Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 8 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Adult hormones, hooray.  
 Moving forward in various directions my teen hormones were opening my imagination in so many directions at this time that life was an absolute ball. With my aunt pandering to my dirty mind she played her own sexy attributes like a superstar. Always being one for fine underwear, she made sure I got my share of 'up skirt' views, even to the point of getting her skirt caught in the shop steps so that it rose up to her belly then commenting "oops you shouldn't be looking up there" thus drawing my attention to what had happened in case I'd missed it. Not a hope of that happening! By now I'd concluded she had a filthy mind on the same plain that my own was developing. No wonder someone 'knocked her up' when she was married,after all, there was a war on! How different two sisters can be. . . My mother,Aunts sister was so prude including wearing bloomers,while aunt was up for anything. But those bloomers made me exceedingly curious "What lay under them" I wondered and I will find out,no matter how.
 Which brings me back to where I was earlier.
 Had I missed the rest of this customers smutty tale? apparently not, she had been in a couple of time but the shop was full. The last time I'd appeared, just as she was going commenting, "I haven't forgot, I'll catch you later" to my aunt. I was at this time getting more bold with my aunt because of our happenings I suppose. So I said when the shop emptied "I hope I don't miss the end of her tale" Aunt replied, "Don't worry if you do,I've been telling Ginny the dirty details, much better than those books she has her head in all the time" Yeah, I interspersed, but me? She went on, "I'll make sure you're there when I tell her the rest if you miss out" WOW! she's treating me even more adult.

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   I'll definately tell her those happening me and Ben watched, that's sure to make her knickers wet!
 Meanwhile I'd spotted that a public swimming pool was just down the bottom of the hill and being a very keen swimmer, this was like manna from heaven for me. Ben wasn't into swimming so I had to go it alone. Not a problem! nearly every night I was down the baths for awhile. It was at one of these sessions one girl in particular came to my attention. Course in those days only one piece swimming costumes existed for women and they had to wear a rubber cap over their hair. These costumes were invariably made of a smooth black material. This young woman about my age (As it transpired she was a bit younger than me) had two mates in tow, a pair of twins as it happened. One of these was very cheeky. No not that type of cheeky! (Lippy but funny) Off and on I'd seen them in our shop, but never spoken or anything. If they were in when I appeared they scurried out PDQ. The age thing.
 So I'd observed that in the swimming mode they came out the changing booth dived or jumped straight in the pool over conscious of their developing sexual charms no doubt. The one that drew my attention was very developed, about a thirty six inch bust and an hourglass bust,waist,hips. No puppy fat but substantial. In crude farmer terms.

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   A good breeder! When in the water they didn't swim just horsed around and as I thought, girl giggled. But, (I was to find out many years later what really was going on) But right now a perk appeared quite unexpectedly, all three were jumping up and down going right under and shooting up, then as the big booby one came up one of her tits popped out with a lovely firm nipple un-be-knowing she came up a couple more times before the twins managed to get her attention and she rather red facedly put it back in. I wasn't the only one to notice though. When they went back in the changing booth to leave, I noted the male pool attendant managed to poke his head into their booth (Nice work if you can get it) at about a well timed nakedness I wouldn't be surprised. Course only female attendants would cover the women's booths but sometimes there were overlaps for whatever reasons. These booths were pool side by the way. women one side and men on the other. As a keen observer of people it also didn't miss my eye that women and men tended to get out in greater numbers when the opposite sexed attendants were covering their area. Me included, well I'd always been brought up to share everthing.
 One particular female attendant (I bet she was fifty) always seemed to pick on my booth to have a peak so I got to getting a half hardon hoping in anticipation and quite often she lingueringly peeped commenting usually "Don't be to long mind,customers are waiting" Having spent time swimming and being watched by big boobies and her twin escorts, surprisingly the young side tended to come out in me with my peers unlike when in the company of familiar mature adults. (Funny that?) Being observed by them I changed from swimming up and down the baths to swimming breadths across a good move as it happened. Going to and fro I gradually was moving more in line to where they were sat on the side of the pool, the twins dangling their feet in the water, but sat in between them the booby one had her feet on the side rail. This rails level ment her knees were up level with her chest and about a foot apart. Breast stroking towards them, as I got nearer I realised her costume was tightly into her pussy crack, not only that, she had a serious amount of pussy hairs outside at her leg holes. Fuck me! that was the first time I'd ever got a hardon in what amounted to cold water.

