I brought him to her..


My wife lay very still in front of me on the bed, naked and legs apart.   I had just watched her get fucked by a short hispanic man with a mustache until he grunted and came.   His sticky cum spurting into her.   He was gone now, and my head was between her skinny legs.   I pushed her knees apart, my face inching towards her freshly fucked pussy.   It was purple and red, swollen, and oozing cum.

I rested my nose on her little bush of stiff pubic hair, smelling, and let my tongue lick her sweet, salty pussy; tasting the sweet taste of her sex and the salty, sticky cum of another man.   Mmm. Then I lowered my mouth, and engulfed her vagina in my mouth and started to suck, my raging hard on swelling as the warm delicious cum slid into my mouth, coating my tongue and making my cock pulse with desire to shove it into these warm folds.  

Licking into her wet vagina, I enjoyed the flavor.   It was like all the times I had fucked her in our bed in the past, and after a brief rest, slid down the bed on my own accord while she was resting, and lapped on her pussy tasting our own sex.   But this time was different.   I had brought someone to her, and watched her get fucked by another man for the first time.

 His name was Diego, and he was shorter than me, about 5'5".   He worked at a restaurant where I was a waiter and we had been friends, drinking together on occasion and talking about how funny the little things in life are.   He was a very simple guy; not too bright, not too talkative.

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    He drank one beer, I would drink four.   He had a wife in Honduras who he was convinced was cheating on him, since they had no kids of his.   He washed dishes, was short and pudgy, and had a full mustache and thick, black rimmed glasses.   When we got drunk, I complained about my hot wife, and he about his una fea.

One late night after the restaurant closed, we were the last two to close up.   I kept drinking while he swept and ran the last few dishes.

"Diego, are you done yet?" I asked.   "Si," he almost slurred.

"Come on, I need to get home and see how tipsy that drunk-ass wife of mine got. "  She had gone out with her girlfriends and worn a slutty outfit: knee high black leather boots, a black mini-skirt and a strappy top that showed off her young breasts. She always drank too much, but always came home safely and fell asleep after her nights out.

 "Yeah?" he taunted. "Sancho esta en su casa?"

 "Maybe!" I joked.

As we turned out the lights I had a thought.   Diego was leaving in two days for his home town; I would never see him again.

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    I was horny as hell and that drunk wife of mine was liable to be passed out and not in the mood.   I wasn't one to cheat, but I thought maybe I could fulfill a fantasy. . .


"Hey, Diego!" I said.   "You wanna come back to my place?"

"Por que?" he asked confusedly.

"You know! One more drink! Maybe you can fuck my wife!"

He laughed, and after some convincing, agreed to come to my house for a drink.   I promised him a cab ride home and free booze, how could he say no?

When we walked into my place it was dark and quiet, but I knew she was home.   My heart was pounding.   We walked into the kitchen and I pulled down a bottle of tequila and we each took a swig. "Diego, follow me," I said.

Quietly, we snuck towards the bedroom.   I gently pushed the door open.   There she was, in the moonlight, sleeping on her back,  I turned to Diego but he just looked at me wide eyed and confused.

 "Fuck her," I said, and gave him $30.

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    "fuck her good, then go. "

He didn't believe me and didn't want to take the money.   But I grabbed his shoulder and said, "In two days you go to Honduras, and it's ok. " I winked and nodded towards my passed out wife. He eased up and I let go and walked into the bedroom towards her.

She was wearing black panties and her black top, but had taken off her bra.   She was on her back sound asleep.   From the foot of the bed I reached up and pulled down her panties, exposing her trimmed, hairy bush.   Diego stood beside me motionless.

I crawled on the bed and pulled her shirt up.   She lifted her arms in compliance and the shirt came off.   She lay there naked, with her arms sprawled above her head and her hair in her face.   I looked down her trim body and her stomach had goose bumps.

I back up and looked at Diego. I was so high from adrenaline I thought I was going to scream and wake her up, and ruin everything.

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    But he just stared at her, at her bush.   I looked at her bush and crept onto the bed.

I put my head between her legs and began to lick and suck. After a few minutes she was wet, and when I turned around i saw Diego's hand was down his baggy pants, stroking himself.   I nodded towards her, but he just shook his head no, never taking his eyes off her now wet pussy.

I wet my middle finger and easily pushed it into her hole and stroked a few times.

  I looked back and he looked at me questioning.   I got up and whispered in his ear hoarsely, " Fuck her slow and cum good. "  He needed no more invites.

He dropped his stained cotton pants and pulled off his dirty t-shirt, exposing his tanned, hairless beer belly.   He slipped off his shoes and left his socks on and crawled onto the bed gently and quietly.   Placing his knees between her legs, he spit into his hand and rubbed his thick, short cock, and lowered his pelvis onto hers.

With a little grunt the dirty little man pushed himself into my wife, and she let out a little moan.   He started thrusting his cock in and out of her and she stirred: opening her legs a little and turning her head to one side.

Fucking slut, I thought.

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    From the corner of the bed I walked to the side, and watched his greasy dick go in and out of my wife's wet pussy.   He was rolling himself as deep into her as he could get and breathing hard.   I could smell his b. o. , he smelled like cheese, sweaty man, and sex.   I couldn't believe I was watching this but I was SO hard.

Then he pushed in and lifted himself up; and grunted so loud I thought she would wake. I froze. But he just collapsed, sweaty and panting on top of her.   No one moved and the only sound was his breathing for a few minutes.   I just stared at his glistening, heaving back and watched him lay on my tiny, pale wife. Her arms were touching his sides.

Then he looked up at me, grinning wide. I pointed at the door, glaring.   His face sunk and went ashen, and he quickly pulled out and got up.

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    His limp dick  looked pathetic and he hopped down to the floor and quickly gathered his clothes into his arms and shuffled out.   I looked at my wife, and after a moment, I heard the front door.

My wife lay the still asleep, but she was freshly fucked, and covered in Diego's sweat. She was still laying on her back, but closed her legs loosely.   I unbuttoned my clothes and stripped, crawled into bed, and, a hand on each knee, opened her legs, looking down at her swollen pussy. Wrinkly purple lips gorged and swollen turned red towards her slightly open cunt hole. There was cum dripping out of it and I slowly leaned down to lick it out.

 I let my tongue lick from the bottom of her pussy, where the Honduran's cum was oozing, to the top, tasting another man's semen. I licked in her pussy and started to stroke my own hard dick.

I sucked her and ate her pussy until I couldn't get any more thick, chewy man cum and wet pussy juice to slurp into my mouth.   I played with the cum, swishing it all in my mouth, pushing it through my teeth, and then swallowing. I came in hard, thick spurts.   Satisfied and shaky, I fell asleep next to her.

God, I can't wait to do this again.


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