Karl and Karla


It was fall and school had just started again. My twin brother Karl and I were feeling pretty darned good, after all, we were in high school now, 18 years old and freshmen.

There was something we called “The Race. ”Our father had died when we were infants, he'd left our mother well set financially, she didn't need to work but she did. She was a sales executive with a communications company with a mid six figure income but Karl and I figured the only reasons she was employed were that she had the opportunity to meet men and that she didn't have to handle normal motherly duties, we felt like she hated us for being impediments to her, in her mind, idyllic life.

Her idyllic life, what a joke. To the outside world mother was a paragon of virtue, a beautiful woman of 37, a high paying job, a fortune in investments and two handsome children. But behind closed doors she was an abusive ogre with a heavy leather belt her instrument of torture. She terrorized us with the belt at her whim. Abuse of alcohol and a hunger for Oxycontin fueled her, both Karl and I quailed at the sound of her harridan wail of either Karl or Karla,

“Get in here now!”

She called it punishment, we had to undress to our underwear then pull them down so that our bottoms were exposed before laying over her bed to take our strapping; God how that belt bit into our young flesh.

That brings me back to “The Race. ”Karl and I both had seven figure trust funds that we could access at 21, all we had to do was survive until then and she'd be out of our lives, sometimes we wondered if we'd make it.

I mentioned that we were 14, our birthday had been the previous day and, I guess you could say mother's gift to us was that neither of us had absorbed a beating. She'd had a date and had brought him home. She didn't often do that, usually it was a hotel room, but there was the occasional overnight “guest. ”

To digress, we lived in a large 5 bedroom home in the upscale section of town yet Karl and I shared a bedroom.

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  It seems that when they'd tried to separate us we'd both screamed holy hell. They put us back together and so it still remained.

Mother and her date were both tipsy when they came in. In her bedroom we could hear the sounds of arousal then we heard the words from mom that we'd heard so many times before,

“Sorry buster, the front door's wide open but the back door's locked, Ginny don't play that game. ”

I started to snicker when I heard her, Karl chastised me in a whisper,

“Karla, shush, if she hears you'll get a beating. ”

Well, at least we were safe for the night.

Karl and I fixed breakfast the next morning, we did virtually all of the cooking, then he and I walked to school. Dinner would be a simple affair, mother had another date and wouldn't be home until late. When we got home from school I went into the kitchen for a drink, Karl went up to our room to change out of his school clothes and was lounging on my bed in just his boxer shorts when I entered.

He had a kinda sly look about him, I asked,

“What are you up to?”

“Nothin',” he replied.

I went to the bathroom and was wearing only my panties, low rise bikinis and my tiny A cup bra when I came out. Karl's eyes seemed to gleam wickedly as he jumped up and grabbed me.

“I owe you a birthday spanking from yesterday,” he said.

I tried to squirm away from him, we lost our balance and fell onto my bed. Karl tried to turn me over so he could whack my butt but I fought back.

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  We wrestled for several minutes before he pinned me, I was on my back and he was on top of me when something changed. We'd wrestled hundreds of times but this was different, his eyes, his breathing, he whispered,

“Karla, you're beautiful,” as he kissed me. We'd kissed frequently over the years, but not like this, it wasn't brotherly and sisterly love, it was a romantic kiss. He was laying between my legs, he ground his groin against mine, I could feel his erection growing against my panties.

“Karl, no,” I told him, “We can't do this, please. ”

I tried to get out from under him and I learned my first lesson of the day. Like I said, Karl and I had wrestled frequently and I'd always thought I was holding my own. I learned he'd only been toying with me, now I experienced his true strength, the one arm holding me was like a steel band pinning me helplessly as the other hand found the waistband of my panties.

“Karl, no, don't,” I frantically screamed.

“I love you Karla,” was all he said.

His lips crushed mine as I heard the flimsy materiel of my panties rip. He pushed against me forcing my legs further apart, I could feel his turgid manhood against me, then his fingers were on me. He spread my labia, opening me then the head pressed.

His hips bucked and I screamed as my hymen was ruptured, he was in me, he began to thrust.

The longest 5 minutes of my life had begun.

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  I was only 18 and I wasn't a virgin any more, it was taken from my by my best friend, my brother, my identical twin. I was in a daze as he pumped but when I felt his penis jerk and his semen flooded my vagina I screamed,

“You'll get me pregnant, damn you,” I swore, then I sobbed.

“Get pills like mom takes,” he said.

“Oh Christ Karl, you're an idiot. What am I suppose to do? Say 'Mom, for my 14th birthday how about getting me a prescription for birth control pills 'cause Karl wants to fuck me'. . . IDIOT. ”

“Yeah, I guess you're right,” was all he said. He got dressed and left me laying there on the bed.

Later I got up, showered and hid my torn panties deep in the trash so mom wouldn't see them, I certainly wasn't going to tell her what had happened.

I was lounging on the sofa in the living room when Karl came back. The television was on but I wasn't really watching, I was trying to sort out what he'd done. I was so angry with him, when he spoke to me I ignored him, I wasn't going to acknowledge my rapist, the bastard.

I did look when he started upstairs, he was carrying a CVC pharmacy bag, then he disappeared into our room.



I ignored him that night and wouldn't walk to school with him the next morning. After school I told him to get away from me as he approached, he raced ahead.

The house was quiet when I went in, I assumed Karl had hooked up with friends, I went to our room where, to my amazement Karl waited. Again he was wearing only his undershorts and again he was on my bed. I wheeled to walk back out but he was too quick. One arm circled my torso just below my breasts as his hand went to my waist.

I was wearing shorts, he released the snap and I heard the zipper open. With a tug my shorts and panties slid over my hips to my ankles, effectively hobbling me. He forced me down onto the bed. I was on my tummy squealing for him to get off and leave me alone.

“Don't damn you,” I screamed, “You're going to make me pregnant. ”

In the most ominous tone I've ever heard he whispered, “Not this way you won't Kitten. ”

It was the first time he'd ever called me Kitten but that's not what registered. I watched as his hand snaked under my pillow. He was sitting on my legs, the hand came out, he was holding a tube of KY Jelly.

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  Even at 18 I knew what that was for.

I began to cry, “No Karl, please don't do that to me. ”

He spread my buttocks then he squeezed the goop onto me, it was cold, then he laid over my body. One arm circled my throat as he pressed against me.

“Relax Kitten,” he whispered as he thrust.

