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It was Thursday evening about 6:00 P. M. I was working late in the office by my self Dawna (my part time secretary) had taken the afternoon off.   I was concentrating on a project I needed to complete, I didn't hear the door so when she spoke it startled me.   I looked up to see this lovely young girl dressed in a pretty red dress that stopped about half way between her knee and her feet, the skirt portion was full and flowed very nicely from her slim hips.
I told beautiful Dawna that I was surprized to see her, she smiled in a seductive way, as if to say thats what I was counting on.   Dawna is a very attractive patite little blond with twinkly blue eyes and a killer smile.   She stands 5'2", tips the scale at 105 lbs and is a natural blond.   Her waist is small, her hips about as perfect as possible with a cute little ass and the perkiest little breasts that form perfect little cones that stand straight out from her rib cage.
Dawna walked over to the side of my large desk and stepped up to my chair pushing it back to the credensa.   Dawna hadn't spoken a word since she entered the office, her twinkling blue eyes and seductive smile had been her only communication so far.   With my chair pushed back she sat her cute little ass on top of the desk, looking me straight in the eye she placed one foot on the edge of the chair on the outside of my right leg then placed the other foot outside my left leg.
Her eyes still locked in on mine Dawna began to slowly gather the flowing red material of her dress in her tiny hands.   Inch by inch slowly gathering the material now I could see her shapely calves covered in smooth black material, then her knees came into view.

  Dawna was diliberately torturing me making sure not to let me see anything more than her legs. Everytime I looked up her eyes were locked on mine studing my facial expressions looking at my responce as she slowly revealed more and more leg.

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    Now I could see the 2 inch wide lace band at the top of her sexy black stockings.   She kept her hand low making sure not to let me see her crotch, now the silky smooth flesh above her stockings was in view, I was hard as a rock, wondering where this would stop.
Dawna was so sexy and such a flirt I hoped to see her pussy but, wasn't sure if she was really going to show it to me or just keep me in suspence and stop before she revealed her panties or pussy.   I noticed Dawna looking at the tent in my pants and saw her smile widen as her eyes came back to mine.   Maybe just maybe she was horny enough to show me her pussy.   
Dawna was measuring the the amount of leg she was displaying, it appeared as though she was going to stop short of letting me see her crotch.   I desided to she how far I cold get so I placed one hand on her thigh, I let it linger then began to caress her nylon clad leg, she swated my hand off her leg.   Damn the luck!
Now Dawna's hand was only an inch or two from her pussy, my eyes were asking her to let me look.   I thought I could tell that Dawna was horny as hell but I just wasn't sure enough to push it, so I waited to see what was next.
The waite was worth it alright she finally lifted the red fabrique to show me a totally shaved pussy.   Her cunt lips were wet from the excitement she had created, Dawna placed her index finger on her love bud and began to tease her clit.   This was great, I had long wanted to see her play with her cunt.   I placed both hands on her thighs and caressed the smooth flesh above the lace band of her stockings, venturing closer and closer to her pussy.   I stood and dropped my pants placing the tip of my cock at the enterance of her pussy, Dawna's responce was to press against my dick which I took as approval to slide inside her hot wet cunt.   
Dawna was so wet that I just kept pushing into her until she had accepted the full lenght of my cock.

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    I couldn't believe how good it felt as she began to fuck me back with all the lust deep in her cunt.   Dawna stood and ask me to unzip the back of her dress so we wouldn't get any cum on it, she had just purchased it that very afternoon.
Now with only her bra on we fucked on top of that big desk for at least a hour, legs up as I stood or laying flat as I got on top of her and my favorite as she mounted me and removed her bra to display her nice pointed little tits.   I bent her over the desk and impaled her, she even wanted to fuck in that great big high back Judges chair.   What a wonderful fuck, we didn't stop until we were both spent.   It must have been that new red dress that made her feel so sexy that day.   Everyone should have a secretary like Dawna! ! ! !
It happened to me, I hope it happens to.


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