I Fucked my Stepson (Part 2)


By strong request, here is part 2. If you haven't already, read the first episode before this one.

After my stepson Robert went out of the house, I got shakily up, found my ripped panties and went up for a shower. My pussy felt stretched after that last fuck with him. His father Mark is smaller than his son is, but Mark is good in bed and I enjoy making love to him.

I thought of Robert’s comment about how his twin brother Craig would like a piece of my ass and how he would tell Mark if I said anything. I needed to find a way out of this blackmail situation. I mulled over one idea as I slipped on my red and white sundress. Mark would not be home until the weekend so that gave me some time.

It was about 8 o’clock in the evening when our friends dropped Craig off. I greeted him, asked him which movie he had seen and how he had enjoyed his day. He did not appear to know anything about what had happened between Robert and me.

“What have you done to the back of your hand?” I asked. There was a deep red mark on his wrist.

“It is just a scratch, it is nothing. I want to get my phone on charge, the battery died hours ago, and then go to bed early.

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   Good night. ”

I had a glass of wine and decided to turn in early myself. I put on a long T-shirt, climbed into bed and fell soundly asleep.

I woke up lying on my back at around 6 AM to a warm naked body snuggling up to me. At first, I thought it was Mark, but he was still out of town. It had to be Robert again so I feigned sleep, but it did not stop him. His hand sought out my right breast and he gently stroked it, his fingers working in small circles, never quite touching my nipple. He moved to my left, teasing it in the same way and then sucked on them through the cotton material of my shirt.

I wanted to tell him to stop, but it was turning me on too much, so I just lay there enjoying the sensation. Finally, he tweaked my erect points of flesh and I let out a little gasp.

“I thought you were awake. ” He murmured in my ear and nibbled on my earlobe. I groaned in reply.

Robert’s fingers moved to my inner thigh, again tracing little circles, moving higher and higher until he was under the hem of my T-shirt.

“I’m too tired Mark.

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  ” I said making him think it was his father and rolled over on to my side, my right knee drawn up.

He paused briefly thinking about what I had said and then pulled the sheets off my body. His hand slipped between my parted thighs and started to rub me through my panties. My body betrayed me and I could feel the thin cotton absorbing my pussy juices. Robert noticed it as well and slipped his finger inside of me. I groaned again and rolled over onto my chest, still pretending to ignore his advances.

He took advantage of my movement and brought his right leg between mine, gently pushing my thighs apart. He put a second finger into me and slowly started to finger fuck me. I could feel myself getting aroused on and I whimpered into the pillow. My panties were getting in his way, so he pulled his fingers out, and using both hands snapped the waistband.

I groaned again as he put his thumb inside of me and rubbed my clit with his fingers. He was dry humping my leg and I could feel his precum wetting me, his erection hard as a steel bar. Eventually he could no longer stand it and he rolled on to my back, his legs between mine. The tip of his cock briefly probed the entrance of my vagina before he entered me.

“Oh you are so wet, but so tight, my sweet.

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He drove into me with long hard thrusts, coming almost all the way out to get his cock thoroughly wet, before pushing deeper in. I felt his balls repeatedly hitting my mons; his muscular tummy squashing my ass cheeks.

I started to moan; responding to a raw fire building between my legs, kindled by his accelerating movements.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh. ”

“Yes baby, I’m close, going to fill that pussy of yours, with my cum. ” He panted.

His cock got even harder and I felt his tip swell in size. I could not hold back.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, aaahhhhhhhhh. ” I screamed into the pillow.

“Yes, yes, yes, uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh. ” Robert groaned.

His hot cum shot deep inside of me, I felt five huge spurts before he eased off, gently rocking back and forth, squeezing out every drop.

We lay there entwined for about five minutes, his erection gradually softening, before he pulled out. Robert kissed me on the shoulder and without a word left the bedroom.

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   I lay there without any covers on, my T-shirt hiked up over my hips, his cum seeping out and fell asleep again.

