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It all started in the office on a typical day much like any other I suppose, the only difference being that it was Friday and I was slightly more bored than useual. Unfortunately I made the fatal error of looking less than industrius as my boss happened to be walking past. Realising it was far to late to make out like I was working my ass off I kept the news page I was reading on my screen "Hey Steve, Did you get your project sorted?" was the opening line as he walked past looking quizically at my destop "yup all squared away waiting for client signoff" I replied looking at my boss waiting for the proverbial axe to fall in the form of yet more crap to deal with. "Ok, get yourself booked in at the London office. Senior Management want to look at a core network upgrade and as youve nothing happening you can take it on. Get down there Monday and start the ball rolling take as long as you need theres a fair bit of focus on this site at the moment" Great I thought another pile of shit to deal with plus my lazy afternoon just went south as I now had to try and arrange a Hotel. Anyhow after some frantic calls to the travel department and a hasty call to the wife to generally swear about having to travel to london all the arrangements were made.
Anyhow after a reasonably relaxed weekend I set of on Sunday afternoon to get to my hotel so I could get ready for the nexts day pile of crap I was going to have to deal with. After a 4 hour drive that should have taken two I finally made it to the hotel, after signing in and dropping my bags of I decided beer and a chill out were definately in order. Heading down to the hotel bar I walked in to find it devoid of customers and staff alike. After waiting for 5 minutes for someone to come back I am just about on the point of going to reception to ask for service when the barmaid appears from the backroom. " Hey there, sorry but I needed to change the barrel on the fosters, I hope you wernt waiting to long?" she asked as she walked behind the bar "Na its fine just a few minutes" I replied. After ordering a beer and asking if they were still serving food I orderd a Pannini I sat down with my beer to wait for my food to arrive, god I was bored allready if youve ever done any business trips you know staying in a hotel on your own aint the most exciting experiance. Anyhow as I was bored I decided to start a conversation with the barmaid, hell she looked about as bored as I was so I thought nothing to lose. After killing the first beer I walked back to the bar and orderd another so I could start a conversation, it appeared my assesment of her boredom wasn't even close after about 5 minutes she had told me her name Lauren and she worked here in the holidays to make extra money for Uni, as well as a dozen other bits and pieces of information about her life and future aspirations.
Supprisingly we had a lot in common given that Lauren was only 20 and I was 18 years older than she was music, bikes, books and films of various sorts and she seamed to have a similar sence of humour just on the edgy side of sarcastic.

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   I suppose I ought to describe Lauren for you, she wasn't what you would call stunning by any means but she was definately an attractive girl she was 5'9 with red hair and a curvy figure, green eyes and a set of lips that make men think about getting a BJ Ime sure you all know what I mean. As for me well I suppose you would say ime average nothing special but not unattractive 5'11 and reasonably well built burly biker type of guy with dark hair and blue eyes. Anyhow as I said we seamed top be getting on really well and conitued to chat and have a laugh as my food arrived. I decided to stay at the bar while I ate as I dont particularily like to eat on my own so our conversation continued about everything and nothing in particular. After finishing my food I decided to pop outside to have a smoke, lauren told me there were a couple of places that had outside heaters out of the way for the staff who smoked, after getting directions I headed out of the bar and round the side of the hotel to find the spot she mentioned.
On finding it the area wasnt overly well lit but there was an outside heater there as she had described, so after turning that on and getting closer to it for warmth I lit my cigarette. I was about halfway through when I heard footsteps approaching, as I turned I was supprised to Lauren walking towards me. "Dam an hour of talking to you and your stalking me allready" I quipped as she walked into the dim circle of light "what would your boyfriend say if he knew you were in a secluded area with a strange bloke?" Loren laughed "About the same as your wife if she knew you were in a back alley with a girl" I chuckled "what goes on tour stays on tour, I'l keep quiet if you do" I replied Lauren lit a ciggarette and winked "what they dont know wont hurt them". I was a little supprised at this, she was definately agile this girl. I decided to play the yea right like you would card and said "Is that a threat or a promise?" Lauren smiled and winked at me but there was a look in her eyes that said a little more than I'm just teasing. by this time we had both finished our cigarettes and decided to head back in being as it was October it wasn't what you would call warm outside even with the heater.  After getting back to the bar I checked the clock and saw it was a little after 9 pm so I figured I would have one more drink and head to my room for the evening, I orderd a double jack to round out the evening and stood sipping it when Lauren came back from the back room to relieve the girl who had filled in for her. "on the hard stuff now huh?" Lauren asked as I slowly drank my JD "yea going to have to go get some sleep after this one I'm affraid, you want to tuck me in?" I asked with a cheaky grin, Lauren just smiled but didnt respond. Anyhow after finishing my drink and bidding Lauren goodnight I slowly headed back to my room with a smile on my face. Ide had a laugh and I like to flirt so it had been a good evening in my book.

