In The Hidden Places - Part 1


Now my name is Sally, and I was 20 when I became a true nymphomaniac.   I had been a prude all my life until my wedding day; Chance married me without more than a touch and a kiss.   I was 5’1” 100 pounds, 34D-23-36 and a very long wavy head of black hair, and my brown eyes and native cheek bones shown my heritage from the upper Midwest.   Chance was also from my Sioux tribe and he was dreamy, 6’2” 190 pounds of bronze statuesque manhood, his long black as a raven’s feathers ponytail held with a family heirloom that showed him the descendants of warriors and brave men of greet deeds.   He was bred to be a real man.   However he met me, and I sort of screwed his life up.
We met and were married at 18 as was custom of old between families, and then consummated it on 19th birthday.   When Chance was hired to work for a security company with 3 letters, ha, ha, he moved us off the reservation and to a very small innocent looking farm just about in the middle of nowhere that just happened to be his territory.  
Well the farm was isolated and nestled between three sections of woods.   The rustic cabin we bought was a fixer upper, and I spent almost our first year of marriage fixing it myself.   The nearest neighbor we had that we knew then, was an older woman and her niece that lived almost a quarter mile below us.
Just before our first anniversary I finished the house, the wood-tool shed and the old barn.   All by myself I reworked them, cleaned them and painted them, and Chance would on occasion spend some time helping when he could.    The time though when he was able to come home, I would spend in our bed sucking his cock or riding his face while I sucked his cock.   If he were really horny, he would bang me from behind in the back yard while I was mounted on a tree stump we made into a table.   His cock felt good and made me tingle like mad, cum like crazy and want sex more, but it was his kinky side hat made me fantasize.

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He told me his wildest dream was to see me, raped, tied and tortured by two women.   He wanted to see me eat a pussy and be eaten out.   He also wanted to see me getting fucked by of all things a strap on dildo.   That fantasy he told me about made me dream some wet hot things when I played with myself.   I would masturbate to it and even went as far as to go on line down load some really hot older lesbian women’s pictures, and mount them in a book.   I would take it out to the too shed and stare at them while I did it.
It was April of that year when I started getting brave, since the only road by our house led to a dead end, traffic was non existent.   We had two visitors daily, the mailman and the paperboy, both of whom were ladies.   One came at six in the morning the other at a quarter past three or half past at the latest.   So I became brave and daring the rest of the day.   Chance would leave for the office at fifteen after six carrying the paper, and if I was lucky he would come back just before eight at night.  
The first morning I got adventurous, I was fresh from the shower and had put on my make up and was looking at what to wear, when I thought, “Why not go natural this morning?  Who is going to see you but those two women down the street and hey what if they do?  Would it be so bad?”
So having very little housework to do as I kept our place very tidy, I went outside just as dawn arrived.   I walked up the trail to woods behind our house naked.   My long wavy black hair on my back and the fresh morning dew touching my feet.   When I came to a small secluded glen, I stopped there and looked around and saw that it was open enough to be cozy but hidden by the thick trees from all sides including our house.

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I placed myself on the ground spread my legs wide and began to fondle my right breast while I massaged the top of my shaven bald clit.   I realized that this was fun and could be very exciting but I needed my book so I made my way back to the shed for it, a blanket, a tube of warming fluid and a boned wooden peg dildo that I made myself from a chair back.   It was six inches long in the shinny golden yellow section and knotted with three ridges.   I returned to my new play ground and making believe that these women were with me, I wet my pussy with the warming gel and then inserted the dildo inside me for a good three hours.   I know this because the clock in the shed said 7:50 am when I left to return to my secluded playhouse and when I walked back to store my things, it read 11:10 am.
I liked that feeling so much that after lunch and when I had weeded our vegetable garden I went back to the shed and at 1:20 pm.   I fantasized about a heavy set red head with huge tits on me.   I thought if she could but suck my nipples for me while I played with myself, and each time I thought about the ideal of being tied and taken I came wildly.   I came seven times straight from the concept, and I couldn’t stop dreaming about.   All I could do was sit on the ground ramming that wooden toy in me and screaming like made for pussy.   I was begging the winds to eat me and if anyone had been there then, I am sure they could have seen how easily I would have been theirs.
When the sun began to drop behind the tree line, I ended my sexual experience and went home to make supper; it was seven when I put away my toys.   That night after supper, Chance was tired and sleepy so I tucked him in bed and I went back to the small area.   Just as I was sitting on my blanket I heard a rustling in the brush.   I was startled and jumped up to see who or what was there.

