Kates busy day!


This is my first story so be gentle:D

Kate has been cleaning the house since her son left for school. She thought she'd clean her sons room the last, since his room is always the messiest. When she entered his room she noticed something peaking out from under his bed. Once she took a closer look, it contained pictures of her. The pictures were sticky and smelled very strong, as soon as Kate got closer, she knew right away, that the sticky goo was her own sons manjuice.

The thought of her son masturbating while looking at her pictures, made her pussy tingle with exitement. She inhales hard, the smell is soo intense that it made her mind go blank. She then realise that she had started rubbing her body. As her fingers were about to reach her sensitive clit, the doorbell rang. The ringer shook her out of her world of lust. She quickly placed the box back the way it was, mades herself presentable and headed downstairs to answer the door. After opening the door she was greeted by her neighbour woman, she had totally forgotten about her promise to babysit the neighbours dog while she was away. She wishes her nextdoor friend luck on her trip as she walked torwards her car. She led the dog in and closed the door behind her.

He was a beautiful golden retriever, a big dog she said to herself. Kate took off his leash, led him into the kitchen to feed him soo she can go back upstairs to finish cleaning.

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   As she got back into her sons room, she remembered the box of pictures. She got hot and flustered suddenly, she removed her sweater. Since she wasnt wearing a bra, her perfect double D's were free to bounce around under her shirt. Her nipples were rubbing gently against the shirt, making them hard as steele. She moans slightly as her perky tips bounce across her shirt, making her hoter by the minute. She throws her sweater on the floor and starts cleaning the underside of the bed. While she keeps collecting the rubble, she just cant stop thinking about the box. After minutes of frustration, she takes the box into her lap and opens it. As the strong smell reaches her nose, she closes her eyes and slips her hand torwards her panties. Her moans get louder and louder the closer her hand reaches its destination. As she takes her clit between her fingers, the image of her sons masturbating to her pictures jump into mind. Her body starts shaking and she cums harder than she has ever cum before.

Her extasy was soo good, she doesnt notice the dog entering the room and heading straight to her wet mound. Immediately start licking with a furious pace. She moans loud as she grabs the dog by his ears, pulling him closer for the most penetration from his tongue.

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   Kate open her eyes, looks at the dog and without a single doubt in her mind, she gets on all four. The dog not wanting to waste a second of this tempting invitation, jumped on her back and his rock hard cock now at her entrance. With a hard and fast thrust he hits his target. He keeps humping her dripping wet hole, forcing her down to the floor. She mouns loud as she feels his knot hit her entrance, giving her a taste of what awaits. With one forceful push the knot slips into her pussy, making her muscles squeeze down onto his cock as she feels his cock tip enter her womb. Now he pistons his member deeper and deeper into her womb, with a last hard push he shoots a warm jet of cum into her, making her scream with pleasure. Kate was now full of dog cum and her own orgasm still washing over her body, made pass out. When she came to, her head still spinning from her previous adventure, she hears her son moan and call her. She turns her head just in time to see her son's face as he cums into his mothers ass, forcing another orgasm onto her.

To Be Continued, maybe:D

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