Edwin and william were best friends,THEy did like everything together except anything sexual but little did they both noe about eachother were that edwin was bi and william was bi to but that all changed one day. Edwin and william would always flirt with eachother but did know they would do it on purpose
edwin was a 5'5 white boy that girls secretly liked and had a 7 inch cock and had spiky hair and was skinny,
william was a 4'7 boy that girls didnt really find atractice and was also sort of skinny he was white and had a 6 and a half cock and always wore shorts that wer to big for him and you can see right threw his legs and see his briefs
One day they both got detention with their science teacher and were stuck in his class along with their teacher
"ILL BE BACK DONT MOVE" said the teacher about 5 minutes later thet schools alarm went off and ther was a burglar in the skool
edwin and william were locked in that room all alone for a while
william was pist cause he wanted to leave but edwin was happy to be with william.
William than fell asleep on the table with one leg down and the other up edwin looked right threw his legs and saw his briefs and got a little hard
edwin walked to his teachers computer and started watching porn and started jaking off for about 45 minutes while william was sound asleep
william than woke up and saw edwin jaking off his nice cock hard and pretend to fall right bak to sleep little did he noe that edwin saw and and edwun took advantage of the situation. edwin took off his pants and walked up to william in his little bikini briefs and put his right hand up williams legs and massages his balss
william jumped with fright and tried pulling away but edwin was rubin williams balls"DUDE PLEASE STOP' william asked but edwin just pulled down his shorts like they were nothing and saw williams white briefs with precum on them.

he slowly pulled down his briefs and williams cock was the full 6 and a half inches. . . edwin started jaking it off and william was starting to breath hard; edwin started licking williams shaft and william couldnt takeit anymore
:IM ABOUT TO CUM"sai dwilliam and when he said that edwin put his mouth on it andlet the cum explode in his mouth. william was in heaven. william layed on the table and edwin but his cock right on top of williams face
"TIME TO RETURNN THE FAVOR WILLY SUCKIT NICE" william did as he was told and sucked edwins cock good edwin fucked williams face nice and hard and cummed in williams mouth 7 times he started going slow so william can apreciate how big edwins bals wer edwin than finished up and got off the tabe
william got off to he rested his arms on the table trying not to fall edwin grabbed williams hips and shoved his cock toward williams ass
but that made edwin only go faster. . . edwin fucked him while standing, william than realized that the pain in his ass turned to pleasure
"UUUUUHHHH UH UH UH"william moaned loud and edwin grabbed williams cock and started jaking it off while fucking william and william cummed all over the table. . . Edwin cummed after that and decided to stop
WILLIAM felt so weak but wanted to giv edwin the same amount of pleasure
EDwin got on all fours and begged for williams cock up his ass and william did as he expected and rammed his cock up edwins ass and edwin was screaming with pleasureand so was william as his warm cock went up edwins tight ass he fucked him for about 5 minutes and stoped and they both collapsed with williams cock stil in his ass for about 18 minutes and started making out with tounge and everything
after about 5 minutes of making out they both started to get dress and waited for the school to say it was safe to leave the classrooms
so they waited while rubbing eachothers cock threw there pants/shorts and made out

hope you like the next will be a straight sex one lol
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