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Some years back, I decided to act on a fantasy that I could get out of my mind, but I never intended for the fantasy to end up as it did, it changed our lives. My name is Randy, prior to meeting my wife, my father had taught me about investments, so I had done very well, now I owned two brand name hotel franchises. I have been married to my wife, Gina, for 18 years, currently I am 39 and my wife is 31. My wife is a very well-known T. V. reporter in our area, we do financially well so we live in an upscale neighborhood, with security and high walls.

One of the reasons I married my wife is her very easy-going character, she is really easy to talk to, very broad minded, I guess being a reporter she has seen lots of things that would floor some people. Some of the other reasons were very carnal, she has a hot killer body with beautiful long blond hair and very long sexy legs most men would love to spread wide while they fucked her. When I introduce my wife to business associates, they immediately recognize her as the beautiful reporter of a well-known station. My neighbor Joel is always making comments like, how do you score that and is I’ll bet she’s great in bed. The fantasy that I can’t get out of head is right down Joel’s ally, I want to see my sexy wife to fuck other men, sounds crazy but there it is. I have to blow Joel off, because it would be disastrous to my wife’s career if her news station ever found out she did anything like that. I always thought, if I can ever make this fantasy a reality, it would have to be very private and places where she would not be recognized and my business associates not see me.

As I wrote earlier in the beginning of my story, my wife was a very broad-minded woman. It was Sunday night, and as we were laid in bed getting ready to sleep, I told Gina, I’ve been wanting to ask you something very different from anything we have ever done. Gina replied, so you know me, I’m very open, nothing shocks me, so tell me what’s the shocking thing we have never done? I said, well here goes, can we open up our relationship? She replied, meaning what? I answered; I want you to have sex with other men while I watch.

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   She answered; you want other men to make love to me while you watch? I replied, no, not love making, you and I make love, I want other men to have no attachment sex with you, in other words, just wild no holds barred raw fucking. I want you to let men fuck the shit out you any way they want, while I watch. Gina replied, is the underlying reason that you want to be with another woman? I replied, thank you, but no, it’s all you, I want to see you suck men’s cocks, swallow cum, lick their balls, and let them fuck you like a total slut. She replied, like a total slut, I got news for you, if I do this, I will be a total slut, without the like, is that what you want, you want a total slut for your wife? She continued, what you really want to do is whore me out to different men, isn’t it? I replied no, I’m not charging any money, just have great adult fun games. Gina said, just because money doesn’t change hands means I’m not a paid prostitute, but letting different men fuck me makes me slut and a whore, well let me think about it, but don’t your hopes up, I just don’t know, I have to think this out, well talk about it later, let’s go to sleep, remember I have a convention out of state, my flight is 9:30 am, I will be back Friday afternoon.

Gina was gone all week, and would she would be returning later this afternoon, she had not brought up the subject on the phone or a text message, I didn’t want to push the subject on her either, I didn’t want to be a pushy person about the whole thing. I thought just Gina listening and not going bananas was really all I could ask for. It was 6:00 pm, Gina walked in the house with various packages. I said, I thought you said you would be home about 3:00. She replied, I arrive at 2:30, but I went shopping for some special items to wear. I replied, some sexy clothes, I hope, you know I love to see you in sexy clothes. She said, oh very sexy! You want me to model for you? Sit down and I’ll be right back. She went upstairs, while I opened up a bottle of red wine and brought two glasses with me and sat on the couch.

My mouth dropped as Gina came down dressed in a flaming red nightie with matching string panties, she had her mobile in her hand and placed on the end table alongside the wine glasses. Gina’s crotch was the only covered portion of her panties, the sheerness of her panty crotch did not leave anything to the imagination, her gorgeous pussy was in full view.

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   Gina turned around; the material on the back of her panties was a string thong that was between her ass cheeks. She looked back at me and asked, you like? My dick was actually hard, that was hard to do at times, because am I am plagued with diabetes and sometimes hard to get an erection. Adding insult to injury, my sperm shoots blanks, it’s not even necessary for Gina to be on birth control. I wish I could say, I had a 18-inch dick, but the reality is I am lucky to be 6 inches at best, when I am lucky to get have a fully hard erection. I have tried to find medical solutions, but even my wealth did little for me in the family jewels department.

