I Am Soooo Hungry Hun....


This Friday nite Steve (my hubby) and I were sitting around watching a movie. I laid over in his lap and pulled out his 9 inch cock and massaged it slowly. He started to push me back on the couch and moved my legs apart and I stopped him, "I am hungry Sweetheart. " I said and pulled his cock to my mouth and began licking and sucking him slowly. He laid back and let me take him deep into my throat. I took an hour to finish him and he finally gave a sigh of relief and laid there. He again started to push me back and again I said, "I said I was hungry. " and again I sucked him off.

"That was great. " he said kissing me deep and then I got up and put on shorts and a tank top and no panties and bra. My nipples were hard and I was soaking wet from the orgasms I had when he had cum in my throat. "Come on, tak me out to some more to eat, I am still starving. " I said and he zipped up and grabbed his keys. "Were to?" he asked me and I cuddled and said, "How about the rest area over in Carolina?" I said and he drove up to I-85 and we headed north. We stopped at the rest area that is like 20 miles in or so and pulled off. It qwas now 9:30 or so and it looked fairly full for so early.

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   We sat there kissing a little and he pulled my nipples and made sure I was really hot then said, "So, what are you looking for tonight?" "Just so it has a cock hun, you know me. " I said and he laughed. He started the car and puled to the truck side and parked far away from the rest rooms and stopped. "Okay hun, a walk to the rest room should get you lots of attention. " and so I got out and began walking. Now, the shorts are jean shorts and they are not only short but the seam is all that is in the crotch. I wear them like they fit, in the crack and they are of course soaking wet. They are half up my ass cheeks and cover barely anough to get me by legal and in some places not legal. I got out and kissed him bending over thru the window so that all the trucks got a shot of my ass.

I walked slowly to the rest rooms and went into the ladies room and sat down to piss. I really did have to so I did. A woman came in in jeans and t shirt and said hello as I came out. "Hi" I said thinking of starting with a woman would not be bad at all. "You put on a nice show out there, are you for real or all show?" she said looking at me. "I love to show and then I do.

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  " I said. "Follow me then. " she said and we left the rest room and there were several men all hanging around. She gave them a thumbs up and we walked to the far end of the rest area and the men all followed. We went inot the wooded area and down a little to the lake area that was there. One of the men had a blanket and spread it out. Steve was on the edge of the group watching. I took off my shorts and shirt and got on my knees. "I am really wanting to suck cock" I said " and I mean that I am really hungry. I suck and swallow and love to have all that in me. " Cocks came out and several stopped to me and I took the biggest first sucking him deep. "Oh yeh, the bitch knows how to suck cock. " he moaned. I began sucking one after another and swallowing them all. I had orgasms about every third cock I sucked and was soaking the blanket under me.

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   Again I began sucking on the cocks given to me and the men were all usually just getting off one time then leaving but the news was spreading that there was a cock sucker in the woods and I saw more walking down the trail to us.

    I do not know how many cocks I had sucked but finally I laid down and said "Okay guys, now the other end, pussy or ass, take ypur pick. " and I was now being fucked hard and deep by men that all claimed to have the best cock in town. Well, I was filled over and over again and the laid there until a guy came up that had a monster of a cock. He pulled it out and slapped it and the men all laughed and said "Take a good one now. " and he drove into my pussy. I began almost shouting at the orgasms that were spraying from my pussy. He fgilled my cunt and then I sat up taking him and licking his cock and then sucking him down. "You ain't gonna get that down lady, it is 18 inches. " he said and I began stroking it slowly and slowly taking more and more into my throat and then I slipped it in and my face was against his pubes. He began moaning as I worked him slowly and then as he was ready to cum I took it in again and massaged his cock with my throat and he swelled and filled my throat, well, really right to my stomach. I stood up and saw that there were very few men around now. Steve sat watching and I tok care of the last few and we got to the car and he drove me home. I laid back in the seat and he looked at me, "Over 40" he said tho my silent question on how many I had sucked and fucked. "Oh, the 18 inch guy, I gave your phone number.

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      " and he smiled. He called today and we will be having a party in Tenn. next weekend.