My scream was silenced, the pain of my broken hymen the day before was nothing compared to the excruciating agony this penetration caused. The head was in me but he continued to push. My anal sphincters had tried to hold him out but he'd easily parted them, now I was painfully being stretched as he thrust further into my bowels, filling my rectum. All I could do was moan as my eyes flooded with tears. When he started to pump my moans were interspaced with groans each time he pressed deeper.

When his semen heated my guts my relief was impossible to express, he was done, he pulled out of me and got up.

I thought he was going to leave me but, instead, he came out of the bathroom with a warm washcloth, he was gentle as he cleansed my bottom. He dropped the cloth and laid down beside me.

“Why Karl? Why did you rape me, why did you sodomize me?”

“I love you Karla, I want you as my lover. ”

“Karl, you hurt me, lovers don't hurt each other.

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He took me into his arms, I let him, he whispered, “I'm afraid you're wrong, I think only lovers can hurt each other. ”

“You're going to do it again, aren't you?” I asked him.

“Now that I've had you I want you even more, you're just so beautiful Kitten. ”

“Harrumph,” I growled, “I look just like you, we're identical twins, remember?”

“Well, I guess I'm beautiful, too, then. Do you think I'm beautiful?”

“I think you're a beast who rapes and sodomizes his sister,” I told him.

“Well at least you won't get pregnant,” he said as he patted my bare bottom.

I rolled away from him but he hugged me from behind.

“I'm sorry I had to hurt you Karla, you know I love you with all my heart. ”

I needed to hear those words, to hear that he was sorry for hurting me, I snuggled back against him as his arms embraced me. Although I was forgiving him I was still in a turmoil. I loved Karl with an unsurpassed passion, I felt he was part of me and I was part of him, maybe the sex was inevitable. He'd taken my virginity, sure, but I knew he'd be the one. No, it was being sodomized that was affecting me. I'd always thought of us as equals but now I understood that wasn't entirely true. When I'd felt his strength as he subdued me, as he held me down and penetrated me, I felt small and weak. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  As he rode my bottom I realized I was female and he was male, he could dominate me and force me to submit. And, more than that, I realized that he would, but strangest of all it caused a tingle in my tummy, even through the pain he'd caused I knew I wanted him to want me, I relaxed in his arms.

We must have dozed off, Mom was supposed to be going out so we both jumped when we heard her drunken rant, then,

“Karla, get in my bedroom,” she shrieked.

Karl leapt from the bed, he was naked and I still had my shorts around my ankles, he said,

“Karla, get into your PJ's and pretend your asleep, I'll go. ”

He pulled on his jeans and hurried to her room.

“I said I want Karla, 'Karla, get your ass in here,' where is she?”

“Mom, she'd not feeling well, she's sleeping. ”

“Fuck, well, you'll do. Get those jeans off and get over the bed. ”

As his jeans came down she saw he wasn't wearing underwear.

“Commando, huh, think you're a tough guy do you?Well, we'll see. ”

Even from her bedroom Karla could hear the lash fall on Karl's flesh.

It seemed to go on forever, he was striped from the back of his knees up to his shoulder blades yet she continued to flail away, she intended to break him. Even when he began to beg and sob she continued.

“You got yours, these are for Karla,” she ranted as she continued to whip.

Finally she said, “Now get out of here damn you.

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Karl was staggering as he went to his bedroom, he'd left his jeans in her room, now he fell face down and naked on his bed. With only the dim illumination of their night light I could see the damage he'd endured. Red and purple striping him, blood from several cuts, Karl's face was buried in his pillow, he was whimpering; I went to him.

I'd never seen such a severe beating, “I'm sorry Karl, that was suppose to be me. ”

“It's OK Kitten, it's OK, I want to protect you, you're my girl. ”

There were tears of gratitude and love in my eyes, I got the jar of aloe vera gel from the bathroom and gently applied it to his wounds. I stayed with him until his whimpering stopped and he slept.

That night began what Karl and I thought of as Ginny's downward spiral, her bouts of drinking came more frequently, her Oxy supply was being depleted more rapidly and the beatings were now a regular occurrence. Sometimes it seemed she wanted me as her target the most but, whenever he could Karl would step up and take responsibility for whatever contrived sin we'd committed. We frequently discussed “The Race,” would we live to see our inheritances, we wondered.

Karl was still quite sore when we walked to school the next morning, I told him I'd put more of the aloe on when we got home.

He smiled, “No, I've got something better, just wait. ”

I didn't have a choice, I waited but I was intrigued, what did he have in store for us?

Once we were in the house he didn't keep me waiting long, he led me to our bedroom, sat me on my bed then sat down beside me.

As our eyes met he said, “You know I love you, don't you Karla?”

My tummy was going liquid as I nodded yes. He embraced me then lowered me to the mattress, our lips met.

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Slowly, tenderly he began undressing me, my shirt, he caressed my exposed flesh, my sides, my tummy then he took my brassiere. My nipples were turgid peaks, my breath was coming hard and fast as his mouth came down, he took one between his lips while his fingers toyed with the other, I moaned softly with my climbing arousal, he unfastened my shorts.

He stroked me, my pantied covered vulva felt warm with the onrush of blood, my panties were off, he paused to admire me, whispering,

“You're so beautiful Kitten. ”

His tongue parted my labia, he tasted me, he probed my vagina then tugged lightly at my lips before he covered my clitoris. He flicked it with the tip of his tongue, it was like an electrical pulse. The muscles of my tummy rippled, involuntarily my body jerked as my internal organs contracted, I screamed aloud as my first ever orgasm washed through me, then a second and third followed; I felt a flood between my legs then he looked up at me.

“Like that?” He smiled.

“Like it, it was fantastic, I loved it,” I answered.

I realized he was rolling a condom on. As he slid into me I felt a twinge of pain that rapidly passed, this time he was slow and gentle with me, he was stretching me, after all it was only my second time, but it was exquisite, he began to thrust.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him, it felt so right, I was his woman and would always be, I knew it then. We kissed and he massaged my tender breasts as he continued stroked into me, again my body quivered as I climaxed once more. Karl stayed in me as he turned me onto my side and finally onto my tummy, he lifted me by my hips. On my knees I arched my back, it felt primeval, being taken like the beasts, he could go deeper in this position, I thrust my hips back to meet him, uttering a little grunt each time he forced himself further. I began to buck as another climax overtook me, he gripped my hips and rode me as I wailed in ecstasy.

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I was spent, he eased me down to the mattress then rolled me onto my back. I thought he was going to enter me in the missionary position, instead he pushed my legs up toward my chest and slid a pillow under my bottom. I wondered what he was going to do, he'd pulled the condom off, they he said,

“I want to watch your beautiful face,” as he picked up the tube of sexual lubricant.