Gina turned around got on her knees, opened my zipper and started sucking my dick. She was giving me a great blow job, another reason I married, she gave fantastic blow jobs. It was very obvious to me that Gina had lots of practice sucking cocks, she loved to suck my cock and have me come in her mouth, she loved to swallow my cum. As Gina was bobbing her head up and down on my dick, I got brave and asked, have you thought about the subject we discussed? She released my dick and looked directly at me very aroused while jacking me off. She asked me, how do you know I have done it? I said, what! If you did, I was supposed to watch, remember? She leaned over and picked up the phone, she began playing a video and gave it to me and said, so now you’re watching, you didn’t say you had to watch in person and she continued her blow job.

I couldn’t believe it she was letting a twenty something young guy fuck her hard in a doggy-style position, the kid easily had a 9-inch cock. The video lasted about three minutes, but there was no question she had done it. The video had gotten me so excited, I quickly started coming in deep in Gina’s mouth. When she finished, she grabbed a glass of wine and sat beside and asked you liked that didn’t you. I said, it was so hot, I came quickly in your mouth.

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   Gina said, I met this young guy at the bar, he had the hots for an older woman, I thought, I’m suppose to do this in front of my husband, but I didn’t knowif I could do it in front of you, so when he asked me to his room, I thought, why not, I told him I was not on birth control and did want any accidents. I told him to pull out, don’t come in me, I was married and didn’t want to be impregnated by someone other than my husband. I made sure I made this recording for you. Gina continued, well I liked it and I want to try it again while you watch, then I will decide if I want to continue having sex with other men, I think that’s fair, don’t you think? I replied, very fair. I said, we will have to make up some rules and she replied, first rule is I don’t fuck in our hometown or anyone I know, the guy I fuck will have to be a stranger, you know how I feel politically about illegal aliens of any country, I won’t fuck an illegal alien. I want you to be the one that contacts the next guy. She continued, I probably will wear a mask when I’m being fucked, I don’t want to be recognized, my face is all over the T. V. in the morning and the evening. I said, you are right no one can ever recognize you or me, and we must be safe and behind doors in a hotel room out of town. I’m going to take some pics of your sexy body in that nightie. Gina replied, don’t show my face, I replied, I won’t, I’ll blur you’re your face on the pics that I show the guy that I’ll contact. I then began taking several pictures of Gina sucking my dick, then some more pictures of her laying on the sofa with her legs wide open, then she put her hands against the wall spread her long legs and bent over showing all her ass. We later went into the bedroom, I set up my cameras on a tripod, I started taking lots of pictures of Gina in various positions, her legs spread wide open showing her pussy. I took two fifteen second videos of her, in the first video, she positioned herself on the bed, face down, she then spread her long legs wide apart, making her pussy visible, she said, in a very sultry voice, “you want this pussy, all you have to do is come get it”.

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   The second video was a continuance of the first, she raised herself from the laying position and got on her knees, she spread her legs wide, laid her head sideways on the bed, she managed to raise her ass up high showing all her gorgeous pussy. She reached back with one hand and spread her pussy lips apart, again in a sultry voice, she said, “my pussy needs a hot cock, fill my pussy up with yours”, the video ended with my fingers thrusting into her pussy as you could clearly hear her moan.

As I said earlier, I owned two hotel franchises so I knew many of hotel owners. I made plans for our first weekend in town 150 miles away. I got a room through the hotels owner’s VIP network. I told Gina what I had done and she asked, who am I having sex with this weekend? I didn’t have anyone picked out, but I was sure any guy that took a look at Gina’s pics and videos, would readily fuck her, so I said, let’s keep that a surprise for now. It was 7:00 pm when we arrived. Gina dressed up in a black nightie that mirrored the red nightie she modeled for me at the house, the only difference was this nightie’s panty crotch had and open slit so she could be fucked without taking her panties off. She had on black stilettos and black small net hose with a garter belt that had straps clipped to the top of her hose. She looked so fucking hot, I wanted to fuck her right there and then, but I really wanted this to happen so I fought hard and held back.

We popped out our whisky bottle and had a couple of drinks. I told her, let loose, when you start fucking don’t worry about me, I’m not here, let the guy fuck the shit out you any way he wants, I want you to be his whore. Gina replied, as of tonight; I will be a closet whore. I leaned over, kissed her, and stuck a couple of fingers in her pussy and she was very wet in anticipation, I said, you’ll be my hot closet whore. I put a third finger in her pussy and thrust my fingers in out of her pussy, she began moaning, I said, oh yeah, that pussy is ready for strange cock, she looked at me and smiled.

