped her hand down to Susan's ass, and stroked her girdle covered cheeks.

     Susan could feel her pussy starting to churn, the Lady's stroking fingers were making her horny.

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     Lady Astor continued, "then she was in your abilities as a maid. Perhaps some punishment will make you not so clumsy. We'll see what tanning your ass will do for your abilities. I would hope that you would accept your punishment in silence, but just to make sure, we can take care of that too. Open your mouth Susan!"

     Susan did as she was ordered, and Lady Astor gagged her with a red leather ball gag, Susan could feel her mouth filled with the large red ball, keeping her silent. Lady Astor smiled, Liz certainly had a well appointed playroom. With a grin, Lady Astor reached for a butt plug, and slid some lube over it. Pulling apart her ass cheeks, she could see Susan's tight asshole, and she swiftly slid it up Susan's twitching tight hole, Susan grunted with pleasure as she lost her last vestige of virginity.

Lady Astor picked up a solid oak yardstick, and swished it around a bit. With a grin, she smacked it across her clumsy maid's girdle covered ass. Susan's howl was well muffled by the gag, as she felt the sting. Lady Astor drew her arm back and smacked her ass again, drawing another well muffled howl from Susan. She started to paddle her, tanning her clumsy maid's ass over and over again. Susan's muffled howls turned to muffled grunts of pleasure, as she felt her cunt heating up quickly. Being restrained, having her ass up-thrust, making such an inviting target, and having her asshole plugged while her ass was paddled made her body thrum with pleasure, her cunt gushing with juices.

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     Lady Astor smiled as she saw Susan's pussy lips soaked up with the juices of her sexual desire. Liz was such a great friend, letting her use her sexy maid.   Susan could feel her cunt getting hotter and hotter, the spread of her tight ass walls clamped around the plug, and the whipping of her ass cheeks was wildly exciting. She wished that Lady Astor would fuck her to orgasm with a strap-on dildo. After 12 solid stokes, Susan's ass was a red, stinging nest of strokes, the stinging making her cunt a burning volcano.

     "And now", Lady Astor said, "after the punishment, we must have the positive incentive!"

     She ungagged Susan, Lady Astor wanted to hear the pretty maid scream with sexual pleasure. She tossed the yardstick aside, slipped off her dress, and from the selection of dildos available, she strapped on a flame red 12 incher, shaped just like a real cock. Lady Astor positioned herself, and nudging the dildo against Susan's burning core, she grabbed her hips, and slammed the dildo deep inside Susan. Susan howled with pleasure as her cunt was split open, and Lady Astor was just as hot as Susan, she drove every inch up Susan's fiery cunt. Susan felt the smacking of her hips against her freshly spanked cheeks, the press of Lady Astor against her kept the butt plug secured, and Susan could feel her head spinning. Lady Astor drew back, and slammed it in again, splitting her open again, after 3 plunges deep inside her burning fuck-hole, Susan exploded, her orgasm crashing into her. Susan's shrieks of climax filled the playroom, and Lady Astor was burning up with heat. Liz had told her what a great pussy lapper she was, and Lady Astor needed relief.

     She released Susan, and ordered her to kneel. Susan did so, Lady Astor's bare, smooth shaven mound was inches from her lips.

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   Lady Astor hated pubic hair, she had been shaving ever since she was a teenager, and she loved the feeling of her bare pussy. It was also encouraging for her lovers to get down there and lick her, she had every lover eager to lick her tight lips. Susan could see those tight lips, wet with the hot, slick lubrication of Lady Astor's desire. Susan adjusted her body, so she could slide her tongue right between the inviting part of her labia.

     "Yes, oh yes, lick me my pretty maid, lick me" Lady Astor crooned.

