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The shoe-cunt even cupped and rubbed my balls gently as I pumped my cock in it. Well, one day my parents took me on a little trip to visit my dad’s brother in St. Jo. I had never even met them before, because we had lived a long way away from them until very recently. Uncle Ray and Aunt Jane, it turned out, had an 18-year old daughter named Carol. She had just finished high school and had been given a car by her parents, and we had no sooner arrived at their house than Uncle Ray suggested that Carol take me for a drive to show me around the town. I guess they knew us kids would be bored just sitting around the house while the old folks reminisced about old times. Carol and I walked out to her car and I got in on the passenger side. As she backed out of the driveway, I looked at her and appreciated what a beautiful cousin I had. She was a blue-eyed blonde, with a fair complexion, bright eyes, and an angelic face in general. Tall and curvy, with her firm breasts making two seductive peaks on her chest, her nipples punctuated her sweater. I wondered if she had a bra on at all. As she turned the corner at the end of the block she looked at me an smiled. I think I blushed a little, for she had such a beautiful smile and just looking at her had caused my cock to get hard and stiff. I suppose she could see the rising bulge in my trousers, for she looked down at my crotch and grinned. We were not yet two blocks from her house when she looked straight at me and said, “Wanna fuck? I tried to conceal my shock, not wanting to appear to be prudish or anything, so I tried to be cool and just said, “Sure.

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  ” ”Good,”she said brightly,” We’ll go to the park. ” She drove into a large park that had a lot of wooded areas and parked in a secluded grove of trees. The tinted glass windows of her car gave us a little additional privacy. She immediately leaned over and gave me a warm, passionate kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth and fucking it little. I had never even been French kissed before! “Let’s get in the back seat where there’s more room. ” So we climbed into the back seat and Carol flopped onto her back and pulled up her skirt, revealing no panties. She spread her legs apart to reveal that she was indeed a natural blonde, and chided me, “Get those trousers off and let’s see what you’ve got there. ” I quickly complied, pulling both trousers and underpants down around my knees, allowing my stiff shaft to bounce out into the open. “Ooooh, that’s what I want,” Carol said as she reached out and grabbed my tool and pulled it toward her cunt. She wasted no time on foreplay. I know I must have been sort of awkward, but I was on my knees and managed to get my cock right up against her cunt, which I could tell was now all juicy. She held on to it and helped me slide it into her warm pussy as she wrapped her legs around me and dug her heels into my ass. God it felt so good, her pussy walls pressing and massaging my hot cock . I almost came right then, but she arched her back and thrust her cunt up hard over my penis so that it plunged into her all the way to the hilt and I could feel my balls press against her ass. “Fuck me, Donny, Fuck me good.

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   “She cried and I began to pump it in and out, even though I wasn’t quite sure how I should be doing it. Apparently I did it right though ,for she seemed to love it absolutely, and cried out, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Fuck me, OH YES YES. ” I came very quickly , but se told me to keep pumping and then she got this most beautiful look on herr face and was perfectly still for a moment. I could feel her hot juices surging all over my cock and out of her pussy onto my thighs. Oh, God, was she wonderful! I pulled my now limp and dripping cock out of her pussy, and still at a loss for words, just said, “Thank you, Carol. ” There wasn’t much more to it then than that. I pulled my pants back up and we got back int the front seat and she drove me around town showing me things as if nothing had happened between us. We went back to the her house eventually and she disappeared, not even being there for dinner because, her mom said, she had a big date that evening. The next morning she came to breakfast, but didn’t say much to me , looking a little sheepish, and very sleepy. We left after breakfast, and I had never seen her again, although I heard things about her occasionally from other members of the family. Carol went on to college and majored in political science. She became a White House intern under a Republican administration and was probably sucking presidential cock long before Monica Lewinsky got her mouth on Bill Clinton’s big pecker. I guess she was just more discreet than Monica.

