Topic: Lifes sexual perks 5 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Conversations are indicating that time is running out for my temporary stay with my aunt and still cousin Ginny has not seduced me as promised. In compensation though this week has had a bonus in two ways I couldn't have anticipated. Den, Ginny's husband is now on leave and there is constant sexual sounds especially at night emmiting from their room. Being young and with limited knowledge of the affect of these sounds on other adults,I was a bit pissed off to the original sounds that I heard during the day. After all it was putting off my seduction.
 Linked to this new factor,my younger cousin Ross had harped on to my aunt and mother to be allowed to spend some time with my mother to make it fair because I was being allowed time away from my education. So with a fake illness it was agreed she could stay in the boarding house for the rest of the week with mother and my step father.
 So as I said an unforseen bonus was in store. The start came quite quickly on the first night. My aunt stripped in front of me in the bedroom with a bedside light on instead of just light from the street. Seductively,she said "I bet you weren't expecting that" boy she was dead right there. Followed by "Come on now you" boldly I had no hesitation in complying. Bloody hell,if this was the start,what was going to follow?
 I soon found out,she almost pranced onto the bed grinning widely,spread her legs like the bottom of an X and her arms as the top part. Then she quietly said "What do you think of that for a body" All she needed to do to find out was look at my controller.  I swear to you,this last month it had grown an inch which was more than my height had although I was growing like a weed as they say.

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   My cock was at full attention leaning slightly to the right and pulsing as though it was about to burst. Aunt said "the way thats throbbing it'll burst if we don't relieve the pressure,come here" I did,now for some seduction says she. Then took a hell of a grip on my cock.
 She whispered "lie downwards and play with mine" You've got it thought I! She pulled my foreskin all the way back and the next thing a warm wet touch on my cocks eye. In that instant I realised she was running her tongue all over the helmet part,god when her tongue went under the bottom part the sensation was such my spunk just blasted out all over her. She just yanked it till my orgasm subsided. She whispered,"now do it to me" as she let go,I crawled over her leg then facing up between her thighs now I buried my face right into her pussy,it was so mushy I started sucking like you would on a nipple.
 Satisfying sounds were coming from above similar to when I'd done it to Ginny's instructions. Then "lick the little hard bit" I've heard that instruction before. Bloody hell hang on she's bucking like a freaked horse. Lots of gasps and one hell of a lot of juice came my tongues way. I knelt back from her,what a view,her belly was all a wobble like jelly as she was still orgasming, she was rolling the top of her torso from side to side making her tits swing on her chest her face very flushed ,eyes shut and bang my baby juice splatted all over her pubes,globules dangling from them were tracing down her puffed up outer lips and a large blob had tracked onto the hood over her clit and was rolling like lava into the crevice of her cunt. Her inner flaps were lying open allowing me to have a real good look.  I had a real dirty thought watching this,"Go on sperms,swim inside her and make her pregnant" Now there's a thought! No pill then remember.
 Aunt re-surfaced.

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   Listen, hear that? I'll tell you what each noise is about. She must have had good hearing because what little talk there was,was inaudible to me. Aunt again,"ssh as I tell you,do the same to me" He's nibbling her neck and ear,so I started to do that. goo I liked that and aunt liked it even better. She had a lovely scent on somewhere about, I knew what it was called too,'Black rose' certainly made my nostrils flair. After a short while,"kiss down my shoulders and go all the way to my breasts,when you get there,lick round the nipples and suck them. She could tell by the sounds? mmmm! Who bloody cares anyway? If this is all part of seduction I'm up for it,who wouldn't be on a mature sexy body. Why cant all learning curves be like this.
 Then, lick down my belly to my belly button (Navel) then keep on going downwards. I know where this is heading from here. "He's straddling her now,put your leg over and push my thighs apart" then "lick the hairy bit and all the rest". Right,Hey-Ho! my beast is being bent back towards my ass,fuck she's going to swallow it! No,she's wanking me and sucking at the same time. Bang! the sinues in my thighs ache down to my knees where I cum so hard,my heads pulsing as well as my cock. I dont know or care if my jism is in her mouth or where ever. What a thrill.

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 I take up licking again,she pushes up so hard my nose is buried inside her cunt and as I breath out through my nostrils I can feel my hot breath coming back out the sides of her cunt and she's cumming all at the same time. "Turn up this way and lie on my belly" I do and my cock is right at her slot. She says "Seduce me you dirty sex mad little fucker,fancy trying to rape your poor loving aunt while she's asleep,you're as dirty as that horny husband of Ginny" At that young age I decided to give up trying to decipher what women are on about. I went with the flow and rammed my cock right up her cunt and there and then virtually fucked my brains out on her. I dont know if it fucked her brains out,but she certainly orgasmed again and again and I know I cum three time while I was in her. We fell asleep with it in. At some point she rolled me off,I think we were both half and half awake,kissing me on the lips she whispered "Now weve seduced each other and it was absolute heaven" Can't argue with that.
 That heaven was repeated for four more nights although not always in the same sequence. The last night before Ross came home I'd secretly watched her in the tin bath when no one else was about. How did she know that she was alone? Anyway in bed she lay on her belly and asked me to smooth all over her back and bum cheeks,god I loved those globes relaxed they wobbled to the touch. She seemed to be thinking aloud,she asked if I felt what she had let me do and had done to me would help as I got older. I affirmed it would and I'd like to think if there was more things she knew she'd gradually learn me them. Maybe she replied then went on "Did you like watching me bath this afternoon? I nearly fainted,how the fuck did she know? "I bet you liked looking at my bum hole" She knew for sure then because she bent her bum towards my cubby hole held her cheeks open and shoved her soapy fingers in and out of it. More baby juice that afternoon had gone against the old cellar stairs wall.
 She then knelt up allowing her tits to dangle,this was the first time of seeing tits dangling like that and is another lifelong passion of mine.

