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It was time to take Jordan’s ass, I set up two cameras to video Jordan’s ass fucking, plus I held a hand mini-cam. I took a bottle of lube and started lubing my cock, I leaned over and raised her by the hips and lubed her ass. I fingered her pussy and she quickly got hot. I started inserting my cockhead in her ass and she said it hurts. I said, It will feel better in a little while, just like when I first fucked your pussy. I pumped her ass with my cockhead, slowly in and out, then got faster and faster. Every time, I went in I inserted more of my cock and kept pumping slow and then faster, and lubing my cock and her ass.

Jordan’s virgin ass was very tight and never been used. About 18 minutes later I was still working more of my cock in her ass and started pumping slowly, slowly, in and out, sinking more cock in her ass with every slow thrust. 18 minutes later I finally was balls deep. I started banging her ass, in and out very slowly for about 18 minutes, then I started to speed up, faster and faster. I was finally banging Jordan’s very tight ass and she was screaming, AAAHHHH, AAAAHHHH, AAAAHHHH. She started yelling, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK MY ASS HARD”. I was fucking her ass real hard, “THUD”, “THUD, “THUD”, “THUD”. I stopped and made sure I could get on video showing her ass as I was gapping it.

I keep fucking her and withdrawing to show the camera her gapped ass.

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   I grabbed her by the hips and rammed her ass up my monster cock and I started dumping cum in her ass. I held my cock tight in her ass for a couple of minutes until cum started dripping down her legs. I thought, Jordan has a real tight ass, I hope Rick and his buddies get her soon.

There was knock at the door and yelled, “yeah” and the voice said it’s Rick and some of the guys, I got your text. I said come on, door unlocked. Rick and 5 more guys walked in. As I popped out of Jordan’s ass, a guy named Leon took my place and started banging Jordan’s ass hard. All the guys took turns fucking Jordan the rest of the day until 8:00 pm. By the time the guys were done, Jordan’s asshole was hugely gapped and the guy’s cocks were easy to just pop in. Jordan was now cock loving little young whore that loved cocks up her ass.

I told Rick before he left, let the rest of the guys know that Jordan now takes cock up her ass, so they can start banging it. I need videos of all the fucking action for my site, so if I am not around take videos and pictures and send them to me.

Next day I viewed my mini-cam feeds and Jordan was telling Gena that she no longer was a virgin and she had lots of fun losing it. The guys also fucked me in the ass, it hurt starting out, but I love it now. Gena said, “really, the guys have asked me but I am scared”.

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  She told Gena, “there are 4 guys coming over here at 4:00 PM to fuck me”, “do you want to come over and have some fun”? Gena said, “hell yeah”! Jordan told her, “Come through the back door, it will be unlocked and come up to my room”. At 3:45, Jordan’s expected company arrived and so did Gena. I also headed to Jordan’s room, my intention was to pop Gena’s ass. Gena was sort of shocked when she saw me, but Jordan told it is O. K. , my big brother was the first to fuck my pussy and ass.

Jordan wasted no time and went for my cock and started sucking me. The rest of the guys took off their clothes and got along my side, and Jordan started going from cock to cock. Jordan told Gena, “come have some fun” and Gena was transfixed. We had huge cocks, she probably only had been with schoolboys. I walked over to Gena picked her up and threw her on Jordan’s bed. I wasted no time, I raised Gena’s skirt to her waist and pulled down her pink bikini panties and started darting my tongue deep in her pussy and she went AAAHHH, AAAHHH! I started eating her pussy hard and sinking my tongue as deep as I could. Gena started going nuts. I asked, “do your school boyfriends make you feel this way” and she said, “NO, you get me so fucking hot”! Gena was real wet and I started sinking my huge cock in her pussy. She never had a cock this huge because she was screaming, AAAAHHHHHH, AAAAAHHHH! The young guys that were fucking must have been small because her pussy was still very tight.

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About 18 minutes later, I had all my cock in her tight pussy and was starting to pump it hard. Gena was now really getting into fucking, as I was driving my cock down in her pussy, she started to buck up to meet my thrusts, she was loving my huge cock. I finally grabbed her and rammed her pussy against my cock and started dumping cum deep in her pussy. I withdrew and I told her to lick me clean and she was not sure. Jordan broke away and came over and started showing her. Then Gena started doing licking up and down my cock, I said now lick and kiss my balls and she did. I told Gena to open her mouth and I inserted my cock in her mouth get me hard, I going to fuck you up your ass. She said that hurts! I said so did your pussy when you first started fucking, the paid will be over quickly. Jordan told Gena, “It will be alright” and Gena said, “O. K. ”.

I positioned Gena doggy-style and lubed my cock and her ass. I started to slowly insert my cock head in her ass and she whimpered so I took it out and went back in and went in and out of her ass for twenty minutes. Gena was getting hotter so I inserted more of my cock in her ass, five minutes later I sank in more cock, about 5 more minutes and I was in all the way. I held my cock in her ass a couple of minutes, then started pumping her ass.

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   Gena started breathing very heavy and said it so big!

I started pumping faster and faster and she was now loudly screaming, “OH”, “OH”, “OH”, it’s so big and it feels so good, faster, harder. I turned her around and flipped her legs up and spread them and told the guys to hold her legs pinned to the bed so I could get her ass pointed upwards. I started driving my cock deep in her ass and Gena started screaming, I did not stop, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. I fucked Gena real hard for about 18 minutes and finally came deep in her ass and withdrew and told the guys go for it. All the of Jordan company started taking turns fucking Jordan and Gena for about 4 hours. Gena and Jordan were fucked every which way and I had it all on video. I had just turned Gena into one of my whores and she was going to be a great part of my hot videos on my website!

From this date on Jordan and Gena were getting fucked almost daily, sometimes by one guy and sometimes they did gangbangs, they were very much young little whores. I also fucked them both, but Jordan I almost fucked every night. Mom was about to return from her trip and I had to come up with my plan to make mom one of my video whores. For a long time I have always wanted to fuck my mom and no doubt it was going to happen and then I was going to turn her over to my buddies for several days of fucking, like we did Jordan and turn into a whore!