I made mom and sisters my website whores!Part 5


Mom had taken a shower and had dawned on a black see through mini-skirt. The min-skirt was so sheer, I could see she had a pair of tiny white sheer panties on. I had never seen her dress up in a skirt like that before. She was not wearing a top or bra, and her beautiful breasts were in fully exposed as she walked around her room. I wished I could just attack her luscious tits and suck on them.

Mom laid on the bed, her pussy facing my hidden cam, and spread her legs wide. I zoomed in and got a close-up through her sheer panties of her gorgeous pink pussy. Mom started using her vibrator around her pussy followed by fingering herself. She was getting hot and started moaning. I was getting a huge erection, I ached to drill her pussy bad. I realized mom started coming, because I started to see a very wet spot on her panty crotch. She laid there for few more minutes and went to the bathroom. I decided to make a clip of this recording.

As I said before I am a cyber geek so I made my own hot-wife site. Protecting my mom’s ID, I blurred mom’s face enough that no one could tell who she is. I broke out the website into categories, like, Hot-Wives, Hot-Soccer Moms, Hot-Moms, Hot-Aunts, Hot-Sisters.

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   I encouraged people to post their erotic stories also by category. I also had a forum for people to converse in real time. Most websites similar to mine charged about $29 a month, I was only charging $10 monthly, so I had an incredible startup. I used several media and advertised by all the videos I started to post.

Mom’s vids and pics started to generate a lot of hits. Her jacking off vids generated 10, 000 or more hits a day. The vids and pics of mom coming down the escalator and going up the basement stairs having a clear shot of her pink panties and matching garter belt also generated more than 10,000 hits a day. The vids and pics I took of her ass cheeks when she leaned over in the car at the mall parking lot got comments like how they would love to drill her ass. Lots of the guys wanted to know how to contact her to meet up and fuck her. Mom’s sexy vids and pics were making me lots of money so I started to get as many vids as I could. I started getting video feeds of my sister Jordan. I had lots of naked videos of Jordan and in bikini panties. Jordan breast were not about a 32 cup, nice and perky tits. Jordan’s naked vids were also making me a lot of money, I was ready to pop Jordan’s cherry.

It was Friday evening and I was taking a snooze on my couch in the basement.

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   It had been a hot day and it is not new that I like to seep in the buff, so I covered myself with a sheet. I was in a half-way waking somber sleep, I noticed my sheet had half-way fallen off and my cock was exposed. I heard someone slowly walking down the stairs. Whomever it was they were not walking rapidly and were not loud. I was curled up and on right side and I barely had one eye slightly open.

It was my sister Jordan and she had on min skirt and short tight top that covered hertits, the top had 3 buttons the middle front that held it the top together. I thought of what Jordan told Gena she did the last time she saw me sleeping so I pretend to be asleep. Jordan started reached out and touched my cock. I slight cracked and eyelid and she was not looking at my face, she was looking my cock. I closed my eyes quickly not to let on, I had been wanting to pop Jordan’s cherry and this situation was getting real hard. I knew Jordan could see the hard cockhead.

Jordan said, “Brian” and I pretended I was fully asleep and didn’t hear. She took the head of cock and moved it up and down slightly and the rest of the sheet fell off my huge erection. Jordan could see how big all 12 inches of a fully erect monster cock looked like. Jordan leaned down and slightly kissed my cockhead.

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   When she did this, I felt my cock get even harder and bigger, I had a raging hard on. She leaned down to kiss my cock again and I could not hold off anymore. When she leaned down to kiss my cockhead again, I grabbed her by head and she was shocked.

I told her not worry, it was alright. I know your curios so I will let you play with it. Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom. She was not sure and I said, It’s O. K. look I will show you. I got her hand on my cock and move it up and down, then I got her other hand and she started go move both her hand up and down my massive cock. Jordan said, it’s huge and kept staring at it. I told Jordan to move her hands up and down harder and faster. She was starting to breath slightly harder. I said you want to kiss again? Jordan asked, can I?I said sure, just don’t tell mom or anyone else, our secret O. K? She said, “Yeah” and leaned down to kiss it.

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   I told her kiss it as much as you want to. Jordan’s breathing was now very rapid and her hands were going up and down really fast on cock.

Let me show you another thing you can do and it feels good, she said, O. K. I said, kiss and lick the same place you were only kissing. She started doing it and I said now lick up and down the area where your hands are. I moved my hands down, grabbed my balls and told her to kiss and lick my balls. I could tell Jordan was getting very hot andwhole heartedly obeyed. I will show you one more thing, you want to try? She said, “yeah”. Open your mouth and I am going to insert my cock in it slowly. I popped her cherry mouth and started to move my cockhead slowly in and out. I stopped shoving my cock in her mouth and I told her now instead of me shoving it in and out, you move your mouth, in and out. You can lick my cock and balls when you want like I showed you.

