Just another day


John walked into the men’s room of the strip club and stood at the urinal.   He was very aroused from the performance he had just seen and was sporting a seven-inch erection, which made urinating completely impossible.   He couldn’t help noticing that the guy at the next urinal was having a similar problem, but had a much larger cock, hard and fat, which aroused John even further as he was bi-sexual and admired a good-looking cock.   “Hell of a thing isn’t it,” he said “It’s just impossible to piss with a hard-on!”
The man, who was younger than John, grinned and replied, “Don’t know why I’m trying.   The only thing that lets me piss is to stroke myself off first, get the erection down.   Mind if I go ahead?”
“Hell, I’ll join you,” said John and both men began stroking, in obvious pleasure, watching each other’s cocks as they did so.   It didn’t take too long before each started gasping and thick ropes of sperm began jetting from each cock, spurt after spurt, into the urinal.
“Damn that was good.   I’m John by the way, and that’s one beautiful cock you have”, John introduced himself, having taken something of a shine to his cum-partner, a feeling that was apparently mutual.
“Frank, and I must say I was watching your cock pretty carefully too.   Took all my self-control not to reach over and give you a hand. ”
“Frank, I felt exactly the same way.   Listen, once we’ve managed to have a piss, would you be interested in coming back to my place for a drink?  It’s just around the corner.   I really would love to get my hands on that beauty of yours. ”
“Lead the way.   By the time we get there, we should have worked up a good head of steam again.

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They left the club and walked briskly down the street to the apartment block where John lived.   Couldn’t have taken more than five minutes.   By the time they got there, each was in a heightened state of excitement, their cocks stiffening again in anticipation of what was to come.
They entered the apartment and without any hesitation began to strip off their clothes, almost before they had closed the door.   John was 32, about 6’2, 210 well-distributed pounds, and as he stripped off his trousers and underpants his hard 7”, uncut cock sprang up and pointed straight out in front of him.   Frank was younger, about 26, but about the same height and weight.   However, the cock that sprang out when he stripped off his underpants was about 9” of thick uncut meat, twitching as it stood hard and swollen.
John took a sharp breath, reached forward and lightly grasped the shaft of Frank’s penis, gently stroking its soft hardness with his fingertips, pulling the foreskin back from the huge purple head.   Frank groaned with pleasure and took John’s cock into his hand.
John slowly moved to the bedroom, leading Frank by the cock and when they got to the bed told him to lie down.   Frank’s cock was pulsing in John’s hand as he lay next to him.   He continued to stroke it, wondering at its hardness and yet softness, until he could wait no longer and took the thick, purple head of Frank’s cock into his mouth running his tongue slowly around the head.   He could still taste cum from the recent ejaculation, sweet, yet salty, but the cock-head tasted delicious to him. He inhaled the cock slowly into his mouth until his nose was nestling in Frank’s cock hairs, his tongue lapping at the head and slipping under the foreskin all the while.   They were lying side by side, in 69 position, and while he was enjoying the taste of Frank’s cock, he could feel his own being engulfed by Frank’s hot, wet mouth.


    He shuddered in excitement and began to gently scratch the area of super-sensitive skin just behind Frank’s enormous, dangling ball sack, causing Frank to pump his cock in and out of John’s mouth, fucking it hard, just as John was doing to Frank’s mouth.   Their excitement was such that very quickly each felt the pressure building up, the column of cum growing in his shaft.   Suddenly it began; Frank’s cock erupted into John’s mouth, pulsating as it ejected stream after stream of thick, sweet sperm into his mouth and throat, until John could hold no more and it began flowing out, over his lips and chin.   Meanwhile, John was also exploding and pumping semen into Frank’s ready mouth.
It didn’t last long, ejaculations never do, and John and Frank collapsed, their dribbling, but softening cocks still in each other’s mouths.   Spent, they just lay there breathing hard, their tongues still caressing each other’s cock until each began twitching and regaining hardness, inch by inch.
John pulled back and said, “Frank, get on your hands and knees”, as he reached over and got a tube of K-Y jelly from his bedside table.   Frank did so and presented a smooth, beautiful bottom to John, the little brown, puckered, but obviously used hole ready and waiting.   John squeezed out some of the lubricant and spread it on the hole, slipping his finger into it and lubricating the inside as well as the outside.   As his finger entered Frank, he groaned with the feel of it and pushed his bottom back against the finger, encouraging it to slip in further, which it did, until it was fully engulfed.
Slowly pulling his finger out, John moved until he was directly behind Frank and rubbed some lubricant onto his hard and twitching cock before placing the tip directly on the brown, slick hole. He leaned forward, and the head popped into the slippery mouth that opened to receive it; then slowly, inch-by-inch, his cock slid into it until John’s cock hair was nestling against the cheeks of Frank’s butt.  
Then he began to move, withdrawing his cock almost completely, before pumping it back in, all the way; slowly at first, then faster and faster, his dangling balls swinging against Frank’s with each pump.   As he fucked Frank, he reached under him, grasped his rock-solid cock and stroked it, in time with his own thrusts.   On and on it went, John’s cock slamming in and out of Frank, the slapping of loins against bottom.

