I AWOKE WITH A GASP A Saturday morning fantasy


A Saturday morning fantasy

I awoke with an audible gasp and sharp intake of breath when you splash my face and body with a bowl of cold water. You had expertly strangled me with the whip cord I made taking me in and out of consciousness finally taking me out and leaving me there. I was a limp, helpless mass of flesh clothed in suspender hose, a very short micro-mini dress that lets my balls hang out, sexy, lacey bra, high heels and a sexy blouse. Once you slipped me into unconsciousness, you began to manhandle my limp bag of flesh flopping me around into various poses to turn yourself on. That was only the beginning.
When you finally woke me up I found myself naked except for bloody suspender hose and heels. I was on my back. My hands were tied to a spreader bar and another one spread my legs forming me into a human X. the top spreader bar was attached to a rope and pulley system that could raise me into an upright position. I began to inspect my hairless body as much as I could. I was almost completely covered with blood and flaming red whip whelps that decorated my naked flesh. My hose were soaked with blood from my waist to my knees. I had numerous cut marks on my breasts, groin area and thighs. From the drying rivers of blood that had flowed from the cuts, I could tell that i was suspended upright when you worked on my helpless flesh with the #10 surgical scalpels that i had picked out. I still had numerous needles sticking out of various parts of my body. My testicles and penis were tightly bound and were a delicious burgundy color that we both desire.

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   My dick was swollen with blood. My balls had 4 long needles in each one. My genitals were covered with blood you had loosed while I was unconscious. My butt cheeks ached and my rectum throbbed telling me you had paddled my cheeks well and fucked the hell out of my ass hole. You were sucking, licking and chewing on my swollen penis. You were looking up at me and our eyes met. We both smiled. Your face and lips were covered with my blood. i could tell you really had your way with me when I was out. I could see where my blood flowed from your lips down your chin and onto your chest. You had also smeared my blood on your genitals, breasts and other areas. Your blood covered hands were squeezing my breasts and occasionally pinching my nipples hard. I was breathing fast and deep and you could tell I was on the verge of orgasm. But I was not to cum yet. You smiled a lustful smile as I watched your face as you stood up.

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   You take up the control box for the pulley system. You press the button to make me slowly rise into an upright position. My feet barely touched the ground. You placed a noose around my neck with the rope attached to another pulley system that would choke me when raised. You stood back and admired your handy work. I was a hairless bloody mess. My dick was extremely enlarged and the 30 needles covering my body turned us on. Behind you and to the side was a large mirror placed where I could see myself in all my mangled bloody glory. It turned me on immensely. You were rubbing your tied up and swollen dick as you looked me over. You walked around behind me and pressed your body against mine as you wrapped your arms around me. You whisper in my ear, “I filled you full of needles and pulled them out while you were unconscious but filled you up again because I know how you like watching me pull them out one at a time and make the blood flow. ” Your throbbing dick was rubbing my butt crack up and down. You reach down and lube up my crack and hole. You adjust the pulley so my body is bent over once again offering you my throbbing butt hole.

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   With one arm around my waist, the other hand maneuvers your swollen dick into my waiting hole. We both sigh as you slide it in deeper and deeper till your flesh and mine meld together. Your hands grip my hips as you slowly fuck me as we both moan and sigh from pleasure. Finally, you pull out and replace your dick with a bipolar TENS probe. You place another one up your ass so you can feel the pulsations I feel. Slowly you adjust the pulse waveform and intensity until I am twitching involuntarily like penguin in bondage. You dial it back a little after a while so I am no longer twitching. You love it when I twitch uncontrollably. You move around so you are in front of me again. You put your finger tip on one needle after another and make them wiggle in my flesh. I moan from the increased pain and sexual sensation. We both know it will make me bleed easier. You kneel in front of me and begin stroking my swollen dick. You have some 2. 5” needles ready.

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   You slowly pierce my dick head with one until it exits on the other side. I moan as it travels through me. Again and again you repeat until I have four strategically placed in my swollen throbbing glans. You take a 1” needle and run it through the rim of my cock head from underneath until it exits pointing up. Soon, there are 8 needles in my rim. You step back and admire your handy work. I look down at my mangled genitals and admire your handy work also. My penis glistens from the steel needles in me. I am so proud you are my master. You treat me so well. You give me pain punctuated with pleasure. You adjust the TENS unit to increase the frequency of the pulses so it vibrates faster. I close my eyes and toss my head back and smile as you do so.
You cup my face with your hands and ask me “are you ready for me to remove the needles?” I reply “Yes my master. ” You start with the 8 needles in my fatty groin area.

