I forced My Mother to Fuck!


My name is Gary and I have just turned 20, but since I was 15, I have had sexual urges for my mother. Every time I look at my mother, all I can think is how much I would like to take my 9-inch cock and just ram it into all her holes. Mom is a college professor at our local college and I see that lots of college men and other professors see mom as woman they would also like to fuck.

My mother, Taylor, is a gorgeous thirty-eight-year-old redhead, has medium long hair and green eyes. Mom wears sexy short flare skirts that really show off her long legs off, I quickly get a hardon when I see her short skirts. Mom likes to wear very skimpy bathing suits when she swims at our house pool, I often just think of forcing her down and fuck her brains out. My father for years had long gone, it was only me and mom living in our house. I knew that if I ever started to force her, I couldn’t back out, I would have to follow through and force her into fucking. I don’t know if she would scream or something, but no matter the consequences, I am resigned to fucking my mother brains out!

I have placed hidden mini cams in my mother’s bedroom, make recordings of her taking her clothes off and watching her fully naked. When watch mom’s naked videos all I can think is, man, what a MILF and I jack-off watching her videos. I also like to view mom’s recordings of mom in the mornings when she is dressing especially, to see what design and color panties and bra she will be wearing for the day. Sometimes I wonder what mom would say or do, if she knew that I know every stitch of clothing she wears down to her panties every day. I take the opportunity every time I can to look up mom’s skirts and confirm she is wearing the same panties I saw her slip up her beautiful legs and ass during the morning recordings.

Through the recording I discovered that mom has a hard time sleeping, so she takes 10mg of melatonin before she goes to sleep, and the melatonin makes her sleep real deep. I found it was melatonin because I went into her room when she was gone. I researched the sleeping aid and found out it makes some people sleep very deep, just like mom.

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   I started going through videos and she did sleep without waking up and this gave me an idea.

It was about 11:30 at night, I was watching mom on my laptop, mom was sleeping very deep. She had a blanket that was partially off her and I could see she was sleeping in sheer short white nightie. Mom appeared to be sleeping deep so I wanted to go to her bedroom and feel her off. My plan was to walk over to her bedroom door and knock, if she answered I would say, I thought she called me. I walked over to her bedroom door and knocked on her door, there was no answer. I knocked again, and still no answer, so I slowly opened the door and walked over to the bed where mom was sleeping, I slowly removed the rest of the blanket and mom, looked gorgeous in her nightie. I could see mom’s gorgeous tits right through her sheer nightie, I raised her nightie and mom was not wearing panties. I was finally staring mom’s beautiful shaved pussy, wow, more than ever I wanted to fuck her.

I quickly moved grabbed one of the hidden cams and brought over to record mom’s pussy and tits right up close. As I was recording video of her pussy, I got brave enough and touched it several times, I hoped mom would not wake. I touch her pussy several more times and after I was confident she was in deep sleep, I slowly inserted a finger in her pussy, I quickly felt her pussy juice and it felt great. I did nothing but leave my finger inserted for about another 5 minutes, then I started moving my finger very slowly in and out, about a minute later mom started moaning lightly, I kept on going and mom kept on moaning, it looked like she was really enjoying my finger. Mom suddenly started turning around and I quickly withdrew my finger from her pussy, but she did not wake up, mom was still sleeping very deeply.

When mom had turned about three quarter of the way facing away from me with her left leg spread on the bed exposing her ass and pussy.

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   I kept on taking more closeup video of mom’s pussy and ass. I thought to myself, how bad I wanted to fuck that ass, and there it was but I was not sure of myself now, what would happen if she started screaming? Once again I mustard enough nerve and started inserting my finger in her pussy, this time I worked my finger in and out slowly, about a minute later mom started to moan and started to move her pussy to meet my finger. I looked at mom’s ass, I wanted to fuck her ass so bad, but I finally lost my nerve and left mom’s room for the night.