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   I said, I will be back, let me go get the lucky guy that’s going to fuck that pussy.

I got down to the hotel bar and looked around, I began hunting for someone that would appear not to run in the same society circles as we did. I finally zeroed in on a table with 5 Hispanic guys, they appeared to be construction workers having some beers after work. One of the guys got up and headed for the bathroom, he was a very tall young guy, maybe in his twenties, the other men were about 18 to twenty years older, but they all looked very fit, not surprising if they worked construction. I followed the guy to the bathroom and he was taking a leak, I started using the urinal next to him and said, looks like you’re not getting anywhere with pussy tonight. The guy laughed and responded, the guy laughed and replied, night’s young walking over to wash his hands. I used the other sink to wash mine. Hey man, I’ve got a proposal for you. He replied, no thank you, but I don’t do men. I chuckled saying, I don’t do men either, so that’s out the way. I said, my name is Steve,(had to use a fake name), I don’t like call people by, hey man, so what’s your name? He replied; the handle is Oscar, so what’s your proposal? I replied, I’ve got the hottest looking woman in my room upstairs, wants a stranger’s cock to fuck, then I showed him pictures of Gina with her face blurred sucking my dick. I also had blurred Gina’s face in the video she had given me fucking the first young guy. I ended by showing him the two short videos. Oscar said, man that is some hot pussy, that young guy in the video was fucked the shit out her. I said, would you like to fuck the shit out her too? Oscar replied, hell fucking yeah, who’s the whore? I replied she’s my wife but I let her fuck other men, so are you going to my room to fuck her? He replied, I want to wrap those long legs around take my pancho, and drive it in deep in that pussy.

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   How do I know it’s not a trick get me in the room and rob me? I said, no trick Oscar, if you want to pass this pussy up that’s up to you, I’ll be at the bar for 5 minutes, when I’m gone, the proposal is over. Oscar sat with his buddies and he pointed at me, they definitely were in discussion about me. Oscar got up and came over, he said, can you at least give me your room number, I’m going to give to my friends, so they’ll know where I am, they will call me on mobile when they want to meet me. I gave it no thought, I didn’t know these guys, and they sure didn’t know me or Gina, we didn’t hang around with construction workers. I said, why not, 514, he text the number to his buddies at the table and we boarded the elevator.

We got to the room, I stayed in the living room, I wanted to give Gina some space to start out the evening without me present, I would join later. Oscar went into the bedroom, I heard them talking for a little bit, then it got quiet followed by lots of moaning and loud slurping sounds. I peeked in and Oscar had Gina with her long legs spread wide, her long legs looked incredibly hot raised straight up in the air in her stilettos and garter belt. It was an incredible hot scene seeing Oscar fucking Gina with his tongue, Gina raised her hips pushing and grinding her pussy against Oscar’s mouth, while he drove his tongue in her pussy deep as he could drive it in. Gina’s moaning was getting very loud, OOOOOOOH, UUUUUUUUG, OOOOOOH, I thought people in the hallway might hear her. Oscar stood up dropped his pants and underwear, and there he stood with at least 18 inches of very thick manhood, he stepped out of his clothes and walked over to Gina, he stood right in front of her with his big right in front of her face. Gina stared at his big cock, totally mesmerized, he reached for her hand and placed it on his cock and making her jack him off, Gina was amazed at such a huge cock as she jacked him off. Oscar said, I’m going to enjoy fucking the shit out of you. I was getting hard-on watching all the action, she was about to submit herself to Oscar as his whore, I was loving it.

Oscar put his cock in her mouth, he said out loud, SUCK IT WHITE PUTA (whore), Oscar started slowly driving his huge cock her mouth and stopped, he then grabbed her by the sides of her face and thrusting Gina’s mouth back and forth on his cock.

