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I’m Veronique, bisexual, recently divorced and am a bit of a nymphomaniac! I’m very clitoral and anal and I love masturbating my little clitoris while prodding the tip of my finger in my tight arse. I’m slim and leggy, now 39 and lucky to still have a firm, slender body with young skin. I love sex and have always enjoyed exhibiting myself.

I’m the youngest of three sisters in my family. My Matisse mother is from French Guadeloupe and I guess my passionate side is from my mother’s Caribbean nature. She was nicknamed « Colibri » Creole for the hummingbird as she flitted about endlessly. She told us that her father was a French aristocrat and that my Creole grandmother had been needed for social reasons to disguise his homosexuality. Upon his death my grandmother was nevertheless left with three children, destitute, without any inheritance.   My mother told me that, being a desirable matisse girl, she had been told she was to marry a wealthy business man and to do whatever he told her to do even before marriage. He paid my grandmother money but never married my mother. My English father was a diver engineer and married my mother instead, when she became pregnant with my eldest sister. My father was always very handsome and kept in good physical shape all his life. My sisters were born in Guadeloupe while I was born, six years later, in northern France, where my parents came to live. My mother told me that I had been an accident, that I wasn’t really wanted at the time.   I inherited my father’s light and sensitive white skin with dark reddish hair. I am 1m73 tall with hazel and green eyes.

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   My eldest sister has an Asiatic Indian complexion while my other sister looks more Hispanic. My mother died from cancer when I was 14.   My father was never happily married to my mother, being very demanding, and my father being very authoritarian. My sisters were often beaten for the slightest of reasons while I, on the other hand, became my father’s favorite. There was nothing I could do wrong in his eyes and I was constantly held as an example against my sisters. I guess as a result I have always got away with everything. I often ran around the house either totally naked or in just a tee shirt without any knickers. My father would pinch or slap me on the bum laughingly calling me his little harlot or would put me across his knee and give me a spanking on my naked bum while I giggled and yelled.   I would sit on his lap as he would caress or cuddle me. I always wanted to please my father. I was his only real pleasure in life and I thrived on his admiration of my looks and my developing body especially during my puberty.

I always wanted to grow up to be a fashion model and loved dressing up and make up. I loved parading myself, being the center of attention and constantly sought the reassurances from my father that what I wore looked good. He always encouraged me with what I chose and let me buy whatever I wanted. My father and I spent a lot of time together, as my sisters had already married before my mother’s death.

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   He constantly criticised my sisters’ and their husbands, always blaming my mother for having badly brought them up. After my mother’s death I would go to his bedroom late at night and cuddle up to him in bed. I found his strong masculine fatherly smell very reassuring and even his prickly unshaven face tickled me comfortably. On several occasions I felt him harden as I snuggled my bum up against him in bed, before he would tell me that I had to go back to my room.

As a young teenager my breasts only developed slightly and the boys of my own age didn’t seem interested in me. I started to explore my sexuality very early on. I found I couldn’t stop myself. I have always been easily excited and took every opportunity to play with myself. I would rub myself against the end of the bed and was always poking all sorts of different things into my very small pussy or squeezing the handle of my hairbrush inside me. I liked one in my pussy and a pen in my arse at the same time. I let my father catch me in my room lying naked on the bed with my hairbrush handle all the way up inside me and pretended embarrassment. Every night, when I went to bed he would come to kiss me good night and I would often ask him to tickle me to send me to sleep, which it never did. His hands used to run all over up and down my body always leaving me feeling that I wanted more. Sometimes his fingers would wonder onto my panties and he would caress around my pussy, as if it was part of tickling me. I loved that especially, even though I knew that I shouldn’t be enjoying it so much.

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I soon started exploring kissing and gentle caresses with my other girlfriends.

The older boys started to take an interest in me but the most they would do was kiss and try to fumble about with my little breasts. They didn’t realize that I really wanted to loose my virginity. It wasn’t until I started babysitting for a working couple with two young boys that I actually really lost my virginity. The husband used to watch me in the bathroom while his kids were in the bath. One evening when his wife was working late the kids had splashed about so much my tee shirt had become soaking wet. My little breasts and nipples had developed just a little and were visible through the cotton material. When his eyes caught sight of them my nipples hardened instantly. After the kids were in bed he gave me one of his wife’s tee shirts and told me to take mine off. He stared at my pert little breasts as I did as he told me. I felt very excited as I realised the effect this had had on him. It made me feel grown up.

Soon afterwards, when his wife was working on the weekend, he asked me to come over.   In the afternoon the kids were having their siesta and I had dosed off too on the sofa. I awoke to find him stroking my hair.

