I Love Daddy


Hi, my name's Libby, and I'm 18 So, it was about a year ago that I deceided that I wanted to fuck my daddy. I live in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, and we were outside in our pool. I snuck up under the water and jumped on my daddy, and he got a huge boner. I felt it on my bikini bottoms, and I had to leave there and then to fuck a dildo.
So a month ago, my mom went to New York for a week, something to do with her modelling business. When she told me, I didn't even think about being alone with Daddy, but the day she left I realised. A week. Alone. That night, he was in the living room, watching a football game. I had been upstairs, getting ready. I let my thick blonde hair down in loose, shiney curls, and I had my makeup done specially with sparkles. I had my little pink shorts on with a g-string underneath, and a white tank top with no bra. I knew he would be able to see my nipples. For my age, I had 32C tits, whilst still being fairly petite, and of course the LA sun made me tanned. I'm not afraid to say that I'm very good looking. It runs in the family.

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   My dad has Latina in him, so he had floppy, dark hair and was ripped from working out so much.
Anyways, I crept downstairs into the lounge. Before sitting down, I poked the open fire below the wide-screen TV. The fire was already blaring, I just wanted and excuse to bend down. I knew he was looking at me.
So I sauntered over to the couch and snuggled up close to Daddy. "Hi, Princess. " he said, not taking his eyes off the TV. I sighed. He was going to fight this. I lay my head on his chest, and slid my hand down towards his zipper. I felt him look at what I was doing. I slowly unzipped his jeans, and saw that he wasn't wearing underwear from his earlier swim. I smiled and started to rub. "Baby, what are you doing.

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   Im your daddy. " I giggled. "Don't you like it, Daddy?" "Of course I do, sweetie, but it's wrong. What if mom finds out?" He sighed, but moved his had towards my tit. "I wont tell her. We're all alone, Daddy. I want you to fuck me. " He smiled and I kissed him passionatly. He slapped my butt, and and I giggled. I loved it when I got spanked, and I could tell he knew this. He pulled my shorts and thong off and threw them across the room. He did the same to my tank, but he ripped it in the hot struggle. He grabbed my tits, and ran his hands all over my body. He quickly took his pants off, and then his t-shirt. His body was sooo hot.

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   He pulled me up my my ass, rubbing my clit on his cock. He reached down and rubbed my clit, and stuck a finger in my tight pussy. "Princess, have you ever fucked a guy, or are you a virgin?" He asked inbetween kissing. He kissed my neck so I could answer. "No, daddy, I've fucked 2 guys. Im a bad girl. " I moaned as he pumped 2 fingers in my pussy. Before he could say anything else, he sat up, grabbed me and took me upstairs. The chucked me on my mom and dads bed. I screamed in pleasure as he worked his tongue over my clit. He was wasting no time. He sucked hard, and thrusted his tongue in my pussy. I came loudly, squirting slightly. "Oh daddy! I need you in me now!" I screamed. He made me sit up by grabbing my hair.

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   I was like a ragdoll compared to him. "Shut up, you little slut!" He shouted, guiding my mouth to his HUGE hard cock. I whimpered as I thought of it in me. "This'll keep you quiet, bitch. " He shoved it in my mouth. It tasted so sweet, and I gagged hard as he pumped it in and out. He picked me up again, and threw me on the bed so my ass was just off the side. He slapped my clit and inner thighs with his cock and I screamed in ecstacy! He slapped my ass as he shoved his cock in. He pumped it in harder and harder and he kept slapping me until my ass was red. As I was about to come, he slapped my face to stop me screaming but it turned me on so much I screamed louder. I came so hard tears were streaming down my face.
Needless to say, we had a fun week, and we look forward to my moms business trips. . . .

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