Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 9 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Lucky me, can all this be even better at adulthood?
 Ross you might say had me cornered with my dick out. But she had shown me some interesting assets hopefully for the future. She immediately went back to our talk some months earlier. "That thing I told you about" I hadn't switched in to her wavelength and looked puzzled. "You know, that stuff what you've just put over the wall, spunk, that's what you shot on my pussy. I didn't know that's what its called then, but I asked mum what it was, it makes you pregnant" "I know I said but not every time you do it" "What fuck? I know because Den fucked Ginny for a whole fortnight to make her preggy" Trying to change the subject, I said "Seen anymore cocks yet?" "Yeah I've just seen yours and I've felt it" Shocked I just say, "aye?" coming closer she whispers "That night mum got you on her side of the bed to stop you squirting that spunk on me again" "I was awake listening and felt mum moving so I put my hand by her pussy when she was making those funny noises and I felt yours going inside like it tried to do to mine. It felt all wet though so you must have had the same thing on her while you slept" "My friend said you must have fucked her" "Did you and did you know you done it?" How do I answer stuck there with my prick still hanging out. Distraction,! I started to put it back in my trousers. "Wait" she said moved close and put her finger on the end. "There's some still on the end, that's better" "Ok put it away now" She sounded like a mother giving orders as she sniffed her finger then tasted her finger. "Its slightly salty"
 "Did you" she insisted? This is going to be one of those secrets you said about before,yes? I said to her. "If you did I wont tell, and my penalty will be, you wont do me when I'm older if I tell" Fuck me, a future invitation to have her cherry. Course I didn't know about a virgins cherry really at that time and what a prize it is. Right now, how could I refuse her request? "Well no not really" "How come it was inside her then" "Hold on, what I mean is I woke up and it was sliding along mum's like you said it did on yours and because hers is bigger it sort of found its way in on its own because your mum was rocking to and fro as I thought, comforting you because I wasn't on your outside to keep you warm" Oh! Oh! "Did your spunk go inside because mum isn't pregger's?" "Honestly, yes,lots of it" "Oh good that means when you do me I wont be pregger's then" "I bet you'll do Ginny before its my turn,but you better keep it secret from Den though" "I think he wants to do me as well" "Why do you think that then" Well when he was on leave the other time, I'd just got out the tub and ran up stairs at the top he came out of their room and caught hold of me and said "oops you nearly slipped then" I hadn't, but as I walked in our room I realised as he caught hold of me one of his arms was round and under my armpit but his other hand was right on my pussy and it squeezed it about five times. I could still feel the sensation after and it made me keep thinking of his thing when I saw it hard.

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   "That's what I wanted to tell you when you had to leave that time. "You liked it then?" "Well yeah, sort of" I thought I aught to give her a friendly question, "Do you rub yours like you just seen me doing?" "Yes every chance I get,thats what made me pee when you seen it just now" "Show me I said" "Not now because I've only just done it, I will another time. Fuck that's hot, my mind went back to the swimming pool pussy.
 Later my aunt called me and with Ginny she said I have a bit of a scheme in mind, you know what about. Not to make it to obvious, I'll speak to your mother about putting some time in over here at weekends and you can bunk down supposedly on the mattress in my or Ginny's room as we decide each time. I didn't go swimming at weekends so that fitted in well for me. So it happened and to make it even better there was a chapel nearly opposite that Ross went to with some very tasty chicks my age. This was brilliant cover and my mother couldn't fail to approve with that in the plan. So with no further ado I spent many enjoyable weekends keeping Ginny's vagina open and lubricated and even the neck into her womb. I never felt the baby with my dick but as the pregnancy progressed she bent herself more and more to accommodate my beast. Ross also twigged what was happening. She got me on my own and said "New you'd fuck Ginny but thats good because it means it'll soon be my turn" Then she said "I really like it when you fuck our mum it makes her so happy and joyful"
 Within this period the customer returned luckily when I was their although I'm sure she didn't realise I think. Aunty spotted her and I got down very much out of sight. Yeah, now where was I before we interupted. Yeah, so I had it this way for about a week then I thought I got a feeling he's awake when I'm fucking him.