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   He said not to say anything and slowly moved his hand down over my breasts massaging them gently. I moaned, faintly arching my back and bringing my little breasts forward a bit more. He slid his hand under my top and pinched my nipples firmly between his finger and thumb. I was electrified! He moved his hand down and undid my jean buttons and wriggling my arse a bit I helped him slide them down to my knees. He pushed my soft cotton knickers, massaging them into my very tight virginal pussy and then slid his finger under them and started to rub me. It made me so horny. He took his trousers off and taking his cock in his hand guided it to my pussy. He pushed and prodded into me. I didn’t really understand the new sensations then and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. He seemed to be fucking me very hard and energetically until, sweating, he tensed up, pulled himself from inside me and ejaculated over my slightly blooded pussy.

The next time my father was caressing me in bed I asked him if he wanted to ejaculate over me. He got very embarrassed, said I was a very naughty girl to talk like that and got up to leave. I felt rather embarrassed afterwards but discovered that talking like that excited me.


Where we lived in france there was nothing for teenagers. It was deadly dull.

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   You had to go across the border to Belgium for any nightlife.

On my seventeenth birthday an older boy, Serge, took me to a disco with his brother and some friends in his car. They had lots to drink and had smoked some joints. On the way home in the car they were saying that they didn’t bother with girls that wouldn’t go all the way. I said that I would and slipped of my panties throwing them at Serge. He was driving too fast and crashed into a tree on a corner. His brother was killed. I had a broken check bone and was covered in small cuts from the broken glass.

My boyfriend, Serge, started using heroine and, as I couldn’t face the outside world with my disfigurement, I was soon drawn in. I never went back to school and hid away whilst my face healed, rarely going back home either. My father was furious and I refused to talk to him. I was always angry with my boyfriend, holding him responsible and telling him what an idiot he was, but was unable to leave him.   We were always short of money and desperate, until one time sitting next to Serge’s dealer friend on the sofa, the dealer started to caress my bum, pulling my skirt up further until his hand was inside my panties, while my useless boyfriend got high. Pulling my panties aside, he unzipped himself and fucked me in the bum on the sofa. The following occasion he asked me to undress in front of everyone in the room before telling me to lie down on the mattress on the floor.

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   The others watched him fuck me, too stoned to even get a hard on or to join in. Then he phoned inviting us around and introduced me to one of his friends, who took me into a bedroom on our own. After he had finished I came out into the room and my boyfriend was gone. They told me not to worry he would be back soon and gave me another fix. When Serge returned he had my bag with some of my things and then left, leaving me there. My memory of that period is very unclear and I have no real sense of time. It is incredible when I think back that I didn’t feel any resistance to what was happening to me. I was very angry and couldn’t understand why this accident had happened to me instead of someone else. The way people treated me and my disfigured face was all part of the punishment. I knew I had to suffer it and knew I was a bad girl and deserved it.

One day my sister turned up with her husband and took me back home with her. I detoxed and then moved back with my father. He had no idea what had really happened, as my sister never told him the whole story. He was happy though that I was back and made me feel good inside again. He always made me feel special and really spoilt me.

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  Â  My small scares from the glass healed sooner then I thought and disappeared altogether.   I still have an obsession with facial creams and looking after my body.


I was very young and changes happened very quickly then. My father had talked me into going to a secretarial school, which I found very boring.    At mid eighteen I had completely gotten over my depressive state and my sexual libido had fired up again. I became persistently aroused. My father had pornographic magazines and videos, which he would read or watch late at night. When he was out I would look through some of his magazines and watch bits of his videos in an excited frenzy. I couldn’t believe some of the things that they did in the videos. They filled my imagination and I became more curious about my bisexuality. I dreamed of being a porn star but have always being too worried that my scares would be visible. I never like people taking photos of me.

That summer my cousin, Fiona, came to visit from England, on her own, taking the boat train across the channel.   We slept together in my double bed, soon discovering each other’s bodies. She was even more of a nymphomaniac then me.

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   We were very soon playing with and licking each other’s pussy’s for hours on end. I was sure that my father knew something was happening as we no doubt made so much noise, but we didn’t really care. We started to enjoy flouting our sexuality in front of him, which we found very funny, as he clearly didn’t know how to react.

We were sunbathing in the garden while father read his paper. We both undid our tops in front of him exposing our breast, which wasn’t all that unusual, but which unsettled him nevertheless. Then, lying down, we began to oil each other. I slipped out of my bikini bottoms and lay there in the sun totally naked, giggling with my cousin. I moved over to sit on her bum and started to rub more oil onto my cousin’s back, whilst slowly gyrating my pussy on her. I could see that my father was clearly pretending not to be paying much attention. Feeling that I could go further I pulled the bow of my cousin’s string bikini bottoms, lifting them aside, and started to massage her bum and thighs. I slid my hand down to caress her pussy making her very wet and massaged my pussy on the back of her leg. Father lowered his paper to get a better view. We were both getting so excited it was becoming impossibly difficult to not let ourselves completely go.

My father was very red and got up, going back into the house. I could see him looking through the bedroom window, watching us.

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   Fiona turned over onto her back and nudging her legs apart I looked up at my father before lowering my head into her pussy, licking and flicking her clitoris with my tongue. Turning around, I moved on top of her to let her lick my pussy while I was licking hers, with my arse now pointing up in the air towards the house, until we brought each other to climax. I’m sure that my father was masturbating in the bedroom watching me.

