Losing My Wife in a Game of Poker


It was one of those situations I had heard about but never believed. Three friends were over at my house playing poker, and I was down about $300. It was a string of bad luck, really. My hands had been good all night, but someone else always had something a little better. Now, I am sitting here with a ace-high flush, the other three guys have gone in, but I do not have enough money to match them.

"I am short, guys. Can I put in my watch?Its worth $200. ""I don't know," said my friend Lenny. "I already have a watch?""Well what can I do?I have to play this hand. "The guys all smirked, and Lenny said something I never though I would hear. "Bet your wife. If you lose, whoever wins gets to fuck your wife in front of the rest of us. "

The room suddenly was dead silent as the guys awaited my response. I was stunned, but was confident my hand would win. "Let me ask her," I said. I called Danielle into the room and privately explained the situation to her.

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  Her eyes widened in fear and anger. "We don't have $300 to lose, you moron!""I know, babe, that's why I need to play this hand and win it back. And then some. If I win we get $1000 tonight!"I showed her my hand, and she was confident enough to agree to the wager. "It better not be Lenny, though. I hate that asshole," she said as I went back to the table.

"OK guys," said Lenny. "Just to confirm. If any of us win, we get to fuck Danielle in front of the other three. She will be our sex slave and do as ordered. ""It doesn't matter, because my husband is going to win," said Danielle confidently. "Well we'll see about that. Lay them down, boys. "

John, across from me, laid down two pair, a pretty weak hand given all the money that was on the table. Eric, to my right, put down three kings, better than John but not what I had.

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  I put down my flush, and John and Eric groaned, they would not be fucking my wife. I looked over with confidence at Lenny, but my heart stopped when I saw him smiling. He put down three eights and two sixes. A full house. Beat me by one hand.

Danielle screamed "Noooooo!"And Lenny screamed "Hell yes!"He collected his money and put it in his bag, and moved his chair into the corner. He pushed the table against the wall and told me, Eric and John to sit on the opposite side of the room. We all moved over next to Danielle, who was on the verge of tears but was trying to stay strong.

Lenny undressed and sat in his chair. "Danielle, do me a favor and strip down to your bra and panties. "Danielle stood up, head down, hiding her shame, and started to undo her blouse. As she peeled it off her shoulders, her 34Cs, concealed in her bra, popped into view. I noticed Eric and John shifting in their seats, clearly excited at the sight of her. Danielle continued, lowering her skirt down to her feet and stepping out of them.

"Very nice.

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  And obedient!Turn around for me, baby," Lenny said to Danielle. Danielle turned away from him and towards me. She was staring daggers at me, but I was staring at the ground. "Yeah, that won't do. Eric, do me a favor and wedge those panties up her ass a little. I was hoping for a thong, Danielle. "Danielle shivered as Eric grabbed her panties and pulled them up her crack. "That's much better. Now get on your knees and crawl over to me. "

Danielle took a deep breath, lowered herself to her knees, and started to crawl over to Lenny, who was jerking his cock to attention. Danielle crawled across the room, her wedgie and ass on display for Eric and John, who were rubbing their cocks in their pants. As Danielle reached Lenny, he told her to stand up. "Now spread your legs," he said. Danielle spread her legs just past shoulder width. "Wider," he ordered.

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  Danielle scooted her legs further apart until Lenny told her to stop.

I saw him reach towards her crotch and grab her panties, and I saw Danielle's hands clench tight in discomfort. "Now, bend over at the waist and take my cock in your mouth. "Danielle hesitated, so Lenny reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling her down to his dick. He grabbed her jaw and forced her mouth open and pushed his dick inside. "Oh yeah, Danielle, your tongue feels so good. "

In her current position, I could see what Lenny had done to her undies. He had wedged her panties up her pussy, too, so that she had a wedgie on both ends of her taint. Lenny pushed his hand on the back of her head and lowered her head to the base of his cock. With his other hand, he reached forward and started spanking her.

