Justin &Family 1


Justin idolized his father. His father Carl lived life with gusto. Enjoying things like food, drink (especially the alcoholic kind), and women. He loved women so much that he only got married after his prospective wife agreed to a very open relationship. Truth be told though she didn’t require much convincing, she got all tingly when he told her about his latest sexual adventure, usually with one of the sexy students at the university where he worked as a professor. She loved sex, she enjoyed many of the things society deemed “unladylike” like alcohol and some other drugs, but she adored sex above all else. There was a complication during Justin’s delivery that effectively sterilized her going forward. Many women would’ve found this news to be rather depressing but Maria loved the idea of having all the sex she wanted without worrying about pregnancy. When she got out of the hospital from having Justin Maria was practically insatiable sexually. She happily fucked her husband whenever he was home and screwed whoever happened to be around when he wasn’t, including more than a couple women.
It was on a cold winter day that Justin’s father called and asked him to stop by his office at the university on way home from high school. Justin had recently turned sixteen and had a decent little VW to drive back and forth to school as well as around town. As soon as school ended Justin drove right over to the university. Walking into his father’s office he saw a very pretty redhead sitting in his father’s chair behind his desk. Taking a couple steps further inside the room he saw that the girl wasn’t sitting on the chair but rather on his father’s lap, blocking his immediate view.
“Ah Justin there you are.

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  ”Carl said standing up as the pretty girl also stood. “This is Natalie “indicating the girl. “She and I have an agreement that you’re intimately involved in. ” With that, Natalie walked past Justin brushing her chest against him gently. She smelled amazing and Justin almost immediately got an erection just from her presence mixed with the memory of that wonderful smell. After the walk-by Natalie gave a quick nod of assent.
“Please, close the door” he asked me. “Now that she’s met you, Natalie here has just agreed to usher you into manhood as long as you’re willing to learn. ”
“O of c course” Justin stammered in response. “I’ll be the best student possible” he said eagerly eyeing her more closely. She had the aforementioned red hair, full lips onto which she had applied bright red lipstick, decent though not huge boobs, a trim waist, and legs that were average length but slender. All encased in painted on jeans and a sweater-ish top that enhanced more than it covered.
“I’m in Kettle hall room two oh five, be there at eight. ” She said in my direction somewhat hastily and then she left the room, apparently with her mind already working on her future plans.
“Avoid anything risky” Carl said quietly.

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   “And this deal is only in effect as long as both of you keep your grades up. ” With that Carl left the room and Justin followed right after.
On the way to his car Justin quickly checked the clock on his cell phone and as it only showed five p. m. he felt he had plenty of time to eat and take a shower before meeting up with Natalie. The drive home was filled with the thought of those tits in his hands. He’d bet they were really soft as he had barely felt them as she walked past earlier. Except the nipples, they had been hard as tiny rocks. Apparently he wasn’t the only one excited at the prospect of this meeting.
Arriving home Justin found that there apparently wasn’t anyone around. He just shrugged and went into the kitchen to find something to eat. As he entered the kitchen he heard a faint squeaking noise coming from behind the mostly closed door to his parent’s room. There on the bed, lights turned off and totally naked, was his mother. She seemed oblivious to everything except the large cucumber she was fucking herself with. This wasn’t the first time Justin had seen his mother naked, there was that time in eighth grade he had accidentally walked in on her while she was putting her bikini on at the pool.

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   This was however the first time seeing her in a sexual situation and he found that he couldn’t look away. While his opinion of her looks was somewhat clouded by her being his mother she certainly wasn’t bad looking he’d actually overheard a couple friends comment that they would love to ‘do’ her. From his vantage point he could see her brownish hair on her head, as far as he could see she had no discernible bush, her slender but toned legs were spread wide to allow better access for the pleasurable vegetable, her smallish boobs shook a little every time she pushed the cucumber inside. It took him a moment to notice but every time she would thrust the cucumber especially deep as it made her otherwise flat stomach move a bit to accommodate. Justin was incredibly turned on by this, he knew he shouldn’t be, but he was.
Reaching down with one hand, his eyes never leaving his feverishly masturbating mother, Justin started stroking his rock hard seven inch dick through the material of his pants. Faster moved the cucumber, so his hand dipped inside his pants. Finding the stiff shaft of his dick, Justin started stroking in rhythm with the cucumber his fingers encircling the ultra-sensitive head whenever the vegetable was pushed deeply inside his mother. This way Justin could easily imagine that it was his dick and thrusts causing her body to quiver and her head to shake from side to side. After a few minutes there seemed to be a cream coating the cucumber when and where it came from her pussy. His mother increased her pace so that her thrusts almost seemed frantic. Justin kept pace and spurted his hot cum all over the inside front of his pants. Moments after Justin coated the inside of his pants his mother let out a whimper/scream and quickly pulling the cucumber away proceeded to squirt all over themessed up sheets on the bed.
Before his mother fully regained her senses, Justin moved silently away from the partially open door. He immediately headed to his bathroom, needing to clean himself up and wanting to shower before his meeting with Natalie.