The sex must have made me tired, because I was out cold for about 2 hours. I woke up to feel the mattress move. “Not again. ” I thought. “Gezz this kid is constantly horny. ”

This time there was little foreplay, a brief fingering of my sticky pussy and then a weight on my back. Robert seemed more urgent this time, more in line with a quickie. He settled between my legs, the tip of his cock searching out the entrance. I felt him prod my anus but before I could say anything, he moved and it slipped inside of my pussy lips. There was a brief hesitation and then he pushed inside of me.

“Ohhhhh. ” He grunted.

My pussy must be still stretched from earlier I thought. He does not feel as big.

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He thrust harder, my already cum filled hole making it easier to enter all the way. He grabbed my wrists to stop me from moving on the bed. I looked over at his wrist and saw a deep red scratch. “Geez it is Craig. ” I thought. My body tensed at the shock and my muscles involuntarily tightened, pushing Craig over the edge.

“Uh, uh, uhhhhhhhhhh, ohh noo. ” I heard him grunt as he came. Torrents of cum poured into me, he must not have had shot his load for a week I thought. His cock kept thrusting into me until gradually he slowed. I wondered what to say, but he got off me and disappeared quickly.

I lay there, although Craig did not make me orgasm, I still felt satiated, probably from just making him feel so good. His semen was starting to ooze out of me, so I quickly got out of bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth and put on some basic make up. I looked at myself in the mirror. “What have I got myself into?” I thought.

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   It did feel good though to get laid this many times, and I caught myself smiling.

I walked into the closet wondering if I should bother to put any clothes on until Mark came home! I did need to exercise though, so I put on a white sports bra and a pair of tight exercise pants. I surveyed myself in the mirror. More Mom style, I thought, not seductive. I realized I was famished and went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat.

Craig was in there already, he immediately blushed as soon as he saw me. I pretended nothing had happened and gave him a hug and kiss.

“Hi Baby, how are you? Sleep well?”

“Errr, good Mom, you going to work out?”

“A little later, I’m hungry, you want anything?”

“No I am fine thanks. ”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him checking out my shapely figure. Robert walked in and slipped his arms around my waist, with his chin on my shoulder.

“Food, I am starving! Can I have some as well please?”

Out of Craig’s view, he put his right hand on my tit and massaged it slowly.

“If you behave. ”

Later that afternoon I went on the treadmill and ran for about an hour, followed by some weight training. I started to prepare dinner, which attracted the boys to the kitchen again.

“Food and teenagers, dinner will not be ready until six.

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   Gnaw on some bones until then or something. No better than that, sort out your laundry. I am going to take a shower and then I will do the washing, so if you want anything particular to wear tomorrow…. ”

After a nice long shower, I wrapped a towel around me and took my dirty clothes to the laundry room. There was no sign of the boy’s stuff.

“Last chance!” I yelled and heard pleas to wait.

As they arrived with their clothes, I heard the oven timer go off. I set the washing machine going and went into the kitchen, the boys following me. As I set the oven going again, I heard them switch on the TV in the family room.

“Tennis is on Mom. ”

“Is it recording?”

“No, the cable box will not allow me, there are two other programs already recording. ”

I came in and sat between them on the sofa.

“You said no wet clothes on the leather sofa Mom. ” Craig said. “Your towel is wet.

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“Wait, he’s breaking his service. He’s going to win. ” (Yes, I am a tennis fanatic)

Robert touched my towel covered hip.

“It is wet. ” He commented and poked me in the ribs.

“Stop it. ” I squealed my eyes still glued to the screen. Robert and Craig both started tugging at the towel and making comments, it was distracting me from the match.

“Oh for God’s sake. ” I pulled off the towel, threw it on the coffee table and sat back on the sofa naked. That shut them up. My favorite player won the match, helped I am sure by my vocal support. I had almost forgotten my state of undress when Craig spoke.

