Improper Suggestion


Improper Suggestion

Young Sam Barnet was a dreamy shy boy, yet he was extremely sexual; he stared at women, particularly large breasted women, and he fantasized about them. When he saw the new neighbours his eyes popped outfor Mrs Braymore had enormous tits, they stood out like two pointed mountains and seemed to bounce as she moved.
She watched young Sam on several occasions and noticed his eyes were often glued to her chest; he had a tormented look about him and she wondered what was going through his mind.
When she was hanging some washing out to dry Sam stared straight at her over the fence and she heard him say; "I'd like to suck your big tits. "

Mrs Braymore quite shocked that a young teenager should say such a thing and she pretended not to hear and carried on pegging clothes, then she heard.

"I must suck your nipples," this time quite loudly so she put her basket down and walked over to the fence to reprimand the boy.

"Just who do you think your talking to youngman," she snapped.

Sam stared dazed by her knockers, "their so big and beautiful " he said.

"Don't be disgusting or I will speak to your mother. "

"Hers aren't so big yours are wonderful can I feel them please?"

The absolute innocents of the curly fair-haired boy strangely stirred Mrs Braymore, she looked him up and down and knew he was a complete virgin; her husband was out at work and the children at school.

"Come around the front," she said quickly and disappeared into the house.

In the hallway she lifted sweater and Sam saw her huge breasts bursting out of her bra; he went straight for them with both hands.

"Steady now " she smiled down at him" let me get unhooked. " Like a big curley-headed baby Sam immediately glued his lips to her dark prominant nipples and sucked. Anne pushed her large breasts into his face covering his nose and mouth she could feel her nipples swelling it was a lovely sensation almost like suckling an adult baby. Sams left hand fingers played with her other nipple, he was in heaven; then he felt her hand go down to his crotch and fondle his stiff cock.

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"You naughty boy,"Anne giggled as she slid her hand into his pants and began to rub him. A few rubs and he began to shoot; out it poured into her hand she kept rubbing, milking him as he gobbled greedily at her nipple. Again he jerked out another load and still she gripped his cock sticky and slippery. She wiped herself on his pants which were a real mess and pushed him out of the front door. .