Lupus Dark Day


There he stood my tormentee for the day. Just like any other day. The woodsman. Haha, I cannot believe the buffoon allows me to tease him each time. Drawing more and more of his desires out. Playing him like a fool. Oh how I love doing this.
"Hello Lupus, the woodsman. How you doing today? Have you played with any long, hard wood? Our spent any time stroking your nice strong handle today?" She asked in a darkly seductive way.
"Hello Little Red. Yes, I did cut some trees down earlier today with my lovely axe. " His answer was bland. As if her tone had no effect on him.
That bitch is going to come here and tease me again. Leaving me frustrated and alone. Why does she tease me so? What joy does she gain from this? One day I will get this wench.

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   Showing her I am not someone to be teased and left unpleased the way she has done to me repeatedly.
Little Red turn her head to the left then to the right, getting a quick scan of the area. Noticing that they were alone. She begins to unbutton her shirt slowly. Exposing her ever so ample bosom to Lupus. She stops after two and looks up to the woodsman. His face was red, she knows he was looking at her breast.
"Do you like what you see Lupus? Would you like me to unbutton more of my shirt? There is only four buttons left. Tell me you want me to unbutton my shirt" she said.
She knows I want to see more. But if I ask she will win. I will be here all alone, trying to stroke myself to inner peace. Damn this tramp. Why, does she have to tease me so?
"I have seen them before, and they are quite lovely. No need to show them again, they are already implanted into my mind from yesterday" he replied with a smug smile.

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Ahh he playing hardball, time to have some fun. I shall win, like I always have. I will have all the pleasure. I will have him begging me to release him of his inner desire. A few more buttons and maybe a simple trick should do it.
Little Red lowers her head in a act of defeat. Slowly moving backward, step by step. Her finger deftly removing another button. Allowing more of her tempting breast to show. Still she stepping back. On her sixth step, she trips and falls. Her dress hitches up showing her lovely legs, lightly tan, long and tone.
Lupus cannot help himself, looking down at Little Red, he notices that even more of her breast are showing. He can see the tip of her red silk bra. That doesn’t draw his attention.

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   It is her long legs. His eyes slowly follow them up higher and higher. Then the view stops at her thighs. Without a thought his body begins to grow thicker, just mentally picturing what lay beneath that dress. Breathing deeper he tries to turn away. But the flame has been lit. Knowing she has won. He accepts what will come next.
Ahh, look at that nice hard bulge, I have caused the woodsman. Just seeing that nice hard piece of meat getting arouse for me, makes me wet. But first he will beg me to show him more. Just the thought of having him beg and do as I say, makes me ever so much more hornier.
"Oh clumsy me, I do apologize Lupus. You have part of me shed bare. Would you like to see more?" She asked, while raising herself up from the ground.

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"Depends, what are you going to show me? From what I have seen, I have been lucky to see just that little bit. " He replied with a devilish smile.
"Well I could raise my black dress to my waist and allow you to see what color panties I am wearing today. Or, I can finally remove these last three button and you can engorge yourself on the sight of my amply mounds. Your choice pick one. " She replied quickly.
"Knowing you, you would raise your dress all the way up, and drop it just as quickly. Sooo, why don’t you remove those last three buttons. "
She licks her lips provocatively. "No no no, ask me nicely to remove these last three buttons. Beg me to remove them"
Fuck, I hate begging, but I have to see those tits. Damn, why does this bitch have to tease me like this. Get it done and over with, quicker it is done, the quicker you will be at peace.
"Little Red, the most beautiful woman in the country, the heart delight of millions. Would you please remove those last buttons.

