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My mother’s name is Rhonda and was 18 when she was married to my father and my father was 20 at the time. During earlier years it was lawful in some states for young women to marry, with their parents’ signed permission. My name is Thomas and I am 18, I had just graduated from high school. I was also the product of a shotgun wedding.

As I understand it and the pictures I have seen my mother was a beauty in high school and was the cheerleader captain. My mom was a light hair brunette with beautiful green eyes and she had a body of that was out of this world and her tits always stood pointed. Mom was so very proportionate and had a great ass. She was still 28, soon to be turning 29. My mother was HOT looking woman and she made all my friend’s dicks stand to attention. We lived in the same town where mom went to school and was a cheerleader.

My friend’s fathers went to school with my mom and told them stories how they fucked her when she was a cheerleader. One of the stories was that she had been the locker room slut for the football team and that she loved to fuck in cars. It probably was all true, since my father married my mom under threat of my mom’s parents and brothers because she had gotten pregnant with me.

Instead of getting angry, I found these stories excited me because many, many times I fantasized about fucking my mother’s brains out!

My mother was a real estate agent, so she always wore very sexy and attractive attire. My favorites were her black, red and white outfits with sheer matching nylon stockings. She did not wear mini-skirts, but short enough that in heels, her legs looked much longer all the way up to her ass.

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   Several times when she was loading or unloading the back of her SUV, she leaned over I could see the tops of her stockings and sometimes her lacy panties. I always positioned myself, so I could see up her crotch when she opened her legs to get off her SUV. I could see a lot, because the SUV sat up high and I tried to make conversation with her as she spread her legs to get off the driver’s side and got her to freeze in the spread leg position while my mother spoke with me. I had a clear shot of her panties often, so I knew what color panties she wore most of the time. I studied mom’s habits so much to know all about her, I even knew what color panties she was wearing by the outfits she wore.

Another way I knew, what panties she was wearing was because when I mom was not home I went to through panty drawer and see what undergarments she wore. When mom bought new clothes, I went through her drawers to check what was new.

When I got home from school, I would go to her panty drawer and check for the pair the pair of panties that was missing, I knew what panties she was wearing when she got home. A couple of times when she was getting off the SUV she had no panties and I got a great naked view of her pink pussy while we talked, it drove me wild.

I fantasized of fucking my mother so much that, I had to come up with a plan, no matter what. I had to make it reality. I am knowledgeable with electronics, so I decided to install video cams in my parent’s room and around the house. My parents were going out of town and asked me to go with them. I declined, because I wanted to remain behind to strategically place my wireless cameras in places where they could not be seen. I wanted to see all their hot action and see what turned mom on.

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My parents came back on Sunday afternoon and said they were going to the bedroom to freshen up. I hurried to my laptop to see what was going on. When they walked into the bedroom my dad told mom “come here” and he raised her skirt and grabbed her pussy and started fingering my mom. He raised her skirt and she had no panties and he said that is the way I like it, “no panties”, so I can fuck my whore quickly!This why I married you, so I could fuck you like the whore you are. You know you loved getting passed around in high school.

One thing I found out my mom, she had been the high school slut that I heard she was from my friends. My dad pushed mom to the edge of the bed and she turned and bent over putting her hands on the bed, dad was about to fuck her doggy style. He unzipped and wow all he had was a hard, maybe a 7” kind of thin dick, that shocked me because I was easily 10” when I was fully hard and very thick.

My dad started to fuck my mom and she was enjoying it, I wish that was me, because I really could tear up her pussy and ass with my huge dick. I knew right there and then, there was no stopping me, I was going to make my mother my whore, my slut, my fuck toy. My plan was to pass around to all my friends and make her a slut for all.

The recordings went on for several months and I had quite a few recordings of my father fucking my mom in lots of positions and my mother loved being spanked and fucked in the ass. I couldn’t wait to ram my mom’s ass with my monster. I wanted to reshape her asshole to my cock!

My dad had to go on an overseas trip for a couple of weeks so I decided I was going to make my play.

I was sitting on the floor with a bottle of wine and watching TV when mom arrived from work.

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   She had one of her black outfits with about 5” heels and sheer black stockings. She got close to me and she did not realize I could see up her skirt all the way up to the top of her sheer black hose and panties.