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   On returning to my room I got my stuff ready for the next day and hoped in the shower, I had just got out and had wrapped a towel around me when I heard the door to my room open. Opening the bathroom door I saw Lauren close and lock the door to my room, I was more than a little stunned to see her to be honest about it. I know I am a flirt but I had never actualy cheated on my wife before, so I was as I say a bit gob smacked turning around Lauren looked at me and smiled "I see your about ready for bed, so it looks like ime about in time to tuck you in"
Standing there half naked I was to supprised to actually say anything other than "uh?" Lauren walked the short distance from the room door to the bathroom whilst undoing the top button on her blouse, standing in front of me she looked into my eyes and smiled "mmmmm you look a little nerveous Steve, this may help to relax you a little" she undid the remaining buttons on her blouse revealing her white lace bra and 34 C breasts, Lauren leaned in to kiss me after a moment I started to respond as her tounge enterd my mouth and found mine. I could not believe this was happening Ide only met this girl a few hours ago and she was in my room with her tounge down my throat, Lauren leaned back from me a little giving me a moment to think about what I was doing "Lauren I'm married and youve got a guy at Uni!" Lauren just shruged and threw my earlier quip about being on tour back at me. To be fair my resolve had about gone the way of the dodo at this point "mmm lets see what you got for me down there" lauren mumbled as she slid her tounge back in my mouth and her right hand down to my allready hardening cock. Sliding her hand inside my towel her hand found my cock and started to stroke me, I couldnt think straight anymore all I knew was I wanted to get my cock inside this hot girl. Moving my hands up to Lauren's shoulder I took her blouse of, I slid my hands down her exposed back to the top of her skirt i undid it and let it fall to the floor leaving her in just her underware and shoes. Moving her mouth down my chest she circled one of my nipples with her tounge before slowly licking her way down my chest to now throbing hard 7 and a half inch dick. Looking up at me she said " tell me what to do Steve" my mouth was dry as I told her to slide her hand into her knickers and start playing with her clit, Lauren swiftly did as I told her and was soon playing with her pussy. reaching down i grabbed a handfull of her hair and tilted her head back leaning down i slid my tounge into her mouth and kised her deeply, Ime going to fuck your mouth I told her as I pulled my mouth away from hers.
Standing up again I pulled her eager mouth toward my cock and started to gently fuck her mouth while she played with her clit, judging from the moans coming from Lauren she was loving my cock in her mouth. I started to push my cock deeper with each stroke and soon I was beggining to hit the back of her throat, looking down into her green eyes I told her I was going to fuck my cock deep into her throat, Lauren moaned in pleasure and closed her eyes as I forced my cock deep inside her eager mouth. I was soon fucking her face with my balls hitting her chin, realising that if I kept this up I was going to blow my load into her waiting mouth I decided to pull out. By this point I was beyond thinking about things like I shouldnt be doing this I just didnt care, removing my cock from her mouth gained me a dissapointed moan from Lauren, I told Lauren to stand up and turn around moving up behind her I whispered into her ear that I was going to bury my cock in her pussy from behind I undid her bra and let it fall to the floor with the rest of her clothes before running my hands dow her sides to remove her knickers. As I was kneeling behind her I decided to use my tounge to tease her as I moved back up her legs i used my mouth on the inside of her thighs as I moved my hands up to her tight ass, gently spreading her ass lauren leaned forward exposing her pussy and ass to my mouth.

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I slid my tounge around her pussy lips before pushing my tounge into her sweet pussy. As I explored her with my tounge lauren was moaning and grinding her soaking wet pussy into my mouth, i heard her say lick my pussy you dirty bastard make my cum you fucker. Hearing this I sucked her hard clit into my mouth and slid a finger deep into her pussy, Lauren was going over the edge and I could feel her pussy clamping onto my fingers as she started to cum for the first time. Reaching round from behind I felt Lauren grab my hair so she could force her clit further into my mouth lauren was moaning and crying out with pleasure as I pulled my finger from her soaking pussy so i could suck her clit harder. As i moved my hand I gently rubbed my finger over her asshole Lauren lost it totaly and came hard over my face. Standing up I reached around and cupped her tits while gently squezing her niples I whisperd "you liked your ass being toched didnt you? Are you a dirty little ass slut Lauren?" Lauren moaned as she could feal my hard cock against her pussy, "well are you lauren? do you like to have your ass fucked?" Lauren moaned and said "yes but my boyfriend doesnt like doing that with me". I smiled and told her she needent worry I had no problems with it but that could wait for a while I had other plans "What do you want to do with me?" Lauren asked, I just replied this as I grabbed my cock and pointed it at the entrance of her tight little pussy. I burried my cock ball deep on the first stroke causing Lauren to moan loudly.
I was so far beyond being gentle at this point all I wanted to do was fuck her pussy deep and hard, squeezing her niples i started to fuck Lauren pulling my cock out to the tip before burying it all the way back into her pussy. I started to slowly increase my speed and the strength of each thrust, lauren allready on the edge from her first orgasam was going wild moaning and forcing herself back to meet my cock. I was soon pounding her deep and hard and was approaching the point of no return, "Do you want me to cum in your pussy Lauren? " I asked as I continued to fuck her hard "cum in my pussy make me your bitch" she replied, this pushed me over the edge and I blew my load ball deep into her willing pussy. Fealing my cum explode inside her quim Laurens pussy clamped down hard on my cock milking it for all the cum she could get as she went over the edge into her second orgasam. Panting heavily we both colapsed to the floor my cock sliding from her wet pussy the cold hard realisation started to sink in I had just cheated on my wife and things were irevocably changed. but was it a change for the better?
Hi all this is my first attempt at anything like this, Ile let you decide if its fiction or not :D any feedback would be appreciated.

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