I Pissed Off Aunt Maggie


One day I was out with Aunt Maggie shopping and we were just not getting along at all. It was just one of those days that I could not say or do anything right. It began in bed at home and I could not get her to have an orgasm or anything. I simply could not please her and it was "Be a Bitch" day. We had eaten supper in another town and driven most of the way through Montgomery Alabama and we live an hour on the other side of that.

Maggie pulled off and found a parking lot, it was dark and there were no cars at all in sight. "Take off your clothes. " she said and so I did just not to piss her of again. "There, how was that?" I said adn began to slid over to kiss her. She grabbed my hair and shoved my face between her legs, "Now eat it you little bitch and don't stop until I have an orgasm. " she almost screamed and I was doing all I could to lick her and give her what she obviously needed. We were there for over and hour and inaly she had a couple in a row and seemed to relax. She drove and stopped in a part of town that I had never seen before. She gave me clutch purse and told me to get out and find my own way home. I started to get my clothes and she grabbed them and as they tore she said, "I did not say that you could put any clothes on. " I said, "Are you serious? I don't even know where I am and I have only my flip flops and my purse, I will go to jail.

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  " and she slammed the door and said, "See you when and if you get home. " and she drove off.

Well, I could not cover myself up at all since 38DDD tits are hard to cover anyway and I had my ass out in the open and pussy still wet from having licked her. Soo I saw a bunch of apartments and I thought, "Well, I will just have to knock on the door and ask for help. " and so I tried to get brave and as I walked I began having men calling out to me to come on over and join them. I looked around and I was in a complex that was mainly blacks and so I got nervous. Here was this stacked white girl walking naked through a part of town that most people that do not live there would go to clothed. Suddenly two men grabbed my arms gently, "Hey baby, come on with us, we will take care of you what happened?" and they sounded like thye really cared. "I was with my aunt and she put me out of the car this way. I need clothes and I need to get home. " I said and they looked at me up and down, "MM, you sure do need clothes and maybe we can help. " he said and so I walked between then two men both over 6 feet tall. I was entering an apartment complex now and a lot of men and women and some kids were all hanging around. music playing and beer and wine.

"What you got man?" one guy called out.

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   "I got the entertainment for the night. " he man said that was being nice. "Oh please, just let me go home. " I begged. Now there were a lot of men and women around me and I felt hands all over my body. The problem was that it was getting me hot. Someone was behind me and their arms were around me and then another person in front of me grabbed my tits pulling the nipples hard.
    I moaned and he did it again and this time he kept them out far from my body, my nipples pulled hard and pinched at he same time. "Oh please don't. " I heard myself say but my body had already given up. Finally my nipples were released and I was lifted off my feet, one or more men holding each of my legs apart. I was spread out for he taking. A man stepped in front of me and his dark cock was out and suddenly it was ramming my pussy. "Oh my god, oh yes. " I heard myself say.

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       "See, little lady just need some real cocks. " he said and he was soon finished and another took his place. I was carried to someplace that seemed to have a bed but it was a pad behind the apartments and there were now people all around. I was getting fucked non-stop by men and turned over and the ass was used too. Many times I had a man in both at one time. One man shoved his cock into my throat and I sucked him off then they began doing me three at a time.

    A heavy set black lady stepped up and lifted her dress, "Come on baby, eat Mamas pussy, come on. " she saidand I did just hat while two men were in me. She had a huge squirting orgasm and yelled "oh yeh, this little white bitch she knows how. " and then more women began coming to me, lisfting their dresses and shoving pussy into my face. I do not know how many or how long really but I was laying on the pad by myself and the sun was coming up. I had come all over and in me and my purse was next to me along with $50. 00 dollars and a note. "Take a Taxi to the bus station. This will get you there.

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       Also laying here was a kind of pull over dress. I put it on and still covered with cum and sex I called a taxi from a store and they took me to the bus station. I got a ticket and the man said, "I don't usually this but we have a showere and you have lots of time to clean up. I took the shower and waitied for the bus. I got home and there was no one there so I went in, showered again and went to bed. Aunt MAggie has never mentioned the incident again and so neither have I. I still wonder why she did it but she said that I needed to learn a lesson and I did not even know I was in school.