Jamaican Getaway Ch. 1


The sound of the turbines winding down woke me. We had finally arrived to Jamaica, this is a trip I had been anxious for. Being cramped in a little hut with my family for two weeks sounded horrible to me. I already knew I had to share a room with my big brother Daniel. Daniel was flying in on another plane, so he would meet us at the airport.
It had been since last summer since I saw Daniel. I was excited to see him. we both went to colleges in different states. I wondered if he had changed as much as I had. I had been daydreaming about my brother so long I didn’t realize it was time to get off the plane. Ahead I saw my mother with her long blond hair and her ridiculously floral pattern dress pulling on my dad’s arm telling him “hurry up, oh shit where is Camille?”
I waved my arm, and didn’t worry about hurrying. It was nice to get some fresh air when I got of the plane. Finally caught up with my parents we set out the search for Daniel. My stomach began to cramp and twist with anxiousness so, I decided I would get something to drink really fast and catch up with my parents. When I was approaching my parents they were talking to a tall sexyguy wearing a black tank top, and black shorts. His muscles were very defined and huge!This couldn’t be my brother, he had always been kind of nerdy.

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   As I approached he ran his ringers through his shoulder length brown hair while talking to my mom.
This couldn’t be Daniel. Nah.

I couldn’t believe it. This sexy man was definitely my brother and I was checking him out. This was wrong. He looked at me and said “Hey Camille, get over here!” I ran over and hugged him, and smelled him. He smelled sexy. I had to get away. Now that the family reunion was over we could go to our cottage and get settled.
The cottage was literally on the beach, it wasn’t big it had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This meant that I was stuck sharing with Daniel. Daniel and I got a surprise when we walked into our room. There was only one bed. We continued on to unpack our bags.

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   I looked up to see him watching me unpack my bags. “is something wrong?” I asked him.
“No, your just…never mind. ” he replied
“seriously what?” I asked
“your just beautiful, I’m sorry I hope that doesn’t bother you. ”
I began to blush and thanked him.
“I think I’m going to go check out the beach,” Daniel said. He grabbed his pack of cigarettes and left the room. So I then grabbed my bathing suit and went into the bathroom. Fortunately the bathroom was in our room so I left the door open as I undressed leaving my clothes on the ground. I looked in the mirror at myself. I pulled my long brown hair off of my shoulders so I could see my bare tits. They were36b. My hands ran down my body to my hairless pussy. I heard something creak but when I looked nobody was there. So I just decided to put my little red bikini on.

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   The bikini was tighter than I remember my tits were trying to pop out. I was going to tan so what did it matter?
I carefully selected a spot on the beach, keeping an eye out for Daniel. I laid down my beach blanket and pulled some tan lotion out of my bag. Proceeding to put lotion on my body, starting with my legs first. By the time I worked up to my shapely ass I had an audience of local Jamaican guys who were walking by. I just ignored their advances and continued to put lotion on my stomach, tits and arms. The crowd had finally moved on when I finished. “shit,” I muttered to myself. How would I get lotion my back? I looked down the beach and saw a cute Jamaican guy approaching so I jumped up, grabbed the tan lotion and ran over to him.
“Hi there, can I ask you a question?” I asked him.
“Hello,” he replied
“I’m sure you get asked this all the time but could you rub some of this tan lotion on my back?” I shyly asked. His response was quick.
“why, yes I would love to,” he said.
I grabbed his hand and brought him to my blanket and laid on my stomach so he could rub the lotion on. His touch was strong but yet his hands were soft.

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   I was beginning to get turned on when his hands moved down towards my ass. Suddenly that moment was lost when I heard my brother. “what the fuck are you doing to my little sister?” He yelled. Daniel pulled the guy off of me and threw him on the ground. “If you touch her again, or even think about it I will turn you into a bloody pulp!” Daniel shouted. I was scared and pissed at the same time.
“Daniel, I’m 19 I can make my own decisions!” I exclaimed
“and getting raped is a good decision?” he asked. He looked me up and down. “come on lets go back to the hut, you can tan by the pool there,” he said and offered to carry my stuff. I tried to disagree and stay on the beach but that wasn’t happening. He threatened to carry me. So I decided to just go and tan by the pool and obey my brother.
The breeze in the trees was nice beside the pool. I laid on my stomach on a beach chair. The sliding door opened and my brother came out with two cocktails in his hands.

