Topic: Lifes sexual perks 3 continued Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Upstairs sounds good to me! A wet patch had come through my pants and trousers,good job the material was dark. She took her skirt off and got in bed,her baby was down stairs in a cot in gran's room. Take your clothes off then,you can't get in dressed. Suited me I'm in very quickly. now she's in control although only 19She say's you can get real close and have a good look and play with it however you want to. I'll tell you what I like as we go along. Here's a little torch,wasn't that little though. Get under the bed clothes between my legs and switch it on so you can see.
 She took a folded hand towel off the bedside,lay on her back and put it over her face. How odd! Must ask about that later. I'm under,flash light on and a young pussy only inches from my face,or should I say mouth. I can almost taste it,my nostrels are flaring to her aroma and my cocks trying to bore a hole through the mattress.
 First she say's don't matter what you here me say,DONT PUT YOUR COCK IN ME TODAY. Quite meekly i respond "I promise I wont" I'm fearful I'm so near and she'll take it away from me. that said,she told me to do anything I felt like.

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   So from her laying flat I ease her legs at the ankles back towards her bum cheeks with her knees spreading till her feet are flat on the bed. Her cunt flaps are still sticking together from the juices she made earlier. But my target is to see how touchy her crinkly bum hole is. My very first touch, Oh so gentle tickles her hairs on her bum which makes it pulse in and out slightly with a tiny gasp coming from under the towel. Then i have proper contact with the crinkles and her asshole starts to twitch with each touch. i must be doing good because the towel says OOH AAH UUH AAH OOO Thinks! my finger will go in there,not now,in a minute.
 I place the torch so I can use both hands and move to her cunt,I'm learning fast now. With my thumbs i pull the outer puffy lips open gently,these are more rubbery than my aunts,lots of juice inside running towards her bum hole, good that will help my finger in a bit. I put a finger in the bottom of the inner flaps now and move it upwards,they start to open like a fast speed film of petals opening on a rose. There's sticky juice like cobwebs making links across the gap,this is wonderful.  I get some on my forefinger and thumb and as I open them the juice makes a thin chain between them. Finger back in again,her hole comes into sight,its tiny yet a baby has come out of it? I dip my finger in deeper,Its bloody tight,I'm surprised,I thought it would be open like two or three inches (50 - 75m/m)
 More juice now and she's wriggling,A command! Start touching the hard lump bit at the top. I know what that bit is!don't talk anymore. Eh! whats that about? right. I hit the buttonand her ass starts making little fucking movements.

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   The towels making more excited noises now. "Touch it with your tongue" Fuck me! A whole new world emerges,my tongue explores the slit,back up to the nub,back to the bottom of her cunt,the taste facinates me,there's the juice taste,nice and the fleshy walls inside have a metalic taste. I stay with this for a while tongue flipping here,there and everywhere,then hands grasp my head and pull my mouth hence my tongue up to the clit, (She told me the name after it had ended) Concentrating on licking her clit,I start to put my fingers in, "Bunch them together and push in and out" the towel said. I did! My other hand had moved to her ass and lots of love juice was already there. I tickled the puckered rim then pushed my finger in and out till the whole length was going up there.
 Towel said,faster so faster and faster I went. Her belly and bum is doing fucking actions furiously. Im cumming! I'm cumming! Fuck me! stick it in hard! By this time after her thighs clamped my head like a vice,my head has been hit out the way with her body and legs flayling around,but I've got my thumb in place on her clit and I'm whirling it like a banshee. She wants it fucked,but I'm not to fuck her. Fucking mad woman! Then here goes,the torch is on. The head is bigger than my cocks helmet,but what the fuck? I touch her cunt hole with it,her legs opened even wider,I thought they'd detach themselves from her body. As it started in I got a look up inside her cunt,to much I'm afraid,I shot my spunk everywhere. As my orgasm hit me I rammed the torch into her as though it was my own cock and realy drove in and out,she was loving it,"Keep going,do't stop,I'm cumming,Stop,No for fucks sake don't stop" Clearly totally mad I thought. But no,that's the way it is with women,I found out.
 Phew! She resurfaced,rolled the sheets away,the towels gone.

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   Fuck she said,you aught to be a professional, you made me cum four or five times.   didn't know that then. She pointed and started giggling unmercifully, pointing at all the spunk on her sheets. Fucking good job I didn't let you put that lot in me,I'd have had triplets. Still laughing,she said,you know how I hate laundry,thendipped her finger in the jism ,got a good dollop on her finger and put it in her mouth. mmmm thats not as salty as Den's (Her husband) I rather have the taste of yours. I had to know! Why did you put the towel over your head? "Oh that! partly adulterous guilt,partly lust,but mainly because I shouldn't seduce you and the excitment seems better in the dark"
 Funny enough I found in the future. Women do this but they don't realise others do as well.  
 She shouldn't seduce me eh! the future chapters will reveal all.
 More later then.