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    I had brought a flashlight with me, and I turned it on to see two dear eyes sparkle back and then a deer leap out of the brush.  
I was just about to settle back down, as I spied once more where this three point buck pounced and saw a sparkling reflection, like glass or marble stone.   So being very brave as is my custom, I slid up the path naked about 40 yards and found an old tombstone.   It was hidden under heavy grass and shrubs and only two inches of its top were visible.   I shined my light across the area and several more appeared.   Many more in fact a full cemetery was hidden there.   The boundary fence had fallen around the entire lot, and as I surveyed the three acres exposed there were at least a hundred very old stones I could see.   There was no real road that led to it and I walked around in the middle of the night flashing my light and body in this dead zone.   I found most were from early settlers around the late or mid 1800’s and the newest one that I saw was 1921.   I walked the entire circumference and was on my way back to the path to my house as I came upon a tomb hewn out of the side of a small hill.   There were steps that led down to it and then back up inside it.   The bars that had closed it were worn, broken and lay crumpled on the side of the entrance.   So I walked down inside it and found it empty of everything except two lanterns hung on the west and east walls and concrete set of pedestals two feet high and four wide and six long and two feet apart.  
I stood there inside this place and just as I moved towards the back of the room my batteries gave out.   Now I was alone inside this dark tomb at night and as luck would have it the spring storms from the Rockies arrived at just that moment blocking off the moon light.

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At first I was horrified and panic stricken.   Then as I ebbed my way back across the room I stumbled and fell over one of the pedestals.   The flashlight went sprawling and smashed into the darkness on the wall as I fell face first onto the slap of concrete.   Its cold surface made me shiver and then when I felt the brisk north winds whistle in through the opening it was ice cold.   I pulled myself to my knees as a flash of light from outside showed the door, but just as I was to flee; my pussy began to tingle madly.   I touched myself there to see if anything else was in me and found my fingers begin to tease my now wet lips.
I let them explore me as I nestled down on all fours and then laid my right cheek on the cold stone.   My thumb found the slit to its liking as my free hand found my left nipple a treat and I began to tug and play with myself.   My fantasizing returned and I pictured myself being fingered by a woman; who just happen to be the red head from the book.   The image mad me so horny I began to roar out loudly for her to eat my pussy.   I made myself cum twice before I decided I needed to get home.
I darted out into the rain and raced back to the pathway which in total darkness was hard to find.   Not to mention I had to dodge some rather solid headstones.   When I finally reach the entrance I turned as to examine my new play land once more and a flash of light burned the scene in my mind.
I walked in the back door just as the alarm clock sounded and I heard Chance stir.

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    So I hurriedly made his coffee and breakfast without having any ideal that I was muddy, dirty and looked like I had been in a water hose fight and lost.   When I saw what a mess of the floor I made, I cleaned it up as he sat down for breakfast at the table.   I raced into the spare bathroom and washed off quickly then came wearing a towel on my head and body to join him for breakfast.   He never even knew, this big time investigator, never even suspected what I had been doing.
With his kiss goodbye I waved at him from the front porch.   Then as soon as the car disappeared, my towels dropped and were taken inside and thrown into the hamper.   Then I cleared the table hurriedly and left in the early morning for my shed.   I gathered up my toy and a small bag with some other goodies including candles and matches and naked I raced back up the trail.   The overcast and rain kept the darkness in place all the way.   I had taken a new flashlight which helped me find the opening to the lot, and then the tomb.
I went inside now dripping wet again and used an old blanket I brought in my goodies bag to dry off with.   Then I moistened my holes, both of them and taking a candle that was lit and my wooden toy I assumed my four pronged positioned.   I threw myself into my favorite fantasy right away and inserted the lit candle into my moistened asshole, a trick I wanted to try so many times.   It was dripping hot wax but not on me until I raised my ass high and then smashed my face to the cold stone.   It began to flow over my outer lips and inner ones and I was so fucking hot from it that I held that position until I had crusted and coated it fully and my anal toy was about to burn my cheeks.