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   Craftily I decided to put him on the spot, making out I'd been asleep each time, the next night I stirred as though I was waking up mumbling that was a nice dream, his cock stopped immediately. Little fucker had obviously been awake each time, I said fuck me Jimmy what the fuck were you doing to me. He grabbed round me saying sorry,sorry, I woke up and found I was doing it. I thought you were doing me. Clever that,course I didn't want to loose my piece of cock, so I said calm down, no harm done, mums had them before your fathers so yours is a bit like having one after your father. Well you know what I mean? aunty nodded yes with "A womans needs one might say" Exactly my sentiments, we're certainly on the same wavelength I reckon. So having calmed him down he said "What if you're pregnant mum" I said, don't you worry plenty of wives are getting pregnant in this war, it'll sort out ok.
 I suppose both our claims was a bit like a 1-1 draw in sport after all sex is a sport don't you think. Gaffaws of laughter. I grinned to myself. So I had now to get him to except it was ok to screw me his mother for the duration, at least till Bert came home anyways. I just went for it, I said the next night, still want to come in my bed, hesitatingly he managed a yes with, I promise I wont try to push it into you mum. So easing the atmosphere I said I bet you liked it though, quietly he mumbled yeah,especially when I shot right up the top, adding "Mum what was that inside you that was grasping at the end of my cock" I answered the neck of my womb trying to get more spunk from you. "Oh,what made that happen?" I told him, my orgasm, "That ment you liked it as well then, yes? just like I did, was it like dad doing it because I've heard you say I'm coming when he's done you"
 Here goes nothing I thought. Yes I loved it and you do it with more vigor than your father but don't ever tell him that, it would be cruel.

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  . . by this time I need a wank but it just ain't gorna' be possible. Then the relevation, I'm not kidding you he went for it, he said I'll fuck you till dad returns and if the worst happens I'll fuck you for ever.  I conceded and boy from there forward he fucked me senseless. Three times a night, he'd just grab me anytime,anywhere in house, on the stairs or when I was bent over the sink, one dark night I went out our back to get the washing off the line and he grabbed me and fucked me ruthlessly, fuck that turned me on, it was like being raped and what if the neigbours spotted us, god that was such a turn on. He had me on the bottom of the stairs once when Bert's mother came through the front door, I'm sure she didn't see anything but he whipped it out and I let my skirt drop down. But bloody hell what a buss that was. . . Course all this was good info' for the future regarding the excitment women needed in their love life.
 Then she said, came the crunch, I'd been thinking about whether the mother-in-law had seen anything and then I missed. So I thought 'fuck it' I better give Bert the news before anybody else can. Jimmy was shitting himself about his father, I said don't worry you'd be surprised how sexually flexible your father is. That is, I couldn't tell Jimmy Bert's flexibility but on the Q.

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  T. his biggest buss is getting our dog to give me a hell of a fucking, ssh! Even after he'd been away for years he got the dog to join in our very first fuck, would you believe. mind it's brilliant, better than any man's cock but you can't tell them that can you. Just got to swear at them and tell them what perv's they are, then submit to their wicked wish and they think they've won.  By this time I was getting a cramp so I moved very quietly the only way I could. That was laying down in front of my aunts legs,on my back looking straight up her skirt. Though the light was poor she had her pale blue knickers on and the damp, no wet mark was soaking to the point that the very top of her thighs glistened with pussy juice. she casually glanced down and then opened her legs some more. Bitch, I shot off in my trousers instantly.
 Anyway, I wrote to Bert, I was a bit careful how I put it because I assumed the censures for mail applied in both directions. Got it to him 'might be up the duff,kept it to the family will look like you, he replied, 'understand hope its a girl looking like you, tell Jimmy the world is his oyster keep taking care of mum and don't leave the dog out mind' dirty bugger. Jimmy didn't understand the dog bit. I gently explained what it ment about a month later when low and behold possible baby dropped of the perch. First he was mortified and didn't believe it till I showed him, me getting a licking, after that he harped my life out to show him the real thing. I explained to him it could only be done with someone there to stop it pulling the knot out before it had shunk thus ruining a perfectly good pussy.

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   Aunty, "you didn't did you?" course, he has to grow up so what better teacher to learn him all a woman's needs? She's certainly on my aunts plain then. Trouble then, he wanted it every day and I had to show him how its knot made me ache for a couple of days, course when he seen it bruised me inside he let me decide when I was up for it.
 I was buggered then, my mother came bustling through, enquired what I was doing down there? quick as a flash the customer said 'getting that pen your sister can't reach and studying part of lifes tapestry. My aunt's wet knickers? That made me smile. This went right over mum's head being more intent on her immediate need of me. I really had to get to see what was under those bloomers I just glanced as I got up off the floor. I'd been working on a plan, I had to pass through mum's bedroom to get to mine which ment I was in my room before she went to bed or at the same time. The doors had wooden panels and I'd noted a knot in a panel in a corner at the right height I thought, to get a view when and if it were removed. I'd concluded it to be dead in line with where she would stand to undress. Difficult bit was to remove the knot without leaving tale tale marks. Still I was top of the school for woodwork and decided the best way was to ask the woodwork master. The way I put it was. If a knot works loose or was splitting in a panel, how would be the best way to fix it or remove it and plug it without putting any unsightly marks on the parent wood? To remove it he said, carefully drill as big a hole as you dare through the knot and collapse the remaining shell. I'd already concluded a knot hole wouldn't be unusual in old doors of 1900 vintage. It worked too.