He had me put my arms over my legs so that my knees rested along side my breasts then he applied the cool, slick gel to my anus; he pressed against me.

“Try to relax and push out like you're trying to move your bowels for me Kitten,” he instructed.

When I bore down he pushed in, my still sore sphincters yielded as he entered me. It hurt but nothing like the previous day, again he continued to slide deeper until I'd taken all of him. My head was thrown back, my breath came rapid and shallow but my eyes remained open as he watched me with a small smile. Once he was in me he stopped.

“Tell me what it feels like Kitten,” he said.

“It hurts and I feel stuffed, like I need to go poo. ”

He massaged my flanks, my hips, my bottom and my abdomen.

“Your body's spectacular Karla and this feels unbelievable, you're so incredibly tight. Tell me that you like it, that you like satisfying me. ”

“If it's what you want then I want to give it to you Karl,” I said.



“That's my girl,” he exclaimed as he began to stroke.

He fucked me for at least 18 minutes to the accompaniment of my moans, grunts and groans. When he came I could feel his steaming semen as it pulsed into me. As he had the day before, once he'd pulled out of me he cleaned me with a warm washcloth then laid down with me and held me.

It became our routine, sex as soon as we got home. Some days he had vaginal intercourse with me, some not but he'd always give me oral until I'd had several orgasms and he always took me anally.

Several weeks later I experienced my first orgasm with him in my bowels, I knew he'd succeeded, he'd broken me in, in spite of the fact that I still felt some pain when he penetrated me I wanted him to sodomize me, the ache in my rectum as he stretched me, now I truly was his little sex Kitten.

After that little break through there was a slight change, a change I didn't mind at all, although anal was still a large part of our sexual relationship Karl began to concentrate more on me. Maybe because we're twins, I don't really know, but he seemed to know every sensitive erogenous inch of my body and he could play me like a piano maestro. His fingers, his hands, his tongue could take me to unimaginable heights and I adored him. Everything in our life seemed wonderful. At school our grades were top of the class, Karl had made the football team and I, well I was a spectator at Karl's practices and games.

I really wanted to be a cheer leader, but the one dark cloud in our life precluded my participation, a skimpy little cheer leader's outfit simply wouldn't cover enough of me and, at home things were continuing to deteriorate.

Pills, the bottle and the belt, mom was losing control. She'd even begun to drink heavily at home, our basement was stocked like the wine cellar of a fine restaurant and her shrill screech of,

“Karl, get into my bedroom,” or

“Karla, get into my bedroom,”

I was a spectator because the welts she left on the back of my thighs would have been as obvious as neon lights in the short skirts the cheer leaders wore.

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Karl tried to deflect her from me, he took the brunt of her wrath but all too frequently she still managed to get me.

One occasion I'll never forget, Karl and I were sophomores and had turned 18 a couple of weeks earlier. He and I were nearly ecstatic, mom was going on a retreat with her company, she would leave the following Friday morning for 4 days at a chalet in the Smokey Mountains. What developed was nearly the perfect storm.

It was the day before she was to leave, Thursday afternoon, and I walked home from school alone. Karl and some of his buddies were going to play basketball so he wasn't with me. I didn't realize mom was home, she'd parked in the garage and the door was down, I didn't see her car. It turned out that she'd come home early so she could get packed for her trip, she was in her bedroom when she heard me come in.

I went up to my room, her voice startled and frightened me as,

“Karla, come to my bedroom,” rang out.

A glass of wine sat on her dresser and her belt was on the bed, she was wearing only her panties and bra and the smile she gave me was pure wickedness.

I was still in my shorts and tee shirt, she looked me up and down before saying,

“You're growing up I see, are you still a virgin girl?”

I didn't answer, I just flushed red with embarrassment at the question.

“Maybe I should take a look, see if you're still pristine, would you like that?”

I was speechless, a visit to her bedroom was always bad but nothing like this, I wanted to run as she said,

“Forget that, but let's see what you have to offer the boys, take your shirt off. ”

Honestly I was trembling with fear but I did as she told me, my shirt came over my head, I dropped it on the floor.

“Nice flat belly,” she said, “Now lose the bra. ”

My breasts were now perky and firm 34 B cups, I unfastened it and let it fall.

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She only smiled then ordered,

“Now the shorts. ”

I ungripped and unzipped them, slowly eased them over my hips and let them fall, I stepped out of them.

“Now turn around,” she said.

She was looking at me from behind, my bottom was full and firm with a defined anal cleft visible through my white panties, she smirked,

“Butt's getting a little big, isn't it. ”

Again I was mute.

I watched in horror as she picked up the belt.

“Get them down and get over the bed,” she hissed.

I lowered my panties to mid thigh and went prone on the bed. She came over and tugged them down to my knees, saying,

“I want those thighs, too. ”

And the belt swung.

It seemed to go on interminably, far and away the most severe beating I'd ever received before she said,

“Now get out of here, I need to finish packing. ”

She was sipping on her wine as I staggered from her room.

It was well after dark by the time Karl got home, mom had gone out for the evening so I was alone when he came in. I was in bed naked except for my panties, still at half mast, with only the sheet covering me, anything more just brought pain. Karl spoke to me when he entered, I replied with a moan.

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As he walked over to me he asked what was the matter, then he turned back the sheet exposing my tortured flesh.

“Oh My God,” he exclaimed, “She did that to you, the damned woman's out of control, I'm going to make a record of this.

With the lights turned up he took photographs detailing the damage then he got the aloe to sooth my pain. It did provide relief and I was exhausted, I immediately fell asleep.

To my relief she'd already left for the airport when I got up, I showered then chose my clothes carefully, nothing tight and certainly no bra, cereal for breakfast then Karl and I started to walk.

“Karla, I can't let these beatings go on, I think we should go to the police. I have the photographs and you still have the marks. ”

As much as I wanted to I just couldn't agree.

“No Karl, I can't, I know it's terrible but she's our mother, we can't send her to jail and, you know that's what would happen. We'd end up in foster care until we're 18 and we might even get split up; no way that can happen. ”

“Ah shit, I guess you're right, but. . . ”

“No, there's no but, we just can't do it, besides, in spite of it all we're still in “The Race. ”

There was a teachers' workshop scheduled for that afternoon so classes ended at noon, Karl and I decided to just mess around for a while.


  We strolled over to the mall, the smells from the food court reminded us that we'd not had lunch, we opted for Mexican. Karl likes his hot and spicy and he induced me to try some jalapeno peppers on my tostito, pretty good by the way, then we decided to take in a movie.