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   Every time Oscar brought her mouth closer to his balls, he would drive more cock in her mouth, the scene was so fucking hot. Watching Gina suck cock this size with not problem confirmed what I had always thought, she had sucked lots of cock before marrying me. Oscar released her head, Gina kept started bobbing her head back and forth, she was driving more and more cock as deep down her throat as much as she could take, watching all this was driving me crazy, I started jacking off. Oscar said out loud, THAT’S A GOOD PUTA, SUCK IT GOOD. Gina started going crazy, sucking back and forth very fast, he grabbed her head, pulled her off his dick and jammed her mouth against his balls, grinding her mouth against them, saying out loud, SUCK THOSE BALL, PUT THOSE BALLS IN YOUR MOUTH AND SUCK THEM, COME ON PUTA DO IT. Gina was obeying every command, she alternated taking one huge ball in her mouth at a time and sucked it. He grabbed her by the back of her head and held her while he began fucking her mouth, Gina knew what to do she opened her mouth wide as Oscar began driving his huge cock down her throat, as I watched Gina get her mouth fucked, this is so hot and different, I never knew she could take so much cock down her throat, Oscar is fucking her mouth hard like a man fucks a pussy. It seemed Oscar’s cock had gotten bigger, he had a huge very hard dick, he suddenly stopped, raised her up and threw her back on the bed. He raised her legs, and said, I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU YOUR FIRST MEXICAN COCK and he drove his huge cock in Gina’s very wet pussy without any resistance, YOU’RE GOING TO BE TAKING LOTS OF ILLEGAL MEXICAN COCK, WHITE PUTA. Gina was so hot trying to thrust her pelvis at Oscar, she didn’t even hear, she was being fucked by Oscar and illegal alien. Gina was ready for this, but without mercy Oscar began thrusting his huge cock in and out of Gina, she was crying and screaming very loud, AAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAH, EEEEEEEEEEEH, AAAAAAAAH, she never had a cock that size and Oscar was stretching her cunt to no end. Oscar’s mobile rang, he answered and said, come on up, about 2 minutes later, there was a knock, I answered, the four guys said, were here for Oscar. Oscar yelled out, as he was thrusting hard and deep into Gina’s pussy, that her ass was making a deep impression every time Oscar thrust downward. COME IN, I NEED TO FINISH GIVING THIS WHITE PUTA ALL MY ILLEGAL MEXICAN PANCHO, Gina was still screaming, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, IT’S SOOOO BIIIIIIG, he was fucking her so hard the bed began thumping on the wall and the legs were flying off the floor.


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I didn’t have a choice, I couldn’t stop them anyway, there were five against me. Oscar yelled at the guys, VENGANSE (COME HERE), as the guys went into the bedroom, Oscar yelled out, YA ME VOY A VENIR, (I’m getting ready to come) VOY A LLENAR LA PANOCHA DE ESTE PUTA LLENA DE MECOS ILLEGALES (I’m going to fill up this whore’s cunt with illegal spunk), all the men laughed. Oscar started wads of cum deep in Gina’s womb, I thought, damn, she’ll probably get pregnant. Before Oscar, totally withdrew, he stood with his cock in Gina’s pussy while she was lunging her pussy at his huge cock wanting to fuck some more, Oscar said in Spanish, MIREN COMO LE ENCANTA LA VERGA AH ESTA PUTA (look how much this whore likes to fuck), QUIERE MAS VERGA, ORALE JOAQUIN, ECHATELA, TODOS NO LA VAMOS A COGER (she wants more cock, come on Juaquin, fuck her, we’re all going to fuck her). Gina pussy was dripping cum down her legs, JOAQUIN lifted her legs and quickly drove his big cock deep in her pussy and started thrusted hard. Juaquin yelled out, LA PANOCHA DE ESTA PUTA ESTA BIEN CALIENTE, NO MIENTISTE LE ENCANTA COGER (this whore’s cunt is so fucking hot, you didn’t she likes to fuck), Gina started screaming again and Oscar said, OYE JUAN, METELE LA VERGA EN LA BOCA, LE GUSTA MAMAR VERGA, (he Juan, stick your cock in her mouth, I can tell she loves to suck cock). Oscar said out loud, PEGALE DURO ALA PANOCHA DE ESTA PUTA, LE GUSTA QUE SE LE COGAN BIEN ONDO Y DURO, (hit this whore’s pussy hard, I could tell she likes to be fucked deep and hard). In a loud commanding tone Juan said, ORALE PUTA, (come on whore) ABRE LA PINCHE BOCA (open your fucking mouth), TE VOY A METER TODA MI VERGA PARA QUE ME DES UNA BUENA MAMADA, (I’m going to put all my cock in your mouth so you can give me a great blow job), TE VAS A TRAGAT TODOS MIS MECOS PUTA (you’re going to eat all my cum whore). Juan started driving his cock down Gina’s throat, he said, MAMELA PUTA (suck it whore), Joaquin had Gina laying on the edge of the bed as while he was standing holding her long hosiery and garter clad legs straight up, her stiletto heels pointed straight up in air, she definitely looked a whore as he impaled his 18-inch cock in her pussy. Joaquin, yelled out, ME VOY A VENIR (I’m getting ready to come), OYE TOMAS ESTAS LISTO PARA COGERTE ESTA PUTA? (hey Tomas, are your ready to fuck this whore?).

