Lisa Goes To The Plastic Surgeon


My name is Bill and I run a successful plastic surgery practice with my buddy Luke. Me and Luke have similar styles in surgery, but we have one key difference. Luke loves big labia, and I hate them. But let me get back to how this started. When we first started our clinic, a gorgeous blonde girl came in and asked for a labia trim. She had really big labia, and Luke wanted her to keep them. However, since I was in charge of labiaplasty, I got the surgery, and I convinced her not to just trim 'em, but take them off entirely. When Luke saw the result, he was horrified, even though I thought it looked gorgeous. He wanted me to stop, so we made a bet. If I could convince 18 girls to get their labia off before the end of the year, I could keep on doing it, and Luke would stop doing labia enlargements and start cutting labia too. But if Luke got 10, I would have to stop cutting labia forever and start enlarging them.
Now back to now. Luke has stretched out 8 labia to gross proportions. I have trimmed 9 back so far they're virtually invisible. This next customer could be the one to win it for me. We're sitting in the office waiting for our next appointment, which is with a girl named Lisa, when suddenly she walks in.

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   She is gorgeous, with long, wavy brown hair, a curvy waste, gray-blue eyes and full lips.
"Hello Lisa, what can we do for you" I ask her.
"I want a boob job" she says.
"Well, strip down and let's see 'em" I say
She takes off her top and unfastens her lacy black bra, and reveals a gorgeous rack, perky tits with small, dark nipples, perfectly tanned like she goes topless a lot. She's got pierced nipples too.
"Honey, your boobs are amazing, don't change them" I tell her
"But they're too small" she says. It's true, they're not the biggest, just barely B cup, but they're super perky.
"Trust me on this one, they fit you perfectly. But, if you don't believe me, we can give you a full consultation. It's not just about boobs, you've got to look sexy as a whole. "
She shrugs and unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down over her smooth legs. She takes off her underwear, which are quite large, revealing a fairly thick bush. She shaves the bikini line, but not much else.
"OK now, stand in front of the mirror" I instruct her. "And put your hands at your sides.

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   Now, let's see how you look. "
Luke and I both ghasp, she's breathtaking naked. Her body is fairly thin, but she's not scrawny. She has an elegant curve to her, and no tan lines. How a girl like this ended up in our office I will never know, but I wasn't gonna let Luke get her.
"Now look at this" I say "your body has an amazing flow to it. Your curves and your hips created a perfect line for the eye to follow, from your head down to your feet. The one thing interrupting the flow is your pubic hair. If we were to get rid of it, there would just be one nice line from your shoulders on down to your vagina, a very erotic path for a man to follow.
"But I don't want people to see my vagina" she says.
This is a good sign for me. "And why not?" I ask sympathetically.
"Because. . .

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  well, my lips are a bit. . . big"
Luke is just about drooling by now, this is his perfect babe right down to the pussy. Too bad I'm about to snatch it away from him.
"That's where I come in" I say. "I can do a procedure called labiaplasty, which will make your labia smaller and tuck them in. That way, your vagina flow perfectly with your body, instead of labia spilling out of it, you'll have a nice, tucked in little slit, that perfectly rounds out your body.
"OK" she says "do it"
I call our receptionist, Jenna, to bring in the wax pot. We started having wax when we figured out it was a lot easier to do surgery on hairless women, and while most women nowadays kept their area neatly bare, a few exceptions made the wax a necessity, and I was happy to do it. Jenna was a pretty girl, brunette but with highlights. I had almost gotten to clip her labia, but Luke won her over by pointing out to her that she could get a piercing. She was an innocent looking girl, but she sure had a naughty secret. Jenna helped me spread the wax between Lisa's legs, and slowly we pulled the hair out. Lisa kept screaming in pain.

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   "Is this your first time getting waxed?" I asked.
"Yeah, it hurts like a bitch".
It took us a while, but we finally got rid of all her hair.
    I asked her to stand in front of the mirror again. I pointed out how now we could see everything, so her body looked unified and flowing. Then I pointed to her labia, which protruded from the opening of her slit. "Now see, these just look a little messy" I said. "If we clean them up, you'll look amazing.
    I lay her down on the operating table and gave her the anesthesia. While we were waiting for it to kick in, we chatted and eventually got to her nipple piercings.
    "I was originally gonna get my clit done" she said, "but the person who did the piercing said my clitty hood was too tight and that a ring wouldn't fit under it.
    Wow, this is awesome, I thought, and promptly replied.
    "I could take care of that too"
    By then the anesthetic had kicked in, so i made a line down each of her labia. I was gonna win the bet. From now on, whenever a girl walked into our office, she would walk out with the tucked, tight pussy that I idolized.

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    I took my scalpel and cut along the line, throwing out the extra pieces of flesh.
    "What do you think, should I stitch you up?"
    I had been generous with her and left her a fair bit of her inner labia, after all, they were kinda sensitive.
    "Take it all off" she said to my delight.
    So I cut them off at the base. Then I moved on to her clitty hood, breaking it away from the clit and then severing it. It was complete. I had won.

    But the fun wasn't over. 3 weeks later she came back for her checkup, and to pay for the surgery. I slid off her panties, which were much smaller now to show off her bald pubic area, and looked at her pussy. It was the best surgery I had ever done. It was a thing of beauty. When she stood up, it fit perfectly with her curvy body, it was just a single slit with no labia or clit showing. But the best was yet to come.

    "I've been wanting to buy a new car" she said, "so I don't know if I can really afford this.

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       I can pay if you want, but maybe there's something else I can do to make it worth your while. You know, I give great blowjobs"

    In just a few seconds she had my pants off and was sucking on my rock hard circumcised dick. She was a real tease, bringing me to the edge of orgasm and then letting me back down again. Then she took off her top and tittyfucked me, rubbing my dickhead with her small boobs, and teasing it with the nipple ring.
    "That was the payment" she said "but I've got to let you try out your handiwork"
    She slid my dick into her pussy, and all my dreams came true. .



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