It was a new release but I can't recommend it; to violent (which Karl, of course loved), then we window shopped for a while. The highlight for me came at the window of Victoria's Secret, I insisted on going in. Want to see a red face, take a 18 year old guy into a ladies lingerie shop and paw through panties holding them up for his approval, I even bought a pair of boy shorts just so he'd have to go to the cashier with me.

Neither one of us wanted to cook that evening so we decided to do something we nearly never did, a rather famous old drive-in was nearby, “The Greasy King” featured burgers and fries that were real belly bombs, dripping with grease and juices they might be the world's best hamburgers, Karl had the half pounder, I went for the third.

By the time we finally got home it was time to play. In our room Karl stripped quickly, I was only down to my panties when Karl whooped and grabbed me. We fell on my bed and the wrestling match ensued. He was ahead on points, mainly my pointed breasts, which were getting most of his attention when I grabbed him in what we'll call a “Cock Lock. ”I tugged at his flaccid penis, instead of fighting back his response was a stifled moan as he began to harden.

The wrestling match was concluded, With an, “Oh Yeah Kitten, just like that,” he laid back as I masturbated him. It continued to grow, to my amazement my hand filled with about 8 inches of man-meat; it was beautiful, I couldn't resist. I licked it.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah,” Karl gasped, “Take it in your mouth Kitten, suck me, God that feels good.

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I'd never performed fellatio before but I did know that no teeth were allowed, with lips and tongue I explored, it was like a steel rod encased in velvet, so hard yet so smooth. He was so large that I could only get the head and an inch or two in my mouth. I slid between his legs so I could look up and see his face. He threw his head back, moaned, “Oh God Yeah,” then one hand held the back of my head while the other stroked my face.

He began to pump his hips and I felt him swell even larger and begin to pulse as he shouted, “I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum. ”

I thought about pulling away but, instead I lapped harder and faster, when it came it seemed like quarts hitting the back of my throat, his hand held my head in place as his hot cum filled my mouth. I swallowed as rapidly as I could but the quantity was prodigious, when I finally came off semen was leaking from both sides of my mouth.

Karl chuckled, “You look like a kitten that's been lapping up her milk,” and like a kitten I swirled my tongue, getting the rest.

I climbed up into his waiting arms, “That was fantastic Karla, where'd you learn to do that?”

“Just natural female intuition, you've tasted me plenty of times, I wanted to taste you. ”

“So Kitten, how do I taste?” He asked.

“Like salty, hot yogurt,” I answered, “How about me?” I wanted to know.

“Like sugar and spice and everything nice, like manna from heaven, like the nectar of the Gods,” he sniggered.

I swatted him as we both laughed.

“Now it's my turn,” he said as he kissed me.

His fabulous fingers played me like a Steinway Grand Piano, by the time his tongue slithered through my auburn pubic hair to drink from my slit I was lubricating so profusely that the sheet was getting soaked.

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  He avoided my clit only teasing along it's shaft, keeping me on edge, moaning, begging for him to take me over the top. When is mouth came off me I screamed at him and called him a bastard for torturing me, leaving me aching.

“Be still Kitten, I have something special for you,” he said as he got the lubricant from the drawer of my nightstand.

“I just want to cum, make me cum,” I pouted.

“Oh, you will, you will, I promise,” he smiled as his fingers parted my labia.

First one finger then a second probed my vagina, they easily slid into me, I was so aroused, his other hand was caressing my abdomen, our eyes met then mine flew open wide, he smiled,

“Feels good, doesn't it,” he said as he began to rapidly plunge his fingers in and out of me.

He'd found my hot button, my “G” spot and was firmly massaging it. The sensations he was creating were unique to me, “Feels good” doesn't come close to describing how he was making me feel. There was an intensity I'd never experienced before. I was writhing, moaning incoherently as he continued.

I wanted it to go on forever, I wanted it to stop, I wanted to cum, instead, I screamed,

“Oh God, I'm gonna pee, I'm gonna pee on you Karl,” as I tried to get up.

Gently but firmly the hand on my abdomen pressed me down, “You're not gonna pee Kitten, just relax then push down like you were trying to have a baby. ”

I did as Karl told me, like Lamaze practice, I pushed and I lost it, I was all over the bed screaming,

“Oh God, Oh shit, Oh fuck, Oooooooooh,” the intensity of my climax was incredible as fluid fountained from me at least a foot into the air. I watched In awe, Karl kept at me and I continued to squirt, twice more, like Old Faithful, I ejaculated. Karl covered my urethra with his mouth to capture my juices then he slid up my body and kissed me. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   For the first time I tasted pussy, my pussy to be sure, but the flavor of a female, he rolled a condom on and entered me.

Our lovemaking was more passionate, more inspired than ever before, he'd brought me to three more orgasms before he turned me over and mounted me from behind, maybe my favorite way, he could go so deep.

As he thrust into me he caressed my cheeks,

“You have such an incredible ass Kitten, it's perfect. ”

In truth, just like mom I was a little plump in the panties, with twin soft muffins which Karl spread. Hetook a few moments to admire my crinkled orifice, I knew he loved it for, in spite of the exercise it had received over the past year and a half it was still quite tight and, adding to his immense pleasure, I'd learned how to tighten my sphincters around his penis, milking him. Now, while he continued to thrust into my vagina he lubricated me.

Once I was ready to receive him he held me by the hips and rapidly pumped, I fell forward onto the bed as yet another orgasm washed through my sated body. He rolled me onto my back and pushed my legs up,

“Hold them for me Kitten,” he said as he stripped off the condom and entered me.

The twinge of pain as he parted my sphincters then the slow slide in until I felt the fullness of my rectum that I'd come to crave. Our eyes held each other, small smiles on both our faces, one of his hands massaging my abdomen as the other caressed my breasts. He stayed in me as he rolled me onto my left side and lifted my upper leg. He scooted forward and, as he pumped me he was able to easily access my pussy with his right hand, his fingers danced across my clitoris until I gasped, my orgasm hit, my anus contracted around him, his gasp matched mine.

“Christ that feels good,” he exclaimed, then he turned me onto my tummy and lifted me to my knees.

I pulled a pillow under my head, my breasts were resting on the mattress and I arched my back raising my bottom, I expected a rough ride and my man didn't disappoint.

His thrusts were deep and hard eliciting a grunt from me each time he powered forward, he was giving me the fucking of my life and I loved it.

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  I tightened my sphincter and Karl roared, his cock jerked as pulse after pulse of his scalding sperm washed my bowels.