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   The thought of his impending meeting swept aside everything else that was running through his head. What if Natalie somehow could tell that he’d just cum? Now in something of a panic Justin practically ripped his clothes off and threw them in the dirty clothes basket on the bedroom floor on his way to his bathroom. Once in the shower he turned on the water and just let it run down his naked body. Momentarily he started washing himself starting with shampooing his hair, while his eyes were closed the image of his naked mother lying on her bed came into his mind. Immediately his dick sprang back to life, begging to be touched and stroked. Justin couldn’t resist the urge and was soon running his encircling hand back and forth along the length of it. It didn’t take long for him to empty his balls all over the shower wall and floor. After cumming his cock deflated while his balls reloaded with cum but the image in his mind stayed. He started scrubbing his skin paying special attention to his groin. Getting out of the shower and entering his bedroom he noticed the time showing on his alarm clock. It read seven fifteen so there wasn’t time to eat, all of that time had been used for his personal activities. Rummaging through his dresser he threw on a pair of boxers covered by black jeans and a plain blue t-shirt up top. Heading to his car he saw his mother in a tied up bathrobe sitting in the now fully lit kitchen.
“I didn’t know you were home until I heard your shower running. ” Maria said almost nonchalantly.

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   “Heading out to meet some friends, I assume “now her voice assumed a petulant, almost childish quality “No time for your poor mother. ” With that she headed him off at the door and gave him a big bear hug. Justin could feel the warmth from her body and he was pretty sure she could feel his rapidly hardening dick. But after a few moments she let him go without saying anything and he left the house and headed for his car.
It must’ve been the cold, but between home and the dorms his dick shrank back to its flaccid state. He arrived at Natalie’s dorm room with minutes to spare. Natalie opened the door to her room wearing the same clothes she had on earlier. Inviting Justin in she closed the door behind him with barely a sound.
“I haven’t eaten since lunch” Justin said, his voice quavering slightly “so I think we’ll go out to eat if that’s okay with you. ”
“Sounds like a plan to me” this time it was Natalie’s turn to sound a bit nervous “I haven’t had dinner either. ” There was a slight hesitation. “But before we go…” She covered the distance between us in one step and planted her lips on Justin’s. With a moment’s hesitation (Justin wasn’t used to being treated like this) he returned the kiss, allowing his lips to soften and mold to hers. Her lips spread apart forcing his to do the same and her tongue moved into his mouth caressing his tongue. Without thought he returned the favor, after all he had French kissed before, though that time hadn’t held the passion or urgency that this one did.

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   Without stopping their kiss Natalie took his hands and placed them on her chest where his hands got their first uninterrupted feel of boob. Finally breaking the kiss Natalie whispered in Justin’s ear “Do you like my titties?” her voice now like a little girl “Do they feel good in your hands?” She moved her free hand to the front of his pants and found a stiff cock under the tented pants. She whispered to him “Ooh is this for me?” “I know what I can do with this. ” She deftly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the waistband of his boxers allowing his cock to spring out into the fresh air. Subconsciously Justin began fucking the air a little, his hips thrusting a tiny bit. “No need to start without me. ” Natalie whispered in my ear. Her hand closed around the shaft of the cock and she slowly started stroking the length of it. After a few moments she began moving her hand faster using the drops of precum that popped out of his dick as lubrication. Once her hand reached full speed stroking his cock she started frenching him furiously her tongue flicking into his mouth and just as quickly leaving again.
Justin was in heaven, having a girls hand on his cock was way better than his own. Before he knew what was happening he started cumming all over the floor and a few shots landed on the legs of Natalie’s pants. Justin felt himself go weak in the knees and he leaned against the nearby bed to keep from completely collapsing. Natalie calmly grabbed a few tissues from a nearby box and cleaned up the mess on the floor, when she noticed that her pants had some moist streaks she just blotted off anything on the surface and left whatever was already soaked in as is without comment. Shortly she indicated that she was ready to go.

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   By this time Justin had recovered to the point where he could at least stand put his dick away and close his pants and they left.
While they were ordering their food a couple of the girls that worked behind the counter pointed at Natalie’s pants and whispered to each other, while Natalie ignored them I vowed to myself not to forget their faces. Sitting down to eat Justin helped Natalie into her seat like any gentleman would. Justin apologized again for dirtying Natalie’s pants but she swatted aside all such talk as she insisted that it would wash out. Instead she tried to learn about him, asking him questions almost like a professional interrogator. After answering her generic questions Justin came back with his own. She was nineteen, from the next town, and enjoyed music (mostly heavy metal but anything was ok). Her parents were fairly strict so she wanted to be able to move out ASAP, and she felt kinda bad for her little sister being stuck there for years yet. Dumping their trash on the way out Justin turned his head just in time to see the same girls pointing at Natalie on her way out.
When they got back to the dorms Natalie gave Justin a deep kiss and invited him back up to her room. When they got there Justin noticed that even though there were two beds in the room the roommate wasn’t around. Seeing the puzzled look on his face as he looked at the extra bed Natalie explained that her roommate Keira was spending the night with her girlfriend and wouldn’t be bothering them.
Natalie plopped down on her bed and motioned for Justin to join her. With feigned and a grossly exaggerated sigh he carefully sat himself down, his face never turning away from her. Without uttering a sound she pulled his shirt off over his head and gently but forcefully pushed him back so he was laying on the bed.