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 Timing a sighting of mothers pussy was now imperative, I reckoned the best chance would be if she was heading for a bath. I knew she undressed in the bedroom put on a robe and went down to the bathroom allowing me to make my escape or hang in to see a repeat performance if it was bed time. So I'm already in situ' she comes up calls don't come out your bedroom if you're in there I'm getting ready to bath. I answer 'ok' and get set for my viewing. I'd completely overlooked the tits in no time her over garments were off then the bra, long line of course. The tits were free, and boy they were very nice, good shape no sag and nipples nearly as big as her sisters. She moved to the famous bloomers. I didn't know quite what to expect, she dragged them down facing away from me. Bent right over to get them off her feet her bum hole was a beauty like a little crinkly girl one while her pussy pouted from between her thighs with a very fleshy outer pair of mounds and small inner flaps. She had good legs but her ankles was a bit thick. While this happened I wanked myself stupid.
 I decided to stay put because I hadn't seen a frontal view. Not long after she re-appeared took off the gown and stood looking at herself in a mirror beyond my sight but still she was where she had been before. Pubes were brown and her slit came farther up the front than most (I found this fact out later) when I'd seen others. Having seen aunty's, Ginny's, Rossi's and some customers in the old shop, I was intregued as to where her actual hole would come.

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   Many,many years later I found out.
 Moving forward some I started work and still went to the baths but more into the evening to which I noted the threesome did the same. So I still studied their form as they became ever more womanly. Further glimpses of the cheeky twins pussy and her sister took place which made me realise this was planned not accidental they both had very blond pubes which made them hard to see except when they were wet. Ok by all the guys and me that spent time ogling. But the big booby one continued to show pubes but not pussy. Then a new guy moved in with his parents and family in the pub opposite us. A good looking bastard, and he knew it and the women of our group were putty in his hands. Don't get me wrong, as a people watcher I loved it. We got on like a house on fire. One night not long after they arrived, I found him with our mates including girls heading into the upper room of the pub. He gave me the nod,so in I went as well. Quickly in the gloom we paired off, two boys to one girl. I was with a girl I got on well with, the bike got the oldest guy on his own,she happened to be one of boobies cousins and used to be on our school bus. She'd been fucking older guys since she was ten. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   So she was knickers off cock in,no foreplay just fuck me was her way. What I didn't realise was boobies was in there and with Rodger and Alfie. I'm not good on face recognition and remember swimming hats, so I failed to clock this as we came in and her twin mates weren't there either. As we all got down to some titting and wrestle the pussy from the panties. My concentration centred more and more on Rodger and Alfie. There girl was talking and it was like, you said only boob play,stop that our mum will be here looking for me in a minute. The low powered table lamp gave just enough light to see their activity.
 What was happening was having pushed her bra up they each was fondling a tit, as she protested her nipples were indicating they wanted more. But her real protest was that they had pulled her skirt up to her waist and were rubbing her thighs getting ever closer to her panties. She kept saying her mother would catch them, then their hands went in each knicker leg at the same time. She was wriggling and saying 'no' its was only supposed to be my titties outside. As their fingers found fur 'mummy,daddy no' as she was trying to push their hands out of her knickers. By now I was totally intregued but also realised although her voice was saying 'no' her thighs was saying yes as they were opening wider and wider. the girl I was with had also stopped and was watching, she whispered 'they're going to fuck her' she obviously had a mass of pubes as at the baths had shown. It was only then that I twigged it was boobies.

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   Then the big male hands were at her knicker waist band pulling down as she was trying hold them up. Roger went onto her neck licking and nibbling and in no time Alfie had her knickers round her knees and then one leg completely out. Rodger he certainly worked his majic because she even lifted her one leg to let Alfie pull them off. My hardon was throbbing and I knew I was bound for pants full of cum. I'd finally seen the cunt that never showed itself in the swimming baths while the three were prick teasing. She wrestled her mouth away from Rogers and gasped 'dont try to put it in our mum will murder me' At this point Alfie and Rodger was giving her pussy some serious fingering she had led back now and her naked belly was all twitchy submission was near. Rogers cock appeared from nowhere and he drew her hand down to it, she pulled back and said 'no' but then gripped it tightly and started to wank him, her clitoris nerve must have made her brain do that I thought. Her pussy had started to glisten my girl said here it comes. Rodger went up to move over on top of her, with that the door flew open and Rodgers mother said 'hey you lot out before you get up to mischief' Although I couldn't have dreamt it at the time, His mother had just saved my future wife from loosing her virginity to her son.
 How about that then.
 More later.