Fiona wanted to go to the Cote d’Azur so we took the train and our rucksacks and stayed in a campsite, exploring each other's bodies in the tent. We would lie in the hot tent opposite each other using our toes to caress and prod each other’s wet pusses. We met lots of blokes who kept inviting us out. I had become very defensive and gave them a hard time, enjoying the reactions I got at their rejections. Fiona started hanging out more and more with a bloke she had met. I met Patricia who ran the boulangerie with her husband by the campsite. They had recently had their first baby. I immediately warmed to Patricia and her baby like to an elder sister. While her husband was in the bakery I helped Patricia with her baby and started sun bathing topless with her in their private garden. She had a large maternal bosom full of milk. When I started to rub sun lotion onto myself Patricia took the bottle and started to do my shoulders and back. I moaned with pleasure as her hands caressed my body and I gently lifted my arms at the right moment to let her hands slide around in front and caress the sides of my small pert breasts.

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   She made them very erect. I turned and we kissed, rubbing our breasts together. I was so turned on suckling milk from her breasts. Her vagina was still large from childbirth and my thin hand easily slipped fully inside her. I left that day but came back the next and met with her husband to whom she had told everything. He was very nice and very well built with strong bakers’ arms with large hands and when Patricia suggested that I stay for the night I readily agreed. That night Patricia lay on her back on the bed while I licked her clitoris with my arse sticking up in the air while her well-endowed husband was furiously fucking my pussy, really pumping me hard, until he just exploded inside me letting out a primal groan. Patricia got annoyed and told him not to wake the baby with so much noise. In the morning Patricia and her husband were already up while I lay longer in bed. Patricia came in with a coffee and I asked her if she was ok. She was clearly jealous of her husband's enthusiasm the night before but said it was ok and only to be expected and we laughed it off. Soon her husband came back after having finished the morning bakery and came into the bedroom to shower and change for the afternoon. He joked with Patricia and me as we watched him undress and shower in the ensuite bathroom. When he came out he sat on the bed with us and started to caress my leg under the sheet, in front of Patricia. As he moved his hand up higher to my inner thigh I sighed with pleasure and started to caress Patricia.


   She wasn't looking very happy but I was feeling very horny again. The baby started crying so Patricia went to pick him up and started to breast feed him in the other room.

I pulled the bed sheet aside a little and opened my legs to show my wet pussy. He immediately started to caress my pussy pushing first one then two of his thick fingers into me and then climbed on top of me right away and started to fuck me really hard again.

The bed was squeaking and I was moaning. I could see Patricia standing there in the doorway holding their baby in her arms, breast-feeding him, watching us with anguish on her face. I was over whelmed with sexual adrenaline by the power I had over her and her husband. I soon orgasmed with the excitement of the situation and the hardest and biggest dick I had ever had inside me.

My cousin and I soon afterwards returned home and she continued back to England.   My father was very glad that I was back. That night he came into my room to kiss me good night and asked me if I had met any nice boys. I wasn’t lying when I shyly said “no ”and that I would never like other boys as much as I loved him in any case. His hand was under the bed covers caressing my leg and moving up to my thigh. I giggled and told him that I didn’t have any panties on. He was trying to hide a bulge in his trousers that he somehow thought I couldn’t see and ran his hand up and down from my leg onto my waist over where the side of my panties would have been.

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   As he ran his hand down to my inner thigh I parted my legs to encourage him towards my pussy.   He started gently caressing and massaging my pussy. I giggled again and drew back the bed covers to show him my completely naked body. He got up to leave kissing me good night again, quickly turning to hide his erection. My father was the only man who really loved and cared for me and had never remarried to bring me up on his own after my mother’s death. I always found his touch was very soft and erotic. I lay there unable to sleep tossing and turning until I realized that I could hear noises of a porno film from the living room. I lay there in bed still agitated, fantasying about being a porno star myself, being fucked by loads of men with my arse wide open to the camera and having my father there in the audience smiling at me every time I looked to see his reassurances. I knew I could please him more than any porno star on his videos. I got out of bed naked and quietly walked into the living room. He was there in his armchair in the dark, his hand slowly moving up and down in his lap. On the TV screen a bloke was screwing a girl in her arse while she was giving a blowjob to another guy. I came forward until he realized that I was there, hiding his penis in his hand and looking very embarrassed. I stood in front of him with my legs slightly parted and caressed myself gently. His erection stood out on its’ own.

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   I straddled the armchair and slid his erection straight into me my wet pussy. I slowly gyrated and rode up and down on him until he pulled back and slipped out of me spurting his cum over my pussy and stomach. I got up to get some kitchen role and gently wiped him dry. He was really very nervous so I kissed him goodnight and quietly went back to my bedroom to continue massaging my clitoris between my fingers, still dreaming about being my father’s favorite porno star with sperm shooting all over my wide open arse, until I had climaxed twice.  