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   Suddenly Joaquin grunted and drove all his cock deep in Gina’s pussy holding in position as he dumped all his spunk, he said, ME VOY A VENIR BIEN ONDO EN TO PANOCHA PARA ESTAR SEGURO QUE TE DEMOS UN REGALO DE UN BEBITO MEXICANO, I’m coming deep in your cunt so we can make sure we give you a gift of a Mexican baby),everyone broke out in laughter.

Joaquin was done, but kept holding Gina’s legs up in the air, I could see loads of cum was running out her pussy and I thought, the intention of these guys is getting her pregnant. Joaquin turned to Tomas and said, ORALE COMPA, ABIENTATE ESTA GAVACHA PUTA QUE A DICHO EN LAS NOTICAS QUE LOS ILLEGALS NO VALEN NADA, (come on bud, fuck the white whore that has done news reports that illegals aren’t worth nothing). Tomas put his cock right in her pussy opening and in one thrust, went all in, he immediately started thrusting hard. Juan began dumping all his spunk down her throat, it must have been lots of it, because lots of spunk was starting to come out of her mouth. Tomas positioned her doggy-style on the edge of the bed, again he started driving his cock in and out of her pussy hard, Gina was moaning loud, OOOOOOH, OOOOOOH, OOOOOOH, in very poor English, Tomas, U LI-KEE MI VERGA PUTA, Tomas started spanking her ass as he pummeled her pussy hard, she began moaning more as he spanked her, UUUUUUUUUUGH, OOOOOOOOOH, UUUUUUUUUUGH. Tomas yelled out, ESTA PUTA LE GUSTA LA VERGA VASTANTE (this whore loves to fuck, she loves cock lot), VA ASER FACIL PARA ASERALA NUESTRA PUTA PARA APRENALA (it’s going to be easy to make her our whore so we can impregnate her). Tomas tensed up and drove his cock in her pussy and held it deep as he dumped all his come, he said out loud, TE VOY A DAR CHINGOS DE MECOS PARA QUE TENGAS UN HOMBRE QUE SE PARESCA A MI (I’m going to dump lots of my fucking cum so you can give me boy that will look like me), everybody broke out in laughter. Tomas drained his balls deep in her pussy, turned around and said, ORALE PEPE, TU SIGUES, ESTA PUTITA TIENE UN PANOCHA BIEN LINDA, CUANDO TE LAS ESTAS COJIENDO SE SIENTE COMO SEDA, ESTA VIEJA ES BIEN PUTONA, LE ENCANTA LA COGER, CUANDO LE METES LA VERGA, LA PUTA IMMIDIANTAMENTE ABRAZA LA VERGA CON LOS MUSCOLOS DE SU PANOCHA. (come on Pepe, you’re next, this little whore has great pussy, it feels like silk when you’re fucking her, you can tell she loves to fuck, when you put your cock in her cunt, she immediately tightens her pussy to hug your cock).

Pepe appeared to be the oldest of all five men, maybe 55, maybe older, but very muscular, he dropped his pants, and fuck he had the biggest cock I ever saw on human being. I wasn’t measuring it, but I was sure his cock was at least twelve inches and thick. He pulled Gina up made her straddle her long legs around his hips and put his cockhead in her pussy. Gina immediately let out a loud moan, OOOOOOOOH, followed by saying, it’s sooooooh biiiiig, oooooooh. Pepe looked at her and said, TE GUSTA ASER PUTA (you like being a whore), ANTONCE TE VA GUSTAR MI REATA (then you’re going like my big thick cock) and he raised her up and brought her back down hard on his huge cock, Gina let out a scream, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

