Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 20/1 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 First lesson of a womans around on the settee sometime later. As I smoothed her breasts and tweeked her nipples and licked and nibbled her neck and ears,she soothingly said, "Do you think I"m a dirty bitch getting randy by feeling another mans cock against my bits?" "No its a natural phenomenal,why do you say that?" "Well when you were honest and said you saw her downstair"s bits,I didn"t feel jealous like I said before I thought I would,it made me feel even more horny" "Do you think its because I have a lesbian tendency?" "No of course not,you just have a very strong sexual desire like me" "What even though I let the twins play with my pussy that time?" "I suppose that was your sexual awakening taking place" She lay quiet for a while thinking!
 "You"re not jealous his cock pressed against my pussy with only his pants covering his hardon then?" "No that wasn"t your fault anyway. How big did it feel then?" (Punch!) "Like yours and you"re really not jealous your Den eyed me up and you know?" "Course not. Why think that?" "Well you know at our wedding you told me what you saw and asked what he whispered to me and all that!" "Ye-ah" "I thought it might have started a fight between both of you" "Ye-ah,so?". . . "Nothing!". . . "Come on Jackie,there"s something bothering you,come on out with it". . . "No,nothing". . .

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   silence,then, "Then you know I didn"t get jealous about downstairs? Well, promise you wont get your hair off?" "OK,go on then lets have it!" "I"m the original Mr Cool in all things sexual!" "I"m beginning to see that, you"re unbelievable" "Yeah, Aint I? Rubbing a group of fingernails across my shirt breast. (Years before Crocodile Dundee done it) 
 "Well,I was just thinking about it and its made me all sticky" "and I thought it was me rubbing you!" "Yeah that as well,you clown,thats what made me start thinking about it" "You"re fudging around again!" "Dens tit thing" "What about it then?"  "I missed some out, he followed me into the kitchen part, you wont say anything will you? well he tried to touch my cunt but with all the underskirts in the gown while he was fumbling with them John came in so he quickly stopped and made out he was washing a glass. Dont say anything mind,will you?"  "No course I wont if you"re ok with about the script variations,site has a mind all its own today! Same with apostrophes since site what I meant about dirty bitch, thinking of it made me sticky" I"m thinking,Me too,talking like this! "Then before he went back out, the cheeky bastard; he whispered. Are you ready for a fuck yet? I desperately need to fuck you. God I went as hot as fire, he tells me he wants to fuck me before my own husband has as far as he knew. Me! only a bride for a couple of hours!"
 "So being honest like we agreed,I"ve been thinking about it ever since and what would have happened like" Tormenting her. "What, what his cock would feel like sliding into your cunt? (Punch!) "No,what you would have thought if you"d caught him doing it" "Would you have blamed me?" "No I know what he"s like, trouble is he has a thing about him that lets him get away with blue murder and his old man as well" "I"ll let you into a secret,I get horny watching them at it"  "Oh! I thought it was me,you know the dirty bitch thing, as I"m talking its getting wetter and wetter" "And I am, lets do it now"
 Jackie got on the floor and I went straight between her legs with my head licking her juices from her pussy,she was absolutely saturated and flowing still. The musty smell had the beast throbbing impatiently and so hard it hurt like hell. (I remember wanking at about thirteen and it hurt like now after I"d cum off virtually every day) Almost instantly she started panting and went into a powerful orgasm, "For fuck sake put it up meee" I did just that and we went so hard our pelvic bones were almost scrunching. Our double lubrication made it so slippery,if it hadn"t been for the tightness of her pussy I dont think I could have cum. Cum I did and I kept going because my cock felt bigger and as though it was going to pop.
 "Fuck I"m cumming again,how big can you make your cock? it feels bigger than before especially the nob bit. Concentrating on what she said I must admit it did feel like it was growing,the sensitivity at the back shoulder of my helmet was making my legs weaken so much I thought I"d pass out. Then came the eruption for the second time. I must have glued her liver to her lungs the way it shot out of me and into her.

