Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 10  Fact or fiction? you decide.
 The end of some things and the beginning of others.
  Mum's intervention stopped me getting the end of the customers tale, what a bummer! Still aunt will tell Ginny and me she said. I hope so. Could be a busy year for sex this new one. Den got leave for xmas, that limited my chances with Ginny, I was well miffed over that because he was supposed to be on duty but he wangled it somehow 'the bastard' I had big plans of giving her a continual juicy xmas present, being I was staying over for xmas and knowing she would get jarred up. I had planned to fuck her sensless and try to get it in her ass.  I also wondered how loose her cunt would be now she'd had her sprog (Baby) a girl incidentally the spitting image of Ginny so no suspicions were raised, bet grandad was relieved.
 Just prior to christmas I got unlucky and lucky, if you can do that. I'd appeared on cue at the weekend fully intending to get my aunt horny with the sexy happenings I had seen with Ben, remember. So Ginny had gone to visit relatives in Devon to show off the new sprog and took Ross with her. Aunt eyed me as I sat down in my usual place smirked and moved her bum in the seat so she was showing a bit more of her middles than usual. She said "there you are" I know that's what you're after you randy little sod,I 'spose the next thing you'll get a hardon" I said "yes, but I thought I could help you by doing an uncle chat" "Thats novel" she said "Go on then,but it'll have to be good if you're trying to get my knickers wet" That made me blush and I started to wonder whether 'I'd bit off more than I could chew' after all I'd never told a story before. I then thought 'Oh shit,here goes anyway'
 I then related the tale about the girl on the hill. Her knickers started to show some damp spots and aunt chimed in asking me to relate again the part about her tiny pussy and how his enormous cock forced it open,she also got me to re-run the other kid shooting his spunk over her tits. Not a pun, but my aunt was lapping it up.

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   I then gave her the one about the pro having the broom handle, as I detailed the money to inch insertion she chipped in "I know what the feels like" My cock jerked to this as my minds eye had visions of a broom handle going up my aunts twat. Fucking hell! She clocked my cock and said "that gave you a twinge did it?" I nodded a yes as she moved a bit, this must have moved her pussy because a visible portion of juice come through her knickers and glistened on the silk surface till she put her hand down and smoothed it off. She said "Little sod you've got your poor aunt all sticky down there now" "That's naughty" I giggled at that.
 I was digesting if she was going to fuck me in the cellar or bent over the two chairs. I dearly hoped it would be the chairs. 'Bollocks, someone's at the door' after all that effort! It was uncle, rotten luck that, he came in said hello, then started to tell aunty his woe's. Not good as it turned out, the 'bit on the side had been a disaster' so still horny as hell I went to the cellar for a wank, her wet knickers had done for me anyway. having shot my juice on the 'good old wall' I went to my spyhole to see how aunt was handling uncle. He said "I'm gasping for it" then, "How longs it been for you, I haven't had any for three months this place I'm at is in the middle of nowhere" Aunt lied "oh! it must be all of six months, I get it when I can" Sharp as a razor, 'eh! Six months?" I thought, that's a big mistake for you aunty, but not for me and uncle.
 Remembering I'd started her engine with the tales, I reckoned uncle could get lucky even though it was his sister. After all, before, I'd concluded it was only a matter of time before he'd 'give her one' with the lude tales he told her. Pound to a penny this was that moment the lucky bastard and on the stength of my stories.  "How about it now? we could both do with it" My aunt flushed up, looking at him straight in the eye,having looked at his groin, she said "Not a chance, we're not kids now, how the fuck would we explain it if we were caught" Give my uncle his due, he was good with words. "Simple" he said, "We just don't get caught,go on you know you want it and its a lot bigger than last time" Last time! WHEN? Aunt said "Shut up you dirty bugger,I don't want to talk about that" smirking and now looking at what was obviously his hardon from where she sat. "Go and ask your other sister for a bit" "What our Molly? I bet her cunts like a fridge she's so cold I bet any meat would freeze in her's" "Don't be horrible " say's my aunt.

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   He was good,he moved towards her put his hand up her skirt and just squeezed a handful of cunt. "Thought I was right,you're soaking wet, you been fingering or sommat? Aunt said "mind your own business and take your hand out". I could see what she ment, in that little time he had put his hand inside her knickers and was finger fucking her.
 Uncle: Where's our old man? Down the back somewhere, Uncle: right, get and bend over the arms of the chairs. Without further ado, she did, and he pulled her knick's down to her knees, and said "That'll be far enough in case we've got to break away fast, I had to do that once when a husband nearly caught us" "You didn't tell me that one" She'd opened her legs as far as her knicker restaint allowed, and I could see all the wet patch on the gusset, needless to say with my controller still out my pants the wall got some jizz again, just as uncle slid his hand,not his finger up and down my aunts pussy slit. He was tryng to push all his fingers in, she: "what the fuck are you at?" "Getting a lot of your juice to rub up my shaft" Fuck, how big are you then?" "Big enough" "Let me see then" He was already pulling it out anyway. I was surprised it wasn't that long really, about 7 - 8 inches, but fuck me I was surprised at its girth. About 3" across that's 9" circumference. Aunts eye's went wide, "I don't know if I can handle one that thick, but I intend to find out" Quickly she closed her legs pushing his hand out at the same time and whipped her knickers off completely. "I got to give that one every chance " she said grinning widely. Boy, I wanted to see this as well! Without further ado with his thumbs he opened aunty's pussy and placed his enormous cock head against her hole, she widened her stance and started to push her cunt towards his cock saying "Let me lead as it might hurt me" "Ok" This was brilliant for me, uncle braced himself with legs wide apart, while my aunty gave it thrust, she wiggled her body and spread her knees as though she was bow-legged (I watched my wife do this at a time in the future, what a turn on) 
 I was back at it, wanking furiously, the nob went in using all of his foreskin slack, she said "Push slow now its past my outer rim, I didn't want to split that part" They both pushed and then it was gone all of it up her. As he pulled outwards this pussy rim followed his cock like the girl's on the hill. That done it baby juice away, great globs of it, just as uncle started in for serious, no respite now aunty was just about to receive three months spunk after ten minutes of thrust. He went for broke and in a very short time shot another load of jizm into her. As he went for a hat trick aunt said "Quick! Its father coming up the back,pull the fucker out" he did along with a lot of spunk, she quickly wiped the spunk off the floor with her knickers, giving me a wonderful view of her open hole.