It was Saturday morning, I saw mom taking her nightie off and she was naked and went to take a shower. After her shower, she dressed up in short black flare dress and slipped on a pair of black bikini panties. I could tell mom had no bra because I had seen on the video that she had not put on one and her dress was very low cut and she showed lots of beautiful cleavage. Mom, knocked on my door and asked what I wanted to eat, I said, sorry, not hungry, I will get something later and mom left. I looked at mom as she swayed her ass as she walked away from me, I thought, WOW, I know what she is wearing and what she looks under that dress, I am making that MILF’s ass mine soon! I had stopped thinking of my mom as my mother, buy as my slut and I wanted to use all her holes. I constantly thought of ramming my 9-inch hard cock down that MILF’s throat and dump all my cum and making her swallow it all.

It’s a good thing I didn’t go the kitchen to eat, because I could not hide my raging hard-on.

About twenty minutes later, I still could not get mom’s picture out of my mind so started jacking off to one of her videos, suddenly mom was knocking on my door. Hey, Gary coming shopping with me. I said sure, I will be right out. My hard-on started dying on me and that was good because mom was waiting for me. I got to the car and mom was bent over looking for something in the car.

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   Standing from a distance, the wind blew a little, raising mom’s dress and I could see her black panty clad gorgeous ass. Mom’s bikini panties barely covered her ass cheeks, I thought, man, I must fuck that ass, I am going to fuck that ass!

We got home after a long shopping day, it was about 8:00 PM and I couldn’t wait for mom to wear some of the new clothes. Mom put her bags down and left the room, I saw several bags from a lingerie’, one was a black very sheer short nightie, I thought wow, I wish she is wearing this when I finally fuck her. Mom took the bags to her room and I booted up my laptop and started watching her.

Mom stripped off her clothes and put on her short black nightie that she had just bought. Mom still had her black stockings and heels on with the nightie and she looked so fucking HOT! I got a raging hard on and I finally said, fuck it, it’s time, I was determine to fuck her right now, the time to make my whore was right, besides she was wearing very little clothes making it easier for me to take her pussy. I took some very strong duct tape with me and headed towards her room.

I went into her room and she was shocked, there she was standing by her bed just staring at me in amazement. Gary, what are you doing? I just blurted it out, I am going to fuck you! I walked over to mom, threw the duct tape on the bed and I stood right in front of her, I took my right and quickly inserted two fingers up mom’s pussy, mom said, you’re, crazy Gary, I am your mother, mom pulled back and I said, I have been wanting to fuck you since I was 18 and I am going to fuck you right now, and I grabbed her and sat her on the edge of the bed. With one hand I had mom by the wrists and she was struggling to get loose and I quickly wrapped duct tape around her wrists. Mom said, Gary, we can’t do this! This is incest! I said, I don’t care what it’s called, I’m fucking you!

Mom was struggling to get loose, but now I had her wrists tied and I quickly put a piece of tape over her mouth and laid her back and she started trying to kick me, I quickly grabbed her legs, and held her left leg with my left leg, I held her right leg and spread her legs apart. I finally got her where she couldn’t kick and grabbed her nightie panties and tore them off. I told her, after I get done fucking your brains out, you won’t have much need for panties anyway.

I immediately started fingering mom’s pussy with two fingers. Mom was struggling to say, NO, NO, but I kept going and about five minutes later, I had three fingers in her pussy.

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   I was beginning to finger her pussy faster and faster. I didn’t hear mom say, NO any longer, but I felt my fingers starting to get very wet. When I felt my fingers really wet, I withdrew them, and I started darting my tongue and eating her pussy hard. As I was eating Mom’s pussy, I looked at her and she was beginning to roll her head from side to side.

Mom, was now real wet and I decided it was time to take her pussy. I raised her legs and put my hard 9-inch cock by the opening of her vagina. Mom looked at me and she shook her head, saying, NO and I said, OH YEAH, it’s happening, and I sank my cock head in her pussy. Mom was still fighting and wanted to thrust her legs around, I told her, you’re not going anywhere, I am making you my slut. I saw mom’s eyes get real wide as I sank the rest of my cock in her pussy, all my cock was in, all the way to my balls. mom was now mine.

I started pulling out leaving my cock head in her pussy and going back in at first slowly, with each thrust, I started to speed up, about 5 minutes later I started hitting her pussy hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Mom was now starting to respond with low pleasure moans, oooh, oooh, oooh. I started to increase the speed of my thrusts and mom was now moaning louder and louder, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, she was starting to enjoy my 9-inch cock. I quickly cut the tape off her wrists and she took the tape of her mouth. Mom said, we shouldn’t be doing this, as she was saying, she was thrusting her pussy meeting my cock.