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    I pulled it out sighing and realized I had just cum from it without ever really trying.  
The rains grew heavier and the sky darker and without the lit of the candle my mind raced.   I imagined being taken by zombie women from all sides and rolled on my back lifted my legs wide opened and inserted the wooden toy.   I would cum again and again from my dreams and then always want more.   My hot desires outlasted the storm by several hours, and after so many violent, wonderful, passionate eruptions I relented and packed up and slowly went home.   When I was walking out f the shed after placing my toys inside it, our mail lady was just pulling to the box and right into view of my naked flesh.
Her eyes told me she was surprised and her red face, showed she was embarrassed, but for some strange reason, I was not.   She sat with her mouth wide open as I briskly walked in the back of my house.   I heard her slowly pull away, went I got mad at myself for not gong to get the mail.   So I raced through the house out the front door and down to the box just as she was coming back from the turn around and heading out.  
She was mid fifty, maybe older.   Her salt and pepper gray black hair in a bun and her sleeveless green shirt and matching kaki shorts were easy to se as she slowed then stooped just as I turned my naked body to face her.   Holding my mail, “I exclaimed, “Oh hello, I don’t think we ever met in person before.   I’m Sally. ”
Her lip quivered and her hand shook as she said, “I’m Aggie and I don’t…think…well.

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  . . I think about it…but I just never had this happened before…I mean I never expected it…to happen that is. ”
“What’s that Aggie?  That some young hot woman would be naked inviting you inside, or that you could actually enjoy looking at me?” I said the words and had no ideal why, that wasn’t like me at all.   Now here I was inviting her to take me.
“Well I have a long route…I mean I have more to do…I would if I could…I mean I might,” she stumbled on with and then added, “Oh hell why not. ”
Her car shut off and as she stepped out on the wet gravel her lusting eyes showed me she wanted my body.   She was 5’7” and a bit chubby and as her hands touched my hips my lips met hers and I kissed her as if she were Chance.   She quickly accepted and stumbling back with her in tow, I made my way leading her to my porch where I presented myself with these words, “Aggie take me and enjoy me now. ”
She did just that her mouth sank over my left breast as her hands felt down my belly and one caressed my ass as the other fondled my wet slit.   Suddenly I was on the porch with her hands exploring me and I was so hot that I could have been hers for days.   She stripped herself somehow and when she was naked I teased her nipples as her fingers sent me to a massive climax.  
The way she made love to my body showed me she had experience with women.   When her mouth found my inner folds I knew it easily as she licked, nibbled and kissed me into a wave of four or five huge gushing climaxes.   Her dangling nipples were brought to me for my adoring of them and then as she turned to offer me her sweet pussy her mouth found mine again.

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    I ate her pussy with delight and so well that she squirted lines of juices into my mouth and at one point rose to grind it on my mouth yelling, “Eat me lover, eat me. ”
The session ended but only after the clock turned to six.   She hurriedly dressed then rushed off, kissing my lips and teasing my twat saying, “Tomorrow I will run my route to make sure this the last stop, be waiting for me at four. ”
I went inside and bathed in the tub until seven thirty and just as I was to start dinner I heard the answering machine click on and Chance say, “I have to go to DC for a few days.   I need you to pack my suitcase for me so when I get in I can eave right away, I shouldn’t be gone for more than five days. ”
Well as soon as I sent him off, I went absolutely wild.   I had tasted pussy and loved it.   I knew I would.   Now I wanted to taste it again and again so I went to get my thigh high red rubber boots and my yellow rain slicker on and then proceeded to walk in the dark down the road towards those two unsuspecting women.
There small house was secluded like mine and was dark when I arrived, only one small dim light in the main window showed.   I walked up and bravely knocked on the door.   It was making my heart pound wildly for me to do this as I heard footsteps approach.
The older woman appeared, she was dressed in a rose colored house coat with pink slippers, her gray hair in a bun.   She was about my height maybe an inch taller and seemed to be surprised as she opened the door and said, “Yes may I help you. ”
Now I had the stupidest reply ever as I quipped, “Indeed I hope so.