As he withdrew from me I was delirious with happiness; a perfect day spent with my lover, the first time pleasing him with my mouth, both of us completely spent and yet craving more, his strong hands were caressing my bottom when a sharp pain roiled my bowels and, and. . . my world imploded.

I can't even bring myself to write what happened, suffice to say I fell forward and wept, totally devastated. But Karl was a complete gentleman, using the sheet he wiped my legs and bottom then himself before he helped me to the shower, once we'd both rinsed then soaped then rinsed again he ran a tub for me. As I sat in the warm water trying to regain control of my emotions Karl gathered up the soiled bed clothes and took them to the laundry room, he loaded and started the washer then sprayed our bedroom with a light fragrance before joining me in the tub.

“I'm so sorry,” I wailed.

He was behind me (was he safe?), he hugged me and whispered, “It's OK Karla, you couldn't control it, it's OK. ”

He helped me out of the tub, dried me off and walked me to his bed, laid out on it were a pair of white cotton panties and pajamas. He dressed me, yes, Karl really dressed me, he laid me down and climbed in beside me.

He was holding me from behind, I was snuggling against him, I whispered, “Oh Karl, I'm so sorry, that was so embarrassing. ”

He gave me a hug then said, “You know what they say?”

“No, what's that?” I asked.

“Shit Happens.

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I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or hit him but he gave me another big hug and I settled against him.

He was up before me the next morning, he gave me a little hug and kiss and told me he had some errands to run, he'd be back soon to make breakfast.

I did get up before he returned, I was in the kitchen and didn't see him go upstairs. When he came back down he asked how I was feeling, I answered,

“My stomach still feels a little queasy, I'm just going to have some oatmeal and juice. ”

We both had the same thing then, when we'd finished he went to the basement. When he came back up he was carrying a small white plastic pail, he washed and dried it then carried it upstairs. I wondered what it was for: I'd soon enough learn.

He put on some music, we sat in the living room listening, I was leaning against him, my head on his shoulder, I realized then just how deeply I loved him, the previous night could have been a total disaster emotionally for me but he'd been so caring, so gentle, so understanding, I kissed him.

“Is my Kitten purring for me,” he teased as he pulled me onto his lap.

We kissed and hugged but when his hands cupped my bottom I stiffened.

“What's the matter Karla?” He asked.

“Maybe I don't feel so good,” I said, trying to deflect him from the fact that I was terrified at the thought of anal, I knew I couldn't psychologically endure another mishap.

He felt my brow, “I don't think you're feverish but maybe we should check. ”

“I don't have a headache Karl, it's my tummy. ”And it was, my bowels felt like water although I knew it wasn't illness but fear affecting me.

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I guess I was trembling just a little and he knew me, my body, he said,

“You're scared, aren't you Karla. ”

My voice quivered as I answered, “Yes. ”

“About last night?” He asked.

“Oh Karl, I just couldn't go through that again,” I sobbed.

“Take it easy Karla, It'll be OK, we'll deal with it, just relax for me. ”

He let me cry myself out on his shoulder, when I'd gained control I asked,

“What can we do, how can we make it OK, Karl it was terrible. ”

“It won't happen again, I promise,” he said. Then he helped me to stand, saying, “Let's go upstairs. ”

It was with terrible trepidation that I climbed the staircase, my mind was conflicted, we'd had sex that way for over a year and a half without incident but then once was all it took to devastate me, I didn't think I could go through it again.

Karl sat me on my bed, he'd made it up with fresh bed clothes then sat down beside me.

“Last night was pretty horrific for you wasn't it Karla?”

“The worst, the very, very worst thing that's ever happened to me, God, I'm still so embarrassed, I made a mess all over you, me and the bed. ”

“Are you afraid it might happen again?”

“Yes, God yes. ”

“Karla, it was an accident, probably the Mexican, the grease burgers and me stirring up your bowels, it's not likely that it would happen again, you know. ”

“I know, I know,” I said as I began to sob again.

Suddenly I was in his arms, he caressed me then whispered, “There's a way to make sure it doesn't happen.



“How Karl, tell me how,” I exclaimed.

“You may not like it but it will work Sweetheart. ”

“Anything Karl, I'll do anything,” I said desperately.

“OK then,” he said as he got up and walked to the bathroom.

When he returned he was carrying the white plastic bucket, a red syringe and a jar of Vaseline, even I knew what those things were for; still I said, “What are you going to do Karl?”

“I'm going to give you an enema. ”

I jumped up, “Nunhunh, no way,” I told him.

He set the things down then said, “Sit down Karla, let's talk about this. ”

I sat, he sat beside me.

“Karla, what happened last night was because your rectum was full of feces, our diet yesterday probably contributed but the real reason was because your rectum was full. We'll use small enemas, just enough to cleanse and empty you. It won't hurt, I promise. ”

“Karl it seems so icky,” I argued.

“As icky as last night,” he countered.

“”No,” I confessed.

He took my hand, “Come over my lap,” he said as he guided me.

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I'd never felt so much like a little girl, not even when I was a little girl, that was until what happened next.

“Lift your hips, I need to take your PJ's and panties down. ”

With my pajama bottoms and panties down around my knees I expressed my feelings, saying, “I feel like a little girl. ”

He caressed my bottom, “Damned fine ass for a little girl,” he said as he parted my cheeks and lubricated my anus with the Vaseline.

He'd bared my body, he'd fingered and lubricated my back door, my body was his but this was totally different, I squirmed a little then I heard the sucking sound of the syringe being filled, the press and the insertion.

My first emotion was embarrassment but the second was a strange pleasure as the warm water flowed into me, the effect was calming. Karl gave me three bulbs full then massaged my back as I laid across his lap waiting for the water to do it's job.

When the urge to go struck I waddled, PJ's and panties around my knees, to the toilet and explosively voided my bowels. After I'd finished Karl came in and ran a tub of water for me.

“After your enemas you'll get a bath, you'll be my “Pristine Princess. ”

I thought that sounded a hell of a lot better than my poopy partner, I luxuriated under his touch as he bathed and dried me.

Again he'd laid out clothing for me, well, not quite clothing, there was a thin cotton nighty on his bed, he held it up for me.

“No panties?” I asked.

“You won't need them for a while,” he answered, “Let's lie down and rest for a little while. ”

I donned the gown and we both climbed into bed.

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As he held me he asked, “That wasn't so bad was it?”