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   He drug a chair up beside me and offered me a cocktail. I looked up to see an apologetic look on his face, so I took the cocktail and set it down. “listen, Cami I’m truly sorry,” he apologized.
“whatever, you should just leave me alone, this trip is already starting to suck,” I muttered.
He stood up with the look of defeat on his face, and walked away.

Later at dinner, mother and father seem cheerful. They were going scuba diving in the morning. The tension between Daniel and myself was still there. I hated fighting with him, but I was still pissed. After dinner I did the dishes while Daniel began to make cocktails for everybody and finally I agreed to have one. One cocktail turned into three cocktails and I was a little tipsy. Daniel and my parents proceeded to have a couple more, and I decided I needed to take a shower and relieve this tension between my legs from all the excitement today.
I didn’t bother closing the door to the bathroom all the way, since Daniel was still drinking and socializing with the parents. I pulled off my sundress and giggled because I didn’t put a bra on earlierand wondered if anyone had noticed. My hands ran down to my wet little pussy, thumbs catching on my purple lace thong pulling them down my long beautiful legs.

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   I stepped in to the shower and almost slipped due to my tipsiness. The hot water felt good running down my tits and onto my pussy. I was instantly turned on. My mind went to when Daniel pulled that guy off me, he was so…. Hot. I started thinking about what he looks like naked and if he has a nice cock and I started to think about sucking his cock. An orgasm took over my body, and I began to moan as my body shuddered. Then I began to feel ashamed of myself, I shouldn’t be thinking of my big brother like this. I finished up in the shower.
I toweled off and put on a tank top and a thong, and peeked out the door to see if Daniel was in the room yet. Negative. So I made a run for the bed. Hell I wanted to sleep comfortably, and if he don’t like it he can go to hell. As soon as I got settled in bed he walked in. I watched him as he walked to the bathroom with a handful of clothes.

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   By the time he got out of the shower I was beginning to get drowsy. I opened my eyes to see Daniel shirtless and in a pair of boxers. Woah! He had abs of steel. My pussy was moist in record time.
He slid into bed, he was inches away from me I could feel heat radiating from his body. Suddenly he asked “are you still mad at me?” I could tell he was definitely tipsy from the slur in his voice.
“What does it matter Daniel?” I rudely asked
“I don’t want you mad at me Cami I want to have a good time with you and the family,” he said “I missed you Cami, I didn’t want you to get hurt, please forgive me. ”
His plead made me feel bad. I couldn’t stay mad at him for long. I slid my hand over on the bed until it touched his buff arm, and began to rub his arm. “Daniel how could I stay mad at you?” I asked “I missed you too!” My heart began to beat faster when Daniel grabbed my hand and held it. Those thoughts of how he looked naked and sucking his cock returned. My pussy was aching for attention.
“I’m on the edge of the bed Cami would you mind if I got on the bed more?” Daniel asked. The bed was small and I was pretty close to the edge myself.

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   I agreed on giving him more room but then he wrapped his arm around me holding me close to his body. I began to wonder if he had noticed that I’m wearing just a tank top and a sheer lime green thong. His hand ran down and rested on my bare hip. This sent chills down my spine. I heard his breathing deepen so I figured he had fallen asleep. Fuck my pussy needed to cum. Since he was asleep I was going to get that release. I began to rub my pussy through my panties. I could feel the fabric getting wet from all the moisture my pussy was producing. It didn’t take long before my body was shaking and I was fighting to be quiet and not wake Daniel. I was sure I woke him. I had gotten away with my crime. And fell asleep

“Cami, wake up its breakfast time,” Daniel was shaking me. I opened my eyes to see a handsome man with green eyes. It was like a dream come true.

