Lydia's Leak


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I can honestly say I’m addicted to porn. I usually delete it from my computer with the noblest intentions to never look at it again, only to replace it several days later with new stuff. This time it took about two days before I started venturing into the adult world once again.
I’d found out about a new porn site. The title is what caught my attention.
The site was new. It didn’t have a lot of galleries at the time, but the galleries it had were all good. Soon, I found myself jumping from  one picture to another, and it was all good stuff, mainly because it was Members’ Only content and I could look at it for free.
I sat at my desk and somehow my hand found its way into my jeans. I started stroking my tingling cock as I played each video.
I closed my eyes and imagined myself as the guy in one of the pictures who was fucking a Latina slut with a fat pussy to kill for. The guy was fucking and sucking her brains out after they’d just met her minutes ago at a park.
Why can’t things like that ever happen to me? The guys in porno flicks have all the luck.

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   I’d love to fuck a hot slut that I just met, but stuff like that never happens to me.
I forced the thought out of mind and forced myself to think about the videos of Tatiana. Just as I was getting into it, my leg started vibrating. My pager was going off.
I work for a plumbing company. I’m on call during work hours, so I spend most of that time doing whatever I want until a call comes in.
I swear those people have the worst timing. They always call when I’m deep into something I enjoy, like jacking off, for instance.
I called my dispatcher, Susie. She said, “Victor, let me run a name past you: Lydia Newman. Does that name ring a bell?”
“No, should it?” I asked.
“Yes. She’s a customer that you serviced just a few days ago and she’s already calling back complaining that her pipes won’t stop leaking since you came out there. ”
My hard-on was dwindling away. I started pulling my jeans back up as I scrolled through my mental rolodex of customers that I’d serviced in the last few days.

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   I remembered Lydia Newman.   She was a fox, a few years older than me but sexy as hell and very flirtatious.
I said, “Susie, I apologize about the pipes, but they were working fine when I left and she seemed happy. She even gave me a twenty-dollar tip. ”
“Regardless of that, she still made a re-call, so this time I want you to get it right. Got it?”
“Yes, ma’am. ”
She read off Ms. Newman’s address. I don’t have the best memory in the world, but for some reason, that address didn’t sound right.
“Be prompt,” Susie said.
“Yes, ma’am,” I replied. “I’ll do that. ”
She hung up without saying goodbye. I slammed the phone down and called her every curse word I could think of.
I checked my watch after I calmed down.

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   I wanted—no, I needed to finish masturbating, but I didn’t have very much time to get to where I was going so I bookmarked Nasty Napster and disconnected from the Internet.
Not only did the address seem different, the drive to Lydia’s house seemed different too. This neighborhood was a lot nicer than what I remembered. This was a more expensive area with great landscaping and houses the size of small apartment buildings. It didn’t look familiar at all.
Something just wasn’t right.
She even answered the door in a strange way—on the first knock. I usually had to wait a minute for the customer to get to the door.
But the person who opened the door was indeed the woman who had been flirting with me a couple days earlier. The only difference was she looked a lot better today. Her makeup and hair was done and she was wearing some kind of one-piece, wrap-around skirt that looked like she’d taken it out of an old Japanese movie. It was very colorful and showed an ample amount of cleavage.
“Hi, you called?” I said as I struggled to keep my gaze focused on her eyes instead of her breasts. My cock started sliding down my leg.
She stepped to the side to let me in.

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   “I think I have a leak under the sink. You could come take a look at it,” she said. She closed the door and locked it.
I wasn’t sure if Lydia remembered me, but she showed no signs of recognition.
I followed her through the house and complimented her on it just to see her reaction. There was none. She just said thanks and kept leading the way.
We arrived at a small bathroom just beyond the stairs. “It’s in there,” she pointed.
I took a look in the half-bathroom. There wasn’t any water on the floor, nor a bucket under the faucet to catch leaking water. “Under the sink?” I asked, dumbfounded.
I sat on the floor to get a better look, examined every inch of pipe carefully. “I don’t see a leak. ”
“Well, there’s gotta be because I’m feeling all wet all over,” said Lydia.

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I looked up. She had that sexy expression from days ago when she was flirting with me and I thought maybe she was doing it again. There was something sexual in the way she said her last statement.
“Excuse me?” I chuckled.
Her wrap-around was split in the front and I could see glimpses on her bald pussy as she smiled and stepped over my outstretched legs.
My cock reacted immediately and started sliding a little farther down my thigh.
“Here, I’ll show you,” said Lydia.
She kneeled in front of me with her legs spread wide apart. She opened the skirt fully, revealing a pouty cunt with traces of juice between the lips.
“Oh, my god!” I blurted.
It was obvious what she wanted and I felt the same way, plus I was still very horny from the videos I'd seen.
She placed her hand over her snatch. A red fingernail disappeared between the swollen outer lips, and then reappeared as she slowly masturbated in front of me.
“It’s wet all over. See?”
I slid forward as my cock grew even stiffer.

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   I touched her thigh and then moved my hand towards her pussy. She moved her hand out of the way and spread her thighs a little wider.
I touched the tender mound, then started thumbing along the outer lips and let my thumb slip between them. She was right. It was saturated. She was hornier than me, if you can believe that.
Her breathing got heavier and her legs started trembling. “Do you think you can fix it?” she moaned.
“If I can get my tool out, I’m sure I can do something about it. ” It sounded corny, but that’s what they would have said in a porno.
She stood, said, “Come with me. ”
I followed her to the living room. She motioned for me to sit on the couch. She kneeled between my legs, unzipped my pants, and reached inside.
“Is this your tool?” she joked, but her mood turned serious as she fondled my cock.

