Kim & Jon Part 2


Jon & KimPart 2

I've been planning what I was going to do to him for quite some time. I woke him in the morning with a blowjob. I gave him my best, I was like a nymphomaniacsucking machine. His eyes were really bugging out. He said "what has gotten into you?" I said sit back and enjoy it. He just laid back on the pillows with the biggest grin. I brought him to the brink several times. He was ready to shoot a big wad by this time. His eyes were begging me. So I let him come, but instead of swallowing like I normally do. I let it spray all over his face and stomach and the headboard. I didn't clean it up. He was panting and sayinghow great it was. I said I'm not done yet. That’s when I announced
to him that he was my slave this week starting NOW!! He saidALRIGHT!! If this is how it's going to start out it should be one great week. Yeah, for me I thought to myself, Boy is he infor a surprise!!! I then started to suck him again.

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   He laid back with a big grin again. I sucked him like before. Until I jerked his cock and cum spurted out all over his face and stomach again. I didn't lethim clean up. Then I told him to jerk himself off. He said he
was tired and he didn't think he could cum for a while. I said you better start jerking it until you cum again. I got him some KY jelly. Put a glob on the tip and said go for it. He said ok,I'll try. So after a good 18 minutes he finally jerked some cum out. Not very much. But he was spent. I said ONE MORE TIME. He said "I don't think so".

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   I said don't talk back. REMEMBER, YOU ARE MY SLAVE!! His big grin was gone now. I said I don't care ifit takes you an hour. Do it!! This time I put some KY jelly and some baby oil
on it. (this makes it really slippery) So he began again. It took
a while just to get it hard. It took him a good part of an hour
to finallydribble a little. I said that’s all, you worthless bastard! I told him he's
in for a hell of a week.
I had him go take a shower. When he came out his cock was all
red and looked sore. I told him "it's now time to shave him" He
said I did shave my balls. (he always shaves them) I said that
wasn't enough. I told him to lay back on the bed and grab his
ankles, knees on his chest. So that I could first start with his
asshole. I had a bowl of warm water and shaving cream.

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   I lathered
him up and shaved him clean. Then I told him to get on his hands
and knees on the floor. I went into the bathroom and came out with
a nice warmenema bag of solution. His eyes really bugged out now.
Normally when I give him a enema his cock gets really hard. I said
spread your cheeks honey!!
He did, but I could tell he didn't want to. Now I was the one
with the big grin. I had put some KY jelly on the nozzle tip so
it slippedin easily. I turned the valve on and let it flow.
He told me when he was full. I said ok. Told him to stand.
I then shaved his legs
and pubic area and moved onto his arms. He was getting fidgety. I
new he had to go to the bathroom.

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   But I was not done. I shaved his
chest and under arms. Then I shaved his mustache. Told him it will
all grow back. I said if anyone at work ask him why, just tell them
your wife wants to try a different look. heehaw (all over)
I then told him to go empty his bowels. He ran in there. I told
him to take another shower while he was in there. I told him to
come down stairsnaked when he was done. I went down stairs and
sat at the table and waited for him. When he came down (naked),
I told him to get the paper from the porch. He looked out the peep
hole and opened thedoor quickly and ran out and ran in with paper.
I said to fix me some breakfast. The rest of the day we did are
normal things. But I told him when he was around me
his cock has to be hard at all times.

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   Or he would get spanked.
I only had to spank him 3 times today.
I went on the computer for a while and had him eat my pussy until
I came several times then I just sent him to bed (with a hard-on).
He hasn't cum since this morning. But I'm sure he wants too, since
I've kept him hard and on the brink all day.
More tomorrow.


His instructions today, wake up fix breakfast (nude) make sure not to burn anything.
    Lol. Then come wake me up, by eating me. MMMMMM It felt great to wake up like that. I was having such a good dream. Then I started cumming and I woke up and it was not a dream at all. Then I had him lay on the bed so I could fuck him. But told him he better tell me when he was close to shooting.

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       Like a good slave he did, then I climbed off. Told him to go take a shower, while I eat breakfast. When he was done I told him he was not going to wear his underwear this week. I gave him a pair of my pink ones to wear. He put them on. I said wait there's something that needs adjusting.
    I went behind him and yanked them up so they where riding up the crack of his ass. Very uncomfortable for him. I said that should remind you who's boss.
    Before he went out the door I told him to pull down his pants and bend over the couch.
    Then I gave him 18 hard swats with the leather paddle. Told him to stand and fix his cloths, kiss him and told him to have a good day. I also told him I would call him occasionally.
    I showered and went to work. I called him about 11:00 and told him he was taking me out to lunch.

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       So at 12:00 I showed up at his office. I waited in his office about 5 minutes, he was running errands. He came in, I closed and locked the door, told him to drop his pants he did and the panties where in place. But he was late so I spanked him (bare hand) 18 times. Told him to stand and lets go. We had a good lunch.
    After lunch I kissed him good-bye, but not before squeezing his cock and balls, this left him with a hard-on.
    When he got home I told him to take a shower and when he was done he was to remain nude the rest of the night, and make sure you stay hard the whole time. He made dinner. He gave me a massage, licked me to 18 orgasms. I started giving him a
    blowjob (which brought a big smile to him) but right before he shot I stopped. Had him get on all 4's and use him as a foot rest as I played on AOL. Then I had him massage my feet and then we went to bed. .



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