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   Later she worked for a Congressmen, went to law school and had become fairly successful in St. Jo, marrying a businessman of some kind. I, in the meantime, had done OK in real estate and was now about ready to retire. I had never been to a family reunion, but now as I looked at the invitation I wondered if Carol might be there. That night I fantasied about it and masturbated myself into a nice orgasm before I went to sleep. I definitely decided to go, even though my wife could not accompany me because of previous commitment with her lady’s club that Saturday. Maybe that would be just as well. I drove up to St. Jo on Friday evening and checked into the Blue Oak Motel. The next morning I arrived at the reunion about 18 a. m. , when it was supposed to begin. I was giddy with excitement. Ironically, it was being held in the very same park where Carol and I had made out so many years ago. There was a registration table where I signed in and got my name tag and then looked around over the crowd of mostly younger people.

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   I didn’t know a soul. I really hadn’t kept up much with family, especially since my parents had both died a few years before. I did see a couple of vaguely familiar faces, but no Carol. At least no one I could recognize as her. There were some nice faces and sexy asses to look at , of course, and I opened a bottle of Budweiser and sipped at it as I ogled. Nodding slightly to people I didn’t know and acknowledging their similar nods, I strolled among the picnic tables toward the country music group that was setting up on a platform. It was about then that I noticed three or four women on one side of the platform, and among them was a tall blonde who I decided might just be Carol! I walked over to that way cautiously. They were engrossed in conversation and didn’t notice me until I was almost upon them. I smiled as I looked at the name tag perched on an a firm tit that still had plenty of character. “Carol Madison,” it said, and my heart leapt, for I remembered that her husband’s name had been Madison. “You’re Carol Dunbar, aren’t you,” I said in my most debonnaire voice. She looked me straight in the eyes with a directness that one seldom finds in a woman. “Yes, that was my maiden name,” and then only after a second’s hesitation, “And you’re Donny Dunbar. My, my, you have grown up since I saw you last! “Yes, I’m a little bigger now. ” She smiled, and said, “How old were you then, anyway?” I told her, and she flashed a big smile and said, “Oh yeah, I really was robbing the cradle, wasn’t I.

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  ” “I didn’t mind,”I replied. “I’ll bet you didn’t,” she said, but then noticed the quizzical looks on the other three women’s faces, so she quickly moved off the subject and went through a round of introductions. But as soon as she could she moved away from the three relatives and she and I walked off down a path through the nearby woods just as the band struck up “You’re Cheatin’ Heart. ” “I guess I was a bad girl that day. ” “I never told anybody. I certainly didn’t think you were bad. I thought you were great, in fact. It was my first fuck, you know. ” Carol giggled and said. “I thought as much. I hoped it was good for you. ” “You were wonderful. I often relived it, . . .

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   and,” I added cautiously, “I’d love to do it again. ” “I’m not as young as I used to be, Donny. My husband lost all interest in sex several years ago and I haven’t had sex with a man in all that time. ” “Where’s he today?” “He went on a fishing trip for the weekend with some of his old buddies. Won’t be back until tomorrow night. ” “I’ll bet you are really horny then,” I ventured. “Maybe so,” she said and took my hand, giving it a seductive squeeze. We were well out of the sight of the reunion crowd in the woods now, and we stopped and looked at each other as if we were still two kids. I put my arms around her and kissed her , tentatively at first, but then she responded and as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. We French kissed for what seemed for a long, long time. I was in the back seat of that car again. My cock had been stiff ever since I had seen her, but now it rose demandingly, pressing to get out of my pants and into her body. My hands fell to her ass and pulled her close to me, my cock throbbing against her cunt in a demand she couldn’t fail to understand. Her own hands found their way to my ass cheeks and squeezed them, making her own implicit demand, but she said, “Not here. Someone might come at any moment.

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   I pressed my cock harder against her cunt and said, “I need to fuck you again. We don’t need the back seat of a car this time. We can go to my motel. Its near here. ” “Yes, yes, oh yes,” she said breathlessly and pushed here cunt hard against my swollen cock. As we walked back discreetly through the reunion crowd she told me that she had not been to a Dunbar Family reunion in years either, but that she had wondered whether I might be here this year and that was why se had come. We decided to take her car, mainly because it was a little closer to where we were. I held the door for her as she slid into the driver’s seat revealing a shapely long leg. As I walked around behind the car I slipped a Viagra into my mouth, wanting to take no chances on my performance level. I sat beside her in the car and recalled yet again my first fuck with this lovely woman. My balls were aching for her now and I could hardly wait to get her behind the closed door of the motel room and show her how much my sexual performance had improved over the intervening years. It was a first floor room and Carol parked directly in front of the door. I opened the door for her and she stepped into the room without any hesitation. I looked her up and down as she stood before me with a look of both amusement and seduction on her face. She had kept herself in good shape.

