I Love My Master.


Hey guys :) This is my first story, please tell me what you think! I really need feedback you guys! Please and thank you.

My name is McKenzie, I’m 5’4, chubby, I have a black mohawk, 37 C tits, the biggest bluest eyes and guys always tell me I have a sexy smile. I have a boyfriend named Brandon, and I and he are in an Owner/Property Relationship. I am his pet, and he is my master. I do whatever he tells me to and I love it. Brandon is tall, with long black hair, he also has a very seductive smile and 7 and a half inch dick.

Brandon and I were lying in bed and he was petting my head.

“Good girl. ” He whispered in my ear softly. He knows I love it when he does that.

“Now get on all fours, and be my little pet. ” He demanded.

“Yes Master. ” I got on the floor, on all fours, looking up at him, as he has asked.

“Take off all your clothes then worship my cock. ” I started with taking my top off, then my shorts, after that I undid my bra, releasing my tits, and then I slid my thong off.

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   After that I got back on all fours.

“Good girl. ” He said and pet my head.

I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants then slid them to the ground, and then I took off his underwear. His 7 and a half inch cock was hard from seeing me naked, but not hard enough. So I wrapped my soft wet lips around his dick and started sucking on it softly and slowly. He then pushed my head deeper so that I was deepthroating him and choking on his now growing cock. When I was finished sucking on his cock, I started jacking him off hard and fast.

“For being such a good girl, I have a present for you. Lay down and spread your legs. ” I laid down on the bed, and spread my legs open wide for him. He started eating me out wildly, and I was moaning loudly for him.

“Your pussy taste so good, pet. ” He said softly and started eating me out again. He then, pushed his fingers deep in to my pussy and I started moaning louder, almost screaming at this point.

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“Calm down my pet, moan softer, do not cum until I do. There is a lot more to come. ” When he said that, lot’s of thoughts came into my mind of what he was going to put my through until we could finally cum together. He then slid his now almost 8 inch cock into my dripping wet, smooth, tight, pink cunt. He was pulling my hair with one hand, and pinching and pulling my nipple with the other. At times he would switch hands, maybe pinch both of my nipples, or pull my hair with both hands. All I knew is that I wanted to cum, so bad.

“Pet, I’m about to cum, this means you have done a good job and I am pleased. And that means you can cum with me. I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve been waiting for this for awhile. ” He whispered in my ear. I love it when my master is pleased, I love knowing I’ve done a good job for him. It makes me feel like the best pet in the world, my reward for pleasing him is me cumming, maybe a nice romantic date.

Now he was finally cumming, I loved hearing his moans as he cums in me. I was cumming too, screaming, clawing on his back.

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   It seemed as if our orgasms lasted hours and hours. I could smell our sweat and our cum. That’s the smell of success. He pulled his dick out of me, then held me tight in his arms. He was so strong, and I loved feeling his muscles against my naked body.

He petted my head and whispered in my ear. “I love you my pet. ”