Mom left saying she was going to take a shower. About an hour later she returned dressed in a pair of tight skimpy shorts and sheer white stocking with 4” high white heels and empty glass and served herself some wine and we started drinking. Two wine glasses later she started conversing with a slight slur in her voice. It was 9:00 PM and mom now had probably consumed a full bottle of wine because she slurred her words. She excused herself and said she was going to bed.

When mom went to bed, I got my laptop out and started watching her take her clothes off, she looked hot! I thought maybe this is the time to make my play, so I called a very close black friend Dominic over. Dom and I have been buddies since grade school and we know each other’s intimate secrets, he arrived 18 minutes later.

Dom has always told me he would like to split my mother apart with his huge monster cock. Dom had a monster dick about 2 inches longer than mine and bigger in diameter. I had seen Dom in action plenty of times. In high school, we sometimes double dated sisters and we fucked the shit out of them in our cars. Dom and I both played football and were built like a powerhouses, girls spoke around the school, if you want a great fuck, get Thomas or Dom to fuck you. Dom and I were no virgins, we both had a notorious reputation in high school, some of our conquests included young female teachers.

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Several times Dom and I not only fucked the girls we dated, but we fucked their mothers also. There was a time we were fucking tag teaming a girl named Peggy and her mother JoAnn caught us. JoAnn came in the bedroom, just stood there mesmerized staring at our huge cocks, especially Dom’s cock that was violently plowing in her 18 year old daughter’s pussy. Peggy was screaming as Dom slammed hard into her pussy. As Peggy was screaming, you could hear Dom saying, “take it little whore”, “take all my cock”, “I’m going to split this young pussy apart”, he repeatedly thrust down into her pussy making loud sounds when his balls met her pussy,“THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD”, he practically was tearing he pussy apart. As JoAnn was standing there mesmerized, I didn’t waste any time. I quickly picked her up and threw her on the bed alongside her daughter. I quickly raised her skirt and spread her legs and dragged her pussy close to me and started darting my tongue in her snatch.

At first, she said, no I can’t, I can’t, but I darted my tongue and out her resistance was quickly melting away. I raised her top and went for her tits, sucking on them violently and she no longer was resisting. I pulled her panties off and pinned her legs to the sided of her shoulders and quickly put cock in her pussy and she exclaimed, “AAHH” and I sank my cock all the to my balls. I started pumping slowly, and JoAnn kept saying this is so wrong, this is so wrong, but she kept bucking her hips upwards to meet my thrust, I knew this slut was mine. I started banging the bitch hard, and I now had JoAnn screaming just like her daughter that was alongside her being torn apart by Dom. I also started to fuck JoAnn so hard just like Dom was fucking her daughter, we sounded like machine guns, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD” and we had both mom and daughter screaming as we kept tearing into their pussies.

I said, man Dom, this slut mommy has great pussy just like her daughter’s.

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   Dom said, lets trade, I need to test that shit out, mommy needs to find out why her daughter screams as I am tearing apart that pussy. He came over to JoAnn and I went over to Peggy. Dom wasted no time, he grabbed JoAnn by her legs and put them on his shoulders and pinned her arms to the bed, so she wouldn’t move them. Once he had JoAnn legs pinned, Dom didn’t waste time and in one thrust he sank his cock all the way in to his balls, JoAnn, let out a loud scream and Dom started thrusting hard, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD”, all JoAnn said, it’s big, it’s big. JoAnn’s hubby was away for the weekend so we fucked her and her daughter all weekend.

After that day, Dom and I started fucking JoAnn and her 18 year old daughter. Later her 18 year old daughter caught us fucking her and Peggy so we started fucking her also. JoAnn put both daughters on the pill to prevent them from getting pregnant, her daughters were often fucking other guys. When her hubby was out of town, we got called over and fucked them until hubby returned. We knew how to use our male tools and were proud of it.

Finally, Dom arrived, and I began showing Dom, the video currently being recorded of mom. Mom was dressed in a black negligee’ and very sheer black panties. Dom asked, have you ever thought of fucking your mom, I responded, all the fucking time. Dom, said why don’t we give her good fucking and make her our slut?I would like to just go in her room and throw her on the bed and fuck the shit out her!

Dom said, I found out my mother split up from my father because she found out he makes a lot of money from making videos of women getting banged by monster cocks. My father has group of men that fuck women for hours and sometimes days, turning them into whores, it’s the same tactic used by pimps to turn women in street walking whores.

