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The story i am going to tell you is a real one. It happend 1 year before . Let me tell you about my family. There are three members in my family. Me ,Nithin (27) my Mother 'Rajani' (48)my Father Chandran (53) we lives in a village in kerala (south india) 5 years before my father lost his legs in an accident. From that time i am looking after my family. I am running a small shop in my village my mother is a house wife she is little fat and white in colour i am her only son so she loves me a lot . I have few local friends in my village every sunday we used to drink beer in my shop. One day my friend Ajay got high and started talking about his personal matters he said he regularly fucking his own mother we did not believe him we told him that then he showed us a video in his mobile phone. We all got shocked we saw that video he is fucking his mother and his mother really enjoying it. We saw that video many times and we stopped our party then went to home . When i get home my mother open the door she weared a yellow nighty i looked at her in a different way that was the first time i got a sexual attraction towards my mother my got a big hard on. I went to my room and started masterbating thiniking about my sexy mother i really enjoy that. I shot my hot cum into the floorthat night i did not sleep well. I was thinking about my mother i know father cannot fuck her anymore. She is a women she also have physical needs i want to fuck her so i decided to ask her.

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  Next morning i saw her boobs while she is washing dress. I lost my half control that day many times i try to talk to her but because of fear i did not do that. The next day i seek my friend Ajays help he gave me some advice. I decided to use that i told him about my problem and he said" Don't talk to her in person talk to her in phone" . When Ajay gone i called her in phone mother pick up the phone .

Mother : Hello

Me : Mother it is me Nithin

Mother: What happend son? why did you call me?

Me : Nothing mother is it dad is near?

Mother : No son he is sleeping in room.

Me : Mother i want to talk to you a serious matter.

Mother: What son ? is there any problem in your shop?

Me : No mother it is about us.

Mother : I don't understand what about us?

Me : Be frank i want to fuck you i love you a lot i want to make love to you .

Mother : What the hell are you talking i am your mother .

Me : I know you are also a woman i need you.

Mother : Son we will find you a girl to marry don't talk like this.

Me : I don't want any other girl i just want you

Mother : Son this is a sin please think about your father.

Me : Nothing is a sin. Mother please think about me.

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   I am looking after the house i am taking good care of you and dad.

(Mother started crying in the phone. )

Me : Don't cry mother i don't want anything from you i am going to live like this just forget everything i said.

After saying this i cut the phone then i got busy with my work . In evening 5 PM i got a call from my mother.

Me : Hello

Mother : Son i am ready to sleep with you but.

    Me : But what mother??

    Mother : What about your dad ?

    Me : He will never going to find out. we will do it in midnight.

    Mother : What will happen ? Is this society come to know about our relationship?

    Me : Don't worry mother no one will know about this.

    Mother : ok son see you in night.

    Mother then cut the phone. I became very happy. The thought i am going to fuck my mother in night gave me more erection. I patiently waited for the night and finally the time has come. When i get back home mother did't talk to me but while serving food she gave me a smile and said "don't eat too much " By hearing her words i got a hard on.

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      I looked on the clock time is 10:30. Dad still watching tv i waited a 39 mintes. Dad have no intention to sleep. Finally mother went to her room. I became very sad. After 18 mintes mother came back and said to dad " that the fan in there room did't work properly so she going to sleep in my room". dad said "ok "She then came to my room and closed the door. My dick rise again. It made a tent in my lunge. I did not wait any second. I hugged her then began to kiss her. She said
    " be calm son i am all yours "
    My lunge fell on the floor. My dick began to poke my mothers ass. Then suddenly we heard my dads sound.

    Dad : "Rajani the movie is over take me to my bed".

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    Mother then went to help dad. After 5 mintes she came with a smile. When she close the door. she began to undress her nighty fell on the floor. Now she is in bra and panty. That was the most beautiful scene i ever seen in my life. Mother became very shy. I placed her hand on my cock. She began to stroke it. At that time i took of her bra. Her soft big boobs reminded me some of the porn videos. We lay down the bed and started our sex life. Her hairy pussy accepted my 6. 4 inch cock. It fully entered in my mothers love hole.

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       I started my job. I began to fuck her. She said in low voice.
    " son don't make too much noise. Your father had snakes ears. "
    I did not listen to her. I increased my speed. She hugged me very tightly. After 20 mintes of fucking She said
    "Don't cum inside me"
    I obeyed her. I shoot my cum into her belly. She had two orgasam in that time. Me and my mother began to breath very fastly. I said to mother
    "i want to fuck you every night"

    Mother said
    " Now on i am your women . every night i will sleep with you "

    That night we did not sleep. We fucked like animals.

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