“No, the warm water felt kinda nice, one thing was a little strange though, when you filled me up it puffed out my tummy and made me look a few months pregnant. ”

He caressed my abdomen and said, “Pregnant, hunh, I don't think so. ”

I don't know why I said what I did though I'll confess I'd thought about it, I replied, “Karl that wouldn't be so bad, I do want your baby, you know. ”

“Karla, don't be silly, we're only 15. ”

“We're almost 16, girls all over the world have babies when they're 16. ”

“Not us, 15's too young. Maybe we can talk about it when we're 18 but I'd rather wait 'til we're 21 and “The Race” is over. ”

That got us talking about “The Race” and that led to mom. The severe beating she'd given me was just one more indicator of her growing instability. We knew the pills and the booze were taking their toll but her behavior had also become more promiscuous, more men were visiting and more frequently we heard her mantra, “The front door's wide open but the back door's locked and only Ginny has the key,” we kinda laughed about that but it wasn't really all that funny.

Karl mentioned that she seemed to be obsessing over the fact that she was nearing 40 and, also that more and more her malevolence was directed toward me.

He added, “I think she's scared and she's jealous, you're young, you're beautiful, you're a constant reminder of what she's losing and she's trying to prove that she's still hot; that's why all the guys. ”

“God, I almost feel sorry for her, don't you?” I asked.

“I would if she'd lose the Goddamned belt. ”

“Yeah, ditto to that.

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He began to nibble on my neck and shivers ran up and down my spine, the hand under me cupped my breast, he lightly pinched my nipple, I moaned softly and suddenly I was wet. He touched me, felt my slickness then took my hand and guided it to my vulva.

“Do it for me Kitten, make yourself cum. ”

As I stroked myself he reached across me to the nightstand and got a condom, rolling it on he told me,

“Arch your back for me,” as he filled my vagina.

His arm went over mine, he massaged my abdomen as he slowly pumped, our pace was leisurely, it felt heavenly.

“That's my pretty Kitten,” he cooed in my ear as I brought myself closer to a climax.

When it came it was like our lovemaking, soft and gentle; my tummy turned liquid and I just flowed.

“Nice?” He asked.

“Wonderful,” I breathed.

He turned me onto my back, as his tongue traced over my breasts, my belly and down to my slit I came again then his mouth was on me, flicking, tasting, he tongued my vagina sipping my fragrant nectar then he turned me.

He spread my cheeks, I felt his tongue probing my anus, the tip slipped through my first sphincter. He'd never done this before, it felt strange and strangely exciting. He circled my tight ring flicking his tongue through my crinkle. After a few minutes of this I began to pump my hips, thrusting my bottom back, fucking myself on his tongue. My body began to tremble, I couldn't believe it, analingus had induced yet another orgasm.



“You're about ready, aren't you?” He asked.

“I, I, don't know,” I stammered, I was still a little scared to do it again.

But I felt him lubricating me then he rolled me onto my side again, he was behind me.

“It'll be alright,” he said as I felt the head press against me.

“Push back on me Kitten, I want you to do it. ”

I pushed back, like always I gave a little moan when he penetrated me, as he slid further into me I felt my rectum being filled. Once in he paused, he knew I'd come to relish the full feeling I was getting.

As he slowly stroked me I let my head fall back and rest on his shoulder, the hand that was massaging my abdomen slipped lower, he began to masturbate me.

It felt nice but it wasn't what I really wanted, in a shy little voice I asked,

“Karl, please keep rubbing my tummy.

“You like that, why?”

“It lets me dream Karlchin, it lets me dream. ”

“Tell me, what's your dream Kitten. ”

“If I tell it won't come true,” I said.

“Maybe I can make it come true,” he told me.

“Oh you can Love, you can. ”

“Tell me Karla.

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“I dream that you'll be able to feel our baby move in my tummy. ”

“We will, but we must wait, you know that. ”

“I know, but I can dream, can't I?” I pouted.

“How about we share your dream, I love you Karla. ”

For the time being I dropped it but I knew I was going to obsess, and besides, he kept rubbing my tummy. His gentle touch relaxed me, I dozed off with him in me. When I awoke he was still holding me, he smiled, “Hello there Sleeping Beauty. ”

I kissed him.

When I got up I went to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet I realized two things; first, he'd ejaculated in me while I slept, his semen was dripping from me and, second, the enema had worked, the only thing oozing from me was his white cum.

We spent the remainder of our private time together just lounging at the pool or watching movies, neither of us really wanted to go out, we were reveling in each other's company. Well, I suppose you could say that we'd also devised a little code, three pats on my bottom and a whispered, “My lovely kitten,” meant I was going to get an enema that evening and rubbing my tummy, well, I think he does that to tease me but also to let me know he's thinking about my dream.

Mom was in, what with her passed for a good mood when she returned. Karl and I decided that she must have met someone, heavy e-mail traffic between her and her yet unknown beau bore this out. We only hoped it would go on a good long time.

Our 16th birthday came and went, still her improved mood seemed to prevail, oh she still craved her pills and cocktails but the belt continued to hang on the back of her bedroom door.

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  One evening as it neared the Thanksgiving holiday Karl and some of his friends planned on playing some basketball then getting a pizza. Normally I'd have tagged along but I needed to study for an upcoming calculus exam, I just had a sandwich and a coke and changed into my pajamas.

Mom had been euphoric for the past week, it seems her admirer was going to be in town for several days. She'd spent hours preparing for her date and was beautiful when she left. She'd even taken a small overnight case with her, I assumed her plans included a night in a hotel, so I was surprised when I heard her come in around 9.

I'd finished studying and was lounging on my bed listening to music, when I heard her I peeked a crack in the bedroom door. The beautiful woman that had departed just a few short hours ago was now a disheveled mess, her neatly coiffed auburn hair was stringy, her perfect makeup smeared and, as she reeled to her room she was obviously drunk.

She was screaming and crying, talking to herself as she ranted. I couldn't understand much of what she was saying but, “He laughed at me, the fucking bastard laughed at me. ”

I gathered that he'd taken her up to his room, plied her with drinks then made a move on her. When she'd said she wanted him, too, but after dinner, he'd laughed.

“Ginny, you're a fair fuck but that's all, look at yourself, between the dope and booze you look like a 50 year old hag but, if you want to drop your panties I'll give you a mercy fuck before you get out of here. ”

Evidently she'd flown at him, he'd fought her off and thrown her out into the hall, she'd hit the bar and now she was home, I trembled in fear, I knew I was at grave risk, then the screech,

“Karla, I know you're here, get in my bedroom now. ”

Slowly I trudged to her room, “Yes mother,” I mumbled.

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She was referring to my pajamas and, maybe I did look like a little girl, flannel pajamas decorated with Emperor Penguins, but I thought they were cute. Her attire was in complete contrast, black thigh highs, a black thong and matching brassiere, she looked like a dominatrix; all the more for the belt she held in her right hand.