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   For a humble man, who enjoys admiring a exquisite living sculpture of perfection. "
Her fingers lower down, seconds felt like ages. One button was removed, then the second and finally the third. Her bra was stealing the vital view of her nipples. But still he was in awe of her lovely perky breast. His hard-on was visible for all to see.
"It looks like someone pants are getting a little tight" She purred. "Would you like me to remove my bra, so you can see my hard nipples standing as erect as your hard cock?"
"Please would you remove your bra, Little Red. Would you allow me to see how erect your nipples truly are, please Little Red, I beg of you. "
She reaches back and begins to removes her silky red bra. Then stops right at the uncovering. "If you truly want to see my tittaling erect nipple, then show me your enraged throbbing hard cock"
Without a second hesitation he hands fumble with the button to undo his pants. Quickly unzips the zipper. His hand reaches in and pulls out a seven inch piece of meat. Without thinking he pushes his pant to his ankles.

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She giggles, then she unsheathes her breast from her bra. "That is a nice size cock you have there Lupus. Do you like my breast? Aren’t they just perfect?"
"Yes, your breast are perfect, I think I like them a lot. Would like them even more if I can feel them"
"No, but if you begin to stroke your cock, I might just make it worth your while" She say with a wanton smile.
With the speed of sound his hand s reaches down and started to stroke his cock. Back and forth. Changing hands, but never stop stoking his cock, thinking about how it would feel to have it planted firmly and deeply into her hot tight pussy.
"I bet you are thinking about fucking my nice little pussy, aren’t you" While saying this she slowly raises up her black dress to reveal a pair of black bikini panties. She lowers them to the ground, revealing a perfectly trimmed pussy. Dying to be touched, massaged, probed, licked, and most defiantly fucked.
Lupus hands start moving faster on his cock. He fingers caress the tip of it. He can feel a little bit of pre-cum. Knowing if he keeps this up he will be shooting his load before ever fulfilling his desire of making out with Little Red Riding Hood.
Little Red left hand begins to massage her breast.

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   While her right begins to massage her tunnel of carnal pleasures. Her heartbeat is racing, her breathing becomes more erratic. She quickens the pace. Finding more and more pleasure with each second she gives into her desires. Yes her dark desires, of being watch while she is playing with herself. Her desire to make men beg to touch her. Her desire to please herself.
"Lupus do you like what you see? Do you like it when I play with my breast? Do you wish they where your hands? Or your mouth suckling on this harden nipples? Is that it, you want to suck *moan* these breast?" Her voice revealed how much she was enjoying herself.
All the woodsman could do was look at the her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Just as she was getting off being watch. Lupus was getting off by wishing he could be inside her. The more she was enjoying herself, the more he stroked his nice long hard cock. Knowing he couldn’t handle much more of it.
"Yes, I like what I see.

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   Yes I want to play with your breast. I want to suck and lick them, I want to mold them in my hands. And I want to do so much more. I want to lay you down and bury my face between your legs and taste your juices on my tongue. I want to spread your legs and part your tunnel with my hard throbbing cock"
With that being said Little Red Riding Hood gets to her knees. Slowly crawling to Lupus. Her ass swaying back and forth. Time stop for Lupus, nothing else matter at that moment but watching that behind sway back and forth. She finally reaches Lupus. Her hands removes his hands from stroking his cock. Her tongue gently touches the tip of it.
"Tell me you want me to jerk you off. Tell me you want me to suck your cock. Tell me, or I will stop. And you will be standing her with nothing more then a hard piece of meat, beating it off in your hands.

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"Master will you please jerk me off. Mistress would you suck your loving servant cock. My Lady please I beg of you, please please jerk and suck my cock. Please my Master, my Mistress, my Lady"
"That is what I like to hear. Now I will grant you this. " Her mouth opens, pop, her lips engulfs the tip of his cock. Her tongue licking the head. tease it. With just this little bit of enticiment his cock jerks. A little of his seed spills into her mouth. With that as a incentive, her lips move down his shaft. Her hand starts to stroke his cock. While the other begins to play with his balls.
"Oh thank you Master. Oh my god, thank you Mistress.