The following morning was bright and sunny again and I didn’t feel that there was any point putting my knickers on, especially considering the evening before. I pulled a tee shirt on that was only just long enough to cover my bum and went to join my father for breakfast. I stood up on my toes and kissed him good morning. I turned around to start making coffee and had to reach up to the top cupboard, lifting my tee shirt high up above my naked bum. As I realized the obviousness of this I felt his hand clasping my bum. He moved his hands up to my waist slightly pulling me towards him. I pushed my bum back onto his erection. All of a sudden I felt the flesh of his penis on my bum and with the wetness of my pussy he slipped straight inside me again. He started fucking me quite hard from behind until he pulled out and spurted his cum all over my bum. I turned and hugged him, letting him squeeze me in his arms. After he settled down he started apologizing, saying that he should never have let this happen and then he started getting angry calling me a little prick teaser, saying that I should wear panties at least at breakfast.

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   I told him to learn how to control his hard on, when he slapped me on the face and said that I had always been a little tart and must have got it from my mother. I ran to my room and cried in bed, worrying whether my face was still all right. A few hours later my father came in saying he was sorry and that it was his fault for everything and took me in his arms. We agreed that I mustn’t parade around naked in the house anymore and that this was never to happen again and that at my age I should find myself a proper boyfriend.

I never completed the secretarial training but did a course for shop window dressing in women’s’ clothing and started dating a Belgium, Stephan, who lived across the border. My father pretended to like him very much but really he was a sorry looser for a boyfriend. He was a bit effeminate with a ponytail, thin arms and legs. He worked in a cafe as the barman. He got me a job serving at the tables and I moved into his apartment with him. That was in my early twenties. He was a bit of a mother's boy and we had arguments all the time. One time, while working in the cafe, I had a proposition from a mature couple from Luxembourg, that I could not refuse. He was an older man and his wife was a well-dressed middle-aged woman with large breasts. They were often at the cafe and one day serving them at their table the woman softly took my hand and looked at me straight in the eyes and explained that she had always fantasized about a bisexual experience but had never had one. Her husband proposed to pay me, roughly what I earned in the month, and added that he only wanted to watch.

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   They were so harmless I said ok and agreed to meet them. I told Stephan I was meeting with a girlfriend and disappeared off.   They took me to a very smart hotel in Luxembourg and they primed me up with champagne in the room they had hired. I went into the bathroom and showered coming out completely naked with just a towel rapped around my hair. The lights were already dimmed and the woman stood up from her husband, leaving him seated as he had said. I came over to her and started to undress her and then as she lay down on the bed I knelt over her and started to kiss her body as she ran her fingers through my hair. She brought my head up to hers and we embraced and rolled our bodies together, her large breasts reminding me of Patricia's. We made love and we both came to orgasms. I got dressed and took the money, still very turned on, kissed the woman and left. I took a taxi back to the apartment. I was still so excited when I arrived back home that even after I got Stephan to fuck me I continued rubbing my clitoris and poking my fingertip in my arse until I had come a third time that night. Even then I still didn't calm down completely. It had been very erotic.

On another occasion I came back from visiting my father and when the train arrived at the station in Belgium, Stephan was not there to meet me. He had forgotten and I had been chatted up by a really gorgeous bloke on the train, who I had tried not to encourage, to be faithful to Stephan.

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   I felt cheated and when I saw the same bloke from the train still watching me waiting, in my anger, I went up to him and told him that if he wanted to have sex with me he could!  He took me to his apartment and introduced me to his flat mate. We had a few drinks and lots of laughs as I was so horny and excited from what I was doing because I felt totally liberated from any guilt. They were playing a compilation and one of my favorite songs came on. I stood up and told them to remain seated on the sofa and started a very sexy striptease. I knelt down over the armchair opposite them with my arse and pussy sticking up in the air, slowly caressing myself. I told them not to move but that they should unzip themselves. I licked my finger and slowly eased it in and out of my tight arse, using my other hand to keep my bum wide open. I then told the boys to strip and pushed one back onto his sofa and then sat on him, first taking his cock in my hand and rubbing my clitoris with the head of his cock while he shivered with ticklish pain. I guided his cock into my vagina and rode up and down him a few times, pushing his penis head further inside me and then took his friends’ penis with my hand, guiding it to my mouth. I ran my hand up and down his long shaft sucking him as deeply as I could. Then I told him to get back behind me and to put his dick to good use in my unattended arse. He struggled a little at first but soon managed to push his way in on top of his flat mate. It felt great having one dick in my vagina and another up my arse rubbing together inside me. I was building up to a satisfying orgasm and started rubbing my clitoris at the same time. All that attention made me climax, stimulating the two boys to shoot their loads up me.