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   At breakfast our parents were discussing their scuba diving trip. Mother turned to me and asked “what are you going to do today Camille?”
“I’m not too sure yet, I think I will start by taking a swim,” I replied
Daniel agreed that a swim was a good idea. Shortly after breakfast mother and father left to go scuba diving and I made my way to the bathroom to get my bikini on. Today I decided to wear a more revealing swimsuit since the parents were gone. I looked a black thong and a small black bikini top and giggled because I knew it didn’t cover hardly anything. I grabbed a towel and the tan lotion and strutted to the kitchen to find something to drink. I grabbed the vodka and mixed some with orange juice and made my way to the pool.
When I got out to the pool Daniel was already sitting in the hot tub. “come get in with me sis!” Daniel yelled.
“no, I don’t have my lotion on yet,” I replied. I scooted a char near the hot tub and began to put lotion on my legs first working up to my ass, and my tits. It was then I had a mischievous thought. I want his hands on my body. “ooh can you help me with my back Danny?” I asked helplessly.
He was out of the pool in a second rubbing down my back.

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   Focusing on my shoulders first working down, getting closer to my ass. I expected him to be done by now. Was he rubbing my ass? He was. “Danny what are you doing? Stop! This is wrong!” I said in a panic.
He stopped rubbing “This is wrong?” He asked “you’ve done worse!”
“No I haven’t, I don’t know what your talking about,” I replied confused.
“let me enlighten you then sis,” he said with a smirk on his face that made me nervous. “first I saw you when you left the door open to change into your bathing suit, I came back for my lighter and there you are naked door open and touching your pussy. ” I was in shock. “second you leave the door open again when your showering, I heard you having an orgasm. ” He looked pleased with himself by now. “And last, you fingered yourself last night and came while laying next to your older brother. Now how in the hell is me rubbing your ass wrong?” He asked. I had been caught red handed. I could feel my entire body blush. There was no escaping this I couldn’t move and couldn’t even talk.


   I began to cry. The tears ran down my cheeks and he noticed that he had hurt me. Daniel embraced me.
“Its ok, I’m sorry Cami I am stupid and should have kept my mouth shut,” he apologized. I felt defeated. He took my head in my hands and again reassured me.
The rest of the afternoon was awkward. Daniel and I didn’t speak, we kind of kept our distance. This trip was really beginning to depress me so I began to drink some more vodka, after another drink I took the bottle and a shot glass out to the hot tub. It felt so nice to relax in the hot bubbles. My tension was beginning to go away with the help of the booze. I was pouring another shot when Daniel walked out with his swim trunks on. I’m sure he could feel me checking out his body. He lowered himself in the hot tub next to me.
“Are you going to pour me a shot too?” He asked.

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   So I poured us both a shot. We finished the bottle and both were pretty tipsy. It must have been near midnight when I ran over to the outdoor shower to rinse off.
“Hey Danny I need your help,” I quietly asked. I was swaying from all the vodka I drank. I pulled Daniel into the cold water and he complained. I saw him look down at my rock hard nipples, it looked like he was admiring them. I looked him in the eyes and it was like we were suddenly magnets. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Not like the brother sister on the cheek type of thing. I tried to pull away and he grabbed the back of my head and started to make out with me. His tongue knew exactly what to do I was practically melting in his arms. My heart was pounding against my chest, I was sure he could feel it. Suddenly he pulled away, grabbing my hand leading me to our bathroom.
“lets take a shower and warm up,” Daniel suggested.