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    I don’t think we have met really; I am Sally your neighbor up the street.   I jus thought I would stop by and say hello. ”
The older woman snickered and laughed a bit as she said, “Well Sally, I am Nancy and no we never formally met.   Please come in child. ”
Her house was filled with antiques everywhere.   She had a cabinet television that was from the 60’s and a radio for the 40’s.   Her furniture was older than that but absolutely perfect, in mint condition.   She also had a bear skin rug, white placed at her hearth.   I stood admiring it as the younger niece walked in.   She was around 40, 5’8’ short butch like bleach blonde hair spiked at the front with dark green eyes.   Her slim figure was sparse almost manly looking but she had a soft sexy voice that said, “Well Hello, my name is Kelly and you are?”
I repeated my name and as I stood there I could see her nipples poking out of her cotton tank top, pink and perky and easily seen through the white material.   Her slightly worn denim shorts were attractive and checked them as they both checked me as well.   Then Nancy asked, “Are you married to that handsome man who looks like a painting?”
“Yes that’s Chance my husband.   But I am bisexual too,” I blurted out loudly and proudly and then wanted to kick myself for being so blunt.
“Well so am I,” Nancy replied, and then added, “However, my niece is not.

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I sort looked at her like you have to be joking, as my head turned and then Kelly said, “Nope I am a lesbian, fully and proudly. ”
“Well Kelly you sure look sexy to me,” I popped out and then really stepped into it with, “I just adore your nipples. ”
Looking into my eyes she stepped up and slowly unbuttoned the top snap of her shorts as she said, “Would you like to ask me something sweet thing?”
Nancy moved to open her gown and added, “We were about to have some sexual fun, perhaps you might want to join us?”
Before I could open my mouth, Nancy dropped her gown revealing her worn but hefty 44D boobs with two fingers like projections and her bald twat to me.   My mouth opened and I gasped, “Oh my God you’re beautiful Nancy. ”
Kelly slid her zipper down and her pants released and as they did, Nancy slid a hand to my slicker and unsnapped the three buttons holding it and then seeing me completely naked she shoved it and me to the white furry rug.   Kelly tossed her top away and sank her mouth to my right boob as her nipple popped to my lips.   Nancy slowly caressed my thighs apart and then flicked her finger on my clit until I her mouth made contact and sent waves of pleasure through me.   Those two expert pussy eaters had me begging to be enslaved to them and their desires in minutes.   I was sucking on the nub of Kelly’s tit as I yelped out, “Oh my god please don’t stop. ”
They didn’t stop and we went until nearly midnight before I had been pleased so much that I panted for air.   Then as we sat there fondling and taking turns kissing Nancy confessed, “I knew when Aggie didn’t stop here tonight for her afternoon loving that someone had been busy.   Since we saw her pass at the normal time, it had to be you.   If you hadn’t shown up here tonight we would have come looking for you in the morning. ”
I was turned on big time by that and announced, “I wanted to eat you both for a long time but I was afraid. ”
“That we know dear, it’s okay, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


  ” Kelly chimed in.
When had a midnight snack and then as Nancy told me she needed to rest, I invited Kelly to take me to the tomb for another round of hot sex.   Kelly obliged and left a note for Nancy then followed me back to my place.   I stopped by my shed long enough to leave my slicker, boots and Kelly’s clothes then we walked naked in the dim cloud covered moonlight to the cemetery.
Once there Kelly knew what to do.   I was taken in and placed on the stone pedestal.   She lit the lanterns and the candle and then she began to abuse, fondle and delve in my body.   My nipples were waxed over as I was made to suck hers, and then when she mounted my face she pulled my legs up and wide open and coated my pussy as well as used it to fuck me with.   The splashes of hot wax and her tasty pussy sent me over the edge countless times in succession.   Had I known how wonderful this truly was I would have long before this night asked her for the pleasure.
When she finished pleasing her own pussy she then cleaned my waxed slot up and used her own mouth to bring me to another long sustained wave of orgasm.   Her mouth danced inside my wet lips until I found the inner soul I was seeking.   I wanted to enjoy her more than she could have ever known at that point.   We stayed there and slept there until almost nine the next day, before we headed to my home to bathe and eat.
The next few days were a wild lustful lesbian ride that culminated with the strangest lesbian gang bang ever .

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    That chapter is coming next.