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    Once again, each came at exactly the same time, John’s sperm gushing into Frank so much that it flowed back past John’s cock and dripped onto Frank’s balls, while Frank’s poured out onto the bed.
Both collapsed side by side on the bed, panting and sweating, but once again each reached out and gently stroked the other’s cock.   They had already cum three times in the last hour and were pretty drained, but still didn’t want to let each other go.   They fell asleep, each with the other’s cock in his hand.
When John woke up next morning, Frank was gone, but there was a note on the bedside table with his address and telephone number.   John lay back, remembering the previous evening and feeling his cock getting hard at the memory.   He began to stroke it, the feeling flooding through him as he came closer and closer to orgasm.
He stopped!  Damn, he thought to himself, why waste it when I can think of a much better use for it.   I’ll go down to that porno cinema on the main street and see what mischief I can get up to there.
As it was already midday on Saturday, this seemed to him to be a pretty good idea. He quickly showered, dressed, with no underwear of course, and left his apartment, walking swiftly down to the main street, his soft cock dangling noticeably down his left pant leg, which got big smiles from passing women and even some men.   This was far from being his first time, and when he got there he paid and entered the dark theatre, standing at the back of the room until his eyes became used to the dark, the only light coming from the screen, where two boys were sucking each other off in noisy pleasure.
As his eyes settled, he moved until he was level with the back row and looked along it.   As usual, several men were seated there, each with his eyes on the screen, his fly undone, stroking his cock, some slowly, some more quickly.   John soon noticed that two of the cocks were monster, extending far beyond the fists that grasped them.

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    Unzipping his pants he pulled out his own hardening cock and started to stroke it to full hardness.   He noticed that some of the men in the back row were watching him do this and one of them, the one with the biggest, longest penis, smiled at him and nodded him over, to the empty seat next to him.
Excusing himself as he moved along the row, John reached the seat and sat down.   When he was settled he took a long look at the monster cock and discovered it to be even fatter and longer than he had thought.  
The armrest between John and his neighbour was already folded into the seat-back, so he reached over and gently grasped the bean pole, noting that it was more than twice as long as the fist he closed around it and was so thick that he couldn’t close his fist all the way around it!  When he cupped his hand the head fitted neatly into it, very tightly, and still allowed him to stroke the rim softly.
The man exhaled quietly, obviously enjoying the caressing of his boner.   He, meanwhile, had already grasped John’s cock and was doing the same to it.
John soon leaned over and took the enormous cock-head into his mouth, which he could only do by stretching his mouth as wide as it would go.   The man must have been stroking himself for quite a while, because as soon as John’s tongue started stroking the head it exploded, cum shooting down his throat.   He gulped as quickly as he could and was able to take just about all of it down his throat.
John pulled back, licking his lips, his cock still throbbing with excitement, longing for release.   His neighbour was still stroking it and John could feel that he was getting close to a climax, but the man did not appear to want to give him a blowjob, which didn’t really bother John; he really didn’t mind splattering the back of the seat in front of him, which is exactly what he did.   He wiped his cock with a paper towel he’d brought for the purpose and slumped back into his seat, breathing hard.   Well, he thought, I might as well relax and enjoy some of the on-screen action before I find someone else to play with.
His powers of recuperation were excellent, and as he sat there he saw someone enter the theatre, looking very uncomfortable, obviously a newbie.

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    He found a seat, all on his own and sat down.   John continued to watch and after a while got up and joined the young man, a very young man as it turned out.
He moved his leg until it was touching that of the newbie and as he pressed harder, the newbie didn’t draw back, so John reached over until his hand was over his groin.   He could feel the cock, hard and stiff, under his pants.   Again, the newbie didn’t seem to object, so John caressed his cock and balls before pulling the zip down and slipping his hand inside and under the underpants that the newbie was wearing.   The cock was not that big, about six inches he reckoned, but felt so smooth and hot, twitching in his hand.
“Come with me” he whispered and led the newbie out of the row to the men’s room.   There, he entered a cubicle and sat on the seat, leading the newbie after him and closing and locking the door.   He unfastened the newbie’s pants and slipped them down, followed by his underpants.   The beautiful six-inch cock sprang free, sticking straight out and pointing directly at him.   John pulled the newbie to him, engulfed his cock in his mouth and held it tightly between his lips, his tongue massaging and circling the head.   He held the newbie close to him, and sucked the cock into his mouth until his nose was buried in the newbie’s soft, thick cockhair and caressing the globes of his bottom, fingers slipping into the crack of his ass.   The newbie began to groan and to fuck John’s mouth with short strokes and he knew that he would not last long.   John sucked hard and was soon rewarded by a stream of cum, which he swallowed as fast as he could.   The newbie’s cock began to soften and, still dripping, slipped out of John’s mouth, before he grasped at his pants and did them up.