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   "Get between my ankles and open the cheeks, this is something else a woman likes but wait till you know them really well mind" See how crinkly it is that allows it to stretch,if you like put your tongue on it the sensation will drive me mad but even though I'll want it to stop I wont be able to ask you to stop because the sensation is so great. My pussy will start to drip, then when I start making serious fuck movements with my hips although your cock will be dripping precum,slide it along my pussy groove then when its soaking wet gently ram it in my asshole. I done all she said then lined my cock up pulled my ample foreskin forward getting as much as I could in front of its helmet pressed against the crinkly hole. I was mesmerized as her sphincter unwrinkled slightly allowing the hole to stretch and let the head of my cock in helped by my foreskin rolling back over my nob at the same time. I done this in slow motion so as not to hurt her,she loved it as soon as my nob passed the exquisitely tight part she rammed back on it said put your thumb in my pussy and rub the membrain as though its another cock. She went frantic,flooded my hand with her love juice and need I say the tightness made me start cumming the moment her cheeks reached my pubes and every thrust she done drew a shot from my cock till it become so sensitive I almost cried out to stop.  We collapsed in a heap and she said its so touchy be very slow as you pull it out. I couldn't have gone fast I'd have fainted with the after shock.
 My move is now upon me and Ginny hasn't delivered but her husbands on his way back to Germany tomorrow. I got a chance alone with her and I noted she seemed a bit pissed off. Missing him already then I queried? no it wasn't as I thought it would be. Why? All he was doing was fucking on the bed,I like it in more daring ways where you might get caught and that. Besides it sounds like he's getting his share off the Fraus or Fraulines what ever they are. I had a little smile as one of my subjects was the German language. I said nothing though.

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   Got to get her past this because I'm running out of time. Bet you didn't tell him about your gigi-gigi activities then? whats those? fucking me and grandad of course. I haven't fucked you only mucked about. That's right says I,how about now I'm all for doing it where we might get caught or seen if that's what was missing. Set the chairs like the other day,I liked the look of doing it that way. She visibly perked up,smiling now she said, no! there a better way I like, more suitable for our age. "A knee trembler" WOW! wonder what that entails? Come on lets go down the cellar, I said I'd seduce you,no time like the present. I got the bastard that fiver,now I'm going to get my fiver's worth. Fuck! Grandad isn't down there is he? No silly,but if he catches us so what. It'll just be another cock to sort out. I'm bloody glad after all, Den came home,he's really put the piss in her.
 We decend into the cellar, she goes straight to the corner at the bottom of the old stairs where I do my dogging (spying) she said "Can I smell spunk"? I said probably because of what I told you about. "Oh yes" Promise me one thing before I let you do me. Go on, "When or as you get older will you come and tell me in detail what you do sexually"? Like uncle tells our mum, I answer OK. but how did she know about that anyway.

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 Right move in close and snog me,I knew how to do that alright and had her tits out in no time and worked them good. Thank fuck for aunty's recent training, I'm at her neck and tits varying the pattern constantly, I got my hand down pulling up her skirt while pressing hard into her so she felt my hard on. With much fumbling I'm trying to get my hand inside her knickers through the leg hole. She hesitated and moved me off a bit. "You sure you haven't had a fuck before" No but I have had a feel of pussy inside of her knickers before. The girls where you used to live,yeah? yeah. They wouldn't let you fuck 'em then? They just dont know what they're missing.
 I'm in danger of ripping these knickers now I'm so worked up. Oh! oh! her father-in-law said that to her mother. I know how he felt now. Come on put your hands up to the waist and pull them down and I'll step out of them,mum will be back soon with Ross. Fuck, I'd forgot that in the heat of the moment. One thing to get caught by grandad,no problem for Ginny,but Ross might be.
 They're off and my fingers are inside her quicker than a feret down a rabbit hole. Go a bit steadier, I'm not going to run away.

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   Now under control she soon starts to cum, "Get it out ready" I do and its soaked in precum. As she starts to orgasm her knees are shaking like mine are and I haven't even put it in. NOW! NOW! she shifts her legs wider, I fumble everythings slippery,hers and mine. I find her hole and fuck like only young people can. I know now why its a "Knee trembler" We squirted on and in each other, with everything trembling from her belly to my knees. We never got caught even though we heard everbody come in and stayed there fucking for ages. I took it out,she said "I bet I'm pregnant now" that will cost him more than a fiver. Grandads saying sprung to mind. Beware of a woman scorned. You can say that again. She went off up through the house past everybody to her room. She was laughing like a drain. Aunt said what's with her? I said something to do with Den I think.
 more soon.


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