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   How many men are we talking about Dom? He replied, I don’t know sometimes 20 or more, but probably more than 20.

Dad gets paid by the sponsors that put ads on his XXX website. We visited the website and these guys had huge dongs on them, I said, I thought you and I were big, but some of these guys have horse cocks.

Shit Thomas you can have your own sex slave to fuck when you want. Your mom can be a whore for you. Do you want to do it? Mom was on the edge of her bed on her knees, with her head laying on the bed and her ass high up in the air. Mom was playing music and was vibrating her pussy with a vibrator. I could see her pussy was getting real hot and wet. I told Dom, I could just fuck her right now. I said, hold on, let me try something. I am going to surprise her by going in and seeing her almost naked in her negligee’. I took off all my clothes and told Dom, give me about 18 minutes with her, no matter how it goes, call your dad, I always wanted to make mom a whore, no matter what.

I slowly opened the door and her cunt was towards me, so she did not know I was in the room watching. She was vibrating her pussy harder now and even inserting the vibrator in her snatch like a cock, the vibrator was very wet, so she was obviously ready for fucking. I stood there, just watching her beautiful pussy with a raging hard-on.

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   I slowly walked over to my mom and I inserted two fingers up her pussy, she tried to turn around, but I was stronger than mom, I held her down with my hand I kept fingering her pussy faster and faster, I inserted a third finger. I finally said you like that mom? She said, I can believe this is happening, let me up. I quickly took my fingers our and replaced them with my raging hard and quickly inserted my huge cock head in her wet pussy. Mom was so wet, I slid right in all the way to my balls. I didn’t even give mom time to protest, I quickly started thrusting hard and she started moaning and moaning loudly. I wanted to fuck her so badly, I felt I would be coming quickly, I signaled Dom to come in. He came in as I was dumping my first load in mom’s pussy, without warning Dom started banging mom real hard, like always, Dom started tearing into mom’s pussy just like he does all the women, mom started going crazy and screaming, Dom had a huge cock. He told me some guys are coming and I went outside and let the guys in, they were 18 guys, they said more would be coming through night and weekend. They quickly took off their clothes. We could hear all the way downstairs as Dom was slamming into mom’s pussy hard, and mom was screaming!

The guys went upstairs into mom’s bedroom, I stayed in the living room downstairs and Dom came out and we started viewing the show on my laptop. On guy spread and flipped mom legs over with her ass up in the air. This guy took his huge dong and started driving his huge cock head on mom’s pussy. Mom was saying too big, I can’t, and wasted no time, driving right in all the way to his nuts. He told mom, Whore, by the time we get done with your ass, you are going to be taking lots of cock. He fucked for five minutes and another guy took his place and started stretching her pussy.

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   All the guys were quickly taking turns stretching out mom’s pussy. Then they started again, this time they were fucking her until they came in her pussy. They started sitting her on their cocks, so she could ride them, and mom started going nuts riding their huge cocks. One of guys said, look at this whore go. More guys started arriving and they took their clothes off in the living and went upstairs to fuck mom, through the night and next three days guys came and left, mom was getting a lot of cock. We could see that mom even started to almost beg for huge cocks to fuck her all the time.

Mom was being trained to be whore all the way. The guys had stretched her mouth with all that huge cock, she was trained to take huge cock down her throat. These guys made her gag and throw up several times until she was comfortable taking all that huge cock. We were watching as a huge cock was put in front of her face and she took half-way down her throat quickly until the guy came down her throat. She sucked the guy until cum started to drip out of her mouth, she opened her mouth and she had lots of cum in it. We could tell that she really got into blowjobs. Guys could line up and she sucked them all clean.

We also started seeing where these guys trained her to take huge cock up her ass. She was scared and didn’t want to at first, but the guys forced their huge cocks in her ass over and over again, until they reshaped her asshole to take huge cocks.

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   All the guys fucked her one whole day just up her ass. Just like cock sucking, she took huge cocks up her ass quickly. We could tell she loved her ass fucked a lot.

It was the fourth day and mom’s holes were now stretched to take any size cock anytime someone wanted to use her. When the guys left, I let mom rest for a day, then I invited all my group over, and we took turns fucking the shit out mom. When dad is on the road, my friends and I take turns banging mom or sometimes we just gangbang her all weekend. Dom said, your mom would make beautiful street hooker and she can make us some money.

I said let’s do it, but that’s another story.