Kim & Jon Part 1


Jon (my husband) and I agreed to be each other's slaves for week

This week I'm his slave. . .

Jonalso ordered me to write to my online buddies and tell them what he' sdid to me thelast week of the year. It also excites me to do it. I'm sure that’s why he told me to do it.
Actually we are each others slaves 1 week out of the month. This week is my turn. I have until Sunday night. To please him and do whatever he wants of me. Then I can pick what Sunday I want him to be my slave for a week. We don’t have to have advanced notice either. Yesterday I was talking to a guy online when my husband came home. I was supposed to be naked in front of the door, kneeling and handcuffed and waiting. I had to sign off quickly. And this is what happened.

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Sorry I had to sign off so quickly the other day. But my husband (Jon) did catch me. He was kinda pissed. I paid for it though. I was kneeling in front of the door naked, no handcuffs though. Plus the screen saver didn't go on in time, so he knew I was up to no good. First he had me stand, bend over and grab my ankles (I'm very flexible). Then he went into the bedroom came back, blindfolded me. Shoved a very cold greased up nozzle up my ass. And let the enema flow. Thank goodness the solution was warm. But it was a shock and I let out a gasp. He was not pleased with that. After he filled me up he closed off the nozzle and told me to stand up straight. As I was standing there he left the room.

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   Came back in and strapped a ballgag on me. Told me I had better be good tonight or else. I really had to let my bowels go, but he said not yet. He bent me over the kitchen table and started to spank me. He said if I let any spill he would make me pay for it by licking it up. You better believe I tried my hardest. He spanked me 28 times. One for each of my years. I thought I would burst. I was moaning really hard trying my hardest to let him know I had to go to the bathroom. FINALLY he let me up. Took the ballgag off (way to slow) and let me run to the bathroom. He left me alone until I was cleaned up.
Then he told me to get dressed we were going shopping. He laid out an outfit.

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leather mini-dress no panties or stockings, black leather boots, black blouse with a black leather jacket. I looked HOT and I was. I was so horny my pussy was dripping juice down my thighs. I smelled of sex. Jon just had this big smile on his face.
While we drove to the store he had me give him a blowjob, and I was ordered to finger myself, but not to cum. Right before we got to the store he shot his load down my throat. It tasted great, but I was eager to cum myself.
We pulled up in front of a cigar store. Walked in he told me to have a seat and flash the owner whenever I had the chance. He went to the counter and was buying some big fat cigars. I had my legs spread wide and the owner had a big grin on his face. I'm sure he could see how wet I was. Jon was telling him something and pointing my way. I couldn't hear him but I'm sure he was telling him what he was going to do with those cigars.

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   It was near closing time. The owner went to the door and put up the closed sign. I was getting nervous and excited at the same time. My husband had never done anything like this before. I didn't know what to expect. He told me to follow the owner into the back. The owners name was Bill, Bill had me sit on a table with with knees
up legs spread wide. Jon told Bill to sit back and enjoy the view. He sat about 4 feet away. He said I smelled of sex and could tell I was very wet. Jon came to me with a very large cigar. I had never seen one so big. I knew what he was going to do. At that point I was eager to have anything shoved up there to bring me off. I WAS READY.

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He started to tease me. I started to moan, knowing I was not to speak. Then he started probing a little deeper. Oh it felt great. Then he stopped, and told me he wantedme to fuck the cigar. In the position I was in it was hard to do. I started to rock my ass off the table with my hands behind me. I was doing it. I started to get some speed up, it felt great!!! I was so close. It took me about 5 minutes. I was sweating. Then he stopped with it all the way buried up my cunt. I looked at him and he started laughing, so did Bill. Jon told Bill It was time to leave. Bill thanked Jon for giving him a good show.

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   Bill said something like "oh this is what Bill Clinton did" ha ha ha. I was told to stand and we left. I was in the car rocking in my seat trying to bring myself off. Jon told me to stop or he won't let me cum tonight. I stopped. He had me take off my jacket and lift my blouse. He attached nipple clamps to my nipples and my pussy lips. I was in shear agony. He was totally enjoying himself.
I was thinking ways to get back at him next month.
We got home. He took the cigar out smelled it and just said mmmmmm smells like a good cigar and then he took off the clamps. I was told to strip in the car. As I sat there totally naked in our driveway. It was about 9:00 at night.

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   Any one of our neighbors could have seen us. He asked me if I was ready to cum. I nodded my head; he told me I could speak. But to speak in the right words. I said "yes Master may I cum. " He smiled and said what a good little slave I was. Jon said lets go in the back yard. He came around my side told me to run to the side gate. I did, it was locked I couldn't believe it! He walked slowly up and unlocked it. I dashed into the back yard. He came to the yard, and told me to strip him. I did very quickly, because I knew he was horny also. He bent me over the back of the lawn chair and eased his cock ever so slowly into my cunt. I felt so hot I started to rock back on it. Not to long after he slid it in I was so close to cumming.

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   Then he pulled out and I was about to scream in frustration. But he spread my ass cheeks and slid it in my asshole I was more than happy to take it. I just started slamming my ass back on that pole and fingering myself, I started cumming I had to muffle my screams with my head in the cushions. I nearly passed out. He shot his load up my ass. I could actually feel it hitting the walls of my rectum. He pulled out and left me hanging there a minute. He then slapped my ass hard. It made me jump. Told me to go fix something quick for dinner. We ate and went to bed. He went down on me and brought me off 3 more times before fucking me good and hard. He must have lasted 20 or more minutes. We then slept for the night.
He woke me in the morning by shoving his cock in my mouth.