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   I said, mom, you’re my slut, I am fucking you from now on when I want, get used to lots of fucking. I raised her legs high up in the air as I was slamming her pussy, and mom started screaming with every thrust, AAAAH, AAAAH, AAAAH, I was fucking her brains out, and my balls were slapping on her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!Mom was so fucking hot, she started creaming on my cock, she couldn’t stop from coming! I lowered her legs and spread them, I finally tensed up and grabbed her by her hips and rammed her against my cock and started dumping cum in her pussy and she was screaming as I drained all my balls in her pussy. Mom laid on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge as cum started to flow out her pussy and down her legs, mom said, wow, I have to say you are a lot better in bed than your father. I threw a pillow on the floor and told mom to get on her knees and clean me up and get me hard again. Mom did not object, she immediately was on her knees and started licking my balls and cock clean, then she inserted my cock head in her mouth and started to give me a great blow job, mom knew how to give a great blow job, she was the best cock sucker that ever sucked my cock.

I grabbed mom’s head from behind and held it her head still as I started ramming my cock down her throat, mom had silky hot throat and she knew how to deep throat very well. I started repeatedly ramming my cock down her throat, I was slamming mom’s mouth against my balls, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. My cock was now super hard, I got mom on the bed and positioned her doggy-style and sank my cock all the way in her pussy and started ramming her pussy again. I told mom, I am making you my slut, so I am going to be fucking your pussy every which way I can. I stopped thrusting and I yelled at mom, come on whore back up on my cock, come on slut you know you like your son’s cock, mom started thrusting her pussy at my cock, she started creaming all over my cock again, I thrust into her pussy and held her and started coming deep in her pussy. Mom was now getting into fucking me, I said mom, I am making you my whore! Mom, asked, what does that mean? I said, you’re going to be my easy fuck! I will be fucking you anytime and anyway I want to, so that means I am fucking your ass right now!

Mom, said, NO, no one has ever done that to me! I said, oh man, virgin ass! This is going to be fun! I am going to enjoy popping your virgin ass! Don’t worry, I will use plenty of lube. Mom still protested, and I stuck my cock in her mouth and started forcing her mouth onto my shaft by pushing her head down. I said, come on whore, get my cock hard so, I can put up your ass! I don’t care what you want, like it or not, you’re getting a good ass fucking, now do your job whore and get my cock hard! I started pushing mom’s head down, in no time she was sucking my cock hard on her own and taking all my cock down her throat. Man, mom is a great cocksucker. Again, I started to ram her mouth like I rammed her pussy and she was taking it all down her throat, man, mom, is a great whore.

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   All my dreams of me fucking mom are coming true.

I positioned mom on her knees on the edge of the bed and started lubing her ass and my cock and place my cockhead on her asshole. Mom said, please take it easy, don’t hurt me. I said, I am not going to lie, it’s going to hurt at first, but it will get better, so just relax your muscles, not fight my cock, her it comes. I started sinking my cockhead in her ass and she said wanted to move out of the way and grabbed her hips and sank in some more cock. I got in half-way and I started going in and out very slowly for about 5 minutes.

I than started to sink in more with each thrust and she started to moan. I said out loud fuck it, and I went for the kill and sank it all the way in. I didn’t go slow, I started to hit her ass fast and hard, mom started screaming as I was tearing up her ass. I said, just shut up and take all my cock up your ass like the whore you are. I’m making you my cheap fucking whore, from now on your not my mom, you’re are now my fuck slut mom, my cheap whore, and I started banging her ass harder and harder. COME ON SLUT, TAKE ALL YOUR SON’S COCK UP YOUR ASS, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, mom was screaming, AAAH, AAAHH,I YELL AT HER, COME ON WHORE, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE ALL MY COCK UP YOUR ASS, TAKE IT LIKE THE WHORE YOU ARE! I AM GOING TO BORE YOUR ASS OUT WHORE! YOUR ASS WAS MADE TO TAKE LOTS OF COCK, SO I AM GOING TO TRAIN IT TO TAKE LOTS OF COCK! I tensed up and grabbed mom by her hips and slammed her ass on my cock and held her tight against my cock and started dumping cum deep in her ass, mom kept moaning and grinding her ass on my cock, her ass was now mine and mom was now my total whore! That was just the start, I fucked mom’s ass several times that night and I continued fucking her all week. When mom came from work, sometimes I fucked her several times before she went up to her room, many times on the kitchen table. I fucked mom all over the house several times a day on the weekends, mom was my now total fucking whore, I kept her so horney and she loved to fuck.