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   She was surprised at how big and thick it was and I wasn’t fully hard yet.
She pulled it and started kissing and licking it. She closed her soft lips around the head and slid her tongue from side to side, and then she started going down, down further, and down some more until she’d consumed almost the full length of my shaft. My cock grew to full erection inside her mouth.
She pulled it out, kissed it, and resumed slurping the bulky meat stick.
“Yeah. Yeah, oh, suck that,” I moaned. I closed my eyes and leaned back and let her have her way with it. The air was filled with the sounds of her lips smacking on my cock.
When I opened them I noticed the pictures on the entertainment center. None of them were pictures of Lydia.
That’s when it all made sense. This wasn’t her house. She had borrowed a friend’s house to fuck me away from home. But why?
I felt a tugging on my pants.

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   I looked down. Lydia had her lips pressed firmly on my cock.
Still licking around the head and kissing it, she said, “Let me help you get out of these pants. ”
Both hands were wrapped around the bottom of my dick. There were tan lines around her left ring finger. She was married. No wonder she didn’t want to fuck at home.
I lifted my pelvis off the couch as she pulled my pants to the floor.
Now I could open my legs wider and give her better access to my cock. She took my prick whole to the back of her mouth and pulled it out with a loud pop.
“Oh, yeah. ”
“More comfortable?” she asked.
“Oh, yeah. ”
We went on like this for minutes with her deep-throating me, kissing all around my cock, slurping my balls, and stroking pre-cum out of my cock so she could savor its flavor.
When she was done, my whole pelvic area was soaked in her saliva and my cock was jumping like crazy.

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She stood up and turned around. She bent over reaching between her legs for my dick. She started stroking it up and down, keeping it rock hard as I stared at her beautiful ass and the pussy lips that decorated the middle of it.
She rubbed the head along the lips. It was hot like an oven, and very tight, yet the head slipped in and out without a problem.
Lydia was teasing me, making me want her more by the sight, sound, and feel of my cock head slipping around and about on her wet cunt.
Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, she let it slip inside. It was an easier entry than I’m used to. Lydia’s pussy adjusted quickly to accommodate my girth, which was remarkable considering she was holding her legs pressed close together, which made her hole seem that much tighter.
She kept easing back on my hard prick until I felt her ass cheeks touch my hips. My cock was throbbing inside her. I don’t know if she could feel it, but it was driving me nuts with the desire to cum in her pussy.
She started moving. It was an in-and-out motion at first, and then she started grinding from side to side, enjoying the pleasurable width of my eager cock.
“It’s so good,” I said.

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   “Yeah, ride my cock. Ride it. Ride that pussy on my cock. ”
She started bouncing and grinding more aggressively. Soon, we were both moaning in ecstasy.
“You’re so tight!” I grabbed a handful of ass and aided in bouncing her wet pussy on my hard dick.
My balls started tightening and I prepared myself for what I thought would be the best orgasm of my life. But just as I was reaching my peak, she stood up and my cock fell out with loads of shiny pussy juice covering its entire length.
Lydia lay on the other couch and opened her legs wide, then parted her sweet pussy lips and waited for me come plug her pink hole.
She was gorgeous and so erotic lying there in such a compromising position. She started fingering her clit as I entered her. She kept staring at me like I was a piece of meat and I couldn’t get enough of it.
Her pussy felt good with her on her back but I liked it better when she was riding me backwards on the couch. As tight as her cunt was now, it seemed much tighter before. Then I figured out why.


“Pull those legs back for me, baby,” I ordered.
Both legs went skyward, straightened out, and touched at the ankle.
The space in her hole decreased by half and I could feel the walls squeezing firmly against my meat.
I started easing in and out of her once more. “Yeah, that’s it. ”
Lydia’s moaning kept getting louder as she mirrored my movements. Her toes curled up and I knew she must be having an orgasm.
“Ooh, yeah,” she whispered through heavy breathing as hot pussy juice spilled all over my hard cock. “Some more…I wanna leak some more,” she moaned.
She had no idea how sexy she looked cumming all over my cock right now.
I could feel an orgasm growing inside me. I started fucking her snatch harder, my hips smacking her tender ass.
“You’re just making me wetter. Yeah, yeah,” she cried out.
“You’re gonna make me cum, baby.

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“All over my face. ”
The thought of cumming all over this married slut’s face was all that was needed to bring me over the edge. Cum started welling inside my balls in a tension-filled moment as I continued pounding Lydia’s sweet muff.
“I want to taste it,” she said.
That was it! Hot Damn!
“Come here,” I said.
She brought her head around and licked at my shaft as she stroked it.
I could feel cum making its way up my rod. My eyes grew wide open so I could take in every erotic second of what was about to happen.
Lydia grabbed it with both hands and started stroking harder as white spoo splattered all over her eyes, face, and mouth. Her face twisted into an expression that resembled a lunatic as she eagerly milked me of every drop of cock juice.
She gave me a wicked smile and started kissing my sensitive cock head and used it to smear cum all around her lips.
She looked up at me. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I just thanked her.
“You’re welcome,” she said in that sexy whisper of hers.
I told her she could call me anytime, but she was already planning on calling me the next time she needed her “leak” fixed.

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