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   I sucked him off. We showered we got dressed for work. just before we left the house, he told me to go back inside and put a dab of toothpaste on my asshole. Have you ever done that?
Try it sometime. I was itching my asshole all the way to work. He called me soon after I arrived and told me I could wash it off. What a relief. AAAAHHHHHHH. >

Now I'm still trying to think what I can do to him. For one thing he will not be able to cum for the whole week. HA HA HA.

I hope you enjoyed me telling you some of how my life is.

last night and today


My asshole is so sore. After he had me fill the enema bag. He took me into the bathroom had me kneel in the tub.

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   Head down ass up. He took his fingers and played with my pussy. Thought he was going to let me cum. Then he took them out and lubed up my asshole with my pussy juice. Inserted the nozzle and said relax. He opened the valve and started filling my bowels. I told him that's all I could take. He shut it off, took the nozzle out had me turn and suck his cock and lick his balls. Right before he shot his load. He told me to stand and get out of the tub. As I was standing there, I thought I was going to burst all over the floor. Then He told me to jump up and down. I said what??
He slapped my ass hard and said don't talk back and do what I said. At that point I knew I was going to spill out all over the floor. I started jumping up and down, after about 18 times.


   He said That's a good pet. Told me to stop and get back in the tub. I was kneeling toward him and he said to finish the blowjob. I did as quickly as I could. He shot his cum all over my face. Told me to kneel again with my ass high. I thought "What in the hell his he doing???" Then he SHOVES THAT DAMN NOZZLE IN AGAIN!!! And turns on the flow, at this point I do burst!! All over the wall. Man, what a relief. He said he was really mad now and I had better clean it up and get my ass in the bedroom when I was done. I took my time. Because I had to empty my bowels all the way. He was standing in the room waiting. I was begging him not to be too hard on me, since there was no way I could hold it all. He said to keep quiet.
He then tied my hands to the hooks that are in the ceiling, and my legs to the bed post I was almost on my tiptoes.

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   I was really spread at this point. He walks behind me, spread my cheeks and said he had done a really good job of cleaning me out.
    Then he shoves a large buttplug in. He stood up took out a blindfold and tied it on. He also put a ballgag on me. He left the room for a minute. When he came back, I was in real shock, there was someone with him!!! We have never had sex with anyone else. So I was moaning thru the gag. Then I felt the belt come down on my ass, made me jump, He said to be quiet. He said yes we have company, But I will never know who it is. This made me mad, but also excited. Then I felt fingers caressing my tits, pinching them and then licking them. I was moaning now, but in pleasure. Then Jon was whispering in my ear, be good, and so I knew the person licking me was not him!!!!
    Then they stopped. Jon said I was to be paddled for making a mess in the bathroom.

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       He said our guest is going to help. So Jon showed him or her (I'm not sure) how it was to be done. One swat each cheek at a time, Then start over. Jon did it first, I could tell! The guest did it. To lightly for Jon. So Jon showed them again. I thought I was going to cum by now (Because I can cum if it is done right). Then they did it. They paddled me for about 30 times. I was soHOT & HORNY. I was then untied. I was led to the bed, put on my hands and knees. Told to reach back and spread my cheeks. I'm pretty sure it was Jon, slid is cock into my cunt and started fucking me hard and fast. Then stopped, I moaned in disappointment, then he pulled out reinserting it in my ass.

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       I thought FINALLY!!! Jon was holding my hips and really fucking me. He was really hard. It feltFANTASTIC!!!Then I felt a pair of hands on my nipples, pinching real hard the way I like it!! I exploded at that point. I was bagging back on Jon's cock, I wanted him deeper, harder. I was seeing stars. I thought I was going to pass out. I came and Jon wasn't done yet, so he kept fucking me. Then I had another climax and it lasted a long time. He finally came after about 18 minutes . When I collapsed on my belly, I heard the other person leave. Jon cuddle with me the rest of the night. When I asked him who the person was, he wouldn't tell me. He wouldn't even say if it was a man or a woman!!!
    I awoke the today and gave Jon blowjob.
    My asshole is sore. I told Jon it was and he said he has other plans for tonight that won't include the use of my asshole.

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    Today he had me clean the house while naked. He had invited some of his friends over to watch some of the football games. Jon laid out what I was to wear it consisted of a white blouse (very thin fabric, you could almost see thru it) buttoned low so I have a nice deep cleavage. Blue short, shorts. How short you ask? So short my ass cheeks hang out, and when I sit down the fabric between my legs rides right up my pussy lips. To were my lips are hanging out at either end.
    When his friends came over I was to serve them drinks and food. And strut around and give them a show. Boy did I, They all had very hard erections. They were there about an hour when Jon came into the kitchen and said I was doing a good job. He said he was really horny and he wants to fuck me. So he took me into the bedroom, had me drop my pants, lay on my back and he wasted no time. He fucked me and came in about 18 minutes. Told me to put my shorts back on. He said "don't clean yourself up, I want your cunt dripping my cum".

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       Now get your ass back in there and see if anyone needs a drink. So when I walked in the room, all the guys looked at me, then at Jon. Jon was adjusting his cock. Then they looked and saw cum running down my thighs. They all had their mouths open. Like hey, what about us?? Jon just said lets watch the game. After about 1/2 hour. Jon said to go take a shower and put some baby oil all over yourself before you get dressed in the same outfit. That’s what I did. Except when I did, My nipples were very noticeable (and hard). The material was now see thru now. I think the guys thought they might get some. But Jon didn't let them.
    They were there just for a show. They would have to go home to their wife’s and girlfriends in order to get their rocks off.

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       If they could wait that long. After they left I was to strip again and clean up after them.

    Tonight I'm going to be online, but sitting on the dildo stool Jon made for me.




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