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   I was actually going to see my older brother naked. My pussy was so wet. Daniel untied my top slowly revealing my perky tits, his hands immediately began to caress my tits. Then he dropped to his knees slowly removing my panties. His face was literally inches away from my virgin pussy. He spread my fluffy pussy lips open and began to lick my clit, I had never had oral sex before so I was almost falling to my knees. Daniel moved his arms between my legs and lifted me onto his shoulders and began to thrash my pussy with his tongue.
“Mmmm ooh wow oh shit Danny, that feels fucking amazing” I said between moans. I was shocked that he was holding me up with ease.
He pulled back from my pussy and said “wow, you taste fucking amazing I could eat this pussy forever!” His tongue lapped at my clit furiously. Every time he lapped at my clit it sent chills down my spine. I knew I was getting close to cumming.
“Oh shit Danny fuck! I’m going to cum!” I screamed. As soon as I said that he began licking faster like his life depended on me cumming. As I began to cum I was pulling his hair and screaming “oh fuck, fuck yes Danny I’m cumming, oh shit!” My body began to shake and thrash around making it more of a challenge to hold me up.

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   After he licked up all my cum he slowly lowered me and pulled off his shorts revealing the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Although I hadn’t seen many cocks before now. I gasped as he pulled me into the glass shower. “Danny your so amazing, I love you so much,” I said quietly. Danny kissed me under the hot water for what seemed forever.
“I love you too Cami, you’re the only woman for me!” Danny replied. I looked down at his cock and began to rub it. It sprung at my touch. But touching it wasn’t enough. Instantly I dropped to my knees and began to lick the tip. I looked up to see his reaction and his eyes were closed. So I decided to put it all in my mouth. The whole thing didn’t fit it must have been 7 inches. I wondered if I was doing it right so I started to suck harder. His moan reassured that I was doing it right.

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   His hands grabbed on the back of my head and his fingers worked into my hair. He began to pump his cock into my mouth. A couple times he pumped too hard causing me to gag. Suddenly his pumping got faster and he was moaning louder. I sucked harder and played with his balls. It sent him completely over the edge. “ahh fuck ooh fuck ah I’m cumming Cami I’m Cumming!!!” He yelled. Shots of sperm were flying everywhere I tried to get it all in my mouth but some went on my tits. I had heard about a male orgasm before but I didn’t think there would be this intense. I looked up at Danny and smiled. He pulled me up and began to kiss me and hold me under the hot water.
I looked Daniel in the eyes and told him “Danny, I want you to take my virginity. ” Daniel looked shocked and puzzled.
“you’re a virgin? Wow I guess I always figured you gave it up. So you’re a tease then sis?” he said with a smirk on his face but quickly replied “you don’t know how much that means to me Cami,” He began to kiss me and he shoved me against the cool glass wall.

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   His burning lips were kissing all over my tits and neck, he lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his waist. I had to help him position his cock at the entrance of my pussy. He looked me in the eyes and slowly pushed. I felt my hymen snap, it was a second of pain.
“oh fuck Danny!” I screamed as his cock pushed deeper and it started to feel better. He looked concerned and stopped. “Don’t stop baby ah yeah it feels good!” I panted. With that he slammed me up against the wall and started fucking faster.
“ah Cami your pussy is so tight, I love my baby sister’s pussy!” Daniel said. My pussy began to tremor on his cock.
“oh god Danny fuck that pussy, fuck your little sisters pussy!” I screamed. He was pounding my pussy harder.
“fuck Cami I’m about to cum,” Danny stated.
“Danny I need you to cum in my pussy, please,” I begged. He began to slam me against the wall because he was fucking me so hard.

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“I’m cumming oh fuck oh god Cami yes you’re the best!” he moaned. I could feel his cock shooting its huge creamy load in my pussy. When he finished he pulled his cock out. I ran my hand down to my pussy and felt his cum running out of my pussy onto my hand. So I tasted his cum and my pussy juices mixed and it was amazing.
We finished up in the shower, and decided we should get something to eat. We walked out of our room to see that mom and dad were back from their scuba diving trip. They looked like they had been home for a little while. Did they hear Daniel fucking me? Daniel looked at me with wide eyes he had the same thought I did.

To be continued in another chapter…. .

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