     Susan needed no further encouragement, she eagerly slid her tongue along the sexy pink trail of Lady Astor's tight opening, licking up all the hot dew that was coating her lips. Susan noticed that Lady Astor juices were tart and sweet, while Lady Wentworth's were muskier, and stronger. Susan didn't mind, every since she learned how to lick cunt in high school, she'd been hooked on going down on her girlfriends, and in college, all the sorority knew that she was a dedicated pussy licker, and she regularly serviced all of her sorority sisters. She loved the Saturday night licking parties, where all her sisters would make sure not to have a date for that night, once Susan showed them not only how eager she was, but also how talented her pussy lapping talents were. She lapped everyone's heated cunt on a Saturday night sorority licking party.

     The remembered thoughts of having all her sorority sisters lined up, naked, with their pubic regions all ready for Susan to lick, all of those hot, wet cunts ready to be licked to a juicy, squirting release spurred Susan's excitement, and she licked at Lady Astor's cunt wildly. Lady Astor was quickly being consumed by the rising fire of climax, my god, it felt like Susan was eating her alive. She started to grunt and rotate her hips, pushing her hot, wet cleft tightly against Susan's face.

     "Yes, oh yes, my pretty little maid, ummm, you're such a good cunt lapper, make me cum!"

     Susan slid a finger up her, she had learned how to polish the g-spot with her high school lovers, and in college, every sorority sister would give her a squirting facial, she loved the feeling of girl cum splattering against her face. Lady Astor felt the rush, and her howl of pleasure filled the playroom, her orgasm crashing into her, her pussy squirting wildly, gushing her juices, cumming all over Susan's face.

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     She pulled away and ordered Susan onto the bed. Lady Astor strapped the 12 inch dildo on again, she quickly got between her spread thigs, nudging against her, Lady Astor drove in the entire 12 inches, in one bold thrust. Susan squealed as she felt her walls get the spreading apart, and Lady Astor gave Susan a power-fucking, my god, it excited her to see that horny, pretty maid writhing beneath her. She gently grabbed Susan's head, and plunged her lips down onto Susan's. Their mouths opened, tongues swirling together, being kissed while being fucked always powered Susan along, she could feel the surging heat, with their mouths pressed tightly together, Susan let out muffled howls of pleaure as her churning pussy exploded, tight pink walls quivering wildly, gripping at the surging dildo splitting her open.

     Lady Astor ordered Susan to strap on the dildo that she had just used on Susan, and fuck her.

     "It's been too long since I've had a good fucking, ram this pussy splitter up me, and fuck me until I see stars. " Lady Astor crooned.

     Susan quickly strapped on the dildo, swung into position, and placed it against the entrance to Lady Astor's steamy entrance.

     "Drive it in, fuck me hard, ram my cunt!" Lady Astor growled.

     Susan thrust forward, and slammed the entire 12 inches upLady Astor in one big thrust. Lady Astor cried out with a mix of pain and pleasure as the red dildo slammed into her, spreading the walls of her cunt open, quickly and forcefully. Susan pulled back, and buried it up deep up Lady Astor's molten core once again. The pain was quickly receding, being replaced with almost unbearable pleasure, as the dildo started to fuck her again and again. Lady Astor wrapped her legs around Susan's waist and urged her on.



     "Yes, oh yes, oh fuck yes, so good, so fucking good, give it to me my pretty maid, fuck me, fuck my ass off, fuck my brains out, FUCK ME!"

     With grunts, squeals and unintelligible cries of pleasure, Lady Astor urged her lover on. Susan took great pleasure in plunging into Lady Astor again and again, plowing her Lady Astor was seeing stars, pleasure filled stars, as Susan plowed her furrow. Lady Astor was racing along to orgasm, and with shrieks of pleasure, she crested to a glorious climax, her howls and cries of orgasm filling the playroom.

     When Lady Astor brought Susan out of the playroom, and returned her to Lady Wentworth, she told Liz all about the fantastic servicing Susan had given her. Lady Wentworth was pleased, and it wasn't long before Lady Wentworth was cupping Susan's ass cheeks, fingers reaching under and tracing at her slick lips. Her voice whispered to come to her bedroom and service her, now. Susan smiled as she followed her mistress, for a horny female Like Lady Wenworth, Susan certainly was a maid to order.




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