He bounced her head up and down with a firm grip on her hair until she was doing it on her own. He then reached both hands towards her panties on either side and gripped them tightly. He pulled them up her ass, and then pulled them the other way, up her pussy. Both ways, he was stimulating her clit and rubbing her asshole, loosening her up and getting her wet.

I watched as my wife's head bounced on Lenny's cock with a steady rhythm and listened in horror as I heard her start to moan.

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  Lenny slipped a finger under her wedged panties and into her pussy. "Damn, bitch," he said. "I knew I was going to make you cum, but I didn't think you would get this wet this fast. "
He pulled her panties far up her ass and leaned forward so that his chest pushed down on the back of her head. Her knees buckled and she screamed around his cock as she tried to resist, but he was in complete control.

He raised his chest and pulled her hair until she was off his cock. "Stand up straight," he commanded. My wife stood, facing him, her panties-turned-thong on full display to me, Eric and John. Lenny reached towards her bra and pulled the cups down so that Danielle's nipples sprung into view and her tits pushed up and towards each other. He brought his lips towards her right tit and took her nipple into his mouth.

With his right hand he started rubbing her pussy, planting it firmly between her legs and pressing the tips of his fingers up into her hole. I watched in disgust as Danielle tossed her hair back, arched her back and looked up at the ceiling in ecstasy. She moaned and bucked her hips gently against his hands, allowing herself to enjoy this lost bet. Lenny switched to her left tit and started slobbering all over it. After it was wet, he looked up to her face. 

  "Are you ready to get fucked?"

Danielle bit on her lower lip and nodded, "mm hm," she said. "Turn around," he said. My wife turned towards me and the guys but kept her head down. Lenny pulled her panties out of her ass and down to her feet. She stepped out of them and Lenny picked them up and held them in his hand. "Back up and put your legs on either side of mine," he ordered. Danielle did as she was told, her pussy spreading slightly for John and Eric to admire. "Good girl," said Lenny. "Now grab my dick and lower your pussy onto it. "

My wife leaned over and reached her hand between her legs to grab Lenny's cock. Holding it erect, she sat down on it, allowing it to spear her pussy. She was so wet the she slipped down all the way to the base. She gasped out loud in shock and pleasure, and then responded as Lenny grabbed her jaw and pulled her mouth open. As she waited agape, he pushed her panties into her mouth. "You are my slave, and will do as I want.

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  If these panties come out of your mouth, your husband owes me one thousand dollars. Got it?"Danielle nodded silently, her eyes clenched tight to lessen the embarrassment.

As Danielle tasted her ass and pussy-stained panties on her tongue, Lenny grabbed her ass and lifted her up and down his cock. This was a position that we used to do in college, but for the last ten years it has been nothing but missionary and the occasional doggie. But she did not forget how to ride a cock, and she started bouncing her knees, lifting her torso straight up and down. "Finger your clit, babe. Get yourself off," said Lenny.

Staring straight down, avoiding eye contact, Danielle started rubbing her clit. Her pussy was already sopping wet, and a sound akin to a boot stuck in mud began to echo through the basement. That sound began to mix with the sound of Danielle's moans and groans, and the firm but mild slapping of her ass on Lenny's thighs. After a few minutes, Danielle started to accelerate her bouncing, and Lenny could tell she was on the verge of cumming.

He put his hands on her shoulder blades and pushed her up his cock but would not let her come back down. "Stay!" he insisted. Danielle tried to hold this position, her knees slightly bent, the tip of Lenny's cock nestled comfortably just inside her hole. I watched in concern as Lenny put his middle finger into his mouth and lubricated it with saliva.

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  He removed it from his mouth and pressed it against her asshole.

Danielle's eyes went wide as she realized what he as doing and screamed into her pantie gag as he pushed in up to his second knuckle. He hooked it inside her sphincter and commanded her again. "Sit!" Danielle lowered herself back down, pushing his seven inches back into her pussy. She started bouncing again, Lenny keeping his finger impaled in her ass as she moved. Danielle reached her hands behind her back and planted them on Lenny's shoulders for leverage.