I got mom to start wearing very short skirts in the house and no panties or bras.

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   I told her she was now my whore and was going to treat her like the whore she was. Every time I chose, I would stick my had under her skirt and finger her pussy. Sometimes while sitting on the couch watching TV, I sit her ass on my hard cock and fuck her ass. I started making mom service me with 1-3 blow jobs a day. I have lots of young girls give suck my cock, but mom is the best cocksucker ever, and she loves cock down her throat. I have so much video of me fucking the shit out of mom, it gave me an idea.

The following week I met with one my black friends that attended college where mom taught. Sean was always making remarks, how he would like to fuck my mother. Sean cock was a long as mine, but was as thick as a beer can, mine. He always was telling me, man, one day I’m going to introduce your mother to black cock and fuck the shit out of that gorgeous ass. I thought Oh, well what the hell! I called Sean and invited him over. I told him I have a surprise for you. He came over and said what’s up?

I asked Sean, you have always been talking shit, that you would like to fuck my mother one day. He said, yeah, I said that, so? Do you still want to do it? He was shocked and said, what? Keep your trap shut, but here goes, I have been fucking my mother for a couple of weeks now. I fuck her every day, however and whenever I want to.

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   I haven’t shared this with no one, except now, you. Sean said, really?I said, yeah, come here, let me show you. I started showing him videos of mom naked, in nighties, and of course me and mom fucking. Sean, saw a video of me where I had mom bent over holding on to the couch chair and I was ramming her ass and Sean asked, you fuck her in the ass too? I replied, every fucking day, she had never had been ass fucked so I took that virgin ass. Sean said, Oh man, I got to fuck that ass, and we high fived.

Sean asked, do you think she will want to fuck me?I told Sean, with all this video I have, she’s whore man, she will fuck anybody I tell her to fuck. Mom will be here any minute now, then we heard mom come in and she went to her bedroom. We watched her on the cam and she had on a short white flare dress and heels. Sean said, wow, that MILF looks HOT! I said look lets go fuck her, I will go in first, wait outside the bedroom, I will call you when it’s time.

I walked in first; mom was bending over the by the bed and I raised mom’s dress to her waist, she was wearing white panties and I quickly moved her panty crotch over and started fingering her pussy and mom said, you’ve been fucking me so much, you keep so fucking horny, I want to fuck all the time. Wow, mom, your pussy feels hot already and you’re starting to cream already, I turned her around and said look at the cum on my fingers; I licked her juices off my fingers, then I started French kissing her. I sat her on the bed, and dropped my pants, out sprang my hard cock and I put in her mouth, she immediately started sucking my cock, and breathing hard. As she sucked harder and faster, she began moaning and said, come on fuck me. You got me so hot, I need to be fucked, come on Gary, fuck me. You’re my little whore, aren’t you mom? You like being my slut mom? Yes, I like being your whore and slut, just fuck me, I am so fucking horny, fuck the shit out of me.

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I grabbed mom and flipped her over pinning her legs by her shoulders and I said come on Sean. Sean came in with huge hard on and mom said, NO. I told her you’re my whore and you fuck how and who I tell you to fuck. I stepped aside, and Sean took my place; I told Sean, come on man, tear that pussy up! Sean spread mom’s legs wide and pinned them by her shoulders and said, I can’t believe this is happening and sank his thick cockhead in mom’s pussy. Mom groaned as Sean’s cockhead went in and mom protested, it’s too thick, but I told Sean don’t stop, quickly take that pussy all the way, and with that he started going in, stretching mom’s pussy; mom started screaming, AAAGGGHHH, AAAGGGHHH, it’s HUGE, TOO BIG and finally he hit rock bottom.