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   Now and then a rivulet of blood flows from my hairless flesh. Then come the needles from the tender inside of my thighs. Blood flows down my legs. You move up to my hairless breasts and begin removing the 6 needles in each one. More blood flows from my helpless flesh and runs down my chest. You bend over and begin licking my blood as it flows from me. Finally, you begin removing the mass of needles from my genitals. A couple of coffee cups sit nearby to catch my blood should I drip or erupt in geysers. With cup in one hand, you begin removing needles from my dick. You leave my balls for last. One by one, the needles are pulled from my rim. You catch the dripping blood in the cup. A geyser erupts after you remove a long needle from my glans. You catch the blood in the cup with glee. One by one the long needles are removed and bit-by-bit the coffee cup fills with blood.

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   You remove the final needles from my testicles. You step back to savor the rivers of blood that have poured from my flesh from the cuttings and needle removals. You stroke your dick while you admire my bloody body. You kneel before me and take a short rope and tie it around the base of my dick just below the rope that presently winds around it. You remove the wound rope leaving just the one holding the blood in my engorged member. You insert a short 20-ga needle in the large distended vein running the length of my penis. Blood begins to slowly drain into a fresh coffee cup. You place a strip of medical tape over the needle hub to hold it in my vein. You release the single rope around my dick and my blood begins to flow faster from my throbbing penis. The cup fills faster. Since the ropes have been removed my dick begins to deflate as the blood flows back into my body. The blood still flows from the needle in my dicks vein until the cup is nearly full. You finally remove the needle and the blood flow finally stops. You take a sip of blood from the cup then hold it up to my lips so I can taste my blood. I take a sip and I savor the taste of my blood, my life force.

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   You pick up a large turkey baster and put the tip into a coffee cup full of blood and squeeze the bulb to suck up some blood. You place the tip over one of my breasts and squeeze the blood out as you run it from one breast to another. The bright red blood flows down my chest, down my torso and down my thighs till it hits the floor. You squeeze the baster over you own breasts and my blood flows down your body till it reaches your genitals. You smear my blood over your dick and balls, and you begin to stroke your dick using my blood for lubrication. You moan with pleasure. You pick up more of my blood with the baster and squeeze it over my breasts. This time you use your other hand to smear the blood all over my breasts and the rest of my body until I am solid red from neck to groin. You squeeze more blood over my groin so you can cover my genitals with my blood. You take another sip of blood from the cup and then offer me a sip too. Blood drips from our mouths like a couple of drunken vampires. You kneel before me preparing to paint my legs with blood. “Save some of my blood so I can paint you,” I remind you. You nod in agreement. You squeeze some blood at the top of one of my thighs and you smear it over my legs and it runs down.

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   You continue until both my legs are coated with my blood. You stand up and realize you neglected my face so you tell me to close my eyes then you squeeze some blood on my forehead and coat my face with it. You step back and dip your dick in the cup of blood so you can smoothly stroke your cock as you view my totally blood covered body. It is amazing to see me in the mirror completely covered in blood from head to toe. You squeeze a bit more blood on your chest and smear it around till you are covered in my blood from neck to genitals.
You move towards me and press your bloody torso against mine, wrap your arms around me and begin to kiss me ferociously. I kiss you back with the same ferocity. You run your hands over my bloody flesh. When you pull away, the parting of our bodies make an unusual squishing sound because we were stuck together with my blood. You then kneel before me and begin fondling my bloody genitals. You take one of my balls in your mouth and taste my blood. Then you begin licking the blood off my penis and then suck me till I am hard again. You continue until I release a massive load of cum into your mouth. You stand up and run your hands over my blood-covered body. You begin to lick the blood from my breasts and continue down my chest.

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   The taste of my cum in your mouth as it mingles with my blood excites you and your dick strains against the ropes that tie your genitals as it swells again. You move behind me and remove the TENS probe from my butt hole. You lower my body with the pulley so you can bend my suspended body over to offer you my ass again. You load the baster again and smear blood over my ass and in my crack and over your genitals. You and I are lubricated with my blood. You slowly insert your throbbing dick into my ass and we both moan with pleasure. You pump your dick in me until you huff and puff and fill my rectum with your hot load of cum. You lower my suspended body to the ground and release me from the spreader bars. We entwine our bloody bodies in post orgasmic bliss. You did save some of my blood so I took some up in the baster and pushed you onto your back. I squeeze the blood on your breasts and chest and begin smearing it around I then begin licking it off. My dick becomes hard again as I taste my blood on your body. I tell you to turn over and get on your knees and offer your ass to me. I lube your ass and my dick with my blood and slide it into your rectum. I begin pumping you until I release another load of my cum this time into your willing butt hole.

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Finally, we move to the bathroom and both step into a hot shower to wash off the blood. It flows down our bodies and down to the drain like in the shower scene from the movie Psycho. It is beautiful.



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