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    He opened the door and was gone.
Well, thought John, I think that’s about as much fun as I can handle for now so he also left the cubicle and the theatre.   It wasn’t really that he couldn’t take any more, but his brother and sister, twins, were coming to visit later that afternoon and he needed to get back to tidy up his apartment.  
Now, he and his twin siblings had a very sexual and incestuous relationship and their visit promised a very active evening, so he stopped at a local café to have some lunch and get some of his strength back.   A couple of beers and a steak would go a long way to building him up!
At about 6 p. m. his doorbell rang, he opened the door and there were his siblings, Wendy and Eric, five years younger than he, twins, and two of the most beautiful people he had ever seen.   Wendy was 5’10”, slim with long blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes.   She had the figure that every woman (and man!) dreams of – slim hips, slimmer waist and two beautiful 36C breasts that jutted out before her.   As usual her beautiful face was smiling, showing her bright, white teeth.   She wore a tight white cotton top, obviously braless as her both her nipples and aureoles were quite prominent under the material.   Below the top was a short, white pleated skirt and John was prepared to bet that she was not wearing panties.   This was her show-off outfit and she must have driven men mad on the subway ride!  Eric was just over 6 feet tall, very handsome, with a broad chest and narrow hips – definitely a chick magnet.   The bulge of his manhood was very evident under his tight twill pants and John could see the outline of his thick cock dangling down his left leg more than half way to his knee.
“Wendy”, “Eric”, “John” they each exclaimed as they embraced each other, before John led them into the apartment.

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    John prepared drinks and they sat around the coffee table and caught up with everything that had happened since they had last met.   John told them about his activities of the last twenty-four hours, leaving out no detail.   “You lucky dog” said Eric, a big grin on his face.   “You know, I love going to porn films,” he went on “but you don’t see major cumshots any more.   I used to just love watching streams of cum jetting out but for some reason they don’t show that any more.   Real pity. ”  “I agree,” said Wendy”, I love to watch a nice fat cock shoot ropes of cum over tits and face.   Am I giving you any ideas boys?”  Wendy was sitting opposite John and with a devilish look in her eye she parted her legs so that he got a tantalizing look at her partly shaven cunt.   It looked as though it was already more than a little damp as he could see little droplets of liquid in her cunt hair.   Considering the conversation they had just been having, this wasn’t surprising!  John was already hard and feeling uncomfortable beneath his pants.   He looked at Eric, who was having a bigger problem and said “Why don’t we go to the bedroom and strip down a little.   We seem to be a little uncomfortable and I’ve got a brand new king-size bed that we can play with. ”
They got up and as they made their way to the bedroom started stripping off.   Wendy, as suspected, wore nothing under her clothes and was quickly, deliciously naked.   John and Eric shed their pants quickly and two long, fat, hard cocks were soon waving in front of them.

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    Wendy took one in each hand and pulled them to the bed.   She sat down and took Eric’s into her mouth, inhaling him right down to the root.   John stood next to Eric and Wendy, who was still gripping his cock, began to stroke it.   “Jesus,” gasped Eric “easy there or I’m going to shoot down your throat.   Do you want that, or would you like me to shoot over you?”  Wendy nodded and sucked harder, stroking me faster at the same time.
It didn’t take long before both Eric and I started groaning.   Wendy slipped Eric’s cock out of her mouth and began to stroke it with her other hand.   “Shoot on my face, honey, I want to watch that cum fly. ” she said   “Going to cum” muttered Eric and as Wendy pointed his cock at her face he exploded, five, thick, long streams of white cum splattering on her forehead, nose and eyes, trickling down her face to her open mouth and hungry tongue.   I followed suit and her face became coated with rivulets of thick white sperm.   What she didn’t catch in her mouth dribbled down onto her beautiful hard-nippled breasts.
Oh my,” breathed Wendy “I guess we all got to see spurting cocks; what fun. ” and giggled.   We collapsed on the bed, arms around each other, Eric and I licking the sperm from her face and breasts.   I sucked a nipple into my mouth and caressed its hardness.

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    My hand found her spread legs and began to stroke her clitoris between thumb and forefinger.   She was very, very wet and my fingers soon began to stroke her soft cunt lips, then slipped inside the hot, wet channel of her cunt.   She groaned into Eric’s mouth, which was clamped over hers, as I slipped a second finger inside her.
She began to buck on the bed, so I slid over her, between her legs and closed my mouth over her cunt.   God she tastes good, I thought, as I ran my tongue up one lip and down the other, then back to the hard little nub poking out of its hood.   I closed my mouth over it and sucked it into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, harder and harder, faster and faster until her back arched and she came with a loud scream.  
All this while Eric had been rubbing her hard nipples as he kissed her deeply.   My cock was now hard again, so, as Eric moved to one side, I turned her onto hands and knees and slammed the seven inches of my cock into her hot, dripping cunt.  I thrust into her, again and again, until she was moaning with pleasure, as was I. I came, filling her with my sperm and pulled my dripping cock out of her as Eric moved in behind me and plugged her with his enormous cock, pistonning in and out. By now she was screaming with the pleasure of it until eric released his enormous load, which poured out of her as he pulled out, a cream pie of cream pies!

We collapsed, all three of us, arms around each other, nuzzling each other in total satisfaction. We were totally exhausted, but knew that more was to come.

But I think I’ll leave that for another day