“Get them off and let's see what's underneath,” she demanded.

I knew what she wanted, slowly I took off my top.

“Move it damn it,” she prompted.

I dropped the top onto the floor then slid my bottoms over my hips and let them fall, I stepped out of them and stood, terrorized and waiting.

I wasn't wearing a bra but my breasts were full and firm, my tummy was flat as a washboard and my plump bottom filled out my white cotton panties, she smiled but there was no humor in it, it was evil and wicked, oozing with malevolence, then she sneered,

“You know what to do, get those panties down and get over the bed. ”

With my panties around my knees I fell over the mattress, the belt swished through the air and struck; I screamed, it had wrapped around my body, the tip bit into the tender flesh of my breast, it fell again, this time across the backs of my thighs.

I writhed under the lashing, trying to protect my tender parts, her blows were indiscriminate, from my feet to my shoulder blades she struck me, when I rolled to try to avoid the strap she struck my belly, my arms which were protecting my breasts and even my pudenda.

“You think you're so hot, something so Goddamned special, well you're not, I'm the woman of this house damn you you little bitch,” she railed.

The strap continued its assault, she was screaming and swearing, I was screaming and crying, neither of us heard until,

“Mother, stop that, stop that right now” thundered through the room. Karl stood in the doorway.

In retrospect I don't believe it would have happened if she'd just stopped, instead she wheeled on him.

“You don't tell me what to do,” she screeched as she swung the belt at his face.

She struck him just below his right eye, immediately raising a welt then she drew the belt back to hit him again.

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In anger, in retaliation, I don't know, but my calm, peaceful twin snapped. He grabbed the belt jerking it from her hand and he swung.

He swung again and again, she fell across the bed from the blows. I crawled off the bed and cowered in the corner, I couldn't believe what I was witnessing as the belt literally flew. She couldn't even scream any more, she was mewling piteously, I was so glad when he stopped but I was wrong.

He unfastened her brassiere baring her back then took her panties down to her knees, just like she'd made me do, and the belt whistled as he struck.

I begged, “Karl, please stop. ”

Instead he said, “Get me a knife Karla, a big one. ”

“No, Karl you can't,” I thought he was going to kill her.

“It's not for her, I'm gonna cut up this Goddamned belt, now get it. ”

I did as I was told, the beating stopped when I handed him the knife, he chopped the belt into tiny pieces and dropped them onto the floor.

“Now get out Kitten, go to our room, Mommy and I have some things to discuss. ”

I scampered out of the room, closing the door behind me but I didn't go to my room, instead, I listened.

I heard the rustle of clothing being removed then the springs of the bed as he sat down beside her.

“You won't beat us again mommy,” were the first words I heard.

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Her pain was evident but she'd not lost any of her feistyness as she spat at him, “The hell I won't, you're gonna get the beating of your life tomorrow, just you wait. ”

“No, you're wrong, things are going to change here, they have to, you're out of control. ”

“Screw you,” she yelled, then I heard the slap.

Then in the most ominous tones I've ever heard Karl said, “No, you've got that backwards mommy, screw you. ”

The struggle was brief, she pled, “Karl, don't take my panties, God no Karl, please, you can't, I'm your mother. ”

Then a moan of extreme pain, I knew she wasn't aroused, I knew her vagina was dry and I knew Karl was raping our mother.

She made some pathetic sounds then the creak of the bed springs and the slapping of flesh on flesh. It went on for about 5 minutes then I heard her,

“God, you're so big, you're stretching my poor little pussy. ”

“You love it don't you mommy, tell me that you love it. ”

“I hate it, I hate you, you're a bastard, you know. ”

“Hey, I'm your son, you would know,” he told her.

The sounds of their copulation continued for some time before Karl said, “That's it mommy, wrap your legs around me, get a good ride. ”

Karla's ears weren't deceiving her, Karl wanted to make Ginny understand that things couldn't go on as they were but when she'd slapped him and threatened to beat him he realized that far more severe measures would be required to control her.

He'd wrestled her down to the bed and forced himself between her legs, she'd tried to squirm away from him but once he'd succeeded in penetrating her, the pain of his large cock as it tore against her dry tissue was excruciating. God she hated him at that moment, in spite of everything she WAS his mother after all.

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But as he continued to pump her, her body betrayed her, she began to lubricate and respond to him. It felt good when she wrapped her legs around him, he was her son but he was the largest man she'd ever been with and when he pushed her legs back and told her to hold them the sensations were incredible. A mixture of pleasure and erotic pain flooded through her, deeper than any man had ever gone, her tender vaginal tissue was being stretched to accommodate him then her body betrayed her even more, she was awed by the intensity of her orgasm.

Glassy eyed she could only stare as he said, “Mommy likes it, doesn't mommy,” as he rolled her onto her stomach then pulled her to her knees and thrust into her again.

It took her breath away, she'd never had it like this, he was rough with her as he held her hips and pounded her, she was his mother, it wasn't supposed to be like this. It was incest, it was illegal, it was sinful but, God it was wildly exciting as a wave of orgasms coursed through her.

Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps when he said, “Mommy needs a pillow. ”He pulled one under her and lowered her over it.

I heard, like me she couldn't muster a scream but her sound was the most heart wrenching moan I'd ever heard, a sound I remembered all too well, my own sound. There was no lubricant at their bedside, he'd used only the moisture from her vagina and was now sodomizing her. It seemed to go on forever, her pathetic noises then the grunts as he buried himself in her, her pleading for him to stop, the intensity of her sobbing as her pain and humiliation continued. I wanted to run away, to go and yet, in a macabre way I was frozen, transfixed; suddenly it stopped.

As the door opened I could see her curled into the fetal position on the bed, naked and sobbing; Karl came out with our clothing in one hand, he shut the door.

All he said was. “Mommy's back door isn't locked anymore,” then he took my hand and led me to bed.



We didn't speak about what had happened, he got the aloe and attended to my ravaged flesh before we went down for the night.

When I awakened the next morning I wondered and feared what would happen but mom made it moot, she was already gone. Karl and I had breakfast, now I needed to talk.

“Tell me what happened,” I said to him.

“Karla, I think you already know all you need to know,” was his curt reply.

“But tonight, when she gets home, what's going to happen?”

“Some things are going to change, no more belt for instance, but some will be the same. She's still our mother, we'll treat her with love and respect but she's going to need to make some changes, the booze, the pills and the promiscuity have got to stop; she's on a fast track to trouble or death and we're going to help her change. ”

“What do you mean Karl?” I asked.

