Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 17 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 Demobbed now, adulthood here we come!
 Love in a wide open every intention of getting married we find a flat to renovate. Being short of money we aquire a second hand bedroom suite and spend nearly all of our spare time renovating one hour,fucking one hour and fucking another hour then more renovating if there's time left. Within the fucking parts we explore each others bodies and the more we explore the more we talk about sexual things and do what the talk led us to.
 During one such session, Jackie refered to a happening of a couple of weeks before which further enthrolled me to her sexual desires. This was partly to do with when I spent time at the swimming pool when her and her mates used to 'prick tease' us blokes. This came into my mind as having gone to a lovely viewing spot where you could see out across the local estuary, we romatically were walking home through a leafy area that had some glades.
 As we walked my hands found themselves squeezing Jackie's tits and trying to lift her skirt or holding a cheek of her ass followed by sneaking down the inside of her waistband and smoothing the skin thereunder, belly,bum cheek even pube area outside her knickers, to which she would wiggle and squirm with the comment "Stop it you're making me wet" my response being "That's what I'm trying to do, I want to fuck you,now,here" "We might get seen" say's Jackie. "Great you may get a look at their cocks" I say taking a fun whack around the ear from her. "You'd really like someone to see my pussy wouldn't you" My reply checked her humour a bit, "Well you and your mates tried hard to show us in the swimming pool as I recall" thinking for a mo' she retorted "that was the twins kept trying to get me to flash mine, not me" (another revelation about Jackie's nature. They made me do it!)
 She went on,"If a bloke saw us you'd offer him a turn on me I suppose? You don't love me do you?" Quickly reassuring her I loved her dearly and adding,if only they knew how good you make love I'd have to fight them off by the minute" I decided it was wiser to let it drop. God, these women are so strange! As we dipped into the next glade she stopped, put her hands on her hips and say's,"Well(Huff) are you going to do it or what?" "What about the bloke thing?" "If I see his cock,I'll let you know in plenty of time so you can save from a fate worse than death" adding "I don't think"
 An attitude like that can put you off you know! I thought but didn't say as she dragged her knickers off. "I like to do that as I play with your pussy" She promply pulled them back up breaking into a grin. "Got you going then you bastard didn't I?" All was well! We lay down and started snogging, I waste know time in undoing her top and kissing her breast and belly while putting a hand up her skirt raising it well above her knee's.

 She then whispers I made that fuss because I think one of those peepers was following us. He's still back over your shoulder,"no don't look" by a tree with some bushes.

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  I whisper back,"Do you want me to stop and we'll go" "No I'm safe with you, I like the feeling I'm getting knowing he's watching what you're doing" "Its like I got at the baths when you all looked at my slit" "That's why I took my knickers off and on to let him know we were going to" I don't know about the bloke but my nob was like an iron bar with this talk and throbbing with pain. Jackie was I found now absolutely saturated between her legs. (Another revelation,she got a buss being watched) Don't we all really?
 I started playing to the gallery,opening her legs wider having taken her knicker's off, this action allowed me as I sat up to get them off her feet to craftily glance up with my eyes, he eased back behind the tree but not quite enough, his cock was protuding through his fly front. As I went back down to kiss Jackie, I could hear her quietly giggling, "he got a hardon and don't realise we can see it" Her eyes looked past me "He's back out looking at my quim the randy sod" I then start to finger her in ernest and in no time she's really going for an orgasm. Her legs are leaping with her hips making fucking motions.
 "Do it now! I'm cumming,Now! quick stick it in me! I climb between her legs and staying high up her belly with my trousers round my ankles I push it down and in, knowing it meant the peeper seen my cock actually push her cunt open and slide right up Jackie's pussy. With me rising up she looked and gasped "He's wanking himself stupid" "Fuck me as hard as you can" I did and cumming off together must have been a sight for sore eye's. After a short while I got out and off and Jackie just led there recovering from her mighty orgasm. She turned her head saying, "I'm sure I seen his spunk squirt against that tree trunk" Then looking she said he's gone I think!
 We got up and putting her knickers in her pocket off we went. I said "You should have left them for the peeper, he could have taken them home and squirted his baby juice all over the wet bit. She said "Don't be so bloody dirty" "Hark at her" having just let peeper watch her cunt in action for nearly an hour! I went to walk on but she dragged me back the way we had come. Frowning I followed then twigged what she was at. Getting to the tree she looked around went nearer and showed me the globules of spunk on the tree trunk. "Told you she uttered proudly" "All those poor little tadpoles swimming on the tree bark looking for my egg,how sad" Fuck she sounded serious. I wondered, had she been hoping peeper would come over for a turn? No never! Bloody hell! she dipped her finger in it,smelt it and touched it with her tongue, "Ever so salty" Where had I heard that before?
 Having got back to our flat,before I took her home we led on the bed.