As she found balance, she started to bounce faster again. Lenny seemed to wait for her to approach climax before deterring her. Once he felt her get wetter and noticed her start to moan again, he repositioned his wrist so that his middle finger was pointing straight up. As Danielle raised up she didn't notice the change, and when she slammed down on his cock his finger shot straight up her ass to the hilt.

"MMMMMMMMPHHH," my wife screamed as pain seared through her ass, still slightly muffled by the panties in her mouth. "Come on, bitch. You are so close!Cum for me," Lenny taunted as he impaled her pussy and ass. Because she had her hands behind her, Lenny reached in front of her and started to maul her clit with three fingers. "Still sopping wet," said Lenny.

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  "What a whore. "

With the finger in the ass, the slightest movement caused her to jump, and he know it. He jabbed slightly upward, making her rise up, and then pushed her down with the hand in her pussy. Eric and John laughed and pounded fists in enjoyment at my wife being manhandled. I shifted in my chair and shook my head in frustration as I heard my wife start to moan again.

Lenny could sense that she was approaching orgasm again, and this time he was going to let her. I watched in disgust as her pussy clasped tightly around his dick and slid up and down. Lenny had two fingers spreading her pussy lips apart and a third vigorously assaulting her clit. There was sweat glistening on her stomach and tits, which were giggling in her bra, nipples poking out the top.

Danielle slammed down on his dick, but instead of rising up again, she swiveled her hips around, rocking the cock inside her like a pendulum. With Lenny rubbing her clit hard, she came, gasping around her gag and breathing quickly and deeply. Her breasts swelled out towards her audience and quickly moved back and forth as air moved in and out of her lungs.

As her movements slowed to a halt, Lenny grabbed her bra and ripped it apart. Danielle laid back against his chest and enjoyed the post-orgasm state as Lenny fondled her tits. Her eyes were shut and her head fell back against his shoulder.

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  "Lets go, bitch. We are far from done," said Lenny.

He pushed Danielle forward and she stood in front of him. He grabbed her hair and led her over to the poker table and bent her over it. He positioned her so that her bare ass and pussy faced me and my friends. "Spread your cheeks, NOW!" he ordered. Danielle reached her hands towards her ass and spread it apart for him. He leaned over and spit right into her spread asshole, and Danielle braced for the inevitable. She had hoped that he would just finger her ass, but she now knew he was going to take her anal cherry.

I would have been made ten minutes ago, but now that she had cum and seemed to be enjoying herself, I didn't care if she got what was coming to her. Lenny spit again and pushed the tip of his cock against his sphincter. He pushed forward with a hard and steady pace. Danielle kept spreading her ass as the assault continued, obedient in fear that we would have to pay $1000 that we didn't have.

As Lenny pushed the head of his dick past her sphincter, Danielle screamed past her pantie gag. "Don't tell me your husband never fucked this tight little asshole," said Lenny.


  "I really am the lucky winner. "He put his hands on Danielle's and forced them to spread her cheeks even wider and leaned forward, pushing all of his weight against her asshole. He was able to push his dick more than half way in.

My wife raised her calves off the ground, her legs bending at the knees, and her toes curled tight, indicating the tension she was experiencing. Lenny started working his way out of her ass and back inside again, slowly getting more and more of his cock up her butt. When he was all but an inch from balls deep inside her, he pulled out until just his head was inside, and jammed forward with all his strength.

He bottomed out, and Danielle know he had when he felt his hairy balls rub against her taint and pussy. In celebration of working his cock into my wife's asshole, Lenny left in buried inside her, wiggling it around to try to loosen it a bit more. My wife squirmed, her legs still bent at the knees and in clear discomfort. Lenny spit again, allowing a string of saliva to extend from his lips to the base of his cock.

Once there, he again started moving in and out of her asshole with more ease. He spat twice more, lubricating his dick well enough to glide in and out. Danielle lowered her feet back to the ground. . .

