Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 14 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 An undesirable pause in my sexual learning now ensued. But my controller still had my right hand and the memories had to suffice for took a down turn for me at this stage. Ginny's husband Den was demobbed, closing almost all sexual opportunities there. I did get the guts to tell my aunt about what we saw happen in the customers house and that she'd flashed as though she knew she had an outside audience. Aunt reckoned that sounded as if she had a flaire for exhibiting herself and would draw her out on this point. I questioned how? Her answer sat me on my ass so to speak, but also gave me a rampant hardon. "Think about it she said" I did and then it dawned on me, all the voyeuring I'd had of her (my aunt)getting it.
 The hammer blow followed, "Remember when I tried the other day to unsay my answer to Ginny when she said 'I wonder what it feels like' my mind flew back a while" she said, I said "and mine did" I thought it might have, said she. Though you were only small, remember? I'd asked you to always bring your 'Ruff' (My dogs name) up for a morsel of food because of rationing? You always did, 'course this was as I was getting separated from your uncle. Remember? I nodded an affimative. You were there when I had a head on over some comments your uncle had said in parting for the last time, blaming Ginny for the break up. Fumming I was smoothing your Ruff on the head when he pushed forward making his nose go up my skirt and touched my knickers with his cold nose while his tongue licked out each side at my thighs.
 I pushed him away of course but I had a disgusting sensation between my legs realising you had watched it happening. I knew you missed nothing even then and fearing you'd open your mouth somewhere just passed over it. Anyway nothing came of it, you always appeared with Ruff and life went on.

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   But for me, my mind kept harping back to this event as I got more and more starved of sex. Eventually you and Ginny were out the back one day and way down the bottom at that, I lent across to the window to try and see what you were both up too when I felt Ruff behind me nosing up and licking the tops of my legs.
 I lost control at that moment and pulled my knickers down to let him lick my pussy. The sensation had me off in seconds and bending in a squatting fashion to open my pussy more I dribbled piss to make him keep on doing it. My mind being out of it, the next thing I knew you were stood by the door watching.  I quickly stopped and pulling up my knickers while saying to you, your dog really likes your aunty. You just said, "I know, he likes mum like that as well" in total innocents. The buss was stupendous because I knew I'd been watched by you.
 When I tell her about that, she'll spill the beans. Startled I said you wont tell her the rest about what I do will you? No of course not but I'm tempted to tell her about the buss you give me in bed at times. No I said! Come here and let me persuade you. Meekly I stood and letting her open my trousers she soon had my controller in her hand and wanking me furiously kept stopping, Can I tell her? No! going again, then stopping. Can I now? No! going again, I'm right on the brink, stop. Now? Yes! Yes! Yes! Wallop I blew all my load right into her face, she was covered. I knew you'd see it my way she said.

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   Men always do see it my way she added, grinning widely.
 Now, this is what you didn't see, later I came down to grans still as horny as hell. Going home I made sure Ruff smelt my hand which had my pussy smell on it. Following me up house I let him in and after Ginny was in bed I let him get me. What a feeling, 'no wonder she's hooked on it' (the customer) and what's more you get a terrible urge to tell someone how it feels. The feeling? Its truly out of this world. My dog had been 'One lucky bastard' This revellation tormented me beyond human endurance causing me to wank two or three times a day,for weeks.
 I'd found Ginny's father-in-law to be a mentor for me at this time. I suppose it was a lot to do with common interests. No not that! He mucked about with bikes and motor bikes, repairing and making up cycles from parts he tatted (slang for collecting peoples metal junk here) from his job. Also he was comfortable talking mens talk like swearing and sex and letting me go with him into the pub under age. He often pointed out the wives he'd had in his street and their reaction when receiving his cock. I did ask him if he'd had one of the girls mothers I'd gone out with. He hadn't but but cosidered she was a goer as he put it, adding he had fingered the girl I refered to older sister who was a mate of his oldest daughter.
 Which brings me to a small perk.

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   This daughter was seventeen months older than me and certainly to old for her years. Since working she had made a be line for older men. As I was still very green at this time in her eyes and I felt she was unaproachable sexually, I lusted over her very lovely form and sexual attributes. That was as near as I was going to get to them as far as I was concerned. It was the habit at this time for me to spend time some Sunday evenings at their house playing cards with her father,mother,younger sister,her and me. They had a low modern grate with small tiled hobbs at almost floor level, one of which I'll call her Shirley plonked her ass on to play. The rest of us sat on various types of chairs. I always grabbed a chair giving me best advantage of looking at her admiringly throughout.
 I assumed this went un-noticed. It did except by Shirley, the parents attention was generally absorbed with telling the younger daughter how and which card to play. Shirley would play for a while then need a pee. I never thought nothing of this until having slyly been able to observe up her legs under her skirt each time we played giving me a super hardon each time. This particular week she returned and we continued, only giving me a very furtive look her legs was open as before but her knickers were right to one side showing her auburn pubes and her complete cunt. The knickers were so far to one side it was certainly by no accident because it was squeezing into the skin up across her mound. Her legs were also coming open more often than she did all the other times having glanced at her parents each time before opening.

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   My face was beaming bright red so much her mother said, "yeah it is to hot in here Richard and opened a window".
 What a bitch of a prick teaser. Nothing was ever mentioned by Shirley but the following christmas I got my own back. They always had a party. Her father took great joy in making a dish of 'Hooch' PPP he called it (Pops Precious Plonk) although he confided in me, the precious 'P' really meant pussy. Asking what that meant, he told me he pressed the women to drink it as it had lots of spirits in it but they thought it was all wine base with fruity bits in. Thus they became totally pissed and he got at their pussies the cunning old sod. I realised at this point he was a true predator of pussy.  This concoction could also make you feel sick, so I avoided it totally.
 Shirleys boss came this year. A lawyer about fifty, I wondered if he'd had her young pussy? So he and her fell for the PPP He finished up out their back honking his guts up with her father pissing himself with laughter, while Shirley was puking in the kitchen sink with one leg resting up high against the sinks edge. Everybody else except me was in the living room as normal. I, trying to console Shirley held her at the shoulders with my hand to steady her as she had only one foot on the ground. You may now be revolted! I put my other hand up her skirt pulling her knickers to one side I pushed two fingers in her cunt applying my thumb to her clit. Each time she wretched her cunt muscles squeezed my fingers.

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   This sensation made my controller spurt baby juice all in my trousers regardless. I know it was filthy cheating but so was her card trick in front of her parents. It hurt my cock terribly because I couldn't adjust it without their seeing.
 My military call up arrived at about this time but Shirley never said anything to me before I went away. I like to kid myself she enjoyed it, but more likely she didn't even realise!
 more to come.