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 Neigbours all on a similar realising it is morning Jackie rolls over on top of me and starts to hump her pussy against my hardon. Snuggling closer she purrs "You ready for some more? Yeah but I need a pee first, "Me too" she beat me to it being on top,so I just pissed in the sink. "That was cheating" well I ran the water, "But you"ll be back in bed first" No I wont,chasing across the landing grabbing at her tits, "Stop they might see you" So what, those tits are mine! I dive under her arriving on the bed first. "Thats not fair,thats cheating" says she as she lands on top of me all tits and bum. I wrestle with the four roundest parts, "You"ll tear them off in a minute" No! but I"ll suck them off as I wrap my lips round one of her excited nipples.
 Did it go hard like that yesterday? It did,didn"t it? "shut up" aah,it did then! "I wish I hadn"t told you now if you"re going to keep on about it" Yeah but admit it,it did I bet. "Alright it did,but only because he squeezed it hard,poor little thing. Now shut up you"re making me embarrassed,after all it was only two hours after I got married" I noted she kissed her right nipple when refering to the "poor little thing" So she was still thinking about which one Den held! Enough woman,fuck your man. She did,sliding up my front then down she held her legs closed just the right amount to guide my beast straight into her very tight pussy. As she squelched her now wet cunt lips against my pubes and ball sack,she lifted up from my chest and the change in position pressed her cunt even tighter to my balls.
 "Feel that?" I could,my helmet was pressing against the top of her vagina, (I know now it was touching the neck to her womb) wiggling and squelching a bit more beasty was trying to press into this new found entrance. "God that feels exciting in my inside"s" then we were off, bringing her knees alongside my hips she started to bounce first in a forward upwards angle until she was fully upright. Her juices were running down my cock onto my tummy and ball bag so much that they were becoming a white frothy ring around the root of my cock. I squirted hard into her each time she decended on to the beast for about four times then she came hard and collapsed onto my chest gasping,"Did you feel it those squirts went up my womb,the nob was right in the hole part. I did and still could,it was like a little mouth sucking at my piss hole.

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 "It may make me pregnant" Fuck! I hadn"t thought of that,but who cares,we"re married. Filtering through my horny haze,I realised we had been noisy plus the bed had made a bumping noise through Jackies efforts. Down below they took up the bump,bump,bumping where we left off. We showered,giggled at the bumping still going on below as we ate some toast and drank tea. Our first breakfast, FSTT (FUCK,SHOWER,TOAST & TEA)
 We concluded,hearing a woman cumming while her man grunts his baby juice into her was a super aphrodisiac, even as good as being watched fucking. For the rest of our lives we loved it and watching,which Jackie was still to experience as far as I knew.
 Awhile later we met our neighbours in the stairs. Apologising they said "Hope we weren"t to noisy last night,it was our wedding night" "Likewise we chorused" and all laughing met the married woman in the bottom flat. Laughing also having  heard our conversation. "Don"t laugh,I heard you lot and look where it got me" With that five sprogs (children) appeared behind their mother. "But we"re happy, best of luck"
 With our new neighbours,there was no actual real physical contact,we were all to newly wed. But a certain amount of up skirt glimpses shall we say,added spice to our marital activities for us two husbands. This was purely accidental because of the flats landing factor. For instant,one time I happened to be coming up the lower stair when my female neighbour shot out of her livingroom excitedly shrieking in just her slip. I could hear her husband laughing about whatever.

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   It was just her slip,no bra,no panties,because of not hearing me with their noise,she twirled round to head back thus making her slip flair out and in that moment I had a peep at her thighs,front,side and back, very nice ass cheeks and ginger pubes they were too. (First ginger pubes I had seen incidentally) But it was a bit to quick to study her slit. Well you cant have it all,mentally I told my beast as it twitched in that instant in my trousers! As she steadied,her tits gave a lovely flip flop swing instantly stiffening her nipples.
 Entering our flat,Jackie asked what the commotion was. Do I say all of it? you know,the bit I saw. . . at the start we"d agreed we"d be open with each other including money and sex. So standing by this rule,I told her what I saw. She said, "That thing pointing at me is because of me or what you saw of her bits?" "It tweeked the beast,but beasty knows you"re ready when I start on the stairs" "Call it a fast starter" mmmm! "Oh well thats both of us to be honest" "They were at it when I come in,she shot across the landing as I was passing,she glanced and blushingly showed a grin,in a second he followed crashed into me in just his tented pants,his nob banged against my thigh,looking down it brushed past my thigh across my pubes to my other thigh and away" "Sorry! I"m so sorry! shes funning.
 "How was it for you" I said? "Feel" I did,her knickers was to one side and she certainly was wetter than usual. "Well I had to! I just started without you" "I only had a slow touch,it was all his fault" At that moment our neighbour started to tell us she was going to orgasm in her usual noisy fashion,so without further ado I lifted Jackies clothes,pushing her belly against the cold porcelain kitchen sink and holding round her like a dog whilst pushing her panties at the front down so I had her fur in my hands with my fingers searching out her clit,making her jerk back at my beast already out and dripping precum and raring to go I slip it up past her knickers and through her juice laden virgina and in no time shot for a gold medal. Jackie talked me through the sensation of having another mans cock knocking at her pussies entrance,finishing as a gigantic orgasm overtook her. Bloody hell did she come off ever?
 I continued to squeeze and massage her ass globes,pulling them apart and squelching our fluids up to her crinkly bum hole. The temptation to bum her at that moment was enormous,but my wits were good and I remembered my Aunts advice.

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   (Know a woman really well before fucking her ass) The way Jackie was squirming I"m sure in my own mind she would have let me at that moment even so early in our marriage because she was so worked up. (Remember in those days sex was all done by exploration. Not like now where assholes claim,kids need to be told all. WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS! Youthful exploration was magic) So eventually returning from seventh heaven,we ate.
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