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   At almost the same time his head hit the pillow she began stripping off her shirt. To him it seemed to be in slow motion though in reality she removed it like she was simply going to bed alone. Revealed under that shirt were the most glorious boobs Justin had ever seen outside of a magazine. Truth be told they were the only boobs he’d seen outside of a magazine. There they were. Encased in a plain white bra that seemed to push them up and forward for better access. Once her shirt was off Natalie wasted no time pulling off Justin’s pants. There he lay in just his boxers, shirt, and socks his eyes fixed on the bra encased boobs jiggling in front of him; silently he hoped that he would get a glimpse of nipple.
It was obvious to Natalie that Justin had no idea what was happening. He just kept staring at her chest, you could’ve set off a firecracker right behind him and he wouldn’t have noticed. After waiting a few moments for him to regain his senses and being disappointed in that she undid the clasp on the back of her bra and let her tits out. Immediately Justin was hard, the front of his boxers tenting over his seven inch boner. Expecting this response she moved her head down and freed his cock simultaneously. Without hesitation she engulfed his cock with her mouth and started gently sucking. Justin felt the wet heat on his member and gave up all conscious control of his body, his limp head landing on the pillow.

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   While she continued the gentle sucking Natalie added swirling her tongue around the head. It didn’t take more than a couple minutes before Justin started jerking his hips spasmodically and she could tell that he was about to explode with cum. Without breaking rhythm she pulled as much as she could of his cock into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. Justin groaned loudly and shot his cum almost directly down her throat. She swallowed the first few spurts but then decided to let the hot fluid dribble out. The feeling of cum running out of her mouth and onto her lips and chin turned Natalie on like nothing else and she started to rub her pussy through her pants. In spite of having already cum three times Justin kept cumming and cumming filling her mouth and overflowing onto her bare chest. Natalie began to panic a little until finally the flow slowed then finally stopped.
The creamy, hot cum in her mouth and on her chest made Natalie a little astounded and more than a little excited and hot. Without any thought she slipped her pants and panties off. Standing there naked, she started playing with her pussy making sure it was plenty wet for the encounter it was about to experience. Still acting without the involvement of thought she lowered herself onto Justin who gave no resistance. Inserting his still hard cock inside of her, she started rocking on his pelvis. Somewhere in the back of her head Natalie was amazed that Justin’s cock stayed hard even though he came so much. Continuing to rock back and forth on his cock drove her to a higher level of excitement and she could almost feel the wetness and juices increasing in her molten pussy.

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   Just as she was contemplating changing her motion his cock throbbed and a load of hot cum flooded her tight pussy. Amazingly his cock stayed hard, so she went ahead with her plan and started thrusting her hips up and down. This motion seemed to be much more pleasurable for as she soon began breathing in quick short breaths. Within minutes the cum started leaking out of her pussy, slowly it ran down the shaft of his cock but it never quite made it to the bottom. As Natalie continued her thrusting the cum made an excellent lubricant as it turned into a white foam. The room filled with the sounds and smells of their fucking, Natalie was turned on even further by the scent of sex combined with the sound of their skin slapping together rhythmically. Justin still lay there, unmoving but his cock stayed stiff too, and she intended to enjoy that stiffness at least until she got off. She started to pull and twist her own nipples while riding that hard cock. She loved having her nipples mauled during sex and Justin wasn’t doing it so… Soon, the sensations coming from her pussy and from her nipples just felt too good and pushed her way over the edge. Throwing her head back she unleashed a wail combined with a moan that probably woke anyone sleeping within five rooms in any direction. As it was a Friday night Natalie was pretty sure that more than a few people heard her. This didn’t bother her since everyone knew that she was just clear of being considered a nymphomaniac and she had been with a few people in her building. Just thinking about her neighbors getting off while imagining her made her orgasm even more delicious and intense. Her body started shaking and she collapsed on the chest below her while her pussy pulsed rapidly and she came so hard that her pussy actually tried to eject the cock inside it. Meanwhile, Justin came one last time, shooting a fairly small amount of cum into the hungry pussy and finally lost the hardon that had provided such pleasure.


   With a loud sigh she got off of him and pulled his boxers back into place. Quietly now she climbed into the bed alongside him. Lost in her thoughts about what might happen tomorrow she didn’t notice the grin on his face or that Justin had regained his bearings.