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Knowing she was hitting all the right buttons.
    She becomes more deeply engrossed into the task at hand. Now with each stroke, she twisted it just a bit. Her lips begin to nibble a little on the tip of his helmet head.
    Without thinking, Lupis pushes Little Red back and lays down between her legs. With the tip of his tongue he begins to probe the out domain of her pussy. Looking for places that might strike a spark in Little Red.
    "Oh, yes my woodsman, lick that pussy. And I will play with your wood some more" She leans down and continue sucking on his long hard wood. The closer she was getting to reach a orgasm the faster her head bobbed up and down his shaft. Her head rears upwards. "Don’t stop I am about to CUMMMMMMMM" With that her body convulse as her body unwinds from being so tense. "Play with my ass now, slave. I didn’t say stop licking my pussy now, have I?" Back down her head drops down to his glistening cock.
    His hands slowly started to massage her ass.


       While continuing to penetrate her pussy with his tongue. Forcing it to slide in and out. Licking her inner crevices. It was like a little dick was penetrating her, just more flexible. His massaging strokes on her ass become more strength, more knowledgeable of what she likes. The moan where coming at will from her lips, muffled by the cock that was in her mouth.
    Her body reached another heart pounding orgasm. With that her lips removed themselves from his cock. She was trying to sit up. Her breathing was becoming more regulated. Trying to ready herself for the final stage of her plan.
    "Now my slave I am ready for something long nice and hard to impale me over and over again. Are you ready, my slave. "
    "Yes Master I am ready, allow me to penetrate you"
    "Put your hands behind you back. Place your legs together.

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       Yes just like that. What a good slave you are"
    She walks behinds him. Pulls out a magical cord of binding, placing it around his wrist. The she moves down to his feet and place another magical cord around them. She raises him up to his knees. Her hand begins to stroke his cock some more.
    The time is now, I have planned this from start to finish, last night. To show lupus how much of a tease I can be. Making him never forget who is the boss, and who is the slave. The time is now to finish this.
    She get to all fours, then slowly crawls backwards. Till the tip of his almost bursting cock is touching the lips of her ever so sweet pussy.
    "That the closest your cock will ever be to reaching my canal of passion. " With that she moves forward, then lays on her back. Lupus gets a perfect view of Little Red.

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    She reaches for a bag. Once it within her grasp she start going thru it. She pulls out a 12 inch strap on. A flexible dildo. A 18 inch vibrator (fairy dust powered). Anal beads, a few butt plugs, a horse crop. Then she stops. Put everything back but one thing.
    "I said I wanted something nice and hard in my pussy, and your 7inch dick won’t do. " She grab the 11inch vibrator, and slowly inserts into herself. Lupus cannot turn away. His pissed, but at the same time he is turn on. For twenty minutes, he sat there bound watching her pleasure herself over and over. He could not turn away.
    "Lupus did you enjoy the show.

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       You better thank me for it or else"
    "Or else what, I been here bound, with a hard on. Not being allowed to cum, because you wouldn’t please me like I did you. What else could you do to me cock tease"
    "Thank me or I will pull that 12 inch strap-on out and use it on your bare ass. I was told it was very pleasurable"
    "Thank you mistress for allowing me to pleasure you. Thank you for allowing me to taste your juices, play with your ass. Thank you master for jerking and sucking my cock. Thank you my Lady for allowing me to watch you pleasure yourself"
    With that she gets up putting her cloths back on. Picking up her bag. She glances around to see if she is missing anything. Finally she turn around.
    "In 18-20 minutes the cords will disappear and return to me. If they hear you say one evil thing about me. They will tell me. And I will tell the whole town that you wanted me to fuck you in the ass" She turns and leaves. Walking into the forest.

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    To whoever is listening, grant me this wish. I wish, I wish to finally feel the insides of this cock tease. I wish to make her my bitch. Desiring only my cock. Desiring to only be with me. Please, please grant me this wish. I cannot live much longer like this. To whomever grants me this wish, I shall be your from now to the end of time.
    Your wish shall be granted my servant. . . .