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  she apparently was growing accustomed to the dick in her ass. After her could fuck her ass as easy as he could her pussy, Lenny hooked his right arm under her right elbow and grabbed her left elbow with his right hand. In this fashion, he could control both of her arms behind her back with his one arm

He shoved deep into her ass again, and pulled her up off the table with his right arm. He backed up, pulling her with him, and spun her around 180 degrees. They were now facing us, standing in the middle of the room. Danielle's head was hanging low with her hair blocking her face, but that would not work for Lenny. He gripped her hair and pulled it back, revealing her face and craning her neck towards him.

Lenny began rocking in and out of her with great force. Her tits were bouncing furiously as her body rocked from each thrust. She wanted to hold them so it would not hurt so much, but Lenny had locked her hands behind her back. Her face was stained with makeup as there had been tears running down her cheeks when Lenny popped her anal cherry. But they had dried, and despite her hair being pulled, the look on her face was not all together painful.

Lenny let go of her hair and started fingering her pussy again. "Dude," he said to me. "You gotta try this some time.

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  Not only does her asshole feel great around my cock, but she seems to like it. Her cunt is still wet!"I looked up at her face to see her reaction, and she was looking at me with a sorry expression. He was telling the truth.

"I will prove it," he said. "Watch me make your wife cum in the next minute. "He unhooked her arms and reached around her chest. He clenched onto her left tit with his right hand, leaving his right arm under her right tit to prevent it from bouncing so much. This eased the strain on her chest, and she could enjoy his fingers a little more.

He kept humping into her as he rubbed her clit, and I listened in disbelief as my wife started moaning like a whore again. "Uh. Uh. Uh. Ah. Ah. Ah.

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  Oh. My. God!" escaped from her mouth despite her gag. This encouraged Lenny to go faster and faster with both his dick and his fingers. I saw Danielle's legs start to quiver and buckle and brace for then inevitable.

Again, she came, falling back against Lenny and pushing his dick all the way up her anal passage. Lenny wiped his fingers clean on her stomach and pulled out of her ass. "On your knees," he said. Danielle turned around and lowered herself to her knees in front of him. He pulled the panties out of her mouth and pushed his dick inside. "Clean it up, bitch. "

Danielle started sucking his cock clean and Lenny pulled her panties tight and placed them against the back of her head. With them, he pulled Danielle further down his cock until his head was hitting the back of her throat. He concentrated very hard on not cumming, biting his lip and staring up towards the ceiling. Obviously, it was not just the physical pleasure, but the visual and mental stimulation of owning my wife that had him on the verge of orgasm.

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He backed out of Danielle's mouth and said "Don't forget the balls. "He lifted his dick and thrust his pelvis towards her waiting mouth. He dipped is balls inside, and Eric and John's jaws dropped as they watched her tea bag him. Her tongue whipped around his hard scrotum, tickling each ball one at a time. He then grabbed her chin and forehead, pried her mouth open and told her to stare up at him. "Stick out your tongue," he ordered, and she obeyed.

I noticed that she seemed to be obeying with less reluctance, responding quicker whenever he demanded something of her. With her mouth agape and tongue extended, Lenny slid the base of his cock between her lips, cleaning the insides of her ass off of him. Danielle took it like a slut.

"Now, get on all fours," he told her. She quickly pounced into position and awaited his next move. He stood over her ass with a foot on either side, her ass facing us, him facing us. He smirked as he balled up her panties and pushed them towards her sphincter. He shoved them into her asshole, stimulating her and pushing her cheeks apart for their audience.

He then sat upright on the floor in front of her, legs extended, and told her to straddled his cock again.

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  Danielle raised herself back up on her knees and spread her legs on either side of his. She scooted up the length of his legs until her tits were at his face. He then reached around her, grabbed her ass and lowered her pussy onto his dick again.

My wife automatically started bouncing up and down on his cock, her juices glistening on his dick in no time. Lenny grabbed her tits as they bounced, and brought them to his lips. He clamped his teeth onto her nipple, extending it and hardening it in a matter of seconds. Once they were both firm, he pinched them and tweaked them around, like he was tuning a radio. Danielle responded to this by wrapping her arms around his back.

