Topic: Lifes sexual perks 6 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 I'm told to be ready to move. Bugger, uncles not back and my aunt is still as horny as hell. added to that Ross is showing great excitement and keeps trying to get me aside on our own. I'm a bit apprehensive about this as it seems to be to do with her stay with my mother and step father. Has she spilt the beans about my wet dream to mother? Oh shit if she has.
 She cornered me on the Thursday just as I was moving out. Still excited she dragged me behind the bomb shelter that now served as a shed, looking round furtively like in a conspiracy, she says "I saw another,that's my second and it wasn't like the first" Eh! What are you saying you saw? Her face blushed up, even quieter she whispered "A cock,but it looked like a spout,all dangley like and soft, the other was stiff like a broom handle" Whose? "What the hard or soft one"? "The soft one was your dad's,quite long as well" I need to get going I said, not to be thwarted she ignored this and continued, "The hard one was Den's. I spied him waving it at Ginny saying this is for you" Look I really have to be going! OK, "It looked the size yours felt"
 I stopped dead in my tracks and nearly vapourized. What? "When you put it up my nightdress and spit all that stuff over my pussy" Did I, I stammered? "Its alright I pulled it up on my belly and showed mum. She said you must have been asleep and didn't know you done it. " Fucking hell! "I woke up and your cock was sliding up and down my slit,it was all slippery and felt nice" Ge'sus and I didn't even know!
 "Its great having those sort of secrets" Yeah i said, I'll talk more with you when I've sorted my new place,OK? A call, "Cars here" OK, I winked as we came from behind the shed, Ross? she had a smile like a Cheshire cat. Me? I felt on fire from head to toe, panic,new horizons or a bit of everything?
 Now at our new business, I found my bedroom overlooked the commercial docks as we lived on a hill. The school I should had gone to had been bombed in the war, so I was to become a bus boy, meaning because of distance to an alternative school, busing was necessary. This was good as it turned out because schools were male/female segregated at that time and it meant by mixed pupil busing you got to know your peers quickly. Also I was still near enough to my aunts to spend weekends over there.

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 I quickly fell in with a kid called Ben. He was most knowledgeable about shipping movements cargoes and other items like female interests of the seamen. especially, vantage points to watch their activities. So immediately after school we made a bee line for the docks. It being an open port visited by scandinavian and other ships, I've often wondered since how illegal contraband was controlled.
 Anyway back to the titilation.  In no time I got to know the boat prozzies. (prostitutes) They were a good hearted lot. Some were mature probably in their 40s. If there was business about my mate seemed to know them well enough to pass them the word. So one of the best vantage points was up in the piles of raw wool bales that were always on the warfside. Comfortable and camoflaged the baby juice, we often spurted over them didn't show either.
 The first experience was awsome, Olga,probably not her real name but suited to the viking need, had gone onto a ship where we were well placed to see into the portholes of the cabin. In the cabin she stripped off and was getting plenty of handling of her assets,tits, bum and pussy. We've already got our cocks out wanking like fury.

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   At this point she appeared to be arguing, probably about price, anyway she promply put her slip on and makes to leave,grabbing the rest of her things. We're both gutted, when she appears on deck. The seaman still wrangling starts chasing her round the hold coppings. Course this activity ment her tits were flopping in and out of her slip top. As she hopped over ropes and stuff, her cunt and ass was doing every pose you could imagine in fast foreword. Then she stopped out of breath put her ass down on a bollard (fuck I bet that was cold) being low her legs were cocked up and open and so was her cunt flaps, they were glistening with juice. It must have turned her on rather than just trade fucking. Whether this was part of the trade or over the price,god knows but it worked for both of us. Spunk in abundance and what a tale for Ginny. It wasn't the end, they went back to the cabin and got down to the fucking. He had her back down on the table and fucked her with her legs hanging over the end and christ what a cock? It was cucumber size, good job she was nicely wet. Perhaps that was what the round the deck foreplay was about. Surely a dry pussy would have not taken it?
 When at home I spent much time earwigging shop talk. Its surprising what women talk about amongst themselves in shops. There was a particularly good looking woman about 38 and married spent time chatting.