Jordan started taking action on her own. Do you like that, she said, “yeah”.

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   Jordan started to take more and more cock in her mouth and started to slightly salivate. As Jordan was busy sucking me, I lifted her skirt and touched her pussy, Jordan was real wet. I got up and sat Jordan on the couch told her to keep sucking me. She quickly obeyed and 5 minutes later, I told her go harder like you did with your hands. She started to go back and forth real hard and her breathing was very rapid. I held heard head and started driving my cock as much as I could in her mouth without gagging her. I stopped and she started moving her mouth real hard on my cock, almost out of breath she said, I like this a lot. I asked, do you want to keep doing this with me. It will be our secret. You can come down here every night or when you can and play with cock, said, “yeah”. I told her, don’t get scared, I going to teach more stuff. She said, “O. K. ”. I picked her up and carried her to my basement bedroom.

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   I placed her on my bed and I started to slowly kiss her neck, and down her chest. I also started to kiss her stomach and went back to her chest. Jordan was breathing rapidly and very heavy. I was kissing her neck and I slipped on hand and cupped right tit and started to slightly pinch it. I moved lips to hers and started French kissing her and she was responding to all the foreplay. As my lips were locked on hers I unbuttoned her top and freed her tits. Once I had her tits free and I started kissing her chest and stomach again and moved up to her tits. I started sucking on her young hard tits. Jordan started to moan aaahhh, aaahhh.

As I was kissing her tits, I slowly raised her short skirt to her waist. She had on a sexy a pair of bikini black panties. I began massaging her pussy through the panty material as I was kissing and sucking her tits. Jordan was starting to arch her head backwards and roll her eyes. I had her in the position of no return, she was not going to stop me, I was about to pop her cherry! I slowly came down kissing her body and started kissing her thighs and around her crotch area. I moved her panty material to one side and started inserting my tongue in her pussy and Jordan started moving her head from side to side and moaning, aaahhhh, aaaahhh.

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I started pulling her panties down until they were off. I started eating her pussy hard, Jordan arched her back and thrust her pussy at my mouth. She was ready and I was going to make her my little whore. I went back to French kissing her and place my cock on her vagina and started to work my cockhead in. I knew it could take a little while to pop her cherry, but I was going to do it. About 18 minutes later, I had worked in my cockhead in her pussy and I was just letting her get used to it, I didn’t want to make her hurt, there would be plenty of times I would be fucking the shit of Jordan.

Almost 30 minutes later, I started pumping her pussy with my cockhead. She said it hurt, I pumped slower, but kept on going. About 18 minutes later she started to breath hard and started to slight move her hips up to meet my slow downward thrusts. I kept on going a little faster and she accepted my cock without pain. I sank in about 4 more inches and she went AAAHHH! I started pumping her pussy with more cock going in and out until she was comfortable and again and started to meet my thrusts. She was now breathing real hard and moaning real low moans. I pumped her faster and faster and then I sank my cock in deeper and she took it well, and she started meeting my harder downward thrusts. I kneeled up and dragged Jordan up to my cock and picked her up by her hips and pulled onto my cock and she was responding. I picked her up and sat her on cock and she started riding me.

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   I picked her up and inserted my cock back in her. I laid her on her back and raised her legs and pinned her ankles to her shoulders and started drilling her pussy with about 18 inches of my 12 inch cock.

Jordan started screaming, “AAAAHHH”, “AAAAHHHH”, and I finished ramming my last 6 inches of my cock in her pussy. Jordan was screaming and screaming and I kept fucking her harder and harder, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD”. I dropped her legs and raised her by the hips against my cock and she started to thrust her pussy all the way against my balls and started yelling “FUCK ME”, “FUCK ME”, “GIVE ME ALL YOUR COCK”.

I asked her, do you like me fucking you? She yelled, “YES”, “YES”, “YES”, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK ME”. Jordan started creaming all over my cock and when I saw her doing this, I grabbed her by hips and thrust her hard on my cock and started gushing in her pussy, she sighed, aaahhh! I came so much, cum started flowing out her pussy. Jordan was now mine to fuck when I wanted to.

When we were done, I asked her if she liked it, she said, “hell yeah”, “I loved it”. From now on I am going to be fucking you a lot, like that? I want to make you my little whore to fuck whenever I want. Jordan said, “I’ll be your little whore, just keep fucking me”. Are you on the pill, if you are not get on it, I don’t want your pregnant. She said, “mom already has me on the pill, so no danger of that”.