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   Pepe said, NO IMPORTA, GRITA TODO LO QUIERAS PUTA, PORQUE VOY AH ESTIRAR TU PANOCHA ASTA QUE TODA MI REATA ENCAJE ASTA MIS BOLAS, QUIERO LLENARTE TU PANOCHA CON MECO PURUS AND FUERTES. ESTA NOCHE CUANDO ACABE CON TU PANOCHA VAS ASERTE NUESTRA PUTA. (It doesn’t matter, yell all you want whore, because I’m going to stretch your cunt until all my cock fits all the way to my balls, I am going to fill up your cunt with my pure and strong sperm. Tonight, when I got done with your cunt, you’re going to become our whore). Pepe started raising and lowering Gina hard on his huge monster, Gina was screaming up a storm, I thought someone in the hotel might come and tell us to leave. I stood there watching all the men take turns fucking the shit out of Gina, I objected at first, but watching all the raw fucking was getting so fucking hot, I had never had my dick stay hard this long. When Pepe was done with Gina, he threw her on the bed with her long legs were spread wide and dangled over the edge with cum rolling down her legs. Pepe had fucked her insanely hard, her legs and pussy were twitching, she was breathing hard. Pepe had stretched her pussy very wide that she wouldn’t have felt my dick if I fucked her.

Pepe had torn up Gina’s pussy, they had to wait for he to recover before Juan could fuck her. One of the guys went out for more liquor, he came back and we started having a few drinks. They ordered some food which they actually paid for. Oscar told Gina, she could go and clean up, she made a drink and took with her. About 18 minutes later, I saw Juan go in bathroom, I went to check to see if Gina was okay. I opened the door, Juan was with Gina in the shower, he her leaning over with her hands against the wall as he was ramming her pussy, Gina was moaning, but enjoying the fucking she was getting.


   Juan looked over at me with a big smile and said out loud, YOUR WIFE, GOOD WHORE! I closed the door and went back to talk and drink with other guys, only Oscar spoke very good English. Juan came out about a half hour later, he told Oscar, ESA MUJER ES BIEN PUTA Y TIENA UN PANOCHA BIEN SABROSA, LE GUSTA LA LENGUA BIEN ONDA EN LA CHOCHA, SE VUELVE LOCA MAMANDO VERGA. Oscar said, Juan says, your woman is all whore, has a very tasty pussy, she loves a tongue deep in her pussy, she goes crazy when she’s sucking cock. The bathroom door opened and out came Gina, in a new white nightie that resembled her black nightie, she looked so fucking hot in white small net hosiery, matching garter belt and white stilettos. Pepe wasted no time, he was sitting on the couch, he grabbed her and pulled her down and shoved his cockhead in her mouth, and said, MAMAME PUTA, Tomas stood her up and she leaned over to suck Pepe’s cock while Tomas started drilling her pussy. In no more than five minutes, Tomas was ramming her cunt with a full fury and she was furiously bobbing her head up and down on Pepe’s cock. This was round two of several rounds. The group fucked her all weekend using her as a cum dump.

I realized these guys didn’t want to harm her or me, they didn’t even attempt to fuck her in the ass, it was obvious they wanted to impregnate her, I wondered why, it couldn’t be just a macho thing. Oscar turned to me and said, he amigo, from now on we are going to be fucking your wife when it suits us. Though I enjoyed watching Gina get royally fucked, I still asked what’s the deal? Oscar showed me all the video they had of me being in the room as they took turns fucking Gina. Oscar said, we can make these videos public, if you want, or you can let us use your wife as our whore to breed her so she can give birth to our kids in the United States so we can get our citizenship.

Since that weekend, they all have fucked her many, many times, even brought more men over so there was no surprise when Gina took a pregnancy test about forty-five days later, it was positive. Years later, Gina has given birth to 4 kids of Mexican fathers, the doctor just told her she is expecting. The kids are Gina’s also, so we pay for all their care.

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   During the day, Gina still works as a very well-known popular reporter, but she’s a whore by night. At night her normal position is spreading her long legs wide for plenty of Undocumented Mexican cock, I am so lucky to watch all the hot action. I have asked her, if she plans to stop fucking the illegals, once she has all five of their kids, she looked at me and replied, they’re not illegals, they’re undocumented and, HELL NO, I CAN’T DO WITHOUT ALL THAT BIG MEXICAN COCK. I replied, HELL YEAH, THAT’S MY GIRL!.