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   Money or the shortage of it seemed to be bothering her. She said to her mate "I'll Have to do a couple of tricks up the boats or he (Husband) gets no tea next week" Me green as grass wonders how tricks will feed him? So I ask my mate (Knowledgeable Ben) WOW! Trick means "a fuck" So with luck I/we get to see this gorgeous customers best assets! Do anybody get that lucky? I can but hope,but when?
 Will it be when we're about? Two days, nothing then mooching out my bedroom window she goes past heading for the docks. Like a flash I'm out the door and at my mates in no time. We're off down the shorter route over the bomb site. We're there, now what? Ben reckons he needs to get a sighting, if he knows of her he reckons he will know what type she will go for, boat and seaman. Sighting achieved, shit I think she may have spotted me, but then again I'm sure she didn't know I was privy to the chat she had in the shop. We joggle along and see her go on a boat in no time. By the type of ship he knows where the crew quarters are. (What a hive of knowledge) By the time we get in place on some rolls of paper, she's already down in the mess with two blokes.
 She's sat with her bum on the mess table and her skirt is up above her stocking tops showing suspenders but not her panties. Those thighs will be with me for ever! One of the guys got the broom in his hand as though he's about to sweep the deck. Crazy man. While the chat goes on some booze is poured and a glass is handed to her. Elsie as I came to know later. Then there's laughter and more drink, meanwhile this guy is making notches on the broomhandle.

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   they're about an inch apart (25m/m) More booze much laughing and a wad of money goes across to her. Don't know how much but pounds were paper money then.
 Then some action, elsie stands up to undo her skirt, it drops down to reveal black cammi knickers, these are loose legged and the other guy makes a move to put his hand up for a feel. She make a slap action but no contact just playing as his fingers go inside the knickers and tugs at the gusset. She quickly moves her bum onto the table which means she's facing towards the porthole we're looking through.  I realize he had in fact undone the two buttons at her crotch being these were in fact "French knickers" Her pussy was now in our view and so was our cocks. He rolled the front of the knickers up her belly and we got a full look at her pubes nut brown and shiny wow it was lovely. I wanted to marry her immediately. I hope my wife turns out to be one like her. Young and impressionable eh.  
 Everything she was displaying was magnificent,with more to come. Also because of the position of the table slightly angled, so that when she turned her head to one side to swig some drink I could have sworn her eyes looked up a bit towards where we were. My imagination or guilt perhaps? So she waved the bloke away from feeling her pussy and moved to the edge of the table so her legs were touching the ground, she eased her bum up off the table and let the guy work her knickers off of her ample bum and thighs.
 The other guy by this time had put about a dozen notches up the handle of the broom. He put it down and they both started to fondle elsie's body, while one was massaging her ass the other started pawing her tits and gradually stripped her top till they were completely naked, with her nipples hard and tilting upwards.

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   Just a suspender belt and nylons remained. She was clearly as wet as hell and genuinely randy. (When I got older,I realised it wasn't only for the money she was doing it) She in turn was groping at their cocks which they presented for inspection when dropping their trousers and pants. She was well pleased with the length and girth by the look on her face. By this time we had,had a complete viewing of her body and sperm was sprayed on the paper rolls, we were now on a second wank.
 The picture changed at this stage more drink was offered and excepted by elsie, the broom was back on the scene and whatever the conversation she held up a finger as a "one" they in turn was indicating "ten" with their fingers. Ten shillings but she wanted a pound we reckoned. Anyway a pound note went onto the table. She then bent forward over the table with her legs open and on the floor, the picture of her is rivetted in my brain to this day. Then shocked amazement! The broom handle was presented to her pussy flaps as the other guy held them open. Ben said they're going to see how much she can take. 5 or 6 notches went in straight away then she put her hand up to stop them but in so doing pointed at the table with her finger. A £1 was deposited and they pushed another notch in, this method continued up to 9 inches then she eased off the table a bit and wiggled about pointed to the table and they pushed again in it went £1 an inch till she called a halt at 12 inches and a little bit.
 The bloke with the handle put his fingers against her cunt and eased the handle out of her. they were studying the length she took and she then started wanking them both off.

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   Now hard she held the broom at the place the guy was holding and held it along side each of their cocks. She'd taken about an inch more than the biggest, but the other was thicker but obviously this didn't seem to bother her. Then she let both of them fuck her and sure enough the thickness never was a problem. By this time we had no spunk left and their was lots coming out of elsie. They had it in the rawl without a french letter (condom)too. At this stage we beat a retreat but some days later we passed her and her mate. She said there's those two randy little sods I told you about. They both jabbed each other and laughed. I blushed like mad, but it had been worth it.
 This will have to be worth at least a sucking from Ginny. Would I have the guts to try doing an "uncle job" On my aunt with what I saw? It was even better when I got home and heard that this same aunty was going to do a couple of days a week in the shop like she did at our last place. I knew that, because she love the female sluttyness of customers she was much the expert at drawing this sluttyness out compared to my mother. It also ment I had a Saturday window to lust up to Ginny.
 More later.


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