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   I could feel cum starting to dribble out of both my arse and pussy in the taxi as I arrived home to a rather surprised and very apologetic Stephan. I said no problem and that it was probably me who had told him the wrong day! When he felt safe again we embraced and I made him lick my clitoris and arse until I orgasmed again, all the time apologizing for the salty taste saying that it was because I hadn't showered yet from the journey!!! I was feeling in a bitchy mood and Stephan was so easy to dominate. After he had brought me off I climbed on top of him taking his dick in my hand rubbing it against my clitoris again and then sliding it inside me riding up and down. I asked if he liked that, me on top, if he liked being dominated by bitches. He nodded and his stupid smug boyish face made me so angry. I pushed his face flat against the pillow with my open hand, pushing him harder in the check while I fucked him more violently. Like that I said, you like me hurting you? I clenched my fingers digging them into his face. I could feel his flesh catching under my fingernails. He completely clenched up struggling to back away from me. He pushed and half hit me aside saying that I had gone crazy. I said sorry and meowed softly pretending to purr, rubbing myself against him. I said that I had been too naughty and that he should give me a good spanking on the bottom. Offering my bum in the air he gave me a gently slap. I said that I had been naughtier then that, that he should slap my bum harder. I unslipped his leather belt from his jeans and folding it told him to use that.

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   He swung the belt slapping it hard across my bottom making me cringe with the pain. It hurt me much more then I had thought it would. The sharp slapping pain was intense, stinging by bottom and bringing tears to my eyes as he continued. I didn’t stop him, enjoying the feeling that I deserved it, having had two other blokes inside me just before. I told him to fuck me hard from behind. Each time he slammed into my buttocks I could feel the stinging until I shuddered to another orgasm. I had blue bruises on my behind afterwards and Stephan had to pretend that he got scratched falling into a bush.


I wanted to explore my sexuality more and more and Stephan was not satisfying me enough. I was permanently aroused, often masturbating myself in front of him whilst he paid no attention. He was too conventional and too immature to excite me on his own initiative. One day I discovered a new shop that sold kinky clothing. A short black leather mini skirt and some long black high-heeled boots attracted me. I tried them on and they were fantastic. The woman working there said that there were more interesting objects in the back room. They had lots of different vibrators and whips and things.

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   As soon as I saw it took my fancy immediately and I knew that Stephan was just the person I needed to try it out with. It was a strap on cock, which I have still have today. When I got home I showed him the mini skirt saying that he was going to take me out to a club that night. I danced loads that evening showing off my bum in my new leather mini and high-heeled boots. We were sitting behind a round bar, mostly behind the barman and in the dark, and I made him play with my pussy whilst I innocently sipped at my drink. I made sure he was satisfactorily horny. When we arrived back at the apartment he pushed me onto the fold out sofa as I took my top off. He took his trousers off revealing a nice hard cock. I took him in my mouth and started to caress his buttocks slowly moving my finger closer towards his arse. He was very aroused and thought I was being very kinky. Little did he know! I told him to lie down and sucking him even more, lifted his legs up to start licking his arse. I stopped and said that I had a surprise for him and went into the bedroom and put on the strap on dildo. I came out again with lubricant and poured some over his cock and started to wank him off. He said that it felt great. I worked my fingers towards his arse hole slowly working one inside him with the lubricant.

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   I had his legs in the air and pushing them further towards him I guided the dildo up to his arse. I gently nudged it into him while, leaning back, I wanked his cock at the same time with my available hand. I pushed his buttocks further apart and pumped him harder and harder biting my teeth together. I told him to call me a bitch and to beg to be fucked harder. He shot his load high into the air. I took the strap on off and turning around sat over his face telling him to lick me and push his finger up my arse.

The job at the bar was very uneventful and I couldn’t stand Stephan any longer so I told him we were finished. I quit working at the bar and I asked him to move out of the apartment. I got a job with a small fashion designer making dresses but told Stephan that as long as he agreed to continue paying the rent he could come back and fuck me occasionally. The first time he came back I made him feel comfortable and let him fuck me on the bed but on the following visit I just welcomed him in without even kissing him telling him that I didn’t have much time. I undressed in front of him and lay down on my front on the sofa telling him to take me from behind. He lay on top of me penetrating me from behind. He was nice and hard, as I like cocks to be, and clearly too excited to be his usual complicated self. He came quickly and as I wiped myself of his sperm I showed him to the door saying that I will see him next time. It was great being such a slut.

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   He really had no idea how horny it made me. He kept phoning me and begging me for us to get back together. The next time he asked me if I had already met someone else. I told him about some one-night stands but said that if he wanted sex he should get on with it or just leave. He undressed as I unzipped and slid out of my mini skirt and knickers. I sat back on the sofa again with my legs spread apart. He wasn’t very hard and had difficulty getting his cock inside me. I told him that if he couldn’t get a hard on there was no point in trying, but he desperately insisted that he could now that his cock was inside me. I could feel him hardening in me and told him to hurry up. He started really sweating frantically trying to cum as quickly as possible. I told him that the blokes who I had been with since we split up had much firmer cocks and could fuck me harder. His erection died off on the spot so I pushed him aside and put my knickers back on. He kept saying that he was just about to cum and that he’s still very horny and desperate to finish. I said that he could wank himself off on the sofa. He started to rub his cock up and down in his hand without much success.


