Part 1

I was a jackass. I was as much a jackass as Debby a hooker. No! I should have outweighed what the whore's got. When loitering and soliciting , She had to resort to her wet and soft lips, which uttered sensuous words and secreted shiny fluids for smooth fellatio, straining all efforts to captivate her clientele to hook her, thereby polishing her identity as a hooker. Poor Debby! I was such a damn jackass that a friend of mine called Jack could't help thrashing and thumping his own ass for revenge whenever at the thought of me. See? Not that hard. Well, since I had mentioned the word "ass",without particular reasons(Now there was one!), I could not help picturing the juicy and tender pear-shaped asses of the female flight attendants, if ever, who always comforted my congential pissing off about air trips and contained my potential breaking out of air rage, at least psycologically.

You know, for a young lad prefering to jerk off till death in front of his selected adult videos starring Yui Hatano, whenever a real size flight attendant sex doll, and alive(Oh my. . . ) ,approched me with her voluptuous body twisting gracefully, it was a "fucking me to death" treat! Getting a hard-on was never hard on me. Wait! The best part of the free porn like experiences were those moments when a well-trained girl in tight yet fit uniform bent down, leaned forward and asked softly if I needed anything to drink, a pair of adrenaline boosting eyes on me. Yes! My heart pounded and my hands trembled, as though I was yearning for the final attack. "Water please. " Surely she would pass me a cup of water and simultaneously rewarded my obsession with a perfect timing smile, which never failed to trigger my orgasm and squeeze my brain till it was all blank, and I could only use my remaining psychic powers to transfer my semen to her balm nurtured lips and force her to swallow my gift all.

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