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Hi guys, this is Raj. am 19 years old. i live in bangalore with my mom and dad. once on a monday morning, first i thought that there was no college for me on that day, but suddenly my professor called me to do some project work in college. . my mom has given all my underwear to laundry, i said mom that i want to go to college, but am not finding my underwear, she said that she has put those for laundry. i had no other choice and decided to wear jeans pant without my underwear, but said give me a minute son and went to her room. she came to my room, she had her panties in her hand. and she told, adjust with these today. i am totally shocked!!! i said mom, how can i wear panties, i said i cant wear, but she scold me and forced me to wear, she had a pink, blue and white panties. she handed me the pink one and i had no other chance than this,finally i decided to wear it and went to college. i felt odd at the beginning, but later it was feeling nice, silky inside me. from that time i had develop a fantasy to girls clothes, mostly my mom's. after that i was waiting for an other chance to wear her clothes.
then i got one brilliant idea, i said my mom, mom, tomorrow is crossdresser day. mom replied, "whats that"??its like, boys wear girls and girls wear boys clothes.

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   mom laughed and said, girls wear boys clothes, nothing new in that. dad heard this and got angry on me and said, you want to wear damn dress?? mom raised her voice against dad and he went to office. mom dint tell anything after this and i also went to my room. after lunch, mom asked in a soft voice- do you really like to wear girl's clothes?? i said mom please leave me alone. after some time mom came to my room and said, son we are going for shopping in a while, please get ready. we went to a mall and we went to ladies section. she said , baby pick up whatever you want. i am totally nervous, i dint know what to tell. i simply stand watching my mom. my mom said, let me help you. she picked one saree and asked me whether i liked it or not. it was a pink saree with dark borders and it was beautiful. i said ok. she then moved to pick up petticoat to wear under the saree and she picked one dark pink petticoat and she hold to my chest and said perfect. later she selected one pink blouse and now we went to took most important, "the innerwears".

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   she picked one red color bra and a matching red panties and handed to me and said to try it. i just went to trial room and took off my shirt,pant and wear the bra and panties too. it was awesome and said its good. then she took two pairs of white and black bras and panties. and we went to buy salwar kameez for me, my mom took one white salwar kameez pair and she picked chemise to wear inside that. then the sales girl said, mam nighty has buy one get one offer, please try. my mom took me there and picked chemise nighty(cream color) and another camisole black color, she then picked pair of red stockings and paid the bill and went home.
mom kissed me on my cheek and said, you can wear them tomorrow my boy. i happily slept and woked up in the morning. she told me to took bath, she shaved my arm pits, legs, hands etc and she handed me the stuff we got and left saying call me if you need any help. i removed my towel and wear the red panties, i tried to wear bra, but it was not fitting properly. i put the bra on bed and slided into the pink petticoat and called mom, please help me out with these. she came to room and tied my petticoat below my navel. she then took the bra and instructed me to wear it. i slide my hands in to the bra straps and she turned me back and adjusted the bra straps on my shoulder and hooked from back.

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   now she picked up the blouse and i wear that and she adjusted the bra straps and my chest properly and hooked it and adjusted so that my cleavage is slightly visible. and then comes the difficult task, to wear saree. oh my god, it took 40 minutes to wear it, my mom helped me to adjust the pallu nand tucked the saree in my petticoat and put earings, bangles on me . i she kissed me on my fore head. i feld so happy and feminine. i said thanks to my mom and kissed on her cheek. we went outside like that in car and came back in the evening. i removed my makeup and took bath. after dinner, i put the camisole nighty and panty and mom helped to wear stockings. i went to bed like that and my dad saw me and he was shocked. he said, nice dress and i slept. from that time i am allowed to wear all my mom's bras, panties, sarees, nighties, camisoles, petticoats in home. my mom used to call me rani in home i am so happy because i am the luckiest crossdresser in the world to have a mom like this. from that time i am allowed to see my mom nude, i used to help my mom to take bath , to massage her back, we both will go shopping together. i then used to sleep in bra and panties, and petticoat next to mom.

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   i became daughter for my mom. . but am jealous of her beautiful breasts. i wish i had boobs, just like mom. first time i saw my mom's breast while taking bath with her, she allowed me to massage them and it was really awesome. this is a real experience of my life, and am still enjoying the female life, in home with my mom. .