Jess, me and the DJ


I'm Carole, a 36 year old hairdresser whose whole life has been turned upside down in the last couple of months, and the demure well behaved wife has been replaced by a cock hungry slut.
I've been married to John for 18 years and recently I 've branched out from being a housewife to setting up my own hairdressing business. Getting junior staff has been a problem - most either only stick the trainee job for a few months before being lured by one of the bigger salons or simply pack it in altogether. My best mate Becky had tried to persuade me to give her daughter an apprenticeship and that's how this all started. . . . .
Jess is only 19 but has always been a wild child and I think Becky's intention was to get her a steady job with an understanding boss to help put her on the straight and narrow. the reality however, has been rather different!
Taking Jess on proved to be something of a mixed blessing; i found her to be lazy and she was often late for work - but the customers loved her - the men in particular. She has a thick mane of blonde curly hair which stretches to below her shoulder blades (a good advert for a salon I thought!) and the sort of slim, lithe body that interests men of all ages. And didn't she know it - as she pressed her small but firm boobs against the men as she washed and cut their hair. She was also quick to accentuate her tight little bum in a pair of black leather trousers that made the guys drool.
Whilst Jess was still a handful, I noticed a willingness for her to lock up in the evening which suited me as I had to collect my children from the child minder and i allowed her to do this believing she was doing me a favour - I couldn't have been more wrong!
One night around 2 hours after the salon had closed i was driving on my way back from the supermarket when I noticed the upstairs light were still on. thinking Jess had simply forgotten, i stopped and decided to let myself in and deal with it. Cursing her for her carelessness, I let myself in to the sounds of crying and screaming coming from upstairs.

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   Scared, but furious that someone had had the nerve to enter my shop and attack one of my staff i crept slowly up the stairs brandishing a pair of scissors which I had decided I could use as a weapon to surprise Jess's' assailant. As i reached the top of the stairs, i stopped dead in my tracks at the sight I witnessed through the salon door which was ajar.
Jess was naked apart from her heels, her hands gripping a wash bowl so tightly she was in danger of ripping the thing clean off the wall. In the mirror I could see her eyes were shut, mouth agape as she gasped for air like a beached fish - her head thrashing from side to side as she came in torrents which sent her into a frenzy of lust. The reason for her excitement wasn't hard to see - she was impaled on the dick of Nathan a local DJ and one of our regulars who Jess openly flirted with and who clearly had the hots for her. Part of me was disgusted with the way Jess had used me to get her way with Nathan but I was also intrigued and watched, spellbound unable to move.
Just then Jess spotted me in the mirror and screamed, grabbing her panties to protect her modesty before rushing out of the room. Iwas angry with Nathan for the upset that this had caused and shouted at him to get out and that he wouldn't be welcome in the shop again. He just shrugged nonchalantly swinging his long fat penis as he strode out.
When he had gone I tried to calm Jess down - she was sobbing , begging me not to sack her and not to tell her mum or fiance. I asked her had this been a regular occurrence to which she nodded admitting that she had become addicted to his cock and that he gave her depths of pleasure she had never experienced with any man before. I must admit i had never come with John with such ferocity as she had just then with Nathan and she sensed this saying "Christ, I don't know what's come over me Carole, but I've become obsessed with sex with this wonderful man and his gorgeous body and delicious cock- it's been like a drug". She composed herself and went home and we both vowed to let the matter drop.
Over the next week Nathan stayed away but one evening as I was locking up (Jess having been relieved of that duty!) there was a knock on the salon door. I pulled up the blind to tell the customer we were closing only to see Nathan staring back at me.

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  He asked if he could come in as he felt he had to apologise. Foolishly, I unlocked the door and let him come in but as I was in no mood to hear his apologies, I told him Jess wasn't there and also told him that the matter was forgotten.
Sensing some weakness in me for letting him in - he visibly gained confidence and suddenly said - "Ah but what Jess doesn't know is that i saw you watching us both for a good five minutes that evening - did you like what you saw, sexy ?"
I was furious with him but also uneasy as he must've carried on fucking Jess knowing I was watching and also knowing how mesmerised i was by the sight of their naked bodies.
"Er - no God , just shut up you lousy bastard" I retorted but he must have realised my words lacked conviction.
" I saw you in the mirror - watching my arse and my cock and wishing it was you that was getting the treatment I was giving Jess - don't deny it Carole".
I felt numb - guilty, found out but before I could offer any further resistance he approached me and placed his hands on my shoulders - they felt big and controlling on my petite frame. "D'you know, Carole once I spied you there, I wanted that to be you in there coming on my cock and clinging on to that wash basin whilst you got a severe fucking- a sexy mature woman getting the sort of shagging you don't get at home".
I could feel all resistance ebbing away - yes of course I fancied this sexy hunk and was desperate to learn whether he could elicit the same ecstatic response in me as he had with Jess. I took charge reaching down . , squeezing his balls through his tracksuit bottoms before sinking to my knees. In a mad frenzy of lust, I was tearing at the waistband of his pants, desperate to free that juicy cock that had given Jess so much pleasure the week before. And I wasn't disappointed - it was a fucking stonker - already hard and seeping a drop of pre cum out of its hole. I lapped it up with gusto and slurped greedily on his bell end running my hand along his shaft and pulling and stroking his balls. "Christ almighty you bastard that cock tastes good" I gasped in a fit of wanton lust. He was bigger, thicker and firmer than my husband and I was powerless to resist.

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We stripped one another tearing at buttons in our excitement. I was soon naked and he laid me on my back before giving me a mind blowing orgasm with his tongue. My husband only licks my cunt under sufferance and it shows but this bastard loved doing it , nibbling on my lips and taking my clit on his mouth and running his tongue around it until I thought I'd pass out with pleasure. When he put his fingers in me as well I knew I couldn't hold on and felt my back rise off the floor as I arched my body to accommodate every millimetre of his tongue and fingers into my greedy snatch. I came with a massive groan - a much more intense sensation than I ever have with John and feeling that delicious mix of guilt and lust I begged him to fill me with his cock as I'd seen him do with Jess. He needed no second bidding as he stretched my lips and oh so slowly eased his bulbous head in.
I was in heaven and begged him to go slowly so I could feel every delicious inch. Licking sweat off his broad powerful chest I could feel him start to speed up and  cried out as I felt the stirrings of another orgasm welling up inside. "Oh God, oh yes, Nathan it's fucking fantastic , fuck me fuck me fuck meeeeee" i squealed as he pumped harder and harder, as I clung to the tight , firm cheeks of his gorgeous arse as he rode me. Just then I could feel him tense as he approached his own orgasm and biting my shoulder he groaned as his own orgasm ripped through him. It was truly fantastic and whilst Jess is back with her fiance and trying to stay on the straight and narrow, i'm sure it won't be long until the lure of Nathan and his terrific lovemaking is too much to resist. Who knows we may even have a threesome!



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