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   I don't know what my mother thought of the state of my sheets either after these happenings. No tissues then.
 While enjoying what I was seeing and because they were near the deep end I had to be careful of the blokes diving off the least high board that happened to be on the girls side of the pool, also at this time a lot of blokes had suddenly become more interested in diving than swimming and all swam to the steps nearest where the three sat. One in particular, a bold headed bloke about 45 made no bones about it swimming straight up near to them and leering staight at them. When he done this a couple of times I noticed the twins put there legs up as well. Then oddly the cheeky one got in the water, mucked about a bit and climbed back up to her perch. I'd been resting on the other side but the bold bloke continued to dive and leer then he stopped in front of them for a bit each time. I thought perhaps he knew them because they giggled and nudged each other. Being curious by this time I went back to swimming then as I approached I saw what had got his greater attention.
    Cheeky twin had her costume to one side and her pussy was completely exposed without a pubic hair in sight. Intentional? at this time I had no idea, but for me it was greatly appreciated intentional or not and I'm sure the bold bloke appreciated his ogle as well.  Needless to say we all got out just after the girls did.
     From then on these three used to sit on boobies house front doorstep and they whistled when I went by. Being fair,I blushed always and this led to much giggling. (Strength in numbers eh!) they were flirting and I din't even realise I was so nieve.

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       It dawned on me that my sexual hormones was playing tricks. On the one hand I had now become my aunty's and Ginny's plaything (A toyboy in today's parlance) and I loved it. While remaining the shy selfconsious youth that most teenagers were amongst their peers. I also loved that.
     I'd gone over grandad's at the weekend fully intending to give Ginny the feed back of any happenings as I'd promised in exchange for her seducing me. But as it happened, the plan changed dramatically. Aunt was there and it was her suggestion I come this weekend. We were sat together as usual and my aunt got me to get nearer like a conspiracy group. Then the news. . . Ginny indeed was pregnant and they were both well chuffed, probably for different reasons though. Anyway I'm fearfully riveted for what's coming next, did Ginny tell her I'd stuck my cock up her and shot spunk into her? or that grandad done the same? Not a bit, she knew no doubt. She'd even given advise to Ginny on how to play it when sex starved. No, this was far more dramatic, out it came staggering me at my young age.

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       She said, Ginny knows from her first pregnancy that we follow what our family has always done. Except your mother and she had a real bad birth having you. Ginny knows she must keep the unborn baby well fed.
     Fuck me these nutty women, they've lost me again with this talk. I knew the cord done that and said so. No not that sort of feeding boy. The feeding a woman needs to have an easier birth. "WHAT" I say completely bemused. "Just listen" says aunt. Ginny will be three parts gone by the time Den comes on leave again, so in the meantime I've told her to let you feed her as much cock as she desires to keep her passage open and supple. I've also told her to leave some for me. Don't panic,I know you got her and I told her I got you first, none of that matters we've done a share and share alike on your grandad since gran had her stroke. Stops him going anywhere else and its like a bit of a bonus to us.
     With you its all free and we both hope you can give us any stories as you develop your lust and love life. Fucking hell, where is this heaven? The next thing Ross will get horny if she's anything like her mother and sister.

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       I shall finish up as thin as a Tom Cat on the razzle. What a weekend, I drifted off down the back to see grandad, wondering when I'm going into action, low and behold  I hear someone in the outside loo having a whizz, next thing the door swings open displaying Ross with her panties round her ankles one hand holding her dress up to her chest and a completely hairless pussy,belly and hips right before my eyes. I stare speechless and note the outer lips of her pussy are quiet puffy and mature. "Get me a new loo roll please" bold as you like (No pun intended) I still stood looking, "Now please,I need to dap myself dry.  I'll stay like this if you're quick" I was and she did. Cellar here I come, sorry baby juice, its the wall for you. Having shot in no time at all I realised Ross had followed and been watching me wank. She had a grin like a cheshire cat. Fuck! I was beaming like a red seachlight 
     Next part:  I get the customers story and see something that surprised me years later, plus some other tid-bits.  




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