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   She was certainly a little heavier than she had been 40 years ago, but she was still very well built and easy to look at. Rather than undressing herself, she showed that she was still as aggressive as she had been then, for she reached out and pulled open my belt from its buckle and then unsnapped my pants, zipped open the fly and yanked the trousers to the floor. She did the same with my undershorts revealing my hard erection, my stiff pink cock that was already dripping pre-cum. Here fingers caressed the shaft as she admired it with the comment. “Oh yes, Donny, you have grown over the years. ” I peeled off my shirt and was standing naked before her as she dropped to her knees and ran her tongue along the veined shaft, sending electric ripples throughout my body. Her fingers cupped my balls and pinched my ass as her mouth closed over the cockhead. Her wet tongue swirled around it before she moved her mouth further down the shaft. Her head bobbed back and forth then in a fucking motion. The jism came to life in my balls in response to her sucking and caressing and I began to join her rhythm as I fucked her mouth and caressed her head. I was so hard and stiff and long, but I didn’t cum so fast any more, and was able to savor this exquisite cocksucker for a long time before I could feel the cum surging up through my penis and into her mouth. She gasped at the first huge spurt that splattered over her tongue, swallowing most of it, but some of it ran back out at the corners of her mouth. She continued to suck as I throbbed more cum into her mouth until my cock started to go limp and my knees began to buckle. I reached down and lifted her up but then pushed her onto the bed. She reached out and squeezed my dripping cock as I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled off her bra.

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   Then I unbuttoned here skirt and pulled it down off her stockingless legs. She still didn’t wear any panties! She smiled up at me, arched her back, and spread her legs, making it clear that she was ready for some attention to her pussy. I closed my lips over one of her erect nipples as my hand brushed over her cunt and felt the juice oozing from between her labia. I bit her nipple gently and then the other one. Her cunt pressed upward against my hand and my fingers explored the slit, gently probing its length and depth before plunging deep into her hole. I moved up the slit to find her swollen clitoris. I kissed her tits farewell and moved down to her navel, fucking it a little with my tongue before nesting my mouth in her cunt, my tongue lapping up her juice, kissing the inside s of her thighs and then finding her clit with my tongue and eagerly sucking on it and whipping it with my tongue. She moaned with pleasure, telling me not to stop, and I didn’t until I felt her orgasm cumming much as it had so long ago in the backseat of her car – quietly, but profoundly. She was deathly still as she savored the excitement that my mouth had given her pussy. I was afraid she had passed out altogether, and asked her if she was OK. Her fingers found my mouth and caressed it as her lips whispered, “I’m fine. ” My own cock had once more stiffened and I was excited to repeat my first fuck . I pushed her legs apart and brought my cock up to her cunt, not needing her help this time to drive it deep into her pink hole. The thrill and excitement of that first fuck roared back into my being as I pumped my cock in and out of her wet cunt with abandon, fucking her hard and fast until we both erupted together in enormous orgasms. Exhausted for the moment I fell into her arms and kissed her feverishly all over her neck and face.

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   We rested a bit, but I my cock stiffened and I wanted more. She wanted more, too. She rose to her knees with her head and shoulders still down on the bed, her ass up in the air. Her dripping cunt invited my cock and I mounted her doggie style and banged her deep and hard. “Yes, YES, OH GAWD YES, Donny. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, don’t ever stop,”she screamed. I continued to pump, long slow strokes out, and quick hard strokes in. Her whole body quivered as she came again, but I kept fucking her as she came over and over in waves before I finally exploded a new load of cum in her juicy cunt. Then she wanted me to suck her again, and I licked her clean, savoring the mixture of our love juices in her cunt. Carol and I fucked all night, even after I could cum no more. In the morning I left for home, but not before we agreed to meet again once each year for another fuck-fest. I’m not sure I can wait that long. By RogetFor more great stories check out the forums http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index.


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