I cum riding a train with a stranger


This is a story of fiction.

It was a summer rush hour in LA. I need to take the train to meet a friend early in the evening for a party in a club.

I'm all dressed up in a tight fitting top that doesn't leave much to the imagination. I'm not wearing a bra either. My silk skirt is short and flirty. A small breeze will lift it up to show my white thong that is clinging to a shaven pussy.

As I was standing and waiting for the train, I can tellthat I'm getting some attention when my skirt lift up with the breeze. I can only hold the front of my skirt as my other hand was holding a big paper bag with a present to my friend.

Everyone was feasting on my nice ass. My boyfriend always tell me that I'm the only girlfriend he had with an ass to kill for. I takethat as a complement or maybe he tells that to all his previous girlfriend. From the looks of the men at the station, he may be telling the truth.

It's boarding time. Everyone was anxious to leave the hot weather outside to go into the cooler cabins of the train. It's a bit crowded.

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   It's a rush hour but after a few more minutes of pushing and shoving we are all in.

I ended up standing close to the middle of one of the train cabin and facing the window. It's still hot. You can smell stinky sweat in the air as the air condition struggles to blow the cooler air to all the passengers.

Someone kept pushing from behind. I noticed that someone with a hard on is pressing on my ass. I looked back but the young black man didn't make any eye contact. I can feel that it's a thick and long cock!

The train moved and everyone standing had a jolt and the man behind me cupped my breast in an attempt to hold me and prevented me from losing balance. His hand was big and strong. His finger slightly brushed my nipple. It was quick and nobody else seemed to noticed.

My breast felt a slight tingle and my nipples hardened from the touch. I can see in the window reflection how erect my nipples have become. I'm feeling ashamed and aroused at the same time. I'm probably blushing red.

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  I have to lower my sunglasses to hide my face and expression.

The man seemed to be determined to do more than rub his cock on my ass. He slightly move his one hand underneath my skirt. He was doing it slow and he was very discreet. Looking into the window reflection, I can't tell what's going on but I can feel his hand moving up and towards my pussy.

I don't know what to do. I can make a scene or let this man have his way. The confusion and arousal makes my heart run even faster. I'm starting to sweat more and breathing heavily.

My pussy is anticipating the touch. I can feel that I'm getting wet just from the thought of being touched in my intimate parts by a stranger. A stranger with big rough hand. His fingers moving inches closer to my soaking wet pussy.

He slightly moved his finger and started feeling my pussy lips through my drenched panty. He probably can feel how wet I am.

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  His fingers kept moving in tiny circles on my swollen clit. I'm feeling like I'm about to faint as I'm getting dizzy from this pleasure.

I'm feeling like a slut. How can I let this stranger get away with this. The pleasure is just becoming unbearable. My clenched legs is now getting weaker. It's slowly giving more room. My feet is slightly moving apart.

My legs are now giving more room. His fingers are now moving up and down and feeling my pussy lips through the thin materials of my wet panty. I can still feel his cock pressing against the crevice of my ass.

As the train swayed and move, I started to move my ass to feel his cock. I slowly moved my hips left to right, up and down, all of this in a slow manner as if my movement was caused by the train.

I heard a slight groan. I'm giving him pleasure from my gyration.



His fingers are now going inside my panty. Two fingers got in and touched my clit and pussy lips. One thick finger started to inch it's way into my pussy. I gasped and tried to not make any noise. I'm struggling to not make any sound.

I looked up and moved my breast forward. My nipples are now pressed hard on my tight top. I felt that my breasts are also yearning to be touched. Oooohhh, I let out a small sound. The pleasure of the finger inside my pussy is becoming unbearable. I'm having a hard time keeping quiet.

I'm breathing heavily as his thick finger continue to fuck my pussy. It's moving deep in and out and I felt like a small cock is fucking me. I can hear the sounds of my wet pussy being finger fucked. I hope nobody else can hear the squishy sound from my pussy.

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My hips kept moving too as I can feel that his cock is now pressing hard on my ass. His finger is now deeply buried in my pussy. My pussy tightened and clenched his fingers as I'm having an intense orgasms. I never felt this much pleasure before as I exploded and cum multiple times. The orgasmic pleasure lasted for more than a minute.

I moved my mouth close to my arm as I let out small scream of pleasure. I pretended coughing to disguise what was happening.

I heard a groan and the cock behind me started to get limp. I felt a cold damp on my back. The man's fingers moved slowly out of my pussy like nothing happened. My legs are still wide apart and my legs still dripping with my own cum.

It was perfect timing as we arrived in one of the station. People moved out and the man behind me just disappeared from the moving crowd. As I sat down on the empty seat, I reached behind me and felt a glob of goo. It smelled like cum and licked my fingers clean.

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  The cum still taste fresh.

As I finally arrived at my destination,I can still feel my wet pussy and drenched panty. Finally, I saw my friend and she gave me a big hug. She accidently touched the location of the man's cum on my back.

What's this?She looked at her hand after giving me a hug. I said, well a kid accidentally dumped some food on my back and gave her a smile.