“Like I said, we'll treat her with love and respect, when she gets home tonight, while you get supper on the table I'll serve her a glass of wine while she relaxes. After we've eaten I want to pamper her, we'll bathe her, brush her hair, generally treat her like a princess but she won't be going out. I'm going to limit her to three glasses of wine a night, one when she gets home, one with dinner and one before bed. ”

“Karl, you know she's going to fight you about this,” I told him.

Emphatically he responded, “She'll lose. ”

We were both anxious that evening but things seemed to be going smoothly, when mom came in Karl had a glass of a nice Cabernet Sauvignon poured and waiting, he led her to her easy chair, served her wine, took off her shoes and massaged her feet as she sipped. I was pleased to hear a contented sigh from her.

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Dinner went smoothly, then while Karl and I did the dishes she went up to her room.

Once we finished with the dishes we went up to bathe her. As we went into her room we found her at her vanity, the marks from her strapping still vivid; she was wearing thigh highs, a bra and her panties, a cocktail dress was laid out on her chair.

Her mood had changed, she was her old aggressive self as she snarled, “What do you two want?”

Karl calmly said, “We came up to bathe you and get you dressed for bed. ”

“Hardly,” she haughtily answered, “I've got a date tonight. ”

“Cancel it, you need to stay home with us and act like a mother,” Karl told her.

“Karl, you're out of your mind, now you and Karla get out so I can finish dressing,” she screamed.

“Mother, you're not going anywhere, now call and cancel the date, you're staying home with us,” Karl said, still in a calm voice.

“Like hell I will,” she screeched as she got up from the vanity to confront him.

Karl said, “Karla, leave us alone, Mommy and I need to work things out. ”

Quickly I left, again stopping once I'd closed the door.

“Now mother, make the call,” he said.

“Get out, who do you think you are?” She ranted.

“I'm your son and you're our mother and it's time you began to act like it, now make the call. ”

“I will not,” she yelled as I heard the impact of her hand slapping Karl's face, then, from her, I heard,

“Let go of me, you're hurting my arm.

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He growled, “More than your arm's going to hurt,” followed after a moment by the muted whack of a hand striking a pantied bottom.

She screamed at him to let her go but the whacks only increased in volume and intensity.

“Stop, Oh God, stop it, you're hurting me. ”

“If you're going to act like a petulant little brat instead of as a responsible mother then you'll be treated as one,” he said as the spanking continued.

I could tell she was kicking and squirming, trying to get away; I'd also felt the steel in Karl's arms and knew she wasn't going anywhere, as he continued.

When I heard a sob break from her chest I thought he would stop and there was a pause before she pled,

“Karl, don't take my panties off, please, Oh God, let me keep a shred of dignity, pleeeeese,” she begged.

The next sound was a harsh smack as his powerful hand impacted her plump, bare bottom.

Crrrrack, crrrack, crrrack, crrrack, the spanking continued. I listened as she went through the stages; demanding that he stop, swearing at him, pleading with him to stop, her sobs and then her whimpering.

He must have held her for a while while she cried herself out, he held a Kleenex for her and let her blow her nose then,

“Karl, please, we can't do this, unnnnnnnggggghhh,” she moaned and I knew he was in her.

There was a little taunt in his voice as he said, “Miss anything in your hurry to get out this morning Mommy?”

After a couple of moments she uttered, “My birth control pills, I couldn't find my birth control pills. ”

“That's right Mommy, you won't need them anymore, you'll be coming home like a good mommy. ”

“Bbbbbut, you'll get me pregnant Karl,” there was fear in her voice.

“We'll just have to take that chance, won't we,” followed by the sounds of their intimacy.

After about 20 minutes she mumbled, “You came in me, didn't you?”

“For the first time tonight, yes, now pull your legs up and let me get this pillow under your butt, I want to see your face.

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The scrape of the drawer in her nightstand being opened let me know that he'd planned in advance.

“What are you doing, that's cold,” she asked.

“Mommy, the back door's open, you might just say I'm oiling the hinges, this lube will make it easier for you. ”

Her low, throaty moan told me that he had parted her sphincters, Mommy was being sodomized for the second time.

Karla put her ear to the door, the agonizing sounds she expected were silent, she could hear a low murmur but nothing more, then several minutes later she was surprised as Ginny said,

“You really think so?”

Karl was in his mother but today he was extremely gentle with her, although he'd so far simply overpowered her he knew for his plan to be a success he'd need her cooperation.

“I wanted you this way so I could see your beautiful face, your radiant smile,” he said as he stroked her auburn tresses, so pretty,” he cooed.

“You really think so?” Ginny asked.

“Do you know what a MILF is Mommy?” He asked.

Even in her compromised position she flushed red with embarrassment, she stammered,

“Ah, ah, ah, I think so. ”

“All of my buddies think you're the A number 1 MILF of all the mothers. ”

“But I'm almost 40. ”

“Mommy, you're 38 and you're a beautiful woman. ”

“Who are we kidding Karl, my breasts are starting to sag, my bottom's too big and I'm getting a fat belly. ”

On the cusp of middle age everything she'd said had some truth about it. Her breasts had lost some of their tautness, she was carrying a little extra weight in her bottom and there was a slight paunchiness to her abdomen but, in truth she was still a very attractive female, she simply saw the worst in herself.



He was slowly stroking into her, his hand went to her breast, he cupped one and then the other, as he massaged them her nipples peaked.

“Beautiful, as succulent as ripe cherries,” he said as he took a nipple between thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed.

She caught her breath as her chest and throat colored with arousal.

“Ummmmm,” she murmured, “that feels nice. ”

He let her legs down, let her get more comfortable as he continued to attend to her bosoms,

“Your breasts are sensitive, aren't they Mommy, I can't wait to suck on them they are so luscious. ”

Moments later both hands slid down, he caressed her hips and then her butt.

“And I think your bottom's spectacular, I'm certainly enjoying it,” as he continued to pump her.

Then he massaged her abdomen, she was soft, her flesh yielding, he kneaded her, “You're so sexy, I think your tummy's cute. ”

She thought back over what had happened, “You've probably put a baby in it, you took my birth control pills. ”

“Would that be so bad,” he asked.

“I'm too old. ”

“Mommy, you obsess over your age, you're still a young, beautiful woman and Karla and I adore you, we just want what's best for you and we want you to be a mother to us, we don't want to hurt you, we want to love you, do you understand?”

Ginny nodded yes.

He reached up and took her right hand, “Do you masturbate Mommy, do you play with yourself?”

Again, she was embarrassed, she cut her eyes away as she nodded assent.

He guided her hand to her vulva, “Do it n.