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   I thought, "Will I touch the sides in that now" (Well I didn't know did I)
 Grandad came through, acknowledged his son, "see you're back then, went well did it?" and "I'll catch you later" Aunt said to uncle, "Fuck, my pussy's going to ache for a week, when did you grow that bastard?" He returned, "You're one hell of a fuck,my cocks still throbbing, I'll give you it again OK?"  "Fuck off" she said, sitting in her chair and grinning and then she threw her legs wide open, her pussy hole had loads of cum across every part including her pubes. "You wish" she said, then closed them tight as though she was enjoying the feel of the juice all over her. "You didn't half make me cum though you fucker,piss off"
 Christmas came just after this and I now had to bunk with aunty and Ross, The day before christmas eve aunt managed to get Ginny to herself and was telling her about the customer and had nearly got to where I had been dragged away when I arrived. "Good just in time,I've just got to the bit you missed,remember?" I sure did. So what happened was, Bert her husband got home at the end of the war. The first thing he said to her was, did you let the dog do it for jimmy to watch. She said, oh thanks a bunch then! and got real pissy with him, but then he got round her by telling her he really did love her in fact he loved her so much he wanted to reassure her she could still fuck jimmy and the dog and himself.
 She asked my aunt if she thought she was a nympho'? Aunt said, No, you're just a horny bitch that got the opportunities most of us dream of. Asked if she would do the same given the chance? she said "I told her but that's between me and her" I chipped in "She's still doing it then?" "Yeah her son's married now but he joins her,his dad and another younger dog now the others to old" I sunk into my own thoughts about that, but I did hear Ginny say "I wonder what it feels like?" My aunt said"Bloody delicious" Looked down "Oops, forget I said that" By now my mind was going like a rolls royce, I knew who lived next door to that customer and that their houses backed on to a bombed site so this neighbour had created a back gate where there didn't used to be one.
    Also my mind raced back to a passed tense when I was little, the time in fact when Ginny's parents split up. Now something made sense!
     That xmas I found pussy does shrink back again and tested aunty's on the eve and christmas nights. I gave her lots of slippery presents. Christmas night Ross gave me a present too, we were up bed a bit ahead of aunty and she ,Ross had,had some sherry, she quickly stripped naked wiggled her tits displayed her now furry pussy and bent right over showing me it from the rear. My first instinct was to ram it into her right then but I didn't. "Show me she said, I bet its gone hard" I did and it had you betcha.

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        But boxing night was the 'Icing on the cake' for me. I went to get in bed alongside my aunt, she said better get on the other side tonight I've got a visitor. By now I new what this ment so over I went. Ross was one of the unlucky people that had a xmas birthday. Sixteen had arrived for her, I was now led with an intoxicated mother and daughter, but not anywhere near as drunk as they were both making out. Aunt had,had her share but Ross had hardly had any. I'm led spooned with Ross with a hardon up to my chin,who wouldn't with a sixteen year old ass wiggling and her hand reaching behind stealthily grabbing my cock and pulling my hand round to hold her gorgeous springy tits. Then pulling her nightdress up and pushing my hand onto her pussy. She kept whispering do it, I told you I'd let you. Then she said quietly "He nearly got me" I knew exactly what she ment. Den arrived unexpected as I said earlier right on xmas eve, just early enough to stop me sleeping in Ginny's bed.
     Anyway Ross said in the evening she'd gone up to the bedroom to take some of the guests coats up out of the way and as she got there Ginny's door was partly open, she saw Den had just put his trousers on and was pulling them up, His cock popped out the flap of his pants and it was stuck out half hard. She scurried into her own and aunts room intending to get back down quickly because Den said before he wanted her pussy. But just as she got to the door he was there pushing her back in the room he kissed her, fondled her tits and started up her leg after her pussy. She said he just got his hand inside her panties and felt her pussies furry part with his middle finger in her groove when Ginny appeared and asked what was happening just before getting to the top of the stairs.

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       He quickly moved back from her and said "I've just handed her the coat she dropped on the stair"
     By now Ross had manipulated my hardon between her legs and was gently working herself and me off at that point aunty seemed to awake and said, "Richard! fuck her for fucks sake so we can all get some sleep I'm fucking knackered" I nearly died, she's telling me to fuck a virgin with her blessing. Ross whispered there you are the boss agrees with me. So I done just that or more like Ross did, she fucked me stupid, not a murmur when I took her cherry and I know I did because I found some blood under my foreskin next day.  Of course I felt it go as well but she was so tight I thought I'd tore my foreskin.  She had the lot I just didn't give a shit if she got pregnant. We left it in all night nearly and I know she helped herself a number of times because I had at least two wet dreams. Next day I was  a bit aprehensive about what my aunts reaction might be. Surprisingly she just said "what a night I slept like a log" Phew!
     More later eh!




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