My embarrassment grew as I watched them start to kiss. It was unbelievable. He had degraded her in front of my friends, he had raped her ass, and he had made her cum twice, and although she hated him until about an hour ago, she was now willingly kissing him passionately. Their mouths wide open, their tongues extended, they went at each other like rabbits in heat. Danielle bucked wildly on his dick as he brought her close to her third orgasm of the night.

Lenny grabbed onto the panties that were shoved up her ass and slowly pulled them out. Then, with two fingers pushed them back in. 

  In and out. In and out. The unusual form of double penetration made her really tight, and it was clear that they were both about to cum. I could not watch, afraid of the prospect of Lenny cumming inside by wife.

"OK, I'm ready," said Lenny. "Get up. "Danielle lifted her waist until she was off his dick. Lenny stood and carried her back to the table. "Lie on your back," he commanded. She did as she was told. He grabbed her beneath her armpits and pulled her back on the table until her head was hanging off it. "Spread your legs," he said. "We have an audience, don't forget. "

Danielle spread her legs as wide as they could go, opening her pussy up for Eric and John and myself. Lenny pushed his dick back into her mouth and started face fucking her.

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  At the same time, he reached forward and dipped three fingers into her pussy and started stroking it. With his free hand, he clamped down on her left tit and squeezed it hard.

Danielle gripped his ass as he plowed into her mouth, and that sent him over the edge. He jammed his dick as far as it would go down her throat. His balls fell on her nose and choked her a little, and her convulsions made her hyper-sensitive. He rocked her spread pussy with three fingers, trying to make her cum in time with his own ejaculation.

He watched as her hips bounced up off the table, pushing her pussy against his fingers even harder. As she thrashed to meet him, he knew she was about to cum. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and ordered her to start stroking it. She did not need to be told. He stroked his cock with her left hand and grabbed his right hand with her own and pushed it further up her pussy.

They rubbed her pussy together, her hips still thrusting up into their hands, putting her right on the brink of orgasm. Lenny released her tit with his left hand and waved Eric and John over to the table. I was so stunned by the show that I had not noticed that they had both whipped their cocks out and were jerking them to hard erections.

"Yeah baby, make yourself cum," said Lenny.

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  He grabbed both of her tits and thrust in and out of her mouth, her cheeks extending in either way depending on which way he pushed into her. She thrashed against the table with so much force he through she was going to break it, so he pushed her stomach down until she was flat on her back. He noticed how sweaty she was and how wet her hands were as she fingered herself, and he felt himself ready to cum.

"Yeah. Yeah!Yessss!" he screamed as she jerked his dick an he ejaculated onto her face. She held her mouth open and let some of his cum land in her mouth as she fingered herself to her third orgasm of the night. Her knees instinctively clenched together as she came, and then she felt something she wasn't expecting. John stroked his cock onto her spread pussy, her ass and the back of her legs.

Lenny put his hand on her chin and kept her head facing downward so she couldn't protest. Eric, standing at her side, shot his load all over her midsection, from her belly button to her tits. A few drops landed on her left arm as she raised it to block him.

The three men backed away from her, but Danielle continued to lay sprawled on the table, cum-stained, sweaty and legs spread. She idly played with her tits and wiped her hands through the cum on her body. Eric and John put their dicks back in their pants, thanked Lenny, and left. Lenny pulled Danielle back towards the center of the table so her calves hung over the edge and her head was lying flat again.

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He grabbed her hair and looked into her cum-covered face. "Whenever you want to do that again, you just give me a call. You are one fucked-up slut!"Danielle could not muster a reply, and simply laid there in a state of euphoria. Lenny put his clothes on and walked towards the door, stopping to pat me on the shoulder. "Thanks, man. You are a lucky guy," he said, chuckling as he walked up the stairs.

I followed him up the stairs and saw him out, and started to return to the basement. But I could hear my wife panting heavily, and I decided I could not face her tonight. I went to bed, alone, tossing and turning, playing the evening over and over again in my head. I doubt our lives will ever be the same again.



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