   He asked if he could have some hand cream, which I gave him from the bathroom. I said that he still wasn’t even hard. He insisted that it was getting harder if only I would do something sexy. He had no idea at all how much fun I was really having humiliating him. I pulled up my top showing him my breasts. He instantly got hard again and started to wank himself. I turned around and bending over, slowly lowered my knickers again pushing my pussy up to his face, just close enough for him to smell the perfume of my pussy. I then lay down on the ground spreading my legs apart, caressing my pussy, opening it wide with my fingers and then sliding one in all the way. He was wanking away furiously as I told him to come over and shoot his load over my open pussy. He pushed his cock towards my open pussy still wanking himself and shot his sperm straight into me as I held my pussy lips wide open. As he finished I told him to get down and lick all his cum from out of my pussy. Holding his head I kept his face in my pussy until I was properly finished too.

I changed jobs to work as a shop assistant for women’s clothing at Tiffanys in Luxembourg, though I continued to live in Belgium. The rent was very expensive in Stephan’s old apartment but not as expensive as in Luxembourg. After Stephan stopped paying the rent I had to take a night job in addition at an old run down “café concert” cabaret club on the border between Belgium and Holland, near Luxembourg.

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   There were lots of drugs coming in from Holland but I refused to touch heroine again. I was serving drinks and collecting empty glasses and was not expected to wear very much. I started slightly timidly, until I realized that the blokes weren’t actually as badly behaved as I thought they would be. I would let them squeeze my bum or put their arm around me. The clients tipped very well, especially those from Luxembourg. The boss organized theme evenings, the most popular being tropical night, serving rum punch dressed only in a string bikini. I could wear very sexy outfits and was constantly aroused at work, but also very frustrated. It was difficult meeting people outside of work with its long hours and I wasn’t actually having much sex. At work, I got on really well with Mireille, one of the other girls. She had a long-term boyfriend and was always pushing me on to do things she wouldn’t dare do herself. We both flirted like mad with Jos the Flemish barman who had a perfect six-pack but proved to be discreetly gay. The boss was always after me, putting his arm around me and constantly touching me. He gave me extra money to buy skimpy sexy bikinis or semi see-through outfits. He also gave me cocaine from time to time to help with the long hours. It didn’t take long before he would run his hand under my short skirt feeling my bum and inevitably groping my pussy.

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   I could see that he got quite a kick from doing this as publicly as possible. One night, when we were cleaning up after the clients had gone I was sitting down on a bar stool inside the bar smoking a cigarette. He came over and gave me a little line of coke, then put his hands on my legs, caressed them apart, reached up to my panties and slowly pulled them down, taking them off altogether. I wasn’t very surprised and let him caress me a little more. He knelt down and buried his head between my legs. After a few stares from the other employees they soon ignored us. I think I surprised him though coming to an orgasm so quickly. He unzipped himself intending to enter me but I asked him what type of a girl he thought I was. He stood there disappointed not sure what to do. He offered me some money. I proposed a strip tease instead for the same amount. I had often fantasized of stripping in the club so I put some music on and started dancing. I lifted my top off and wriggled out of my mini skirt, just keeping my high heels on. Indicating for him to sit down I came over to lap dance over him telling him he could wank himself off. He didn’t take long shooting his sperm over his own trousers.

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After that he was always desperate for me. I let him drive me home after work, allowing him to quickly wank himself after watching me play with my little clitoris, sliding my wet pussy on the black leather passenger seat of his BMW. He supplied me liberally with cocaine or speed for the late nights at work.

He told me that he had been thinking about having a full striptease every now and again in the club and asked if I would do it. I knew I really wanted to but for some reason I said no.

He found a dutch stripper to do a striptease towards the end of the night, one saturday. She was blonde with firm round breasts and was an excellent dancer. She certainly animated the dance area and we were kept very busy at the bar. The evening was building up with anticipation until the boss finally announced her striptease. At the end she pulled the two sides of her bikini string, quickly revealing her neatly trimmed pussy before covering herself up and scampered back to the storeroom. After that evening I became more adventurous myself in the club. I experimented with short skirts that could barely cover my transparent panties or slightly longer figure hugging skirts but with no knickers at all. It made bending down for drinks behind the bar an event! Doing a striptease with the dutch girl became my regular masturbation fantasy so the next time she came back I went into the back room where she was changing, offered her a little coke that the boss had given me, and asked her what it was like, stripping in public. She said that she had really had lots of good fun. I touched her bunny tail that she had just put on and laughed again saying that I agreed it did seem like good fun.

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   She then pulled out another bunny tailed G-string and tee shirt from her bag and laughingly said that I should put them on and join her. I said yes, having hoped for this opportunity, stripped off and put the tee shirt and G-sting on. She looked at me standing there and said that I was very beautiful and very lucky to have such a gorgeous body and that I should show it off completely! She really hit the right spot. She ran her hands down my tee shirt making my small but erect breasts stand out a little more, gave me a little kiss on the lips and said she would see me later on in the club. I went back serving at the bar waiting until the boss announced the striptease. The others had guessed what I was up to.

