Keeping warm in Alaska


This is my first story That I have written. All names and ages and states are true.

Well, to give you all a little bit of background. I met my boyfriend on a game that we both play online. I'm 18 and live in New Jersey. He's 24 and lives in Alaska. So you can see the difficulty of this relationship a bit. So we chat on MSN, since my mom doesn't know about him. Oh! And my name is Ashley, and his name is Cordell. Anyways!

He and I have been talking about meeting for awhile and the time has finally come when we were going to meet. I'm all excited as I step off the plane in Anchorage as I look around for my boyfriend. Cordell is tall, maybe about 5'9, while I'm 5'2. He has nice, dark hair and a slender, yet athletic body. As i look around I spot him and go over to meet him. Now he is not all that interested in kissing, but we kissed for the first time as boyfriend and girlfriend, and boy was it great. being as that he is my first kiss ever.

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   We were kissing for a good few minutes, then finally broke the kiss and decided to leave to go to the hotel that I had booked.

We started driving and I'm still in disbelief that we actually met. He's quite happy, because he couldn't come see me because i still live at home and he's having financial issues at the moment. We get to the hotel and check into our room. After a long flight and drive, I throw my things into the corner and lay down on the bed looking up at the celling, happy to finally be relaxing.

As I look up I see Cordell coming up. He sits next to me and runs his hand through my hair to pull it back and kisses me. I get up and stand in front of him. He has his eyebrow raises and a smirk on his face. With that I just lay myself on him and kiss him again. Like I said earlier, he's not fond of kissing, but I could tell that he was enjoying this because he was kissing back with the same force as I was. He was even sticking his tongue in my mouth!

He started to move his hands down my body and feel my skin. He moved his hands to feel my boobs and caress them. He was enjoying that as i could feel that he was keeping in rhythm with our kissing as he felt my boobs. Then he moved lower.


   Down passed my stomach and to my legs and was feeling them as well. He flipped me over and took control of all of this.

While on my back he lifted my shirt and unhooked my bra and started to kiss down my body. as he moved down he started to suck and take in my 40 D boobs one at a time. This was one of his turn ons and I could tell. He started off gentle and slow as so not to hurt me. But as I started to moan in enjoyment he started to apply more pressure and picked up the pace. It hurt, but I didn't care, I was enjoying this and it felt really good.

He let up on the sucking and moved down. I still had my pants and underwear on, and no sooner did I know that they were off. He started to rub my and feel me to find what I liked and didn't. I moaned in excitement and moved in sync with his rubbing. I was close to an orgasm and I told him to stop. This only made him stop rubbing and little did I know, he had his face buried in me. He stuck his tongue on my clit and started licking.

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   He was really going down on me. Licking, sucking, and nibbling on my clit. I told him I was about to have an orgasm and he started in on me harder.

He was going down on me with such force that I was soo excited and Had one of my biggest orgasms. I sprayed his face with everything that I had pent up and he licked it all up. Yes, I'm a squirter. This was such a huge turn on for him that he had his pants and everything off in a heartbeat.

I eyed his cock and gave a smirk. He was standing in front of me, all 8 inches of him. I took his cock and guided it into my mouth and started sucking. I had never had a cock before, as I was a virgin in all respects, so I was quite enjoying this. I started sucking faster when he warned me that he was about to cum. I stopped right then and there and told him to save it because I wanted him to cum in me.

After about 18 minutes of denying him to cum he said he couldn't hold it anymore. so he, without hesitating, started to guide his cock into me.

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   He knew I was a virgin and asked if I wanted this. I nodded and said that I never wanted anything as badly as this. He continued on moving into me. He finally reached my hymen and told me that it would hurt. I nodded and he proceeded.

Once he broke it I was in pain, so he stopped. After a bit the pain eased and he continued onward. he said I was so tight and that it felt good. I could feel him too and boy was I in heaven. He started pumping harder and harder in me and we were both moaning. We both knew that one of us was going to cum first, was just a matter of who it was. The out of no where he starts cumming in me. Spurt after spurt, it just kept coming. We hadn't used protection because he had a vasectomy, but he researched that it could reverse itself. But i told him I didn't care if i got pregnant.

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   I was having the most wonderful time of my life and I loved him. After a few minutes he was finally spent. I never knew a guy could cum so much.

He pulled out and we both could see his cum running out of me. I grabbed all that I could to keep it there, but I took a small bit and put it in my mouth to taste. Boy he tasted good. He was panting a bit, so i crawled over to him and started stroking him, bringing him back to life. He started to play with my hair and letting me go down on him. He was back to life in no time.

I stroked and pulled on him and sucked on his balls. Then i took him in my mouth. I tried taking it all in, but he was too big and I was gagging. I continued on with my sucking. He warned me that he was about to blow. So i went harder on him.

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   He couldn't take it anymore and he blew his load deep down my throat, just like he did in my pussy. After he was done I had already swallowed it all. He was surprised. I guess for a virgin I did alright.

We went at it like this for hours till we both finally had fallen asleep with him still in me and his arms wrapped around me. I woke up, he had fallen out during the middle of the night, his arms still wrapped though. I gave him a kiss and he just smiled and gave a smirk. Was it going to happen again?I hope so! =D