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   We collapsed into a sexy heap. "God my cunts throbbing like hell,dont take it out let it soak in there!" I did and when I eventually let it fall out my foreskin looked like the skin on your fingers after a soak in a hot bath. Jackie burst out laughing, "My pussy made the little bugger shrivel that time. Ha! Ha!"
 We lay around then,both quiet and thinking. Grabbing the moment and previous atmosphere,I said quietly, "do you wonder what Dens cock is like?" nothing. . . Then "I suppose you"ve seen his and his fathers at swimming" "Yeah,interested to know?" "If you must" "Well they"re both about my size 7. 1/2" give or take. Dens has a bit bigger helmet than mine but the cock behind goes narrower giving it a bigger ridge. I bet you"d feel it on the outward stroke" "Dont say that,we"ve only been married five minutes" "I mean figuritively speaking, Jackie" "Thats ok then,I thought you might be getting ideas you randy sod" Leading now,she says, "How bigs his balls,he must be full of spunk the way he tries to get in everybodys knickers by the sound of it?"
 "Like mine! If you"re talking balls you need to see his old mans" "Why? what about them?" "Now thats what you call balls,THEY ARE BIG!" "show me with your fingers" "Not  long enough to form the size, like this, I said picking up two satsumas from our fruit dish"  "You"re having me on" "No,When he"s wacking it into you,you"ll think its two bass drum sticks wacking your ass" "You said it again" "What? what did I say now?" "You know; WHEN HES WACKING IT INTO ME! that wasn"t figuritive,you are thinking about what I said earlier and hoping they get me" In the shit here I reckon. I was thinking just that! but I got to bullshit my way out of this one. "Sorry I misunderstood, when you asked what their cocks was like I thought you wanted a fantasy contribution with you in it" "Mind, the description of their cocks is real. Oh yeah! the old mans cock I didn"t say did I? its quite a bit thicker, thinner at the front then going fatter and fatter" "You studied them a lot then?" "Dont be daft,its when we change, like,blokes pull their skin back to wipe all the cock dry" Oh!do they! "Yeah" "Bet it gets hard!" "No" "aah! I bet you all look at each others bums and think about which one to poke it up,that would get you all hard" NO course we dont.
     "Well I"m not adverse to that, as long as its only a fantasy,what if it wasn"t?" What indeed!
     "I reckon Marlene (Jackies brothers wife) got the hots for you and how do I know you haven"t tried our Debbie out,after all you were on the school bus together?" "Fuck! where did that come into it?" "No, yours is the only one I"ve had,Honest" "aah! you"d say that anyway" "Think about it,if I"d fucked your Debbie she"d have told you,hoping to stop you marrying because she"s older than you are,it just follows" "Well I guess that makes sense"
     Talking about yourself.

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       "What it is" I said,is. "You"re innocently reckless" "Whats that mean?" "Well you"re highly desirable to men,dont realise it and underestimate the desirability you have. Men will take advantage of that,given the chance. Den tried to and I"d have money on him trying again,probably till he succeeds" "Dont say that I wouldn"t let him. I"m your wife!" "That wouldn"t stop him or others,it"ll probably spur him on. Its the equivalent to Debbie with married men" "You dont seem bothered!" "I trust you dont I,but we"ve both tried each other,as time goes on I bet you"ll wonder if all cocks feel the same" "no I wont" "Dont be so sure,you"ve just said you got sticky on his downstairs" "Thats different" "If you say so" "Do you wonder if ours feel different?" "Course" "Perhaps you haven"t tried anybody else then" "I haven"t"
     Where do you want to try it? "I dont want him to do me" "No try mine again,I bet you"re soaking again with all this sex talk" She was and we did! I took her from the back with her holding onto the bannister on the landing and looking down to below but I think our neighbours were out. But what a buss half hoping they"d catch us but at the same time ready to flit away just incase they appeared with their parents.  Jackie with only a slip on allowing her tits to spring around in every direction with a clear view up the front of her belly to as far as the underside of her tits, (How could I tale? because after I pulled out I dashed down one floor and looked up to check. I could also see a large amount of cum dribbling down her inner thighs by then) and me with just a Tee shirt, being so short that my ass cheeks would have been tensing on the thrusts and clearly in view.  Drat!
     More to come.