The boss was very happy when I went to join the dutch girl on the dance floor. We danced together running our hands up and down our bodies. Everyone was cheering and it made me so horny that I nearly couldn’t contain myself.   She then crossed her arms and lifted her tee shirt up slowly over her head throwing it aside. She danced still looking at me as I followed and crossed my arms and lifted my tee shirt off as well. She took me by the hand again and kept me dancing. She then continued to run her hands up and down her body caressing her breasts. I followed, squeezing my nipple between my finger and thumb, and smiling, as I had never been so excited in all my life. The blokes were really enjoying this and I couldn’t resist moving my hands onto her body.

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   Cocaine always makes me really horny. I started caressing her breasts, pulling her closer rubbing our breasts together. The boss was smiling, things having been beyond his best expectations! She then caressed my bum and knelt down slowly taking down my g-string with her. I covered my shaved pussy with my two hands as I stepped out of my string. I then moved behind her pulling her body close onto mine to cover me as I too knelt down taking off her g-string as well. The guys behind me must have had a good view, as I felt very conscious bending down knowing that my bum was clearly visible. I followed her back to the storeroom gathering up the g-string as I went which I quickly put back on in order to continue serving behind the bar topless. Everyone wanted to buy drinks at the bar and having all those blokes just drooling over my tits was making my pussy so wet. The boss loved it.

The evening slowed down finally as people began to leave. I was sitting at the bar, having had some more coke, smoking a cigarette and drinking champagne, that the boss had offered us on the house, with the blonde stripper and several blokes desperately trying to chat us up. She was already in her normal clothes ready to leave but I had the tee shirt already back on as well as the string. With so many blokes, as well as the boss, all drooling over me it must have been perfectly obvious that I was just waiting for something to happen. The damp patch between my legs must have been clearly visible as I could feel my thighs sliding against each other when I moved, lubricated by my pussy juices.   The stripper got up to leave and said that I could keep the string and tee shirt.

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   I stood up, said no its ok, smiled, crossed my arms again and lifted the tee-shirt off and then bent down taking the now very wet bunny g-string off as well. The blokes were enjoying this and the blonde stripper laughed. I asked her to stay with us a little longer but she said no she had her boyfriend waiting at home for her. She kissed me on the lips again in front of the very excited men and left.

I said to the boss that that just leaves me and, smiling, I sat back on the swivel barstool now completely naked apart from my high heels. Facing the boss and the other blokes, I slowly parting my legs running my hand down my body towards my pussy.   I took my little pea of my clitoris in between my two forefingers and thumb and gently squeezed it, opening my mouth with a little ohh. One of the blokes knelt down in front of me immediately. I had worked up quite a juice and was soon having muscle spasms and pushing on his head as he expertly licked me. I stood up, unzipped his bulging cock in front of the others, and knelt down in my turn to suck him off. He could hardly hold himself. I stood up again before he came and went round to the side of the swivel chair leaning my elbows and forearms on it with my arse sticking up in the air. He drove his hard cock into me. I turned to my boss and asked him what he wanted to do. He unzipped himself and offered his cock to my mouth.

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   I was surprised how quickly he shot his sperm inside my mouth. I then felt a hand run up my back to my neck grabbing a hold of my hair and pulling my head backwards as another hard cock penetrated me. The other blokes who had been watching unzipped themselves, waiting to satisfy their cocks. I tried to gasp with pleasure but I had two cocks in my mouth already while being fucked hard by some bloke from behind. I was already dripping with sperm as he pulled his cock out of me and slowly slid it into my tight arse. Again I gasped. By this stage there were more men who soon unzipped themselves leaving their dicks hanging out.

I moved from the bar to the seating area, bringing Jos over with me, positioning myself on my knees sticking my bum up in the air and told Jos that I wasn’t going to let him get away tonight. I gestured for two more cocks again for my mouth. I felt a sudden spurt hit the corner of my eye and run down my check as someone ejaculated over my hair and side of my face. The guy whose cock I was sucking suddenly pulled it out of my mouth and wanking himself ejaculated all over my face as well, as I heard Jos obviously ejaculate from behind. After all I can’t see what should be so different with my bum for a gay bloke. Before I could think what was happening there was already another bloke with a stiff hard cock pushing it into my mouth and again another from behind. I could see sperm dripping off my body. My hair was covered with sperm and my arse was getting painful but I was now in a trance of my wildest emotions and I wanted more and more.

