Joining the army part 1


I was 18 and my parents were pissed off at me, i wanted out of their house at all costs so i dropped out of school
and quickly passed my g.e.d. test and decided to enlist in the army. Well i passed all my initial tests and the next
part was to get a phsical and then have my parents sign off on me. Off to Oakland army base to get my physical
testing done. When you get there they have you fill out lots of paperwork then you strip down to your undies and follow the maze of staions like blood, urine spine, turn your head and cough and the like. if you pass the test they
sign you off and then off to the next staion if you don't pass at the end of the day you must go back to that station
and try again, so i enter this room with a long pole up at around waist heigh with footsteps for your feet to go on
you lose your undies and then bend forward grabbing this pole then the doctor checks your goods and you turn your head and cough anyway the doctor commented that i had a something anal something and would need togo to room 229 at the end of the day for further testing. I finish with all my tests and go to find room 229 by this time it is late afternoon and 99% of everybody is gone in all the hallways and rooms, i go in room 229 and find
the doctor is waiting for me, he leads me into an exam room and shuts the door he asks me to lose my undies and get on the exam table on my back, i do as i am asked then he takes these stirups that are off to the sides and has me place my legs in them then he spreads my legs wide, he asks me if i had any kind of problems with my anus i told him no and asked him why, he said it just looked there might be a problem so he was going to run some tests to see if everything was normal, he then placed a latex glove on and squeezed some lube on his hand and then said this was going to be a little cold and might cause some discomfort then he preceeded to insert 1 finger very slowly into my ass and slowly probed it in and around and to my surprise my cock started to get hard as he continued to probe 1 then 2 fingers into my ass he asked me if that hurt or felt good, i told himit felt strange but that it didn't hurt, he then asked me if i was gay and i told him no, he told me that this was giving
me a raging hardon and that i must be really enjoying this. He said now tell me the truth or i won't pass you on
your physical does this feel good, yes yes it feels good then he pulls off his glove and drops his pantswith his
dick hard as a rock and slides it right in my ass while grabbing my dick and jerking me off, it felt incredible like
the best sex ever as he continued to ram his cock up my ass over and over and then it happened i climaxed and
my jism shot so hard it hit the back wall, what an awesome feeling and i was so horny it was unreal, he kept
up his pace for another minute then shot his load deep into my ass with a powerful orgasm, i could really feel
him coming in my ass it was pretty wild. When he collected himself he cleaned up and then released my legs
from the stirrups and asked if i enjoyed that, i told him it was the best orgasm i ever had as i stood up with my
still raging hardon he told me to sit on the exam table and that he would be back in a minute when he came back he brought and older doctor maybe in his 60's with him this doctor grabbed my cock and began to suck it for all
he was worth and within 2 minutes i was having another incredible orgasm which he swallowed quickly, then
the first doctor sat on the exam table and told me to suck his cock as i began to suck his cock i quickly realized
that i loved this and was really enjoying this and at this point the older doctor came up behind me and stuffed
his cock right up my allready freshly fucked ass, i felt so full of cock with 1 in my mouth and 1 in my ass i didn't
know sex could be so great, i was really sucking the doctors cock then it happened he started to cum right in my
mouth i did my best to swallow and not gag it was kind of salty and gooey yet it was kinda tasty to as i continued to suck his shrinking cock as i was reaching another orgasm with the old doc in my ass it was just too much as i
squirted another load it felt awesome with him fucking my ass what a great feeling, doc 1 pulls out as doc 2
wants to come in my mouth and i didn't protest i just took his slimy cock that had just been up my ass and did
my best to suck the entire fat cock into my mouth keeping my tongue swirling and back and forth and up and
down bobbing on his cock then he erupted straight down my throat as he forced it all the way down my throat
with 1 quick motion and i absolutely loved itwhen he pulled out his dick it was perfectly cleaned and i was still
on fire with desire with another raging hard on but my doctors were all pooped out.

We dressed and they told
me i was going to have to come back for some additional tests the next day and that they were sure after tomorrow i would pass with no problems. I couldn't wait!

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