   Looking at the ceiling and obviously thinking she dropped back on to that dodgy ground, "If he had tried to would you have stopped him? 'course I would have, really? 'course. Silence, then what if he'd just got on your back and "You know"? I went up on one elbow and looked at her, she grinning, "would you have"? With my mind going to my 'tiny tight asshole' "Being worked up and you with your trousers off,he might have" Where was this taking us? I was fucked for words! "Have you ever had any bloke try anything?ever?" Silence,I'm still fucked for words. I didn't even think you'd know about that sort of stuff I eventually got out. "Did I surprise you then? did I?
 Fuck me did she ever. Me a smart ass! "If you say yes, I'll tell you a girl thing then you tell me yours. Fuck am I going into a trap here? Still, what's this girl bit she's prepared to tell me? "Something must have happened with just a lot of you blokes stuck out in the middle of nowhere for weeks. An opening, god no, the military would go ape if blokes did. Phew! Oh well I'll forget the girl,girl thing then! Girl! Girl! I bet its her and twinnis, why are women so fucking cunning. Don't you just love it?
 I did have just one small incident,nothing much really,I say. "You're not just saying that to get me to tell you" No! "Give me a clue to judge if its worthy enough" "I said its not much,just to do do with me having to give an officer an early call when on guard duty and you know" No what? "He had a hardon inside his PJs and" "No, let me tell you first then"
 Remember down the baths, well the twins was fascinated with my pussy hairs. When we changed in the cubicle they kept touching me, course we had been flashing so when we got out we had juicy pussies. This time was when cheeky twin showed her cunt lips because I said I wouldn't. This bald bloke stopped and kept taking a real good look, (course I remembered this vividly) He said to me, "I'd like to see yours it looks big enough to fuck" the twins loved it so when we got out, I always took my costume off then naked wiped my hair,they did the same, being a tight squeeze I usually got up on the seating plank as I could then see over the curtain. This time the twins thought it a good time to touch my pussy. They each had a hand on it,where I usually told them to stop, because of what the bald bloke said,my pussy felt tingly so I stood still and let them finger me a bit,first time ever.

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 The next second that attendant had his head through the curtain looking straight at the twins and my pussy. They froze with their fingers on me, I covered my tits with my towel stupidly realising he was looking at my cunt not my tits. "Oh its you lot, don't take long we got some queueing" on coming out he was talking to that bald bloke and having a chuckle. I bet I knew what that was about. That was great the twins thought. Bet they want to fuck us the cheeky one said. You can,not me I told them.
 I thought that she'd finished. "So on the way up the steps" she continued, as my cock throbbed and I started feeling her. "You know that little walled garden where the house is gone? Yeah, well we generally go in there because the twins show their pussies to get me to show mine and then we play with our own talking about how rude we were in the pool. I just went to lift my skirt and as the twins did the same they froze and let their skirts drop. In that instant a pair of shoulders shrouded above and at the back of me. One arm came down my front and squeezed my tit the other came down the other side straight inside my skirts waist band and straight down inside my knickers.
 Over my pubes and grasped my pussy, his whole hand opening and closing on my pussy with his middle finger right in the slit. I screeched the twins screeched as he said I told you it looked big enough to fuck.

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   He had a few more squeezes saying be careful who you prick tease or you will get fucked. Then he was gone. It shocked yet excited us. Cheeky said she wished it had been her, what did it feel like. I couldn't explain it so I got behind them and done it like baldy did. They both loved it and got even wetter. We finished by quiet twin telling me,cheeky got her to make her cum twice each night,but she could only cum once usually. We went on up to our back lane and they persuaded me to let them finish what they started in the cubicle and the man squeeze made me let them, they were all excited when I came on their hands.
 By this time I'd spooned in behind Jackie and playing at her clit I had the beast up her pussy and was giving very short strokes to stop from cumming. "Now you" "Its hardly nothing compared to that" "Say it anyway,I'm near to orgasm" "here goes" Giving this officer a call was new to me. On the way I thought, how the fuck do I wake him? I can't bang the bed like they wake us. Anyway arriving in the tent I nudged his shoulder, not waking he rolled over a bit making the bed clothes go lower,they were virtually below his PJ waist band anyway.   Through the slit of his PJs I can see he's got a rampant hard on and his nob end is pushing at his waistband with a damp patch soaked through. I thought that must be precum because a wet dream would have soaked his PJs. I went to pull the bed clothes up to avoid him embassement, just as my hand went to catch hold the clothes, his hand grabbed mine and pressed it on his belly flat.

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   See how smooth that is he said while pushing my hand towards his pubes.
 As I tried to pull away our hands were below the PJ line and I felt his hardon hot against the back of my hand. I thought, Fuck he's after my ass, but instead he rolled away and in an instant made his ass naked. I shit really, as he said "After all these weeks don't you need some pleasure while you pull on mine"? What the fuck do you say to an officer? I said "There must be some mistake sir, my fiancee wouldn't approve and for good measure,nore the colonel" He was a reserve called back for an emergency action.
 By this time we had both cum, Jackie said in her heat, "Don't you wonder what it would have felt like being it was all sticky to make it slip" then promptly turned me and her over and as I said "No I'm to small" she had wetted her finger in our cum and tried to push it up my ass. Good job she bites her nails is all I can say.
 That's all for now.



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