Sean said, damn Gary, this slut has some damn tight pussy, as he began thrusting into mom’s pussy. Sean started thrusting in mom’s pussy hard, and once mom was not in pain, he jumped on the bed and spread mom’s legs wide apart and started power fucking her. Every time Sean came down he was hitting bottom and mom was screamed, AAAGGGHHH, AAAGGGHHH, he was totally bottoming her out with each thrust, a real hot scene. I was amazed seeming Sean plow hard into mom’s pussy with great force and that huge cock just literally destroy her pussy as it went in all the way hard!

As Sean plowed into mom, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, Sean asked mom, you like my black cock, don’t you slut? Come on whore, who’s your daddy? Tell me slut, who’s your daddy?


Sean said, look at this whore, she is coming all over my cock, and I started seeing mom’s pussy creaming all over Sean’s huge cock, while Sean was still bottoming out her pussy.

Sean was a pure animal at fucking, he could come and keep on fucking. It had been almost forty-five minutes and Sean kept boring out mom’s pussy; mom had creamed on his huge cock about six more times and mom was in orgasm heaven. Sean said, I am going to come again then I will take a rest. I saw Sean tense up and started dumping his cum deep in mom’s pussy and mom just grinded her hips against Sean’s cock, finally Sean withdrew and said, I got to take a break. Sean sat on a chair and took Sean’s place.

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   It felt great mixing putting my cock in mom’s real wet pussy. Mom’s pussy was so wet, I went in all the way in with no resistance and started pumping mom’s pussy hard. I was not a thick as Sean, but I was no slouch and started making mom scream. I took my cock out and flipped mom over more and went for her ass. I had been fucking her ass every day for two weeks now, so it was easy for me to drive into her ass hard.

It didn’t take long and started dumping deep in mom’s ass. Sean came over and said let me have a shot at that ass. Mom said no Sean you’re too big, you will destroy me ass. Sean said, good, that’s exactly what I want to do, make that ass mine. Sean started lubing his huge cock and mom’s ass. He started inserting a finger in mom’s ass with lube until he was inserting three fingers. Sean then placed his cock on her asshole and started pushing his cockhead in and mom’s let out, AAAGGGHHH, slow, slow. Sean started going in another couple of inches, and mom said slowly, slowly. Sean kept lubing mom’s ass and his cock, and he kept thrusting slowly inserting more cock every time he drove in. Finally, he was all in to his balls and just stayed in for a minute.



After that minute, Sean started thrusting and began to get faster and faster with each thrust. It was not as hard for mom as I thought it was going to be, after all I have a 9-inch cock and I already had fucking that ass every day. It didn’t take long, and Sean was slamming her ass with a full force, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, YOU LIKE BLACK COCK IN YOUR ASS WHORE? Mom was just yelling AAAAAH, AAAAAH!

Sean yelled at mom, YOU LIKE YOUR DADDY FUCKING YOUR ASS? Mom responded with a shaky voice, ooh yes daddy, fuck your whore daddy, fuck your whore’s ass daddy, give it to me aaah, aaah, come in my ass daddy, give me all your black cock, fuck my ass anytime you want it. Sean had mom with her ass up in the air as he was repeatedly ramming her ass hard. Sean stopped thrusting against mom’s ass and said in a loud voice, BACK UP THAT ASS ON MY COCK WHORE! Mom, quickly obeyed and started thrusting her ass on his cock and Sean said, hey Gary, look at this whore go, she loves to fuck, your mom is a total whore!

I thought I had turned mom into a whore, but Sean really had turned mom into a real whore. Sean said, hey Gary, look at this. I saw Sean stop thrusting into mom’s ass, but mom wanted Sean’s cock so bad, she was slamming her ass on Sean’s balls, while screaming with pleasure, AAAAH, AAAAH, AAAAH, Sean had turned mom into a real insatiable nymphomaniac whore. Sean and I kept fucking her all week long.

Later in the week, Sean asked me, don’t you think we should bring in more black cock for her and just turn her into a black cock whore, if I wanted to. I said Sean, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now, that we got her to be a real easy fuck, we need to start whoring her out, she can make us a good street whore.