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   I was going to let everyone fuck me to kingdom cum. I thought of my father, if he could see me now he’d see that I was better then any porn star he’d ever seen on video. I pulled two cocks towards me again pushing them into my mouth at the same time, to the continued astonishment of their owners. I was getting it very hard in the arse wondering if they would ever get back into my pussy. I could feel the sperm running down over my pussy and then down my legs. I wiped some more sperm from my eyes with the back of my hand just as another load of sperm came shooting forward. I had to keep my eyes shut, as they were stinging with salty sperm. A lot of them were furiously wanking themselves and just spurting there’re cum over me. I was just euphoric as men were pushing about to get nearer to me. I already knew that I liked being a dirty slut but just how much I was now really finding out! Some of them were calling me “putain de salope” and “prend ca dans la geulle bitch” as they shot their sperm in my face. This was just heaven. There was so much sperm all over me and on the floor around me. I noticed that the boss had come back for more. I felt my arse was going to split as they were trying to hold my slippery bum checks so wide apart as others were fucking it.


The owner and the doorman started guiding them out and I stood up absolutely dripping in sperm, totally stunned with myself and in a state of shock.

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   I started to tremble. I couldn’t stand straight my arse hurt so much. I got stomach cramps and slipped on the floor, my hands sliding in all the sperm. There were lots of condoms lying about on the floor but I started to worry about those that hadn’t used one. The boss helped me up and took me to the back room and tried to help me get cleaned up a little. Still trembling I put my clothes on. My hair was just disgusting all sticking together with jelly globs, but there was nothing I could do to improve it. I had drying sperm all over me that was sticking to my tee-shirt as I tried to pull it on. The boss said he would take me home. It was already daylight when we went outside and people were busy starting their day. I must have looked a real sight. In the car I didn't say anything. My arse and stomach were really hurting and I couldn’t sit still.

After that eventful evening I had to stay at home for several days until I could walk more normally without my arse hurting so much. I was so worried about what diseases I could have caught.

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   I really could not believe how lucky I was with the results of the blood tests. I had them redone to be sure and thought I shall never be so carefree again.

I was soon back to work though. Mirelle couldn’t believe that I had been such a slut and I could see she was burning with jealousy. Her boyfriend had proposed to her and she wasn’t going to confuse things she said. Jos said he had really enjoyed my arse and had been very turned on with all the other blokes about. The doorman treated me like royalty after that and although I didn’t really like him much it did feel good knowing that he was looking after me. We had more regular stripper nights thereafter. The boss kept a good balance only having special stripping nights occasionally so as not to singularize the clientele.   I had always been dressing sexily but after that first stripping night I became even more adventurous. I had bought a black fish net one-piece bodice, covering my nipples with a cross of black electrical tape, showing my bare breasts and the rest of my naked body underneath. I had to totally shave my pussy to wear it when I worked behind the bar as it just covered my pussy up to my clitoris, but no further. I experimented bleaching my hair blonde but found it didn’t suit me, so I dyed it bright red instead and had it cut into a short bob. It was very sexy. One particular night we had a private party hire the bar and I ended up dancing on a table as the group of blokes had been tipping me all evening.


  Â  I took my g-string off altogether and opened my legs wide, parting my pussylips for all to view. It got such a cheer as I started to slide first one and then two fingers inside. I suddenly realized that I was bringing myself close to orgasm, but by then it was too late and I had to go all the way to the absolute astonishment of everyone. I hurried back to the safety of the storeroom expecting trouble from the now very aroused blokes. As you can imagine I was constantly propositioned for paid sex but the boss had warned me we had already over stepped the mark too many times and I had to be careful. In any case the tips were already making me more then my pay. There were some occasions when I couldn’t help myself though. On an unusually quite evening another group of friends were insisting I do another striptease for them alone. I said it was early, maybe later. They started to offer me more and more money. They were soon the only customers left and I told the doorman to close up and not let anyone else inside. I cleared their table of drinks and began a striptease. They offered me more money to fuck. I lay on the coffee table massaging my open pussy and told them to wank over me instead.


One of the customers, a bearded Belgium, offered me tequila and I came to sit with him and his friends.

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   Before long his hand had run up the inside of my mini skirt. I got up to leave but suggested he follow me to the gents in a few minutes. I hung around in front of the door to the gents until he arrived taking his hand and closing us in a cubical. I kissed him raising my leg around behind his bum rubbing my pussy on his crutch. He grabbed me by the arm and twisted me around pushing me half over the toilet. He lifted my mini skirt over my bum and pulled my panties aside. Grabbing my then long hair from behind into a ponytail he thrust himself into me in deep full strokes on his thick shaft. He pulled my hair right back hurting me but making me groan out loud. As he fucked me faster and harder he started to slap my bum on one side to the other as he pulled on my hair. I had never been taken with such determination before and he knew just how much I loved it. After he came he slapped me hard on the bum again, zipped himself up, opened the door and left. I still had my knickers down and saw a group of blokes just staring at me through the open door. I quickly pulled myself together and went back to the bar a bit shocked and very surprised. He completely ignored me until I came up to him again and asked him if he would take me home tonight on his bike. He smiled and said fine he would wait.

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   I couldn’t believe he had made me ask him. That night he was very loving and tender in bed.

After dating with him for a couple of months he asked me to move in with him and leave the club. He lived at Waterloo just outside of Bruxelles. He was twenty two years older then me but I was ready .



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