“Have you ever shaved your pussy?” I followed his gaze to between my legs. I trim my pubic hair into a 1” strip of blond curls.

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“You’re not supposed to stare. To answer your question, I shave but never completely. ” I went to get up. The twins gently held me down.

“Don’t go yet, stay for a while. ” Craig pleaded. “You have such a nice body. ” He reached out, cupped my right breast and sucked on my left nipple. Robert got up and knelt between my legs.

“Oh, no, I know what is on your mind. ”

Robert put his hands around my ass and pulled me across the sofa towards his face; he moved apart my pussy lips and gave me a long, firm lick.

“Ooooooohh. ”

“It seems Mom enjoys her pussy eaten. ” Craig laughed. He unfastened his shorts and his cock sprang to attention.

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   “I like having my cock sucked. ” He pulled my head over and I took him in my mouth, holding him at the bottom of the shaft to avoid being deep throated. I licked the tip like a lollipop. Craig’s eyes closed.

Robert sucked hard on my clit, pulling his head back, stretching my soft flesh outwards. I lifted my head to watch him as he repeated it time after time. I stroked Craig hard as wave after wave of pleasure rocked my body.

“Ohhh babe, ahhhhhhhh, ohhhh fuck, I am cuming. ” I shouted. “Yes, yes yessssssss. ”

Robert stood up, turned me over and entered my sopping pussy from behind. I took Craig in my mouth again and he held my head, face fucking me as I made whimpering noises. Robert quickly buried his length in me and his hips slapped against my butt as he thrust into me.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. ” I could feel my orgasm building, the intensity mounting with the excitement of the threesome.



“Mom likes two cocks in her at once Craig. ” He slapped my ass with his hand.

“She can certainly suck cock. ” I was sucking hard and my cheeks engulfed his shaft making it feel like he was in my pussy. I tilted my head and he thrust against my cheek, groaning.

I felt like I was a slut, used wantonly. My orgasm started to build to a crescendo. I could feel my vagina muscles pulsing, Robert increased his speed knowing I was close; I lifted up my head as I peaked, pounding away on Craig’s cock.

“Yesss, ahhhh, ahhhh, agghhhhh. ” I cried, drowning out Robert’s gasps as he emptied his balls into me.

I felt hot cum shoot into my mouth and over my face as Craig blew his load of thick, white fluid. I took him back in my mouth and sucked him dry, swallowing his salty juices.

After a while, they got up and left. “Thanks Mom, see you later. ” Robert laughed.

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   I picked up my towel and wrapped it around me. “This is getting out of hand. ” I muttered.

That night at dinner, I drank two glasses of wine as we ate. Feeling a bit more confident with some alcohol in me, I brought up what was on my mind.

“This has gone too far, it has to stop. ” I demanded as we cleaned off the dishes and washed the pots and pans. They did not reply. After the kitchen was clean, I emptied the remains of the wine bottle into my glass and sat on the sofa in the family room. Robert sulkily went out of the house to see his friends and Craig went up to his room.

For the rest of the week we went back to a normal routine, eventually Friday evening came and Mark came back from his business trip. I had already gone to bed and was reading a book when he came upstairs. He put his luggage down in the doorway, leaned over and gave me a long lingering kiss. He tasted of whiskey, no doubt served on the plane.

“Hi Lindsay.

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“Hey Mark, how was the flight?”

“Good, a little turbulence before we landed. I’m going to take a shower. Don’t go anywhere!” He grinned.

As the water ran in the shower, I slipped my hand inside of my blue bikini panties, teasing myself to make me wet. After a long, successful trip, Mark never bothers with foreplay, at least the first time we make love. Mark stepped out of the shower and dried himself off, watching me. I pulled off my top, letting my breasts spill out, my nipples already hard and resumed my self-stimulation.

I spread my legs apart to give him a better view, knowing he could see the wet spot on my panties. He threw the towel into the bathtub and walked towards the edge of the bed, his cock fully erect.

