Kissing Cousins at the lake housePT 1


We were rather young when when it all started. My cousin jimmy was several years older than me and had a slender firm swimmers body. He also had a nice long slender cock that would be at least 7" long when he was hard 'ithung down a good 4"when he was soft . I could not help but look at that body when we changed out of our swim suits in the loft at our grand parents house at a lake in the country.
One day we had come back to change before the rest of the family. We were up in the loft where he and I would sleep at night and were changing out of our swim suits. My looking at his hard body and beautiful young cock that was surrounded by a soft tuft of pubic hair must have not been very well disguised. All of a sudden Jimmy looks at me and says " what are you looking at, you must like what you see " . "Nothing" I stammered and looked away. Jimmy smiles and says "you can say that if you want but your cock is starting to get hard while I'm standing in front of you"
I was stunned. I had never noticed another boys body before but he was right. I was getting hard and I was starring at his beautiful cock which was now also getting hard ! He told me that it was all right because lately he had been noticing me too.

He reached towards the ceiling and stretched making his dick stand out even more. He slid his hands down over his hard chest and flat stomach and took hold of his now fully hard cock. He pointed it at me and asked " want to come over cus and see what it feels like ". I couldn't believe what I was hearing but I stood right up and walked over to him.

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  I looked down at the hard cock that I had been noticing these past few weekends and I could not stop my hand from reaching out and taking a hold of his cock. It felt wonderful !
"Want me to hold your cock too?"he asked. "sure" I managed to say. When his long fingers wrapped around my now hard cock I thought that I was going to faint. He smiled at me and gave my hard cock a squeeze and I new that I was his to do with what ever he wanted. "Want to see what it tastes like"and I was on my knees before he could finish. At first I just licked it and it tasted waxy and smooth. Then I ran my tongue over its hard length and around its big head. The feeling was wonderful and I could feel my hard cock start to jump up and down between my legs. Jimmy told me " slide your hand over my cock while you suck on it too I'm going to cum". He began to breath hard and his body began to shake. Then he let out a cry and pushed his cock deep into my mouth as he began to shoot load after load into my hungry mouth. I swallowed as much of his sweat cum as I could but then he pulled his his cock out of my hungry sucking mouth and started shooting load after load all over my face.
"What about me I asked in obvious need. "For now you can take care of your self while I get dressed and if you do a good job of cleaning my cock of my cum I will show you what it is like to have a real boy fuck your ass the next time.

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  If you turn out to be a good fuck I'll start to suck you off too the next time and if I want too I'll let you fuck me too ". I was shocked but at the same time strangely excited. This was going to be a different kind of summer and I couldn't wait for the next weekend:D !!!