“Lindsay, you little minx, you are going to get a good fucking. I am so horny. ”

I covered my breasts with my hands pretending to be shy.

“Oh please sir; I am just an innocent little thing. ”

He grabbed my ankles, pulled me around and lifted my legs up so they rested on his shoulders. His hands grasped the waistband of my panties and he pulled them over my hips, leaving them halfway down my thighs.

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   I could sense his pent up energy as the tip of his swollen cock searched out the entrance to my womanhood. I guided him in, marveling at the warmth of his cock.

“Ooohhhhhhhh. ” I cried as he quickly buried himself in me. I could feel an orgasm building immediately. “Yes, yes, yessssssss. ” I pulled hard on my nipples as a flood of pleasure rippled through my body, driven by Mark’s hot stiffness. I let my body take over and shouted out with every thrust.

Eventually I came down from my peak, Mark pulled out and rolled me over to enter me doggy style. It was then I saw Robert and Craig leaning there in the doorway. Craig had his hand inside his boxers, stroking himself, Robert was wearing just a towel, but he was evidently aroused.

“Enjoying the show?” I said, a little shocked that my husband had let them watch us. Mark did not say anything but grabbed my hips and continued to fuck me, his body slapping against the cheeks of my ass. I expected them to leave and close the door, but was more shocked when they came in and sat on the bed.

“Dad’s giving Mom a hard fucking.

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  ” Robert laughed.

I heard Mark groan and felt his hot juices shoot deep inside of me.

“Oh yes, oh yeahhhhh, yeaahhh. ” Gradually he slowed, pulled out of me and collapsed on the bed, his cock softening. He did not seem to care about his audience. Robert was the first to move; he removed his towel and walked around to the side of the bed. As I rolled over and tried to sit up, he pulled apart my legs and pushed me back down, pinning my wrists against the sheets.

“Mark!” I exclaimed, but he just smiled and turned to face me. Robert rubbed his cock between my pussy lips, coating his member with his father’s cum.

“I’ve wanted to see you get screwed by another guy for a long while. ” Mark murmured. He watched as Robert entered me with long strokes. I gasped as his large cock pushed into me. Robert straightened up and cupped my ass, holding me steady as he build up speed, pounding into me.

“Yeah, fuck her Robert.

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  ” Mark ordered, stroking his cock. Craig shuffled across the bed and started to suck and fondle my left breast.

“She has a nice pair doesn’t she?” Mark commented, and took my right nipple into his mouth, teasing and gently biting me.

I was bewildered and froze in disbelief, laying there with three men enjoying my body. Robert did not last very long and he emptied his load into me. Craig quickly replaced him, easily slipping into my cum filled vagina.

“Pretty sticky in here!” He laughed before starting a regular rhythm. Mark got up, straddled my chest and started to titty fuck me, his cock sliding backwards and forwards between my firm breasts.

“Oh I’m cumming… oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh. ” Craig cried out.

As soon as he had finished Mark entered me again.

“Dad’s going for seconds. ” Robert giggled.

“God Lindsay, you are a real cum bucket. I have not been this turned on for years.

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  ” Mark murmured.

He was definitely excited and it was not long before he came again. I lay there with him on top of me wondering when this was going to end. Eventually he rolled off, shooed his sons out of the bedroom and we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up late, very troubled about what happened last night. Mark was not in the bed, so I slipped on my robe and went down into the kitchen. Mark, Robert and Craig were standing around drinking coffee and eating bagels. As I helped myself to breakfast, I could sense what was coming.

The rest of the weekend, they used me as they wished. Any love or feelings I felt towards Mark and the boys vanished. On Monday when they left the house, I called my friend Josie, loaded up my car with my belongings and left for Arizona. I have been living with her for a month now, starting my life over. I have to say life is different, but I kind of like living with another woman. She does not seem to have many male friends and I suspect she prefers female company……. Perhaps there will be more later?

Comments? Email me at clintonbeverly@yahoo.

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  com and reference FS2.